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  1. I think the opener helped, but I don't know if it was a huge thing in the grand scheme of things. Between the lack of success on the pitch, the crappy weather after mid-August and the number of mid-week games I think turning a profit in the first year was definitely possible. I also think that it means that Forge turned a small profit, Cavalry was probably OK, and that Wanderers are probably off to the races. Ottawa will be fine with that Atletico money too. This year upcoming, Pacific & York9 will be vastly improved and should get better gate so really just kind of worried about FCE.
  2. I would expect a lot would go into building the Div3 & U-Sports pipeline instead of academies. I would make the analogy to the CHL & NCAA for hockey in North America. The pipeline generally is to play locally until you get to 15 or so, then if you're good enough, the CHL comes calling. If not, you play locally again in the CJAHL until you age out. At that point if you're good enough you get recruited to the NCAA. After that the NHL draft comes and/or you start plying your trade outside of the NHL. With Canada in particular recognizing how well the pathways for hockey have worked, why wouldn't we utilize a similar strategy?
  3. Missed Attardo & Cordova. Between those five you're probably looking at $500K.
  4. 1) The restart at a single site is probably the way it will go short term. Valour has IGF right on the University of Manitoba campus which has everything required. Plus it's case-load is about the same level as New Brunswick's. 2) Duane was referring to the CanPL's SoccerOps Dept - not Y9. With all the sales this year I can believe they paid for themselves.
  5. Why not? If/when CPL2 happens it would be one of the leading teams to join that, would it not?
  6. Pretty sure the CPL addiction is cheaper...
  7. Woot! Yay for more signings, but I *REALLY* want to see the 2020 Away Jersey! GIVE ME WHAT I WANT!!!
  8. Goodness, I miss the CPL. Is it possible to develop an addition this quickly?
  9. I would expect that, yes. I would also expect that they quietly had been talking to the government about some help (since they all probably would qualify under the small & medium business rules individually) and once the CFL announced everything they probably had to say something. Asking for 1/10th of the amount of the CFL seems quite sane publicity-wise and they could quite possibly get it. In addition, imagine if the CPL gets itself going beginning of July and none of the other summer leagues in North America get going until September. I can't imagine the exposure! 100% this. I expect there to be social distancing which will only be problematic with Halifax & Pacific (I think).
  10. If I had to guess (and I'm not arguing the morality & what ifs - purely tea leaf reading): League will start training camps early-June, July kick-off with games being closed door affairs in the jurisdictions that are not allowing it and reduced capacity everywhere else, September all games open to public at reduced capacity.
  11. I wouldn't worry about WFC - they have a provincial government that won't let them fail. (NDP or Conservatives - doesn't matter)
  12. I think you're right but they won't get the Fury treatment - I think they are at a high enough level above the CPL and have existed in that league a lot longer than the CPL has been in existence that they won't get forced. That being said, I agree that VWFC & IMFC's owners might look and think that they will make a lot more money if they sell their MLS franchise and start in the CPL. Especially if the transfers continue.
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