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  1. Pretty naive to think any broadcaster doesn't supervise it's business interests/strategy like a hawk in any content it manages. Can't believe that any on-air personality isn't given an overview of what is to be emphasized where possible and what must not be talked about. Sure within that as much latitude as possible is given. But step over the line or into grey areas too much and you will find yourself out of work. It rarely ever even gets to that point because you've already been groomed for the position before you get put into it...
  2. Scallywags would work for me. other typical venues : Football Factory, Duke of Gloucester, many others ... I think we're still trying to solidify a good go-to place that can work with us ...
  3. There's more than a few of us that don't want expanded playoffs. It devalues the regular season too much. The purest view would be single season with the top of the table being the champion. No arguing who is the best over the duration of the year. But the North American fan wants their excitement in the playoffs. ... No matter that a lot of them tune-out large parts of the season. I think I'm on board now with the CPL compromise : Spring champ plays Fall champ in 2 legs. I want to see an even split though : 14 games for both seasons. But gives us some playoff fever while keeping the spring/fall seasons meaningful. Disadvantage is the full regular season gets lost in the shuffle. But I notice people still talk about it all the time anyway ... I was worried about the scenario that's now just played out. Spring champ is the same team as the Fall champ and they end up losing the Championship series. But now that it's happened, it just seems that you can't take anything away from Cavalry. They're still the Spring champ. They're still the Fall champ. They just lost over 8 days to a rising Forge team that surged too much at the end.
  4. No. Like V-Cup where it is. And I don't have a lot problems with the CPL trophy either as far as that goes.
  5. False assumption that they only nailed it down before they announced it. Irrelevant in any case when the nail it down. The timing of their announcements is generally just around the moment of maximum relevance and impact for marketing reasons. Nothing wrong with that in year one of a new league.
  6. As we all know, Forge FC is 1-0 up on Cavalry FC as they go into Leg 2 which will be in Calgary on Saturday, November 2 at 3:30 ET. I know Hamilton will have 3 viewing parties at local pubs because I heard something about that being announced to the crowd today at Tim Horton's Field after the game. Does anyone have the details that they can post here? Any other viewing parties across the country? Let us know here.
  7. 10,000 that would be awesome. We are 4 travelling from Toronto for this historic match. Totally pumped. Was there for the inaugural game too. Actually, also a York9-Forge FC regular season match as well. Probably will wear my York9 colours with maybe my HFX Wanderers t-shirt underneath -- am originally from Nova Scotia !
  8. They may have deliberately stayed away from a cup -- as much as that is the more traditional and natural choice -- because we already have a cup-shaped trophy for the Voyageurs Cup. Now we can all use the short-hand terminology, "cup" and "shield" and it works very well. I'm in the its-not-so-big-of-a-deal camp. A new replica/version of the trophy every year is an interesting twist. It could be pretty cool for a club that's won it say 3 times to have 3 of them in their trophy case.
  9. Adamant? Not what I recall. Certainly hopeful for 8. But never guarantee-ing it. Minimum of 6 is what I remember. I think the league has been pretty careful and pretty good with their forward guidance on this and in general. Given that Ottawa pulled the rug from CPL, I don't think we're talking about spin.
  10. Both of these decisions were out of the league's control. CONCACAF dictated which teams were eligible for entry into the CL tournament. There was a stipulation that the teams had to be in existence before a certain date. On that date only Forge and Valour had been approved and FC Edmonton already existed. The ****** Voyageurs format was CSA decision. My unfounded conspiracy theory is that TFC/MLS dictated a lot of it to reduce their own fixture congestion issues.
  11. Yeah, having a breakout game for the National team in one of the most important CMNT games in years would do nothing for his career. Totally worth his coach and teammates seeing through a fake injury and calling him out on it because he's way too good to worry about team chemistry and losing his spot on the roster.
  12. Haiti tied Costa Rica on Thursday. Maybe they aren't so bad after all ...
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