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  1. It is pretty hard to justify dropping anyone from that squad. Even someone like Fraser contributed and looked good over the past 6 months. These are pivotal games so barring injury or suspension I just can't see us calling anyone new in. That taxi squad though...
  2. I really thought they were going to finish top 4. They are on quite the slump and don't seem to be able to turn it around at the moment. Eddies/York/Halifax are all on an upswing of form and even Ottawa have been unlucky. They could easily finish 7th at this rate. 5/6 seems the most likely.
  3. We need more opportunities not less for these youngsters. Selfishly for where our program is at, we need a new tournament like a u23 tournament. This is depressing news. CSA certainly wont be pony-ing up money, time or resources to create other opportunities, games or camps for these players. I hope we don't end up with more clashes with this summer tournament and the full CMNT like last Olympic qualifying. Having the men qualify for the Olympics would be another watershed moment for the game here. We need to put out the strongest squad we can.
  4. Expect that more likely means Omar Browne isn't coming in.
  5. Harry still seems to be picking up minutes but mainly 45mins. 69 is the longest he has lasted. He only missed one league game but didn't feature in the cup. Could be a fitness thing, especially past the covid scare?
  6. Exciting. He seems to be clocking more minutes than Harry!
  7. Reminds me of a direct and motivated Okello. Been pretty impressed so far. Great pickup for Forge as he offers something completely different imo.
  8. Good luck to him. Second tier Tunisian league? Hopefully lots of minutes.
  9. It is a hallmark of this team. Very rarely look good but consistently grind out results.
  10. After the immediate first game jitters we absolutely grew this window. 5 points should be the goal next window but we can absolutely beat anyone if we have everyone available and focused. Huge window for learning curves. Johnston and Buchanan were stars, Eustaquio continues to be a HUGE boon for our program. Both Kennedy and Miller both learning hard lessons but also shining bright too. While I could perhaps say maybe Herdman and Co. Should spend more time in training on set pieces that can clear the first man than practicing singing o canada, I think the anthem is one of the best things Herdman has done lol. Absolutely amps me up and hopefully gets the crowd as into it over time. We have to have a whole stadium of fans going as hard as the players are. Talking of which...all credit to all you V's in attendance who were immense in these games. Beautiful stuff.
  11. Yeah I'm happy for Mexico to somehow come from behind to beat Panama. Mexico can win all their games other than against us. I'm good with that. Although imagine somehow Mexico and the US not qualifying lol
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