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  1. Considering the CFL & NFL have been around many many decades and OneSoccer one season I think they did alright.
  2. I was at the game. Why would anyone want to watch that debacle? York 9 thinking it's the WWE, Valour completely imploding again, and the refs pretending they're the four blind mice!
  3. LBG is probably our best player throughout the year, but I do think Bustos leveled up a couple times this year. I wouldn't be surprised if a number of teams came calling for his services.
  4. Should be a good game (if a bit cool). I think Valour's gunning for 3rd pretty heavily and are at home. Valour 2-1
  5. 2020 changes: CPL 2020 general changes 1) Single season table & playoffs - top four play for the championship (1 vs 4, 2 vs 3). I really don't care if over half the league gets in. That will change over time. 2) One kit sponsor per team. Probably already done behind the scenes but still. 3) Improved stadiums which have good broadcast facilities - Westhills getting rid of the hydro pole for example. Valour 2020 specific changes 1) More advertising - WFC is usually Ok with the marketing and I know they had a big shakeup in the marketing dept early this year which torpedoed a lot of work I'm sure. 2) Better selection for women - most of the stuff is for men or unisex. 3) More local sponsorships which are Valour-specific
  6. Considering the weather as it has been, I'm not overly concerned. We'll get to 4000 tickets I think.
  7. I would argue that 6-8K people for soccer isn't out of reach for most of the clubs: 1) Halifax - already there 2) Forge & Valour - almost there. If not for weather Forge & Valour would be there. 3) FCE & Cavalry - Stadium issues but both of those cities are larger than Hamilton & Winnipeg with a similar pro sports setup. 4) York 9 - again, stadium issues compounded with TFC being nearby and a lack of marketing. Having their own stadium will address quite a bit. 5) Pacific - gorgeous new stadium, good team. No idea why they're not pulling down 6K. Maybe a smaller city?
  8. The question, really, is which would you rather keep? You can probably keep one, but not both.
  9. Doesn't really matter, does it? It was pretty clear neither were in Valour's plans moving forward - the midfield & forwards on Valour are pretty deep. Plus New Zealand's league starts at the beginning of November. I bet over the next couple of days they show up as teammates of Hoyle's down there.
  10. It looks great. TBH I think Valour turned the corner to being pretty good a few weeks ago. Yes, Cavalry & Forge have the ability to expose our backline like nobody else can but Valour has probably the 2nd best attack in the league behind Cavalry.
  11. I do agree it's a well written article, I think it will be easier for local talent to have a path because Valour exists as a professional side. There's the MMSL, WSA Winnipeg & the Thunder Bay Chill which can definitely be mined by Valour for local talent. Plus I can see in a few years the U of M establishing a men's soccer team and having Valour right down the hall would be a tremendous advantage for the Bison's program. TL;DR - now that Valour exists it's the goal, and the path to professional soccer will get a lot clearer for local talent.
  12. They played Cavalry tight for the most part until late in the game when they fell apart. Valour's backline scuttled them again. It's something that will get addressed in the offseason I think. If not, THEN Gale should be let go.
  13. Agreed. Why not the Maroons - it's one of the main colors, they play in Manitoba, etc. It's *RIGHT THERE*
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