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Saskatoon CanPL

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3 hours ago, Bison44 said:

I havnt heard anyone say they were going to play in the Gordie bowl.  Most of the talk has been going across the river to the Prairieland and laying sod/astroturf etc in front of the existing grandstand (5000), and slapping in some pop ups (2-3000) and voila...no football lines, cozy atmosphere, parking bathrooms, food etc etc all ready in place.  Sounds like a good plan to me, and something that wouldnt take years to complete.  

If Saskatoon can bring out 3000 to an exhibition game against TFC2, then they damn well should be able to bring out 3000 to CPL games against Calgary and Edmonton etc.  That would put them ahead of Pacific and Y9, not great, but not bad.  


I would say by any measure, those are very impressive numbers, for three meaningless exhibition games.

Whether this group has the funds to operate a club in CPL is another story.





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For friendlies, I'd call those attendances quite comfortable. Saskatoon has shown they can (at the very least) manage York9 / Pacific FC levels of support, when the matches don't matter. That tells me they could probably do better if they were in a league.

Fingers crossed the series was able to attract the investors needed to make Saskatoon CPL a reality.

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It was one of the most fun games I have ever been to (which seems a bit silly to say given games I have been to but it was). Beautiful afternoon, decent crowd but certainly still not hitting the full audience here, not even close.

Great hijinx in the Supporters section and a good coming together of Pile of Bones, Regina supporters(who should be getting a mention in the CPL article) and BCF, plus others around the province that sat in that section. Lots of great plans and ideas coming from the Supporters collective. The ball is rolling there for sure. 

While it could be argued neither VWC u23 or TFCII came fully motivated it was far more than encouraging how much the young sask team didnt just hold their own but really dominated both games. With the addition of 7/8 seasoned pros there is talent here to float in the CPL. 

My concern would be the wait until that happens. How many will be snapped up by other teams first if there is a wait. I guess that isnt a bad thing for SK soccer either but certainly I hope these players don't excel elsewhere and the series instead just becomes a conveyor belt for other teams benefit while we start again each year.

The reported investment goals/financial backing (which I have only ever heard on here) might be a reason they havent pulled the trigger, maybe club infrastructure and staffing or just building a brand in the community and pool of players cautiously. Really only the ownership can answer with awhen the trigger gets pulled. 2020 or 21 still seems likeliest for CPL but there is also probably a window before people get disillusioned. 

For now everything is absolutely on the up. Plenty of positives and plenty of lessons to tighten up and improve on and off the pitch. Just a shame we have to wait the best part of a year before it can happen again!

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22 minutes ago, Chad_Impact said:

Would Prairie Land Park be a good location, is it close to downtown?

Its pretty close, easy to get too (fans find their way there for all sorts of other events) and rumored plan is to use a 5000 seat existing grandstand as the base and put the field around that..so a lot of the work is already done.  

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For me prairieland is so much better than downtown. It is a great spot with tons of potential. The city centre simply doesn't have the infrastructure for that many people downtown, especially if the crowd is good and grows. 

It will be a unique setting for the stadium and almost a classic British older stadium feel. Parking is great, transport is good, there is a hotel across the road, sports bar to congregate at before, although they will have their own bar too and tons of potential for expansion. 

Its only 5 mins drive from city centre and easy enough to lay on an extra bus route if needed. 

Great news that 21 is the target and the extra matches next year. Every game was an improvement this summer. Just wish next year wasnt so far away! 

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