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  1. Notes from today: Pros - important win against a quick physical team. - David scores when he wants. - We got depth depth depth. - Cornelius had some good moments. - Watching phonzie makes life enjoyable, his enthusiasm is infectious. Cons: - Piette is still a serious liability with the pace of a tugboat. Henry gets bridled with abuse for one mistake yet Piette seems to still be a golden boy despite giving up possession for fun. Feels slightly harsh but also not the first time. - We got depth depth depth everywhere but defence. - Atiba is no CB. Get well sooner Doneil. - Kaye isn't our best option at LB but he is the best of what we have in this squad. Lastly: - Cant really judge the above given the altitude. - none of the above is anything we didnt already know.
  2. I feel for him. I dont know about his work ethic but he needs some good luck and a coach to believe in him. Last of all and more importantly he needs minutes.
  3. Glad it wasn't just me. The first pen is unfortunate and reflex but has to be given with the new rules. The second the commentator says is absolutely without a doubt the right decision. I don't see how she gets her foot out of the way after the clearance.
  4. Spain lucky today. I don't really know the South African defender can relax her leg in time after a clearance that VAR calls a penalty.
  5. Hope he finds decent move in Europe. While it would be great for the league and maybe him I want him to do better elsewhere rather than CPL. This move, a bit like Elva's, is important to him if he wants to really kick on, not least with both players 23 imminently. Make or break time now.
  6. Anyone know if Jasser Khmiri is alive? Still rehabbing? I literally had a eureka moment and remembered we signed him. looked like a nice addition to the squad when he was purchased.
  7. I also plan on bringing a ladder and cornering Chituru Odunze to make sure he knows the script that he is coming back to Team Canada once his citizenship is sorted This was the squad they took to South Korea, which would be a hell of a squad to watch. GOALKEEPERS: Sean Melvin*, Chituru Odunze DEFENDERS: Christopher Lee+, Deylen Vellios+, Brendan McDonough*, Keenan Foley+, Gabriel Escobar, Gianfranco Facchineri+ MIDFIELDERS: Patrick Metcalfe, Kamron Habibullah, Emiliano Brienza, Chance Carter, Nick Fussell, Brandon Cambridge, Simon Colyn*, Vasco Fry+, Damiano Pecile FORWARDS: Theo Bair*, Thomas Raimbault+ However - It should be noted Whitecaps first team play the night before in the Voyageurs Cup so a good chance at least Bair and Colyn might not make the trip, maybe Habibullah. Fingers crossed I am wrong about that though.
  8. That's a great progression from Foothills. Winners all round. Whitecaps staff get to come take a look at the sask academies and maybe a homecoming for a sask Whitecaps player or two to be there in attendance,if schedules work? The game will also tie in to open and kick off a weekend of soccer activities http://sasksoccer.com/page.php?page_id=117125
  9. Commentary I don't want to hear again List #1: "Goals change games" - Thankfully I haven't heard that one in a week or two after it was said about 15 times one weekend in the two games and studio coverage. "He wants to win a shot from the hot spot" - just no "Y9" - This killed me tonight. Just bloody say York. It was like Reed thought it was cool the first time he said it he had to repeat it over and over. Yeah I do need to lighten up. I did enjoy the commentary early on in maybe the Cavalry/Forge game when a defender intercepted a pass - "He read that pass him like a page in a children's fairytale." or something to those lines. It made me giggle.
  10. Guess we will find out in a couple of hours
  11. It's a good point regarding attendance/culture with pro/relegation. Relegation could quickly kill clubs if the culture and support of the sport in each community and the country isnt strong enough. Because the concept will be potentially new to most neutral sports fans it could go one of two ways. Might spark more curiosity and excitement but might also turn them off from supporting depenedingn on when and how its handled. Luckily these are problems we dont have to worry about for at least 10 years, Certainly time to really solidify this league in the country. Again I think you would want a) enough teams to make it work and b) teams financially stable and with a fan base that will stick by and continue to support. Potentially maybe the second division is a development league for new franchises, until enough clubs are stable? Glad it's not me that has to decide how to do it! Plus I derailed this thread enough.
