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  1. Wearing that t-shirt in public is definitely not the smartest thing to do as a Dundee United player. Think he probably wasn't able to deal with being let go by Rangers and was still looking for some of the adulation that goes with being a Rangers player. Hopefully returning to Canada helps him get back on track again.
  2. RBNY have a very strong academy and USL 2 team after bringing in a former Scotland manager and UEFA techical director called Andy Roxburgh to build that side of things up. Would be good to see an academy system starting in Ottawa through the Atletico Madrdid angle because the rest of CanPL seems to be shying away from doing that for fear of upsetting youth clubs.
  3. A little over a year ago he received a player of the month award for the second tier in Scotland: Suspect the real issue people had with him is stuff like the Govan Protestant Boys flute band photographs that appeared on twitter: rather than his ability to play the game.
  4. The main consideration should be ability to run a pro soccer operation properly so there are fewer Valour and Y9 type outfits that provide a strong feeling of deja vu for those old enough to have been around for the original CSL. That doesn't mean foreign investors should always be preferred to Canadian investors given the way the Forge and Cavalry built on what Sigma and the Foothills had done previously, but it's better to aim for a by soccer people for soccer people outcome as much as possible. This should really be all about building up the quality of the soccer as quickly as possible rather than being a make work project for second rate players and coaches that can't get hired anywhere else.
  5. ...which is why you had to exclude Red Bull and City from the equation even though there is an obvious parallel between their involvement with MLS and Atletico Madrid and possibly Olympique Lyon getting involved with CanPL.
  6. Not going to be the name used apparently.
  7. If it wasn't for the bitter tone of John Pugh and JdG's emotional reaction during the press conference the evidence such as the rapid sale of the franchise rights to FC Miami would point strongly to the latter, but I guess it's possible that the OSEG partnership were split internally on what to do next, which is why it's only the Ottawa 67s owner as the local partner with Atletico Madrid.
  8. What would also be interesting about that if it's connected to Atletico Madrid and CanPL is that the Fury's announcement that they were going into a hiatus didn't happen until 2020-11-08.
  9. Anybody who watched the Scotland vs Canada friendly at Easter Road in Edinburgh is unlikely to doubt his potential. It's not just the ex-Rangers tag that keeps his career afloat.
  10. The main reason investors became interested in the concept of CanPL is because of the success of the three MLS teams and the obvious niche in the market for more pro teams that the CSA was insisting had to be filled with a domestic pro league. People who see it as either/or rather than as all the boats in the water rise with an incoming tide have a negative zero sum game mindset. No need to choose because soccer has huge growth potential in Canada in the decades ahead and both can do well as CanPL seem to be actively emulating a lot of what MLS got right in terms of their business model.
  11. G5 might be the biggest 5 clubs in the top division in terms of finance? Anderlecht, Standard Liege, Bruges, Gent and Genk. If so, K11 would be the other filler content teams in the top tier.
  12. Think this only applies to the USL Championship rather than D1 and D2 where there are still Canadian teams. USL Championship teams have seven international roster spots. Given its relatively easy to get a green card in an American context (from what I remember Nana Attakora has one, for example), it's not going to be mission impossible for Canadian players to make it onto rosters. This will have an effect, but it's unlikely to be a massive exodus.
  13. Will be interesting to see if they lighten up on having teams that are affiliated to MLS franchises eventually as opposed to outright reserve teams. Problem has been that people don't seem to grasp that there can be a difference.
  14. Have to wonder if the Mediapro angle could be an influence here as well given they hold the rights to Ligue 1.
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