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  1. You're missing the key piece from the article, on Indy Eleven: "The announced attendance at Saturday’s contest was 4,761, although that likely included several season ticketholder no shows. The actual number of spectators appeared significantly less." Just getting everyone ready for the CPL's possible return there.
  2. Well, seeing that Rollins tweet (in another thread), it looks to be more that they just can't find a way to afford to run their tournament
  3. I would assume the concern would be over quarantining all the players together, where it's been proven that it's very possible to spread the virus. I don't think the MLS would have a problem with it anymore than they normally do. If anything, this would lend more credibility to the MLS less credibility to the CPL: you can't even afford to get your season up and running and need our teams help to do this.
  4. I'd say there's a significant difference between having a local friendly against an L1O team vs moving the team to Saskatchewan for some games, not the least of which is the cost.
  5. If they're waiting to see how it goes for Blue Jays training, the post-season NHL, and possibly the CFL, and hoping that local governments ease sanctioning based on that, then I think you're maybe looking at just this tournament and the Voyagers Cup this year. There just won't be much time left for anything else.
  6. Probably still better than most American announcers.
  7. You would hope that it's injury related, because it's one thing not to be in the starting 11 and another thing entirely not to be in the top 22.
  8. The July 1st "announcement" was just a rumour, nothing official from the league. Having said that, I wouldn't trust anything coming from the league until they announce an actual date. The standard "30 days" got replaced with "in 2 weeks" about a month ago.
  9. The part I'll disagree with is any notion that it should be on TFC II to try to save the summer series in Saskatchewan. If they're invited, sure, go and participate. But it's the CPL that wants that as a market, it should be on them to organize/save the series and develop it there.
  10. Owners that want a return without making any meaningful contributions to the team? Finally, the rest of the league will get to know what it's like to be a Whitecaps fan.
  11. Well, if the CPL was hoping to capitalize on the lack of sports on tv in Canada, they've missed their window. NHL set to return August 1st with 6 games a day.
  12. Well, I'm sure the young players not loaned are still training in a professional environment. And so far, the CPL hasn't played any minutes. Further, we don't know what MLS is even attempting to do longer term this year. They may feel that given how this season is unfolding their young players may get a chance to contribute at the MLS level. Look at the Whitecaps. Five guys staying back from travelling to Orlando, so there's more opportunity than normal for the kids to get some playing time.
  13. But what if we could have a game where we all agreed on the attendance because it was zero? Ah, bliss.
  14. I assumed this was more of a one off, as Mediapro would have the personnel/equipment available with no CPL games to broadcast. Given how poorly the last Canadian baseball league went, I can't imagine there's anyone looking to invest in that again: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Baseball_League Bonus: I'd completely forgotten that Whitecaps owner Jeff Mallet had invested in that league. No wonder people didn't get paid.
  15. I'm not saying Bair won't get playing time, but I think you'll see Reyna upfront as the first option.
  16. Five Nashville players have reportedly tested positive after entering the Orlando bubble. https://www.tennessean.com/story/sports/nashvillesc/2020/07/05/five-nashville-sc-players-test-positive-covd-19-orlando/5381136002/
  17. Fair. I just think we're all just waiting/hoping for him to go to one of the big 4 leagues (EPL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A) and that opportunity seems to be there now. If his choice is Lille, we'll all wish him the best of luck and hope he excels. I just think we'll all just be hoping that it's not his final destination either.
  18. Exhibit B - Spurs made their record signing Tanguay Ndombele from Lyon, where he'd played well. He's now sitting on the bench every game, with a return to Ligue 1 rumoured if things don't change before the end of the year.
  19. You've spent the entire pandemic saying people were exaggerating and advocating for everything to reopen while mocking the simple rules. So when a state that reopened early and didn't follow the simple rules now has all sorts of problems and half the team has caught Covid-19, you seem confused as to how this happened. Your logic makes no sense.
  20. It's a pandemic. It spreads easily. One player catching it could easily spread it to the others. This has all been known for a long time. You've spent the last few months choosing to ignore this, while mocking anyone who took it seriously.
  21. It's the Dallas issue. Vancouver got a clean bill of health. Only hasn't flown out now because the Dallas game as been postponed.
  22. Whitecaps game against Dallas has been officially postponed. https://www.whitecapsfc.com/post/2020/07/04/caps-dallas-match-postponed
  23. Whitecaps charter flight to Orlando postponed indefinitely after two players had their tests comeback as inconclusive.
  24. Yeah, all the Bundesliga has is stars like Lewandowski, Werner, and Sancho plus Davies. Wretched.
  25. Is it a little surprising that Saskatchewan hasn't come up as a potential site? Neutral venue, either Regina or Saskatoon would be big enough (in terms of accommodation), plus driving some interest in to a market you're interested in expanding in to at some point in the future.
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