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  1. Can remember seeing quite a bit of Boavista related stuff in Scotland after Rangers played a game against them in the mid-80s because from what I was told the visting supporters had liked their unusual jersey in a similar sort of way and generally seemed to have enjoyed Porto as a city and watching their team playing against a friendly wee club in a small stadium with no aggro from the home support. Don't think this is anything out of the ordinary in terms of fan culture.
  2. Valencia's owner is from Singapore, so not sure how the Chinese Communist Party would have any influence in that context. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Lim
  3. The earlier incarnations of this board used to be the go to place for information about domestic Canadian pro soccer as well as the CMNT but that's definitely no longer the case, so it's debatable whether this place is even worth bothering with any more. Best to follow a few relevant hashtags on Twitter to stay up to date, and the added bonus is that Twitter is also moderated in an impartial way to eliminate toxic behaviour rather than by people trying to curry favour with CanPL or the CSA to maintain their access, who appear to be happy to let the toxic behaviour proceed unchecked when shouting down certain perspectives is in tune with the preferred public relations narrative of those particular organizations. The organic and spontaneous expression of fan culture in the early years that led to the black t-shirt display at BMO Field in 2007 has morphed in the present day into something approaching a corporate friendly booster club, basically. The whole episode with your banning and more recently that of Lofty's highlighted how farcically dysfunctional this place has become over the years, as well as the complete lack of transparency on who gave the people at the controls the mandate to take over the Voyageurs in an apparently near dictatorial manner in the first place. The only reason I commented on that one particular post was to highlight the breathtaking level of hypocrisy that goes on in this place sometimes. Hopefully the info on Twitter from Duane Rollins about the tournament happening now in PEI based on a 5-3 vote of the owners is accurate, but, if so, scary that it would have been so close. We'll probably never know for sure what really happened over the past seven weeks of radio silence from the league. If things were about to turn very sour as appeared to me to be a possibility when there was no Canada Day announcement, I definitely wasn't going to go through being on the receiving end of another torrent of abuse with no moderator interventions to enforce reasonable standards of decorum when all I would be doing is pointing out the reality of what was happening as was the case on the at times disturbing level of crowds last season. This place is clearly no longer fit for purpose and has largely ceased to be relevant anyway, so I have better things to do with my time. Winding things back to the thread's subject matter maybe the new 2022 WCQ format announced by Victor Montagliani and co at CONCACAF provided some reasons to believe that the corner can still be turned on subscriber numbers with Onesoccer. It could provide a steady diet of Onesoccer only CMNT content that should start to draw a decent number of eyeballs at the octagon stage and that might help CSB to eventually be revenue positive for the league in a SUM and MLS sort of way. Time will tell, but if I have anything to post about that online it almost certainly won't be on here...
  4. https://exposingbf.files.wordpress.com/2015/07/irony-meter.jpg ...but you still felt the need to attempt to boorishly shout down any attempt to discuss that intelligently on here last season and the moderators allowed and in one case even actively egged on people to be personally absusive about it and use the c-word and various other vile insults.
  5. Same ******** happened in the attendance thread last summer. Never a cheep of complaint when things were going well and I was posting the obvious with clear delight about what was happening in Halifax but boorish and abusive behaviour when I was posting the obvious about things going south on attendance with Y9, Pacific and FCE. You could all see as easily as I could how many empty seats there were but somewhere along the line a bizarre notion has crept in that fan messageboards in Canadian soccer are supposed to be an extension of the marketing arm of the CSA and CanPL and you have all kinds of people posting bile at anyone who doesn't slavishly toe the corporate line often because they think they need to do so to keep their favoured level of access. This board and all the other general Canadian soccer forums are a complete joke now compared to what it was like online 15 to 20 years ago. Over and out until there is some actual soccer again in a CanPL context, because I suspect we are all being strung along like a bunch of mugs at this point by Clanachan and co.
  6. This whole idea I have a narrative is completely bogus in this context. In recent days I posted tweets in the CPL General thread containing Victor Montagliani's self-congratulatory posture about year one exceeding his expectations with no contradicting opinion provided on my part. How did that fit my supposed narrative? Funny how there have been no complaints about spamming in that sort of context when there have been additional comments in the tweet from somebody else.
  7. Messageboards are part and parcel of social media. My posting of on topic tweets was being met with loads of appreciative upvotes when the news contained was still looking positive. Now things have turned sour on the tournament the usual suspects are marking out their territory like a tomcat pissing against a post. If you can't handle the rough as well as the smooth about the league why are you even here? A fan discussion forum should be expected to have negative reactions to events when there is bad news just as the main CMNT subforum does after a defeat. If you want a constant stream of positivity Pravda style the official league website is readily available.
  8. Where is this exactly? Soccer is now the leading sport in participation terms. Sounds like you are talking about how things were 40 years ago.
  9. In an Ontario context, I'd be interested to see what would happen if L1O teams were placed in the Ontario Cup against the top ethnic clubs. That would put Zambrano's assertion to the test. Suspect he's right that there is plenty of talent that is being ignored nowadays, because they can't afford to be part of the mainstream system. Futsal leagues in the winter would probably be a good starting point to see who could be Canada's answer to the guy that used to be in my avatar. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dejan_Savićević#Early_years
  10. ...and nobody has anything to say about the info from Rob Friend in the Onesoccer clip. When the news about the tournament was looking promising none of the usual suspects on here had anything to say about reposting tweets conveying that information being spamming and I was doing the exact same thing at that point where those tweets were concerned. If you can't handle bad news, why not stick to the official league website as your information source and steer clear of social media?
  11. ...which does pose some interesting questions as to why CEBL were willing to pull the trigger in St Catherines for a mid-July start, but CanPL were not in Langford. Probably revolves around how much money they are willing to spend on testing.
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