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  1. Best ever XI from players I am old enough to have watched live or on TV: Kahn Cafu Gentile Beckenbauer Carlos Cruyff Gullit Zidane Best Pele Maradonna
  2. All I said was if we are lucky it will be like the flu in that regard, which implies we could easily still find that it isn't and shouldn't count on it being so. Know things are very grim in Spain right now. China and South Korea were able to turn things around so there is some hope at the end of the tunnel.
  3. If we are lucky warmer weather by late May will see it fade like the flu does every year. Until then zero chance of any soccer being played and soccer should be well down our list of priorities of what needs to keep functioning.
  4. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Shot_at_Glory Have never watched it but Robert Duvall's accent in this is widely regarded in Scotland as the worst ever by a Hollywood actor.
  5. https://northerntribune.ca/cavalry-fc-robert-boskovic-loan/
  6. NCAA compliant would be a better way of describing it. Players officially only get paid for doing things like running soccer camps but technically not for the actual PDL games. The key is that they do still get paid and it's a good way to get soccer into smaller markets like Thunder Bay as a spectator sport.
  7. CSA and USSF sanctioning standards are completely different.
  8. Think you are confusing what D1, D2 and D3 mean in terms of CSA sanctioning standards with the concept of having a European style promotion and relegation system. CanPL has a D1 level sanctioning because of the standards it has set but could ultimately wind up running multiple divisions at that sanctioning standard, if it winds up with an unmanageable number of teams. Something lower budget, shorter season and college scholarship player and/or semi-pro that is an obvious step down from CanPL but still a step up from D3 sanctioning level like L1O in terms of actually being able to draw a crowd would be a good fit for a D2 sanctioning. Think that's where a Canadian version of PDL would enter the fray.
  9. 10,000 was the UK guesstimate. Think it just means there are lots of mild and asymptomatic cases out there that don't get tested, because people don't go to see a doctor over it. We are probably going to see CanPL's season delayed next month as April and the first half of May will be the prime time for coranavirus spread across a lot of the country in terms of the weather conditions, i.e. a daily average significantly above freezing but also well below 20C. Better to do what's happening in the UK at the moment and close a lot of things down while it is still possible to slow or prevent the spread of the epidemic rather than waiting too long until there is a crisis that overwhelms the hospitals like Hubei province and northern Italy did.
  10. L1O and PDL have very different formats where the length of season is concerned, so that was a mistake in my opinion. Mistakes can always be rectified.
  11. Canada's version of PDL with a short season university player oriented format is the obvious niche to be filled and would be a good way to get the ball rolling in possible markets in smaller stadiums like the German Club in London, Ont.
  12. A substantial drop in actual attendance already happened during the fall season. It would be surprising if most people who had stopped going consistently at that point renewed rather than decided to pick and choose their games in future given they know they will pretty much always be able to get tickets. You need normal crowds to be reasonably close to capacity to build a season ticket culture. A 4000 seat pop-up would have worked better for the Valour by creating ticket scarcity at least some of the time.
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