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  1. Then what *does* the CPL want for a final Div 1 size? 10 teams? 12? 14? 16? I can't see larger than that because we simply don't have the playing season window to stretch a season longer than 30 games. Do we need a 100-year vision, like J-League? Even then, they needed to acquire a couple of semi-professional clubs to make the jump in order to set up J2, which started out at 10 teams. Or should we look at more modest goals like K-league? I'm of the opinion that the later would be a more likely path to follow, but look at the trouble the K-League 2 teams are having - teams coming and going and with fewer teams than it's Div 1 counterpart. How would Relegated CanPL teams deal with the drop in revenue while still dealing with the same transportation and operational costs? Sure, fans may like the intensity of a relegation battle, but assuredly the owners of those clubs would not. Why would any investor want to buy into a league where they have to start at the bottom of Div 2 and their revenue is going to struggle? Unless even Div 2 teams get a cut of the Div 1 Media revenues, it's going to be a non-starter.
  2. In my mind, these locations I've culled from your list are also candidates for Div 1. I think you could also have a national Div 2 with an MLS structure to help keep travel costs down. Have regional conferences, where teams play 1 game per season against inter-conference teams and the remaining games against in-conference teams. But that would be only ideal if there are more than 15 teams in Div 2. For less than that, just keep the single table, with 2 games against every other team in the table with extra games against local rivals to make up the slack. However, I'd be okay with the following structure at first: Div 1 - 8 teams play a balanced schedule of 28 games in a single table. Top team wins season, top 3 teams win places in Concacaf League play, and bottom 2 teams have a home-and-away playoff with the loser getting relegated to Div 2 the following season. Div 2 - 10-14 teams play a schedule of 26 games in a single table. Top 4 teams have a two-round home-and-away playoff with the winner getting promoted to Div 1 the following season.
  3. But PDL is actually Div 4 on the USSF pyramid now. I think the provincial Div 3 leagues will take up that PDL-type banner.
  4. Just another reason as to why CanPL salaries would be in Canadian dollars: It insulates the clubs from the exchange rate fluctuations that bedevil most Canadian teams playing in mostly american leagues. Remember when the USD was at par with the CAD? I heard MLSE bought up $1billion USD to provide a cushion for future price fluctuations for the Leafs and Raptors.
  5. I saw the new prices and they seem fairly comparable to what we paid last year, I believe my Supporter Section Seat was $257.5 with all taxes included plus a $20 service fee. I'll be going in on tickets assuming they contact me.
  6. When did they specify the currency? I don't recall. If it really is USD, then that is a pretty good start.
  7. They could go back to the split season format, where there are *three* seasons of 9 games each (Spring/Summer/Fall), with the winner of each season earning a spot in the playoffs (and maybe a fourth team with the next highest overall points total). Regardless, 10 teams would soon be superseded by 12/14/16 teams, changing the format yet again. So until the number of teams in Div 1 stabilize, the playoffs should ensure that the best team wins the final. But once the league gets to 16 teams, I foresee them splitting the league into two conferences, at least until they get to 22 teams, at which point they could try to split CanPL into an 8-team Division 1 and a 14-team Division 2.
  8. But remember that $750K CDN is about $573K USD, so CanPL is not *that* much better paid than USL-C. I guess one of the attractions would be the possibility of playing international games in CL, which isn't possible for a second division.
  9. I think the worst part of the deleted tweet was where they said something along the lines of "Football without Ultras is nothing." I desk-palmed (or is that face-desked?) when I read the tweet. Like we need even more CanPL fans to disdain us. Luckily it looks like the mainstream media didn't pick up on this, or we'd probably be at Onion-levels of embarrassing by this point.
  10. I don't see why not. The other NA major leagues are pretty much considered the pinnacles of their sports worldwide and they all have at least 30 teams. And a lot of the salary caps depend on their media deals. For Example: NFL (32 teams) - Salary Range: $271-174 million USD; Media Deals: $3,050 million USD/yr NHL (31 teams) - Salary Range: $81.5-60.3 million USD; Media Deals: $527 million USD/yr MLB (30 teams) - Salary Range: $211-54 million USD; Media Deals: $2,200 million USD/yr (not including local TV deals) NBA (30 teams) - Salary Range: $109-132 million USD; Media Deals: $2,700 million USD/yr MLS (26 teams) - Salary Range: $22.2-7.2 million USD; Media Deals: $90 million USD/yr (not including Canada) I expect MLS to get a media deal in the $900-600 million USD/yr range, which should allow for Salary Caps in the $100-50 million range and vault it into the top tier of leagues. Of course, this would destroy the US player minutes at the Div 1 level, but Academy prospects who can't make the first team can ply their trade in USL and improve over time.
  11. But there's no seating indoors. All the bleachers are at the outdoor fields, aren't they? How are they going to monetize this?
  12. 3 out of 8 teams (37.5%) of the league makes the playoffs. I'd be fine keeping it at that number of teams until the league gets to 12 teams, then I'd add a fourth team to the playoffs to keep the ratio at 33.3%. I think it's a fine balance between having too many playoff teams that the regular season becomes meaningless, and too few playoff teams where the season soon becomes meaningless for most of the clubs.
  13. I believe single table is preferred so long as the schedule is balanced. Sure CanPL has 8 clubs now, but expansion is just going to throw this all out of whack again. I would wait until the league stabilizes at a certain size or the institute pro/rel before insisting on Single Table. As I said previously, what's the difference between having playoffs between the top 4 clubs in a single season, and having the champions of each split season have playoffs with the two clubs with the next highest overall combined points for the year?
  14. Not to detract from your valid points, but the Atlanta Silverbacks had absolutely no connection to the ownership group of Atlanta United. NASL couldn't find ownership for the club and saw the writing on the wall when Atlanta United was awarded an MLS franchise in 2014, folding the club at the beginning of 2016. Eventually its reserve club took the name and ended up in NPSL. So far, professional lower division clubs have been the loser whenever MLS came to town. The latest test case is Miami FC vs Inter Miami. Silva has deep pockets, so we'll have to see how long he feels it's worthwhile to keep up the fight. York 9 and prospective Surrey ownership should take notes.
  15. That's exactly what he does. I was at a presentation in Ottawa last year and he was selling it to the youth players and their parents. Unfortunately, one of my takeaways from what he said was that an Ontario player's best chance at getting scouted was to be playing in L1O by the time you are U18, kind of defeating the purpose of OPDL...
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