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  1. Yes, although Doug Berry and Paul LaPolice both got 2.5 seasons or so. However, the GMs have been in their roles a lot longer: Kyle Walters - 2013 to current Joe Mack - 2010-2013 Mike Kelly - 2009 Brendan Taman - 2004-2008
  2. All good amigo - I probably snapped back a bit too harshly. I agree Galvis was weak but I think we had other fish to fry first. Where did you hear those whispers? WFC is notorious for giving GMs & coaches long leashes although Gale is definitely on the hot-seat this year. I could see him gone mid-summer if the team isn't very good again. That being said, I think a lot of the talent was weaker than advertised. Farago in particular was one the weakest keepers in the league and I think he would be gone if not for a multi-year contract. I expect a significant course-correction
  3. Missed the point - I'm saying even having a weak team you can still attract good talent
  4. That's actually about perfect really. It's a tool in the box but the league isn't tied into it.
  5. Couldn't hurt having a familiar face to entice someone to join. And while the team wasn't that good last year, if the team has a structure they believe in and with Winnipeg's legendary fans, it could tip the scales.
  6. Just to add to the pile-on - as of right now I would *AT MOST* allow one more southern Ontario team directly into the CPL and that would be Ottawa. There is already York, TFC & Hamilton and I think the division of market right now is not needed. So if we exclude those cities and those already with professional teams that leaves Quebec City, Saskatoon/Regina (when one is formed the other won't come around for quite a while), Sherbrooke, St. John's, Kelowna & Abbotsford - Mission (ie Fraser Valley). Of those six, three have been heavily involved in expansion talk so there's something to it all. So what for the rest of Ontario? L1O. I would suggest that L1O is the proto-CPL2 and to use that platform as a way to prepare for entry into the CPL.
  7. I suspect Valour might go after someone like Zachary Ellis-Hayden or Andrés Fresenga. We keep hearing about Canadians in USL and elsewhere who are interested in coming back to the country so maybe?
  8. Glenn Muenkat was caught saying “Yo you’re not gonna see me in Winnipeg ever again” on Ohin’s insta story
  9. Not really surprising. Garcia & Le Bourhis are young (20 & 19 respectively) backs which, while Valour's D was horrible, are still young and still have potential. Golubar's knee is probably done. Muenkat never started and only made an appearance nine times (never mind the social media thing). Mitter has about the same stats as Le Bourhis, so I'm guessing that he's being replaced by him. I'm guessing that Valour starts hunting for a dependable veteran Center-back to anchor a lineup that's going to be super young.
  10. I don't think there will be a strike either. I voted that Calgary gets the CCL spot and Forge gets the CLspot. Forge earned their CL spot by winning the CPL and Calgary gets the CCL spot because they advanced the furthest in the Canadian Championship of teams that are available. And let's be honest - whomever gets into the CCL is going to get destroyed by the LigaMX sides.
  11. You're welcome. Although TBH I expect him to ride a lot of bench this year.
  12. So is the rest of Canada for the most part. And TBH I would have done the same thing if I was launching a league (with respect to not bringing on French immediately). There is no team in the province of Quebec yet and there are a million things a startup has to do. It wasn't a high priority thing. Now with one, potentially two, teams in Quebec over the next couple of years plus working with the PLSQ that will definitely change.
  13. That's really nice. Pity it's going to get broken!
  14. So I asked my Valour rep a couple questions when doing my season renewal (this is the e-mail verbatim): The 2020 kits will be available in November – do you know if there are any significant changes to them? New kit sponsor, women’s cut & sizing, etc? I noticed that a subscription to OneSoccer is part of the season package. I have the annual subscription to OneSoccer which runs out in April (I believe). When would the new one soccer subscription kick in – at the end of my current subscription or is there another date it starts? And their response: As far as the kits, there will be slight design changes, as is typically the case from one season to the next. I have not yet heard of any changes to the sponsor on the front. The sizing will be European, same as last season, while I expect the cuts & size offerings to remain the same for men’s, women’s, and junior styles. I doubt that I’ll know any more than that until the date when they’re unveiled. We’ll be sending out an email to founding members confirming the unveil date & when they will be available for purchase. You will not be charged for the annual One Soccer membership renewal, however we’ll have to wait for word from One Soccer regarding any steps you need to take. All that I have been informed of is that more information will roll out in the new year, so expect to see an e-mail regarding the season ticket member One Soccer membership by then. If not, feel free to contact me just in case we’ve got any news for you then. So that's what it is. And just to put it out there - my rep has been nothing except responsive and good to me. So no killing the Valour messenger!
  15. I expect that the store will feature both Valour & Bomber merch and I'm pretty sure they have done that in years past so I don't expect there to be a huge needle move on the bottom line with respect to that. However, getting to see the financial report of WFC next year is going to be pretty eye opening. It will really give us a sense of the rules within the CPL.
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