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  1. While you are correct in saying only one questionable looking market, I really think it's too early to say one way or another about York9 (I assume that's the one you meant). At the end of a couple of years then we can start to worry I think.
  2. I think they will be aggressive until about 12 teams, then start planning D2: Phase 1: Quebec City (Dynamo de Quebec?), Ottawa & Saskatoon coming aboard, then a couple more in the GTA (probably off the bones of a couple of the bigger L1O teams) - eta: 2022 Phase 2: Merge PLSQ & L1O into Can2E (CanPL2 - East), start western league (Can2W) with T-Bay Chill, WSA, Foothills & all. - eta 2026 Phase 3: Start pro/rel with pulling the top 4 teams from Can2 into CanPL in the first year with west & east divisions. Bottom ranked in each division goes down to their respective areas while the winner comes up. eta: 2032
  3. Thanks all - I'm probably going to get them changed this afternoon. Also, IGF for Canada Day is doing $5 beer and $3 hot dogs so I expect a pretty rowdy crowd!
  4. I would think so - way better to get a full day of soccer programming without spreading eyeballs (and overloading servers).
  5. Hey - I need some advice. I'm a STH but I want to take my son with me and I need to get another seat. Would anyone guess if they'll be opening up more seats across the pitch for Canada Day like they did for the home opener? Ticketmaster is looking pretty sparse ATM for the game and I'm wondering if I get the seats swapped now or wait a bit and see if I can get the ones across the way.
  6. I read that and ask why - is Telfer tearing it up against weaker competition or is he that much better? I'm not sure you can use the Y9 / Fury situations as a measuring stick. If Fury gets lit up by HFX and/or Montreal is taken to the wall by York 9 then I will be much more interested in the subject. At this point I think it's more important that the CanPL show their mettle against the other leagues in all the various Concacaf play.
  7. The game was pretty packed - and a *TON* of kids. If this is what the summer is during the weekdays it'll be a blast
  8. I thought the game went quite well with a poor result. @Cheeta had it right. To me, I think that was the most entertaining game I've ever seen Valour play and while the result was not what we wanted, it definitely felt good. 1) The offense felt *DANGEROUS* for a large part of the game. They were going in and shooting a lot more, even if their possession stunk. Just keep hammering the ball at the net and good things will happen. 2) Pacific hit a lot of bodies - a few of them should have been called. When I'm seeing someone flying like Byfuglien hit them and it's not called... 3) Ohin *HAS* to stay. I think he was Valour's MOTM. 4) The defense is rotten. Just *BAD* 5) That being said, I think in the transfer window Valour will be going for another striker, or moving Hoyle out.
  9. Looks like the Pinnacle Club & Family sections are pretty much the only options left for tonite!
  10. Super excited - taking my son to his first Valour game tomorrow night. That being said, super nervous about Pacific. They're not having a great season so far but Valour looks pretty snake-bit ATM.
  11. 6000 would be great, although they are forecasting rain - which will suck. Two things on my mind: 1) Valour has a habit of shooting themselves in the foot late in games. In the six games they have lost this year, they gave up goals in the last ten minutes of four of them. I think it's probably the mental thing that's holding Valour back the most. 2) I'm interested to see how attendance changes over the summer months - with a lot of games on school nights Valour games have been mostly adults. Over summer I can see a lot more kids coming - it's way cheaper than the Jets, more action than the Goldeyes & a lot more kids are playing soccer over American-style football (which is a problem for the Bombers). I know I'm looking forward to taking my son to a game over the next couple of months.
  12. We don't really know the cap money yet so that would be hard to say. But Cavalry, York & Halifax are all at the 23-person roster limit. Of those, Valour & FCE probably would be downgrading taking him on, especially when their needs are up-front. Forge is loaded at centre-back. Pacific is probably the only one that could use him with de Jong on the shelf but I'm not sure he is a good fit, especially for a small market team that is probably pinching the pennies a bit. TBH I could see him landing outside of the CanPL
  13. I missed the home opener but I think they will learn from it (I assume). Hopefully if Valour is in the hunt for the CPL Championship at year end we'll be getting some big crowds
  14. That's one of the nice things with having WFC own Valour - they know how to put on a game day at IGF. They can handle 33000+ people at that facility. Even 10K would be a cake walk.
  15. Sorry, my knuckles were dragging. What did you say?
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