  12. Yeah might be interesting. Pundits said there were some fists thrown. I didn't see anything in the replays. They mention Samuel. It was clear in the replay he was one of the players trying to calm everyone down. If there was fists there should be a couple of players fined and suspended. I fully expect some fines and yellows and thats it. The league could fine the clubs potentially, like other leagues, for bringing the game into disrepute.
  13. I thought he was off the pace today. I have been impressed prior to his injury. He is probably as good as any other winger in the league. Whether he is the best I am not convinced. His dive was ridiculous if not predictable. Wheeler was bang on with Malonga trying to turn the screw on Frano after, very snide.
  14. Oh I love Cavalry - apologies Forge fans. They are true CPL Villains. Team that grinds out results, a few characters every other teams supporters will hate. They are everyones favourite heel. Obviously you don't want to see that kind of scene at the end but man has it ever amped up the drama. I thought it was a great game and the second leg is going to be must watch!
  15. Cordova has to be the harshest. He has Started 6 out of 14 this year and is on form. Given his versatility I thought he would be a lock. Godinho has 14 appearances in 32 chances (taking out his knee injury) with not all starts. I know Herdman has seen Godinho and ZBG up close to see their potential, he also knows what he would have with Petrasso. Still think it's harsh on Cordova but it is still early season for him and if he continues his form and minutes you would have to think he will be a lock for the Nations League games in the fall.
  16. He might not get the minutes he wants or ultimately needs at hearts. He will get chances though at a reasonably high level. He isnt moving up if he moves on imo. No one at a similar or high level is likely to buy a 2nd choice fullback at hearts to he their number one. The best he can hope for is another lower Scottish premiership club or MLS. Gold cup could certainly open up doors. I dont see him starting ahead of ZBG though.
  17. Plenty of the big leagues fish out of Belgium now too, well they have for years. He is in a great place. I would still expect him to move on.
  18. Exactly. They didn't even take their only possibly out by reasoning they had dropped a place because they didn't play at the weekend, which is the only clutching at straws explanation.
  19. It depends how it takes off and how communities rally around it. It's early days and the hype train and excitement of something new hasn't worn off (hopefully it wont). Regarding attendance for the casual viewer, It doesn't help the camera shots in lots of the stadiums don't show the fullest stands, ie Hamilton, Pacific? Calgary (although that is the stand they should be trying to fill first), Edmonton maybe? Maybe I am way off base with that statement too? I like the smaller stadium plans that have room to expand to meet demand. Its always better to look packed and have a great atmosphere. I do realistically think by 2026 there could be 12 teams at least. I'd agree I would be happy with 10 if they are all stable, drawing good crowds and the league quality has been consistent and growing.
  20. With such a short first season and options being wider open for players being available I would be surprised if most teams hadn't left a little in the pot for summer moves. Edmonton still apparently have someone lined up. Pacific certainly have roster space if not the money and need someone. Maybe an unpopular opinion but I think Forge also need a standout CB almost as much as a Striker. Maybe Krutzen and Owundi can grow in they are looking better game to game. I am not at all convinced with Samuel however.
  21. Yeah. Real shame they got paired so early. Would have liked both to get to face MLS clubs. Will be a cracking set of ties though. The forge sleeping giant or dragon I suppose is definitely waking up now.
  22. I like Jackson and think coming to the CPL would be great for him and the league. He has great experience to pass on. I loved him in his Norwich days and thought he was unlucky not to be given more playing time back then. I think people assuming he would be a clinical finisher and scoring goals for fun are likely off base though. Putting aside his age/fitness his goals over the last few seasons 2018/19 6 (32 app) 2017/18 1 (14 app) 2016/17 7 (41 app) 2015/16 2 (29 app) 2014/15 3 (30 app) Those are varying levels too. His best goal tally was in league one (close to comparable to CPL) that said this year in the Scottish premier league he almost bested that at the age of 32.
  23. He has mainly been used as a fullback hasnt he?
  24. Waterman has really surprised there too. ............................................................. Amuz is a dual national isnt he?
  25. Definite eyes on where he ends up. The next move is always the biggest for players but I feel it really is for Elva this time given his age. He hasn't fulfilled the early hype but is certainly not off the playing field to still achieve that. Here's hoping.
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