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  1. This is exactly what happened with Rayo OKC. The Spanish club got relegated, had a turnover in upper management, and they decided to retrench and cut OKC adrift. As much as I want soccer in Ottawa, I'm worried about this eventuality.
  2. Hmm, joining for the fall season sounds similar to what Cosmos did when they first joined NASL. How that ended makes this comparison... unsettling to me.
  3. Personally, I think you keep the regions at West, Ontario, and East because that breaks down the population into almost equal pieces. I would further break down Div 3 into BC, Alberta, Prairies, Ontario West, Ontario East, Quebec, and Maritimes.
  4. Go away for a week... Pardon me if I'm a little wary and gun-shy. I remember how NASL loved Rayo Vallecano being involved with Rayo OKC and that went south very quickly. That said, I still haven't received a refund on my Fury Season Ticket Deposit for 2020, so maybe this has had legs for longer than I thought. I can't imagine JdG *not* being involved in the FO in some form (preferably as an Assistant GM) due to his years spent playing in Spain and could act as a bridge/translator for the several incoming young U-23 players from their Academy (and I'm sure Atletico would parachute in their own GM/Sporting Director and Coach). There are a couple of ex-Fury players still in the area, so they could easily flesh out a team that might not be pretty, but the quality to price ratio of the transplanted Atletico players should shine through. I was just about to put down season tickets for the new Ottawa CEBL team, but if this goes through, that's where I'm putting my money instead. I'll mourn the Fury, but I'm an Ottawa Supporter and that's what I'll do for the new team. And Red and White (hopefully with a little bit of black trim) is very appropriate for the Capital of Canada.
  5. I'll believe it when I see it. I refuse to get my hopes up. Yes I'm bitter.
  6. Atletico who? Personally, I would prefer Ottawa Royal Canadians, because then all us supporters could be ORCs.
  7. That mild increase may might threaten the economic viability of some clubs at this point. They probably won't start raising the cap until at least year 3 or when they get to 10 clubs.
  8. You're right that investment is probably even a bigger issue than Pop density, but I see both as interlinked. I remember us discussing that Saint John could get a team before Moncton with a smaller population base because Irving Corp could be the backers. The trick is to have the CanPL survive at least 5 seasons so they will have enough seasonal operational data to allow prospective owners to decide that it's worth their while to invest in the league. Look at MLS - it took at least 10 years middling along at 10-12 teams, then in the next 10 years doubled in size. The deal with MediaPro is for 10 years and Volkswagen is a multi-year deal, which should give the league enough time and cashflow to stabilize and allow growth. The key is going to be getting CanPL to the seventh year of operations. CSL failed after year 6, and the only reason MLS didn't fail after year 6 was because they contracted the league by two teams and 3 owners controlled all the clubs. I get the feeling Bob Young and the Southerns are that safety net for the CanPL.
  9. Don't know how Ottawa is possible unless Bob Young props up a consortium to run a team here, a la early MLS.
  10. The problem with a Div 2 in Canada is the population density. At a Div 2 level, the travel costs become nonviable if spread over too large a geographic region. Honestly, there are very few places in Canada I expect regional Div leagues could be viable, in order of most likely to least (all locations within 7-hr bus ride from any other): Windsor to Quebec City Corridor: This region is an order of magnitude greater than anywhere else in Canada and dense enough that you could split it into two regions - Windsor-Sudbury-Kingston and Ottawa-Sherbrooke-Saguenay. Each of these areas might be doable for there-and-back same-day league games. Edmonton-Lethbridge-Medicine Hat Triangle: This is probably the next most populous area that could work, but possibly interchangeable with... Vancouver to Kelowna Corridor: The mountainous terrain compacts the area that can be realistically driven to. Sorry, but ferry rides will be unsustainable for other clubs, so Vancouver Island is either Div 1 or bust (unless clubs get subsidized by BC Ferries). Fredericton to Sydney Corridor: This is the lightest density that I think could possibly work. Sorry again, but St. John's ferry rides will *definitely* be unsustainable for other clubs, so Newfoundland is also either Div 1 or bust (unless teams get subsidized by Maritime Atlantic). Brandon-Prince Albert-Swift Current Triangle: I don't think Div 2 could work here, but I included it for completion sake. If you wonder why I didn't include other locations, there simply isn't enough towns close enough to make it work, with too long travel times. 80% of Manitoba lives within 100 km of Winnipeg, who are already in Div 1 and Thunder Bay is simply not close to anybody. One other caveat, if CanPL grows larger than 8-10 teams, then it will make it impossible to create enough Div 2 teams for local regions, which in turn would cannibalize population centres that could incubate Div 3 clubs. I know everybody keeps saying that you can have more than one team per population centre, but that's never really worked at a professional level except for the GTA.
  11. If it's a foreign owner that want's to set up a branch of a European Club... Didn't the CanPL make it clear that was something they *didn't* want? Or are they starting to get desperate?
  12. At least OSEG gets to keep the Fury name. They're selling the franchise and they'll play under the Miami FC banner. Here's a link to the Atlantic article. Still, this makes me wonder - they just sold the franchise to USL that could go towards a franchise in CanPL, but they haven't. All optics point to OSEG being done with soccer, with the lack of sanctioning being just an excuse. I feel so bad for John Pugh and angry at Mark Goudie, who seems to have orchestrated all this.
  13. ^ As depressed as being an Ottawa Fury fan is these days, I'm happy to see the guys find new spots to ply their trade.
  14. I was assuming that CanPL would be broken into regional conferences with schedule like MLS, where each team plays a team from the opposing conferences once, and the remaining games would be played within their conference, with playoffs seeding the top 8 teams in the league. Say West: Pacific, Fraser Valley, FCE, Cavalry, Saskatoon, Winnipeg; Central: London, Kitchener-Waterloo, Forge, Mississauga, York 9; East: Ottawa, Laval, Quebec City, Moncton/Saint John, Wanderers, St John's. That would be 11-12 games out of conference and the remaining 16 games in conference. No more than 3-4 games per season against each in-conference team. At 24 teams, you could break into an 8-team, single-table Div 1, and a 16-team, 3 Conference div 2.
  15. The way I see it, MLS keeps expanding and the expansion fees keep increasing at the same pace. CanPL expansion fees will probably increase for a while, then once Pro-Rel is implemented those fees will be frozen or reduced as new clubs will enter at the bottom of the pyramid, keeping it affordable for new clubs to enter. If that seems unfair to clubs who paid at Div 1, then they should have put together a better squad that would have allowed them promotion.
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