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  1. He is likely absolutely knackered did seem like he wasnt going all out to catch quioto and gave up a teensy bit. Overall an up and down performance. Was some nice stuff as well as naive.
  2. Wasn't much less effective than mullins but certainly not more. Good for minutes.
  3. Nice to see him get the start and minutes but yes he was pretty poor. Lack of pace is a problem at this level and he is still adjusting. Will give him an out as basically a preseason game. He wont keep getting great chances though.
  4. Draw isn't much good for them unfortunately, still in with a shout and have a game in hand over pompey which will put them into the playoffs. Other than Peteborough they play 3 teams in the mid to lower end of the table with little to play for. Pompey play the bottom two and also Accrington (mid table). Charlton will need to win all 4 imo.
  5. Hopefully we get to see Akinola today then!
  6. Well there is certainly a tiny bit more than just being in form justifying a call up. Can the player make a step up, do they fit into the system and what is their longterm potential in comparison to letting another player with a higher ceiling get integrated and a chance. It is an awkward time with pivotal games for the CMNT, we need players that are proven and know the system. If he starts scoring better than Akindele and Ricketts he obviously jumps them quickly for an opportunity. We only have 4 out and out forwards that own spots, 5 if Akinola commits. It is hard to break into that. W
  7. Tuned just after mid half. Didn't even get to see Dayne for the first 10 minutes! Man he looks comfortable. Great to see.
  8. Not convinced he has even jumped Dunn yet, who must be gutted injuries have cost him chances. Hopefully they both get minutes. Dunn looked great, if not q step above CPL imo. Congrats to Luke though. Hope he gets the start tomorrow.
  9. All at once right? Didn't see it is going to a full hour. That is a positive for sure.
  10. Fair and likely accurate, it is rarely the workers at the floor level, likely busting their behinds, that are the issue. This is very much a tester market for media pro and they likely know they have much more room for error and are able to cut a few corners they wouldn't in Europe for example. They definitely put money into the content. I think that is almost always top notch and as good if not better than most others.
  11. I'd like to see some numbers in terms of subscriptions. The perception is there are many people that have tried it and turn off due to the platform. I don't know how true that is if at all but I have seen many comments to that effect. I wont just agree that they have improved but I have complimented them on lots of the improvements they have made. It is frustrating they havent fixed the main problem driving people away though. You can put lipstick on a pig but its still a pig. The platform is the foundation of their house. If it's cheap, cracked and doesnt always work then it doesnt
  12. Wonder if they even have time and resources to get a proper replacement. They were quite excited about him.
  13. It is too hard to plan for at this point really Could split the season more like the first year. Do a PEI Bubble competition then hope by the time its done things are good enough to do a shorter season with teams playing at home (with some crowds). They could likely have some crowds at PEI given how good their numbers are.
  14. Needs to get the hell out of dodge if he is going to kick on. Not sure the Whitecaps need him now and Montreal are stacked. Between a rock and a hard place. Maybe there is a loan that can suit him. Priso looks to have taken his spot for sure.
  15. V Cup Team? Random Canadian from the street Laryea Dunn Singh Shaffelburg Fraser Priso Nelson Okello Osorio Akinola Bench - Peruzza, Rutty, Romeo So amazing to see the Canadian MLS teams finally getting close to being able to field 11 Canadians and 11 Canadians that could hold their own.
  16. It's one performance. At the same time there is a strong possibilty he doesn't see another minute until after June. Does Canada call him off one performance ahead of the 10-12 others ahead of him, for a crucial set of games? It's potentially a bit of brinksmanship and not completley straight forward situation. Hopefully Herdman or someone from the CSA reaches out. Even if he wouldnt be considered for May/June we could convince him he can play his way into future plans and maybe even the gold cup. I would expect T&T to be calling him tonight. Canada might wait, right or wrong unt
  17. Thought he looked slow and took some time to get into the game but was great the last 15 or so.
  18. Thought bradley was the same in the first half at least. Very erratic.
  19. Absolute menace again tonight. Keep it up.
  20. What a great team performance. Most pleasing ALL the Canadians not only contributed but excelled. The whole team did well though. Well deserved. Great start for Armas.
  21. No this doesn't look good for Singh. TFC down to 10 for the last 5?
  22. Goal comes from a freekick that should have gone TFC's way. Have to keep their heads.
  23. Rutty, Nelson, Akinola. And Fraser, Dunn, Romeo also not playing.
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