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  1. Looking at his Transfermarkt I only see one loan?
  2. How is everyone feeling about Valour's offseason so far? With the January transfer window less than a week and a half away, where are we and what do you think will happen next?
  3. Pena's option is picked up by Valour https://northerntribune.ca/valour-fc-federico-pena-2021/
  4. True, although I doubt that IGF will be open at all until the pandemic is considered over.
  5. Really happy as well - outside of Dunn & Pantemis it looks like most of the Island Games team is back which is really encouraging to see. Let's just hope we can have our butts at IGF to watch them in person!
  6. That would be insane, truly. 50% increase in teams in one season? Good Canadians would be picked clean.
  7. Amir Soto has signed with Valour for the 2021 season (assuming it happens): https://canpl.ca/article/valour-fc-bringing-back-panamanian-defender-amir-soto-for-2021
  8. I don't think it is either, but even if it is, who cares? We're talking about a bunch of people buying a shirt. At worst it's something that will give joy to those people for a bit. At best it's helping Limeno make a bit more money and contribute to the local economy. People gotta chill on the Us vs Them stuff and reserve it for things that matter.
  9. The CFL and it's players association have long had help where current & former players are given help with the transition to "real life". Considering both Forge & Valour have CFL DNA, I expect this will come sooner rather than later.
  10. Meh, I think a lot of the local boys were brought on to help goose the attendance a bit for year 1. With the performance at the Island games I think now it's time to get down to business and building the best team possible.
  11. I wondered if he would be - I have heard a few different places that the CPL is very focused on getting their players game time in other leagues over the next six months. Plus I feel like Galan is perfect to bring into the fold as a coach in the near future.
  12. Definitely - lots of experience at a high level can only benefit the province's soccer scene. I wouldn't be at all surprised if FCMB is going to start prepping for League 1 Prairies in 2022 or 2023.
  13. I would argue that forcing TFC, IMFC & VWFC into the CPL is a lose-lose situation. Force companies to sell their franchises and start in a new league? Frankly I would just sell and walk away from the whole thing and then there is a big fanbase that will be *PISSED* at the CPL, not the CSA. Why would anyone do that? If you want those three clubs, make the league big & strong enough that the owners of those teams want to join the CPL.
  14. That is a serious, serious piece of memorabilia! Please frame it!
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