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  1. If they went with the "east-west" alignment it looks like they might have a restricted view issue because the Marquis Downs grandstand isn't long enough to run along the entire side of a soccer pitch. Having it at the end with a large space in front means everybody in the expensive glassed-in part can easily see the whole field of play when looking straight on.
  2. Assuming it is the existing one at Marquis Downs the problem might be that it is raised at the front with a shallow overall slope to the seating in a way that probably makes it awkward to see the edge of a soccer pitch from the front and back rows otherwise:
  3. ...being so far back won't help the sight lines either.
  4. A PDL equivalent revolving primarily around local U-Sports and NCAA scholarship players could and should have been done a long time ago and is different in scope to what is being done at the D3 level with L1O and PLSQ that involves a longer season with more of an open age format.
  5. Don't agree with the negative spin in this Reddit post (a Canadian version of PDL would be a positive development IMO) but think it's noteworthy because the poster has a reasonable track record on knowing what's happening.
  6. The silent majority in Canada appear to be fine with it so that's unlikely to change just because a minority of nationalists don't like it. Think it is always worth bearing in mind that a huge problem soccer had historically was that our sport was being actively marginalized and suppressed for decades in the name of pushing the CFL as part of a nation building project that revolved around notions of cultural exceptionalism. The Argos almost killed the stadium building project for the 2007 U-20 World Cup when they double-crossed the CSA and agreed a deal to move back to the Rogers Centre i
  7. More like 30 years on the GTA and there's a big difference to how things were on spectator interest with the Argos when Jon Candy, Bruce McNall and Wayne Gretzky were the owners to now.
  8. What makes it so refreshing is how he talks about the Canada people in southern Ontario actually experience rather than peddling a Tim Hortons commercial myth of what things are supposed to be like. Yes, rightly or wrongly (I'm indifferent to both personally) most people actually do prefer the 4 down NFL version of the sport to the CFL 3 down one and it has been that way for a very long time now. Beyond that I can't imagine Bob Young is fully on board with the CFL-XFL merger so the recent spat between TFC and the Forge over CCL entry may be part of a much deeper and wider dispute between
  9. Worth a watch to hear the inside scoop on where things are heading with the CFL from a TSN journalist (he describes how he is the last of the legacy sports media dinosaurs in age cohort terms and manages to work in the obligatory shot at soccer along the way) who covers the league: The irony level of the league CanPL was supposed to be emulating in nationalism terms merging with an American league and ditching Canadian rules on three downs etc would be off the scale, but he makes a convincing case that three of nine CFL franchises are not viable moving forward under the c
  10. I addressed the CanPL angle in the last paragraph that you have chosen to ignore. I'm a soccer fan first so don't have a narrow tribalistic mindset where MLS and CanPL are concerned. Without the level of success that MLS achieved in the three largest markets there would almost certainly not have been a CanPL.
  11. Pro soccer in the shape of MLS has already overtaken the CFL in the GTA in every metric other than possibly TV viewership. The CFL's geriatric "old stock" demographic still watches cable so difficult to challenge them there when soccer skews toward younger demographics that don't. Pro soccer may also be ahead that way in Montreal and Vancouver as well but it's not quite as clear cut in those cases. That leaves only six markets where gridiron is still very much king in summer-fall sports terms. The talk of a possible CFL-XFL linkup is intriguing. If there are people within the CFL (MLSE ap
  12. If you live in a city with two languages and don't make the effort to learn the other one then stick to your cultural ghetto and don't expect a leadership role that inherently involves interacting with the other culture. If lots of people behave like that and treat bilingualism as a joke don't be surprised if the country almost falls apart in a referendum.
  13. Was a lot of the season ticket money not retained in exchange for games this season rather than refunded?
  14. Don't doubt it was possible, but it's what it says about the mentality of a person not making the effort to be able to that's the key here.
  15. Latest insight on CanPL finances from the Blue Bombers being community owned:
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