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  1. A simple call from JH to all the Canadian TFCers, including Singh, congratulating them on their performance might be all that's needed at this point to plant the seed.
  2. Davies in the starting lineup for the 2nd leg of the Champions league QF.
  3. Is that going to be the case? If so, I agree.
  4. Not sure how these ratings work, but The Score app always picks the 3 Top Performers in each match and our boy Scott made the list.
  5. If that's true, than I would have to agree with your original post. Better to be 3rd Keeper in Serie A than MLS. The move doesn't make any sense to me.
  6. If he had any chance of starting in Italy I would agree, but it's looking more and more like that was never going to happen. As long as he gets a lot of PT in Montreal, this should be good for his development.
  7. Thanks for posting this video Obinna. I've been trying to explain to people how the economy is effecting policy in regards to the Covid response but find I hit a brick wall when most people don't understand how the economy works.
  8. How about first division, now that it seems that's where he will be playing. Comparable to MLS?
  9. I think it was important to run up the score to show FIFA and CONCACAF how ridiculous this qualifying format is.
  10. Yes I believe any Government Grants they received (CERS, CEWS etc..) must be claimed as income.
  11. LOL, typical CMNT fan. Almost dies in a Tornado and all he wants to know is where he can watch the replay!!!!
  12. Being a starter on Wolves is a pretty high ceiling!!
  13. I gush at the thought of these two manning the wings for Canada for the next 10 years!!
  14. I think he was probably complaining more about the format than anything else. No doubt CONCACAF has long outgrown the Hex. Final Qualifying should have been at minimum an Octo and probably even a Deca.
  15. Not much has changed. Before last night, we knew we needed to beat Honduras to finish first, tie to finish second and a loss might still get us through barring miracle results. Exactly where we are now.
  16. Normally I would agree, but I'll give CSA a pass on this one. Covid has effected which players can come and waiting until the last minute to see who would be allowed seems reasonable. Besides, I quite enjoy the posts by sleuthers.
  17. Turns out I had BEIN XTRA all along. It comes with my Samsung. Watched game 1 on the browser on my Smart TV with no issues. This doesn't work on my Sharp Smart TV. The things you learn from the Voyageur's Forum 😅. I didn't watch the USA game yesterday, so I can't comment on the issues some of you had. Thanks again everyone!
  18. Roku includes BEIN? Sold! Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.
  19. I know this was discussed a couple years ago but with all the games coming up and new tech, I'm looking for ways to be able to watch this on my TV. I used to use an HDMI cable hooked up to my laptop but figured there must be a better way now. Thanks in advance, BTW, I have a Samsung Smart TV.
  20. Congratulations! How's your heart?
  21. Just let Toronto host all 10 games. They seem to be the only city that wants it and they have the infrastructure to do it. It would save millions in tax dollars and we all wouldn't have to zig zag across the country to watch the CMNT play. The Tourist dollars would be huge for the city.
  22. Thanks Ansem for taking the time for a well thought out response to that ridiculous post. Sorry for the quote but I just didn't feel "liking your post" was adequate.
  23. Never should have taken David off.
  24. Thanks for the list Bdog. Might want to add Bayern's Club WC Final on Thursday 1PM EST. Showing on TSN. I know this wasn't confirmed when you made the list.
  25. I don't think TSN 1290 Winnipeg broadcasted the games but they did talk the team up quite a bit and Rob Gale was a regular interviewee.
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