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  1. Weird. When I started reading, I initially thought this was crazy, but as I read on (yes, I made it to the end) this actually makes a lot of sense. Doubt any of this will happen but way to think outside of the box.
  2. Voted Tomori, but only because there wasn't an "all of the above"
  3. Would love to see the November game in Edmonton but attendance may be greatly effected by the weather.
  4. That turn he made for Hutch's goal was amazing! He didn't get enough credit for that assist.
  5. Of course we will, but why say "you wont know until I'm not there"? He damn well knows we know.
  6. In what context would this not be a dumb thing to post?
  7. Might be interested. Travelled to Germany for WC2006 also France Euro2016.
  8. And in doing so, didn't HE just throw them under the bus? This is laughable.
  9. Agree, I love that the 4 teams tied with 2 points all play each other on Wednesday. A win against El Salvador would be huge as US and Honduras will be taking points from each other.
  10. Something people might have missed in this article is the statement that Sportsnet recently Showing CPL highlights: "This week has seen a significant strategic pivot from MEDIAPRO Canada, who’s subsidiary OneSoccer held exclusive rights to those competitions north of the border. Earlier this week it was confirmed that Sportsnet had signed a distribution deal for Canada’s World Cup Qualifiers, with the media company recently showing some CPL highlights, too." Can it be that the reason TSN and Sportsnet were not showing CPL highlights were because they weren't allowed too? And only now that Sportsnet signed a distribution deal they are allowed to show highlights and such. Seems like a reasonable conclusion as I know this is the norm with Showing Olympic highlights as an example.
  11. My take on this is Herdman wanted to get Kennedy a few minutes so he's "ready" for his start on Sunday against the US. He did this a couple times in the Gold Cup.
  12. Sound like he's used the same way Herdman uses Davies for CMNT. Not to worry, we will find some room on the pitch for him.
  13. Loved Venice!I I found the best way to enjoy it is to spend a couple nights there. Most of the Tourists are gone in the evening as all the bus tours leave. Also if you're able to go in June or Sept you still get the beautiful weather without the congestion.
  14. Once we dominate Honduras, El Salvador will sell out!!!
  15. It's not uncommon for players in Europe to play Thurs, Sunday, Wed. Especially if they're getting subbed after 60.
  16. https://www.espn.com/soccer/mexico-mex/story/4461872/fifa-reduces-mexico-ban-for-anti-gay-chant-to-1-match-wcq-vs-jamaica-sept-2-to-be-played-without-fans We get Concacafed again! Ban reduced to one game.
  17. This sucks for everyone with One Soccer but not all the TSN channels. I for one was planning on watching this from my cottage where I have Wifi but no cable.
  18. quick search on Transfer Market says nephew. Could have sworn we debated this before and it turned out to be an older son. Sleuthers do your thing!
  19. His son, I believe. Wouldn't that be a great story. Kinda like Schmeichel's
  20. As I said, great list and I share your enthusiasm. Wasn't trying to be a dick, I just have a small case of OCD.
  21. Great list! Small correction, Kaye no longer with LA. Millar Showing England instead of Swiss.
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