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  1. At the end of the day absolutely, as mentioned, the more opportunities for more Canadians to go pro and get playing time the better. If there is a pathway to that players will take it regardless of it being the CPL, USL or elsewhere. How players are courted, treated and how big the perceived opportunity is (playing time, coaching, potential pathway, money etc..) will always be bigger factors of where they end up. In an ideal world of course they would pick CPL first but there will always be players above and below that level that will find other routes. It will get more interesting when more clubs get added to the CPL and the talent pool is really stretched. The bigger question for me is what is underneath and if academies and youth systems can continue to grow to fill another 7 CPL teams (although 1 new team would be nice lol) while keeping the standard high. League1 Ontario, the new BC league and hopefully eventually a Prairie League will help grow underneath the CPL. MLS Academies will help as much as hinder pulling players from the CPL. For all the deserved abuse Whitecaps have got and will continue to get they have done a great job monopolizing the Western front with Whitecaps academies, which is starting to churn out a lot of talented kids. Whether they have just downtrodden existing programs living off the groundwork or actually been a power of good and improved things I don't know. Given it looks like 1 extra team for next season might be difficult getting to 14 teams worth of Canadian players seems the best part of a decade away.
  2. Congrats to Forge. The CPL flag was flown well. A well fought and hard earned victory. Baring in mind how many players Olimpia had missing they will need one hell of a performance on the road to get through. There were so many silly errors and sloppy moments of possession. If they can cut that out and find a way to nick and away goal who knows. What a season for the CPL either way!
  3. Shocked they would both be so open about the position! Downside is that likely means no one from the caps has been in touch lol. Great article and thanks for sharing.
  4. Hardly an inspiring appointment from the outside but it could yet be inspired. A decent first season getting Houston to the playoff finals and US Cup win last year shows Cabrera can obviously get some things right. Maybe he can be a good fit to pick up the players. They seem to need inspiration and confidence. Garde on the other hand should have been a home run on so many levels. Such a disappointment as he had so much promise as a young coach. Some serious reputation building for him now if he continues pursuing coaching.
  5. I was confused why BeIN was on DAZN anyway. Isn't BeIN its own entity with its own subscription? Surely there won't be any rights on the table. They will just exist through cable or on their own like they were before? Media Pro own La Liga and Ligue 1 and distribute to BeIN anyway don't they. Like their other leagues I expect they will sit and wait until the licensing runs down then either put it on OneSoccer or get more money from BeIN or elsewhere. Either way Media Pro wins.
  6. Wild speculation and complete 2+2=7 but wouldn't surprise me if Garde wasn't really interested in having him and it was more a favour to get Ballou back on track between the clubs. Either way I really hope people can rally around him and he picks himself back up otherwise he could be checking his phone contacts searching for Boakai to room with.
  7. Zator is arguably league MVP this year. Certainly no shortage of choice and competition for that spot though.
  8. He never worked for Sky did he? Like anyone on tsn or sportsnet, they have to a point robbed a living being average at best due to the privilege of a British accent and likely at the expense of many fantastic Canadian journalists not given a look in. Lots of said journalists have worked hard and earned respect and a living (don't want to knock hard work and commitment there) but for the most part its a different ball game in comparison to pundits and journalists that have been in the game and worked at the highest levels. I would certainly like to see more variance in guests.
  9. Telfer is an odd one for Canada. A great example of how far our talent pool has deepened. At 25 he could certainly still push on further talent wise. With that in mind I would hate to lose him. On the other side of the coin we have so many options for where he plays and more coming through. I'd hate to see him go but also wouldnt blame him, much like welshman and Robert's.
  10. Interesting they are playing at least two strikers in Larin and Berahino that have traditionally only worked best as lone strikers. Glad he is getting minutes. If he gets minutes the form will return.
  11. People still forget his age. He is in arguable one of the best possible places to learn and train with some of the best in the world. The fact he is being held back a little will also likely add years on his career considering how young he started. There is going to be a point he needs to be playing regularly but right now I'm happy where he is.
  12. Well. I do have to begrudgingly congratulate One Soccer for making DAZN seem like a dream. It's a totally different league/ball game (insert football related pun here). Just being able to pause live games, scroll/rewind and to have the games instantly available is huge. I have got up this week and scrolled back instantly to the start of the day to the cricket. Stream quality has been great. The easy ability to toggle between highlights/full game is smart, more importantly simple and immediately visible. It's not without snags, much like one soccer it's still a bit busy on the eyes when finding what you want but still far better organized. I cant deal with one soccer on my phone (predominantly where I use it) everything looks the damn same and its overawing. These are all simple fixes for One Soccer but likely mean more expense certainly for them but likely consequently for us subscribers. You get what you pay for at the end of the day but I think these are basic streaming expectations these days. I have little argument about the quality of the products with one soccer(shows/coverege) and I know it will continue to improve and grow. I just hope basic things like pause/rewind and menus get sorted sooner rather than later. If its putting fans off that want to pay and support it that is a bad sign. I can watch the highlights for free on YouTube or the CPL app. It is going to he hard to pick up neutrals if it's annoying to navigate. Just my techno moron aging views.
