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  1. Ok sure. Let's maximize goals against Cuba. That way we have the tie-breaker in our back pocket if plan A, beating USA, somehow doesn't come off 8D)
  2. It may not be in the list of tie breakers, but that is presumably because it is assuming the season is complete and/or that the number of games is equal. It makes no sense to say that Forge is ahead when Cavalry could leapfrog them with their make-up game. Ask Wheeldon Jr. if Cavalry are behind. Ask Smirniotis if Forge are ahead. Baseball makes it explicit with GBL Games Behind Leader (and because baseball games can't end up tied).
  3. Note to the CPL Standings algorithm, CPL writers and OneSoccer commentators : Cavalry are currently in first place. Not second. They have a game in hand on Forge so that puts them ahead. Yes, goal differential would otherwise place them second but only if they were even on games played. Or had played more games actually.
  4. Saw that too. For just a half second. Looked like the regular CPL sponsor backdrop?? So, was that a OneSoccer/MediaPro crew doing the production all along?? Did TSN buy it from MediaPro because they had the rights?? Well it's good conspiracy theory anyways ...
  5. We didn't know what the salary cap was going to be before the league launched. We don't know what the cap is now that is up and running.
  6. 23,859. Now 562 votes behind Albanian League
  7. Not a problem for me. Spend the season doing all your due diligence and early preparation so that you have a solid addition. Then announce it between the end of the Fall Season and the championship. As a fan wanting news? Frustrating as hell. Just like the 3 years leading up to the start of the league when we were all desperate for something more than outside speculation. But, at the same time, it gave me confidence that things were being done the right way.
  8. Thanks for the link. Yeah, in general we need to do as much of this (reading main-stream media CPL articles) as we can.
  9. CPL competitive against USL team? Check. CPL competitive against MLS teams? Check. CPL competitive against Guatemalan league? Check. Okay, who wants to take us on next? !!! 8D
  10. Ohh, ok. That's bad. Thanks for the info. Which game was it?
  11. Yeah, that was new to me too. Impressive too.
  12. So what did he do? Something about dissent within the team. I guess it's mostly speculation, but what are the known, hard facts ?
  13. I just want to thank the CPL for NOT having an all-star game. And I expect they never will !
  14. We don't know what their internal benchmark is. This is just advertising. Also it's probably not coming down to one single metric but a balance of all factors.
  15. Thanks, Robin. Always appreciate getting the whole press conference for both teams.
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