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  1. I think it will be Valour 2 FCE 1, with both Valour goals coming in the second half. TBH, last game against Forge I thought Valour looked the better team. They were dangerous most of the match, and really only fell apart after the non-offside goal. Also, my mind is in next-year territory, so I'm interested in seeing how the younguns progress over the next two months.
  2. Pity I'm going to miss this one (home renovations suck!). I think Valour will show quite well - Forge is starting to have the season catch up to them and Valour is probably fielding their best starting XI this year. I think a draw is most likely
  3. Murrell replacement, essentially. I suspect Valour has been told that Murrell's suspension is going to be significantly more than three games.
  4. It wasn't a blow up - but there was some ink spilled about the locker room not wanting it enough, etc. Very strange with such a young team have this type of commentary in the media
  5. I wonder if Murell will be moved after this season is over? I also wonder if the locker room is already having troubles - Hoyle's weird usage, Murrell's antics, blow up by Louis Béland-Goyette, and so on.
  6. If it's anyone, it's Ottawa Fury. Probably Quebec City, although a dark horse could be Moncton. 10K seat stadium that is *ALREADY* built and is used for soccer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Croix-Bleue_Medavie_Stadium
  7. This is the area Belan shows. It's the building straight east of the 'Prairieland Park' pin. It would have enough room certainly.
  8. Get a team in Saskatchewan, have them play the Labour Day classic in reverse, instant madness!
  9. TBH, I'm perfectly OK with Impact, TFC & Whitecaps staying in MLS. They have a good setup going for them so why mess with that? And if Ottawa believes the USL is where they would like to stay, groovy. You guys keep doing that. I think the best course of action is to keep building the CanPL to the point where it's considered #3 on the continent. There's too much money and too big a head-start to take on MLS & LigaMX anytime soon, but a solid #3 is a great thing - make money on selling talent, and foster co-operation between the CanPL & other leagues. Friendlies between leagues would be great and another way to promote the game as well - Loons & Valour, PFC vs Seattle/Portland, etc.
  10. 1) 100% agree about IGF vs others. The gameday experience rocks. If it was the old Winnipeg Stadium I would be more willing to have the discussion but IGF is *REALLY* good. 2) Once Phase II of the Rapid Transit goes through I will have a LRT station three minute walk from my house. Fort Garry FTW!
  11. I voted Silberbauer, just because of the smaller crowds and the lack of starpower on the pitch. If Valour continues to be really bad I can see Gale get fired during the off season, but WFC are notorious for giving coaches & GMs long leashes, plus Gale does have the number of injuries and new league to use as excuses.
  12. Wade is the President & CEO of WFC so he's definitely heavily involved.
  13. In my mind this is someone who can help out the D more. Not a ton of goals but OK minutes wherever he's played.
  14. I was using transfermarkt's listings although with all the various permutations of tactics the positions might not be.
  15. My bad - I didn't look at the position listing. Attardo is a LW and Petrasso is a RW. That being said, Musse is also listed as a CF like Hoyle & Ferguson. I will stand by what I said with a Golubar replacement - perhaps Kianz Froese: https://www.transfermarkt.com/kianz-froese/profil/spieler/294701
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