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  1. CBC or Sportsnet picking it up? I mean, hockey is over, CFL hasn't started yet, TFC & Caps are the drizzling shits...
  2. Tomorrow is gonna suck - hopefully Valour salts it away early so I can sleep! That being said, if I was two weeks past my 2nd vaccination (that is on Monday the 12th) I'd be in those stands tonite!
  3. Absolutely not - Forge is going to come back and FCE is going to drop down. After that though? Pacific & Valour have both been solid, and Cavs have been Cavs. I could easily see the final four being Forge, Cavs, Pacific & Valour
  4. The late start time is good but goodness - Valour has been run pretty ragged early on and without a lot of the top level talent. At least they start getting four day breaks after this. And maybe we can get Reyes, Moutou & Galhardo in? Also want to look at how Atletico have improved - They did lose to Cavalry but it's early and it's Cavalry.
  5. Super interesting. Especially with this from wikipedia: There is also this: So basically a club that is hugely focused on development and is the most popular team in the most popular league on the continent has a relationship with Valour. Seems like a win-win? Also, are we now seeing an arms race begin with Atletico Ottawa/Madrid and Valour/Chivas?
  6. Gale referred to Reyes coming in because the Chivas wants him to learn from the defensive vets on the team. Seems like a win-win.
  7. I expect that SkSSS would need a year to build the team, the Chill would be in the East (probably next year), and the Whitecaps U-23 might need to be available for the big club?
  8. Looks like they're planning the next phase - downtown, expandable to 12K, grass pitch. It's not right now, but imagine if they start getting close to the Wanderers' crowd's they'll be busting at the seams at Westhills plus they still have the hydro pole and other nonsense to deal with.
  9. Oops - yeah, that wouldn't end well...
  10. I have to say this looks great - can't wait to road trip there for Valour vs Wheat City
  11. I believe the CPL only owns the L1O, not the PLSQ. Not sure about L1BC though.
  12. I think the D2 talk was probably premature, although having a BC D3 and a prairie D3 going for next year would be glorious. Get those teams in a solid league and then start building from there.
  13. So... who's up for a road trip to Saskatoon? https://canpl.ca/article/canadian-premier-league-announces-expansion-in-saskatchewan
  14. I think it will happen for a few reasons: 1) CSA wants to build up soccer in this country, and having working pro/rel between D1, D2 & D3 accomplishes this. 2) Obviously the Valours & Forges of the league want to fill their giant stadiums, but if Thunder Bay (for example) is drawing 5-6K fans per game and is the best team in D2, and FCE is only drawing 3K & are terrible, then how can you argue it's better for FCE to stay in D1? 3) From the outset pro/rel has been a goal and all those teams bought in. How can they then say no?
  15. Maybe it's me but I don't see any real problem with a D2 starting without pro/rel right now. We know they don't have enough to start out in D1, but D2 gives them an opportunity to start lower with lower standards and build from there. My issue will be if the CPL pulls a LigaMX and blocks pro/rel when it's clear some of the teams could join up.
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