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  1. The person being quoted is the owner of FC London, the former PDL champions now in L1O, who says he met with CanPL to discuss the possible entry of a London, Ont team. The article describes his reasons for not pursuing it with the large franchise fee being mentioned as one of the main reasons. As for whether it is the wrong terminology, if it waddles like a duck and quacks like a duck...
  2. Crowd in Calgary announced as 3538: https://www.soccerway.com/matches/2019/07/21/canada/canadian-premier-league/cavalry/york-9/2991866/
  3. Voted for Westhills because the low camera angles make it feel a bit like watching a London City game at London, Ont's German Club on Rogers cable 13. Actually quite like York 9's setup despite the obvious width issue (the astroturf runoffs make it just wide enough to look quirky rather than farcical) because it has more of a lower level European pro kind of ambiance to it. Too bad they are going to lose the grass soon and will wind up with some kind of visible enough to be mildly irritating gridiron as in Hamilton and Winnipeg.
  4. $9 million is the franchise fee that is being quoted quite a bit on Reddit by those who claim inside knowledge, for what it's worth, and this was a response I got on there today when I expressed skepticism about it: This poster is also skeptical about Saskatoon getting in because he has heard that Joe Belan had a bit of a falling out with the top people involved with CanPL at one point and thinks that he may not be viewed as a welcome addition to the league's collective ownership.
  5. https://northerntribune.ca/pacific-fc-squad-competition/ We would very much like Marcus and Issey to come back as soon as possible, we very much appreciate the competition in our squad – but after that, it doesn’t matter how old you are or how much money you make. It should be the performance on the training pitch that gets you on the pitch, and then the performance on the pitch that keeps you on the pitch.” Michael Silberbauer
  6. ...and probably a lot more comparable to the Forge on actual attendance than the announced numbers imply: which is something to bear in mind whenever people start talking about the need to relocate Pacific FC (more a talking point on Reddit than on here, admittedly). If this weekend shows anything so far it is that warm sunny days in July can have their own set of problems and are not necessarily always the answer on what works best for drawing a large crowd.
  7. 2737 announced in Langford: https://canpl.ca/matchcentre/52jsbc4wgu4ddcx6sah2u40oa/highlights
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