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  1. I was thinking more in terms of advertising revenue from data analytics. OneSoccer won't be able to ask for as high fees if they aren't getting eyeballs from the 5million+ people in the GTA. One of the reasons why the league needs teams in big 3 markets so they can raise their fees based on market penetration.
  2. Rather than cluttering up the Pro-Rel thread, I thought I'd create a new thread as I was thinking up this thought experiment: Let's say that prior to WC2026, CPL has improved to the point where the salary cap is now around $2million CAD. CONCACAF then rules that the Canadian MLS teams must join the CPL starting in 2027. However, the 3 MLS clubs are either exempt from the Salary Cap or the CPL salary cap is abolished. What would be the short-term (1-5 years) and long-term (10-20 years) effects of that decision? Things to consider: Effect on parity Effect on quality Possible lawsuits by various parties Canadian player/infrastructure development Club viability Supporter/Fan Culture Media contracts and Canadian Soccer Business (CSB) Public awareness FIFA/CONCACAF influence Let me know if anyone thinks there are other factors that I'm missing and I'll add them to this list. Honestly, I haven't given this as much thought as maybe I should considering how much I this "this can/can't happen because of <X>." Still, we probably have a fair bit of expertise in various fields in this forum that we might be able to put out something comparable to the Easton Report. ­čśë
  3. This result is a bit of a disaster for York 9 and the media contract, since there is no team continuing to attract eyeballs in the GTA. Unfortunately Brennan probably isn't going anywhere since he's also a part owner. Hopefully they'll be able to convince their fan-base that they made concrete improvement in the off-season or they will be hemorrhaging money next season with sparsely attended games. Other than Paulus, I don't see the rest of the organizations sacking their coach since it was fairly even, with positions 2 through 7 separated only by 4 points.
  4. Welp, I don't see Paulus being coach next season. Probably for the best as they need a re-think of what it takes to compete in this league.
  5. I think a lot of executives of sports teams around the world are envious of the possibilities of North American teams to win their leagues every year. Maybe some of that has to do with North Americans liking winners and can go through loosing seasons year after year believing that they are just a piece or two away from contending. Those clubs that can't instill that belief in their fan-base fold sooner than later. Some of these clubs know they have no chance at winning, but their supporters keep coming because that club is a representative of their community to the world at large. Most countries aren't as saturated with pro sports as North America, so they're just happy to be playing at the highest level possible. I don't think that would be the case with the North American mentality.
  6. 2-0 HFX as the keeper gets chipped on an AO mistake. I guess that's going to be it.
  7. This is my hope, too. Except that I hope they force the D3 clubs to travel to the different home cities of the clubs than have them in one place. Those clubs will need to show they have the financial backing to cope with the additional operational cost strain of being promoted to D2. We agree up to here. Maybe in Toronto they could get the Wolfpack Owners to start a team up out of Lamport Stadium to provide an additional revenue stream. And we always seem to disagree on this point. ­čśť Teams can be forced into another league, but there has to be a comparable league to go into. The Fury had the CPL as an option, which was comparable to USLC. As much as we may not like it, CPL is never going to have the same level of operational and salary costs as MLS. They can also argue that there is precedent with Swansea and Cardiff in the EFL Championship instead of the Welsh 1st Division. There is also Wellington Phoenix in the A-League and Monaco in Ligue 1. TFC has the additional wrinkle that their owners use the club to generate additional media content for their business. They could argue that the request would create undo hardship on their company. I don't see the Whitecaps or Impact as having that much ownership ambition and I think they might consider moving to the CPL at some point. TFC would probably only ever consider it if they were under another company than MLSE and the Bell/Rogers consortium.
  8. Yeah, I could see that. He could stay as General Manager or some sort of VP while they get a coach that can work with what FCE can give them.
