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  1. Hope they take all the time they need to make it as good as possible. It's an area they need to improve as much as they can. Right now a better sched is more important than a sooner sched.
  2. MLS has almost, but not quite entirely, dropped off the face of the earth for me too. TFC replaced by York9
  3. Not really. How many times do we see a half-fact get conflated with some idea to become a great fiction that strikes some kind of chord with too many people. It develops wings and never looks back. Nice when people on this board go the other way and do independent fact checking. Thanks for this.
  4. I would call a database of player info a scouting tool -- one of many -- that a team might employ to help decide who is of interest. I would call a draft a formal process to arbitrate the selection of particular players in an ordered way. Neither one necessitates the other.
  5. Clearly, appealing to Canadians latent but strong self pride as a nation is right on the mark in terms of marketing strategy. What else would you appeal to? Canadians love of the sport of soccer? Quality of play ? And the strategy is working I will say.
  6. Ottawa CPL 2020 = Ott v York9 road trip for me too.
  7. MP FC Feds FC Taxation FC Senators FC Boondoggle FC
  8. Tulips FC Canal FC Skaters FC Politicos FC Confederation FC Parliament FC
  9. I hope it's not just tinkered with. I hope they deep-six any over-reliance on rankings. Also ditch the concept of two different pathways like they have now. ie. hex and non-hex
  10. And this is why a qualifying format that depends so heavily on ranking stinks. It's much more open to gaming. Expect it to only increase. Almost wish we could fast forward to the year where everyone is sick of the dirty tactics and decides to abolish it.
  11. Don't think so. Not expecting the CPL teams or the league to do anything but announce signed and completed deals. Occasionally both player and team agree but there's some kind of legal and other paperwork delays. Even then they might choose to delay announcements if they think there is going to be no marketing impact during Christmas/New Year's time. Other than that there would only be unconfirmed rumours, some of which we have. This isn't the NFL where there's sports paparazzi are wacking the weeds for any kind of rumour... The coach's job is to have the best possible roster ready for the start of training camp which is March or so. Not to make announcements early.
  12. I'm an old man born in the 60s! I don't have a TV. OneSoccer IS accessible for me. I'd have to buy a TV and pay for cable. In 2020 season ticket holders get OneSoccer free. That's pretty accessible.
  13. I'm thinking if you win Spring AND Fall Seasons then you get the CONCACAF League birth. If different teams win the two half seasons then it goes, as now, to the CPL Champion.
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