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  1. By way of a fact check with no further follow ups, it's not even clear that the people that were behind the D2 plan that was circulating pre-COVID are actually linked to CPL. The spin at the time was more that would be D2 clubs were taking the initiative and doing it for themselves: https://lastwordonsports.com/soccer/2019/12/23/a-tier-two-canadian-soccer-league-could-be-born/ The part mentioned in the link above about an MLS angle may be out of date now because the focus in that context seems to have shifted over to using MLS Next and developing a MLS reserve league with a U-23 form
  2. That last bit is kind of the point. Owning a share of CSB could reasonably be described as an asset, but the growth in total assets value on the balance sheet from 2018 to 2019 is only ca. $150k in the year when the Mediapro deal was signed. It's also not that difficult to come up with credible scenarios where most of the $2.7m in revenues for the Valour would be ticket sales and the ca. $512k ancillary home game revenues mentioned in the accounts rather than from CSB related revenue streams based on what has been stated publicly about ticket prices and season ticket sales. They don't app
  3. The money behind Pacific FC is Dean Shillington: https://biv.com/article/2018/08/canadian-premier-league-owners-ready-launch He was reported to be keen on having a relatively low salary cap, but that doesn't necessarily mean that he is short of money. The investment subsequently made in an indoor training facility suggests he probably isn't. There was nothing obvious in the Valour accounts that the Blue Bombers have to release as a community owned operation that suggested CSB is significantly revenue positive for CanPL teams at this point.
  4. ^^^probably shouldn't but just to fact check the above and then leave it at that, it is worth noting that Nick Bontis has been the CSA vice-president since the 2017 AGM and was on the Board prior to that since 2012.
  5. This thread looks like the Voyageurs Board of old, so might as well participate. Think total flop might be too strong but the rebrand definitely looks like a disjointed compromise arrived at by committee. They clearly need to appeal as strongly as they can to all of the GTA given the way that committed fans were so hard to come by as repeat customers in year one but for some reason they can't let go of the York and nine stripes angle despite it having failed to resonate in the manner they wanted it to. They would be better off hitting the reset button so they can push a Toronto team conce
  6. The level of hypocrisy involved in this post is off the scale.
  7. Can remember seeing quite a bit of Boavista related stuff in Scotland after Rangers played a game against them in the mid-80s because from what I was told the visting supporters had liked their unusual jersey in a similar sort of way and generally seemed to have enjoyed Porto as a city and watching their team playing against a friendly wee club in a small stadium with no aggro from the home support. Don't think this is anything out of the ordinary in terms of fan culture.
  8. Valencia's owner is from Singapore, so not sure how the Chinese Communist Party would have any influence in that context. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Lim
  9. The earlier incarnations of this board used to be the go to place for information about domestic Canadian pro soccer as well as the CMNT but that's definitely no longer the case, so it's debatable whether this place is even worth bothering with any more. Best to follow a few relevant hashtags on Twitter to stay up to date, and the added bonus is that Twitter is also moderated in an impartial way to eliminate toxic behaviour rather than by people trying to curry favour with CanPL or the CSA to maintain their access, who appear to be happy to let the toxic behaviour proceed unchecked when shouti
  10. https://exposingbf.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/irony-meter.jpg ...but you still felt the need to attempt to boorishly shout down any attempt to discuss that intelligently on here last season and the moderators allowed and in one case even actively egged on people to be personally absusive about it and use the c-word and various other vile insults.
  11. Same bullshit happened in the attendance thread last summer. Never a cheep of complaint when things were going well and I was posting the obvious with clear delight about what was happening in Halifax but boorish and abusive behaviour when I was posting the obvious about things going south on attendance with Y9, Pacific and FCE. You could all see as easily as I could how many empty seats there were but somewhere along the line a bizarre notion has crept in that fan messageboards in Canadian soccer are supposed to be an extension of the marketing arm of the CSA and CanPL and you have all k
  12. This whole idea I have a narrative is completely bogus in this context. In recent days I posted tweets in the CPL General thread containing Victor Montagliani's self-congratulatory posture about year one exceeding his expectations with no contradicting opinion provided on my part. How did that fit my supposed narrative? Funny how there have been no complaints about spamming in that sort of context when there have been additional comments in the tweet from somebody else.
  13. Messageboards are part and parcel of social media. My posting of on topic tweets was being met with loads of appreciative upvotes when the news contained was still looking positive. Now things have turned sour on the tournament the usual suspects are marking out their territory like a tomcat pissing against a post. If you can't handle the rough as well as the smooth about the league why are you even here? A fan discussion forum should be expected to have negative reactions to events when there is bad news just as the main CMNT subforum does after a defeat. If you want a constant stream of posi
  14. Where is this exactly? Soccer is now the leading sport in participation terms. Sounds like you are talking about how things were 40 years ago.
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