  9. I'd love to see AO get through. I'm listening over the radio right now. Sounds like the game is fairly even right now. Radio streaming link here
  10. I like the look of Ansem's set-up, but I don't know if they'll have enough room in the Calendar to play a full home-and-away schedule. A 30-week season would have to start the second weekend of April and run through all the FIFA international breaks to finish by the beginning of November. You are just asking for snow games at the beginning and end of the season. There won't be any room for playoffs either. Mid-week fixtures would be occupied by Voyageur Cup and Concacaf League matches. If they still want to do a playoff end-of-season North American style then they are going to have to lower the size of the divisions to 14 teams to fit a 26-game regular season plus 4 weeks of playoffs before the snow comes. Now that I think about it, a 16-team 1st Division without playoffs and a 14-team 2nd Division with playoffs could be entertaining. Also, I want to clarify - are you expecting the MLS clubs to join CPL or are you talking about completely different new clubs? Whitecaps and Impact might eventually join, but I don't ever see TFC joining unless the CPL Salary Cap increases to north of $20 million. Honestly, I don't see CPL getting any larger than the CFL salary cap, currently around $4.5 million with a lot better TV deal. Even so, CPL would be a higher salary than any other CONCACAF national league save MLS and Liga MX. I'd like to see new clubs in those cities joining CPL, but I just fear they will end up relegated to the second or third division. They might not be financially viable because the MLS clubs will suck up fan season ticket dollars and sponsorships. Maybe I'm being too pessimistic or still suffering from PTSD from previous failed Canadian soccer leagues.
  11. If this Australian model is being considered for Canada, then I think what might be best is to have separated regional leagues, say: BC, Prairies, Ontario, and Quebec/Maritimes. Have the regions play out their seasons and be finished by mid-August. Then have the top 2 teams from each region play a single-game round robin against each other (7 games total and finishing mid-October) to simulate the financial realities of what an entire season of CPL play would be like. The top two teams from that competition would meet in a championship home-and-away set of matches with the winner being considered the Canadian Regional Champion with a trophy and all. This competition could later be used to provide a candidate for promotion if they ever institute pro-rel with the CPL. If that is too onerous for some clubs, then just have 4 regional champions play 6 home-and-away matches to determine the Canadian Regional champion. Regardless of the method used, the entire season would have to be done before Halloween if they don't want games to be snowed out.
  12. I just wanted to bump this because I'm so happy that we beat Cavalry for our first win. I was getting frustrated by the red cards and late collapses, but I think AO has a good chance to take 4th place.
  13. TFC vs Impact happens at 8pm Friday. that's probably why there's nothing scheduled. But then again, with the unrest in the States right now games might not happen anyways.
  14. Then what *does* the CPL want for a final Div 1 size? 10 teams? 12? 14? 16? I can't see larger than that because we simply don't have the playing season window to stretch a season longer than 30 games. Do we need a 100-year vision, like J-League? Even then, they needed to acquire a couple of semi-professional clubs to make the jump in order to set up J2, which started out at 10 teams. Or should we look at more modest goals like K-league? I'm of the opinion that the later would be a more likely path to follow, but look at the trouble the K-League 2 teams are having - teams coming and going and with fewer teams than it's Div 1 counterpart. How would Relegated CanPL teams deal with the drop in revenue while still dealing with the same transportation and operational costs? Sure, fans may like the intensity of a relegation battle, but assuredly the owners of those clubs would not. Why would any investor want to buy into a league where they have to start at the bottom of Div 2 and their revenue is going to struggle? Unless even Div 2 teams get a cut of the Div 1 Media revenues, it's going to be a non-starter.
  15. In my mind, these locations I've culled from your list are also candidates for Div 1. I think you could also have a national Div 2 with an MLS structure to help keep travel costs down. Have regional conferences, where teams play 1 game per season against inter-conference teams and the remaining games against in-conference teams. But that would be only ideal if there are more than 15 teams in Div 2. For less than that, just keep the single table, with 2 games against every other team in the table with extra games against local rivals to make up the slack. However, I'd be okay with the following structure at first: Div 1 - 8 teams play a balanced schedule of 28 games in a single table. Top team wins season, top 3 teams win places in Concacaf League play, and bottom 2 teams have a home-and-away playoff with the loser getting relegated to Div 2 the following season. Div 2 - 10-14 teams play a schedule of 26 games in a single table. Top 4 teams have a two-round home-and-away playoff with the winner getting promoted to Div 1 the following season.
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