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  1. I wonder if they plan to convince the Prairieland Park owners to lay some sod at the Grandstand for next year's series.
  2. I'm not sure I see either of those scenarios happening in the off-season. Fury didn't opt out of USL before the deadline and Montigliani won't try to force it again unless there is a real worry that the CPL will fold unless the Fury are forced to join. Right now the league looks to be in a pretty good spot for it's first year and Forge is giving a good account of themselves in continental play. So long as the CanPL announces new teams joining by the start of the 2020 season, things will be looking optimistic.
  3. I think we're going to see a 28-game apertura-clausura format with end-of-season playoffs for the foreseeable future. That will provide scheduling certainty and stability year in and year out even as the number of CanPL clubs remain fluid as they join/fold each season. I don't see single table coming until they reach at least 18 clubs and split the league into Div 1 and Div 2. Even then, the single table would be a 10-team, 27 game schedule until they get Div 2 up to 15 clubs. That's going to be at least a decade away. Also, the Canadian climate has a limited window for games - there are 30 weekends between the first weekend of April and the last weekend of October. That would just allow CanPL to squeeze in a 16-club balanced schedule, with games occurring during the international breaks. Personally, I would like to see league games happen only on weekends, leaving mid-week game timeslots available for Concacaf League, CCL, Voyaguers Cup, and friendly matches with good foreign clubs in pre-season form.
  4. From what I have watch online and from the Wanderers-Fury Voyageurs Cup match, I'm pleasantly surprised and pleased at the level of play under the rumored salary cap. The entertainment value and accessibility has exceeded my expectations. Now I just hope that the league will have grown to 12 teams by 2022.
  5. I think that without Pro-Rel, you need a cap to prevent some owners from screwing the pooch on acquisitions. With no cap if one team spends itself into an untenable situation, they'll get relegated to the next division where they can rebuild their finances. With no lower division safety net then that team would go under, introducing instability into the professional pyramid.
  6. If a CPL team beats an MLS team, then maybe that would be enough to convince them it's a decent enough level to be included? I mean, they've got Ireland in there. All the FIFA leagues have at least 10 teams, so maybe they're waiting to get to that point?
  7. To me, CanPL is looking pretty good, but if I were a businessman I would want to assess the risk before jumping to a new league. When OSEG jumped from NASL to USL, it was pretty obvious the NASL was imploding and the USL conference system meant less travel and therefore lower operational costs. It also had more home games to help increase gate revenues. At this point, joining CPL may still trigger financial penalties and they'll be losing a home date and its associated revenue. I just have this gut feeling that they'll wait until CanPL has 3 years under its belt before making a switch, or whenever the current USL agreement runs out.
  8. I think part of the problem will be coming up with enough funding to build a stadium from whole cloth. I get the feeling that CPL stadiums will need to be build in piecemeal chunks. Build the temporary seating for 5000 on two sides first with food trucks and porta-potties, then slowly add additional seating stands around the other two sides as attendance warrants, then remove one of the temporary stands and build a proper, permanent stand with concessions, corporate suites, washrooms, change rooms, and space for club administration/training along one side.
  9. The land (Belmont Park) that the Cosmos staked on for building their stadium got buried in red tape and was eventually sold to the NY Islanders for a new NHL arena. NY real estate is a byzantine process.
  10. As an alternate, look at what happened to the NASL. They announced several teams that never signed a player, and allowed in some clubs that folded within two years. CanPL is being prudent and cautious and I can't blame them with the NA soccer history against them.
  11. Personally, I'd like to see something like what San Antonio FC uses - Toyota Field. It holds over 8000 spectators for soccer (13000 for concerts) and can be expandable to 18000+ if they make it to MLS. It has some corporate suites as well to generate additional revenue. It took about a year to build and was sold in 2015 for $21 Million. I think something like this would be just about the right size for CPL.
  12. Look, I understand the emotion here, but remember that OSEG is running as a business. I've talked to them at various Fury events and they say that they'll join CanPL if forced to, but if CanPL fails then the Fury will fold as apparently they can't go back to USL. CanPL survival should not hinge on whether or not the Fury joins CanPL. As I said in another thread, I'm betting that the Fury will Join CanPL in 2022 after 5 years in USL and 3 years of CanPL growth. At that point I can't see why they wouldn't. As for the other team that have been mentioned. CPL doesn't want TFCII, and there is no way TFCII will be joining L1O as they previously had TFCIII playing in that league and pulled it out to join the USSF Academy development league. Thunder Bay Chill is another one that due to it's geographic location will probably stay in USL League 2 for the time being since St Louis is still closer than Toronto or Edmonton.
  13. I think you'll see the Fury join CPL for the 2022 season. By that point, they'll have been in the USL for 5 years and the CPL will have been through three years of operations. If the CPL is stable and growing, I can't see why OSEG wouldn't join CPL at that point.
  14. On another note, I was just thinking about how pro-rel would be implemented in CanPL and I wondered: Does a salary-capped league need pro-rel? Usually Pro-rel is in leagues where there is no cap on spending, therefore some teams spend much more than others and create a noticeable gap in quality between top and bottom. CanPL (and MLS) are built on the idea that even if you have a bad season, you could rebound and win it all the following year because of wage parity. The only reason to split into divisions is if there are too many teams in the league and it gets cumbersome. If CPL never expands beyond 16 teams and a salary cap is always in place, I can't see a reason for Pro-Rel.
  15. Just to the east of those buildings is a pre-existing grandstand that looks like it could hold at least 2000 people. They just need to remove the stage and equipment, till the soil, unroll some sod, surround it with some additional modular seating, and they'll have a decent start.
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