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  1. To be fair, nobody had any idea how good the CPL was going to be last year and nobody knew how the teams would gel. And frankly with Gale's experience with the youth teams he should have that eye for talent.
  2. Maybe a good place to get back on the radar then? And if nothing else, 40+ games in MLS is nothing to sneeze at
  3. Yes, but his main worth is the attack and Pacific is pretty loaded there. Plus they could be facing a cap crunch if they sign Bustos.
  4. Does that make sense? They have a lot of firepower as-is
  5. I don't think I would want my name attached to that article either!
  6. I don't think he has to be. LBG was a central midfielder and it looks like Fordyce been employed as a central midfielder most of the past two years: https://www.transfermarkt.com/daryl-fordyce/leistungsdatendetails/spieler/35192/saison/ges/pos/7
  7. Looks like he's considered domestic. And maybe they're looking at slotting him or Galan back a bit more into a defensive role?
  8. Huh - then I must be thinking of something else! Thanks amigo!
  9. According to FM2020 CPL mega-pack, which leaned heavily on internal data from the CPL, Valour was something like $100K shy of the cap. I think only Forge & Cavalry spent to it. I think you should a la Scheifele. Lock them in while young, use them as the face of your club, build around them.
  10. Maybe with LBG & Petrasso gone Valour will back up the truck for Bustos? He's someone who I would see as a centerpiece for a number of years to come. And while Valour not spending to the cap is pretty well documented, WFC isn't exactly poor. They could pretty easily hit the cap if they desired.
  11. Not really surprising, with Galan signed and still a glut of midfielders. Plus: https://twitter.com/TaylorAllen31/status/1214772919689187329?s=20
  12. I think you all need to sit back and calm down, really. Yes, Valour could be more open on what is going on but just because there is no news currently doesn't mean nothing is happening. Am I fine with last season? Of course not, but this sub is getting really just caustic and more about ******** about everything than an intelligent discussion.
  13. You really need to be less angry and laugh at the burn.
  14. Actually, I would argue with the talent that he has he did the right thing. He has Galan & Paulucci locked up, Attardo needs more minutes, They just signed Antwi & they have Waters & Campanile who will need minutes before they potentially return to Cape Breton. Plus Musse is still with the team as well and he showed a lot of potential with the Foothills and had most of his season derailed by injury last year. Keeping Petrasso & LBG would have kept back the youngsters and ate up valuable cash that can be used to put together a solid defense. If we can improve our defense by a goal a game (which considering how god-awful the defense was last year) we can easily add another 10 to 15 points to our overall season total.
  15. Yes, but I am less than certain about it being a one-year deal. At 19 and if the Gent talk is accurate, this seems like a good reason to do a one year plus the option.
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