  13. Bobby the fall guy. Zero surprise and also zero surprise he is moved to a different cushy job. Is there really any point in the DOF job if the ownership still wont invest any competitive money into the first team? On paper it all looks promising. Time will tell if this is anything other then a stunt by the ownership to get the fans off their backs. Where I will credit them is their youth network which isnt cheap and will pay dividends. Likely more for Canada soccer in general than them.
  14. CPL inclusion of course wont happen for a good few years but it would certainly be a more realistic aim to have the V-Cup and champ league included so managing in the MLS wasnt so meaningless lol.
  15. It's a kiss lyric. So I was on the same assumption as @BuzzAndSting. Still weird. Think they would have picked a Canadian Band. The Shannom Tweed link doesn't count. Unless its announcing the sask team lol.
  16. Very nice! But is he even eligible for Canada? Transfermarkt says he is Swiss and DR Congo. Depends when he came to Canada I guess? Edit: Seems he moved to Montreal in 15/16. So unless I am missing something he isn't eligible for Canada?
  17. It was one of the most fun games I have ever been to (which seems a bit silly to say given games I have been to but it was). Beautiful afternoon, decent crowd but certainly still not hitting the full audience here, not even close. Great hijinx in the Supporters section and a good coming together of Pile of Bones, Regina supporters(who should be getting a mention in the CPL article) and BCF, plus others around the province that sat in that section. Lots of great plans and ideas coming from the Supporters collective. The ball is rolling there for sure. While it could be argued neither VWC u23 or TFCII came fully motivated it was far more than encouraging how much the young sask team didnt just hold their own but really dominated both games. With the addition of 7/8 seasoned pros there is talent here to float in the CPL. My concern would be the wait until that happens. How many will be snapped up by other teams first if there is a wait. I guess that isnt a bad thing for SK soccer either but certainly I hope these players don't excel elsewhere and the series instead just becomes a conveyor belt for other teams benefit while we start again each year. The reported investment goals/financial backing (which I have only ever heard on here) might be a reason they havent pulled the trigger, maybe club infrastructure and staffing or just building a brand in the community and pool of players cautiously. Really only the ownership can answer with awhen the trigger gets pulled. 2020 or 21 still seems likeliest for CPL but there is also probably a window before people get disillusioned. For now everything is absolutely on the up. Plenty of positives and plenty of lessons to tighten up and improve on and off the pitch. Just a shame we have to wait the best part of a year before it can happen again!
  18. Looking at the list of leagues in that voting poll I would say it would take some monumental advances in the league to get it involved as there are so many other leagues that you would think might come first. Shouldn't rule out the swing of the market though and if the sales in Canada are up there with other nations and we make some noise about it who knows. The game is made here.
  19. Didnt see. Where is he playing? Number 9 or 10 or out wide? Always loved Tesho but he has never been a great out and out striker or the most natural number 10. He simply is just Tesho Akindele.
  20. "Much despised by many on this board,"
  21. If I could only get ruddles here! But point taken and I raise my hands in shame for the nonsense. I was disappointed petrasso hasnt played much but thats not his fault.
  22. Simeon Jackson would be a nice addition with Babouli. Busti would be a huge get. Edgar has dropped so many levels in the UK but has been hampered by injuries. The fact no-one has taken him makes me think he isn't likely to be off the treatment table for long or regaining form that made him a championship mainstay. If fit will still make a fantastic addition and someone for younger players to really look up to and learn from.
  23. I feel as always this place is brimming with too much positivity. So to counter Bisons excellent All star thread lets go the opposite end of the spectrum. Manager: Rob Gale Williams Petrasso Thomas Owundi Legault REB Elton John Issey Haber Cox Hoyle Bench: Roberts, Murrell, Murofushi, Yung-Chan, Arguinarena, Smith Probably a few controversial choices here. Petrasso certainly. Like a few in here they have disappointed in comparison to the hype or previous form.
  24. Manager: Tommy Wheeldon Jnr ——Campbell———— Gattas ——— Borges - Camargo - Pasquotti ——Adekugbe — Buscher —— Gasparotto- Schaale - Zator —————— Carducci ————— Bench: Ingham, Telfer, Soria, Blasco, Verhoeven, Wheeldon Jnr jnr.. Bloody hard. Does Campbell really deserve to be there or is it a purple patch? I gave him an out as he has stepped up and worked hard. felt bad leaving out Waterman and Trafford as they have both be excellent too. Gasparotto had a bad last month but has been great otherwise. Put Wheeldon on the bench because I honestly was disappointed and thought he was just there because of his brother. Wow did he ever make me feel stupid. Congrats.
  25. We aren't going to see the whitecaps II in the CPL but at best maybe a whitecaps affiliation team with the Surrey start up, like Fresno but with a relationship that works. Still don't see that working for the CSA. Would whitecaps just pull their own players for V cup matches? An open loan market between MLS/CPL teams is still the best route as the league grows.
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