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  1. https://mobile.twitter.com/onesoccer/status/1129883981976092678?s=09
  2. Will be interesting to see if the City of Langford bother with the stand behind the goal, if PFC can't regularly sell out what's there. In per capita terms 2500 in Victoria is comparable to a low five figure crowd in Calgary to put what is happening in perspective. 5000+ looked like a stretch for a Victoria team but hopefully they can find ways to attract more of a casual fanbase to get up to more financially sustainable numbers, because being in the 2000-2500 range on average won't pay the bills.
  3. OneSoccer (@onesoccer) Tweeted: HIGHLIGHTS | @Pacificfccpl vs @York9FC ⚽ A big day for two teams looking for 3 points. York9 FC brought it back with 2 goals in the second half to settle at a draw! 💜 PFC 2 - 2 YOR 💚 🔥 https://t.co/hishXepRT3 | #CanPLxOneSoccer | #CanPL https://t.co/ySIh4YdWJW https://twitter.com/onesoccer/status/1129868357866541056?s=17
  4. Falkirk and Dundee fans have horrendous things to say about him along the lines of him being more interested in being a male fashion model than a professional footballer and for someone who should be an imposing presence looking like he has completely lost any appetite he once may have had for going in where it hurts. Scottish people (I'm from there originally) can be prone to rhetorical excess, so wasn't sure whether to take that as gospel, but definitely thought it was unwise for any CanPL team to view him as somebody to build a team around rather than somebody you give a chance to hoping he can put the pieces together again.
  5. Saskatoon with the Prairieland grandstand, Moncton and St John's are the obvious ones. Talk of Laval and Quebec City on that timeline definitely seems to fly in the face of the stadium issue.
  6. He should, if he's doing his job properly. By the end of the long preseason that they had all of the teams should have been almost fully up to speed. Agree with the second rationale you came up with though given its not just about the crowded schedule but the grueling travel compared to what happens in most countries. Some teams' answer on that will be to try to rotate a lot. In Europe, teams that play a European game on a Wednesday or Thursday evening often struggle compared to their usual form the following weekend in domestic competition. The air travel and timezone changes for a CanPL team are a lot worse than a couple of hours on a luxury bus on a motorway for a lower division English club.
  7. This Google Maps view shows a soccer pitch marked onto the field (think they need a bit more run off space on the wings than what is shown here for safety, but we'll see what they do): https://www.google.com/maps/search/york+university+toronto+on+canada/@43.7752176,-79.5060288,190m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en It is regulation sized but way short of what is recommended for pro level games when it comes to width. Definitely significantly narrower than NYC at Yankees Stadium:
  8. If Canada has a fully pro D1 league then all fully pro teams from Canada should be in that league and that is what will happen with all newly sanctioned teams. The regulations on this make no distinction for making comparisons with another country's D2 and D1. The only basis for allowing the three MLS teams to stay where they are is that they are grandfathered in and the same argument can be applied just as easily to the Fury. You can't have your cake and eat it too.
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