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  1. It's always been quite low key even for finals at BMO Field. There were around 15,000 announced last year, for example, which puts it in Argos and CMNT sort of territory on fan interest in a Toronto context rather than an MLS home game. What probably doesn't help is the perception that weakened teams are likely to be fielded because of the CanCon angle and MLS playoffs being the main priority, and beyond that anything linked to the CSA tends to be viewed with derision by a lot of soccer people especially if they still have strong allegiances elsewhere on national team loyalties. The priorities of most people on this board such as CMNT comes first on national team loyalties regardles of where your ancestors were from originally, or most interest should be on Canadian domestic pro teams rather than overseas ones, are not necessarily the mainstream ones in Canadian soccer at the grassroots level. A decade or two back it very much placed you in weirdo territory. I think that's slowly changing and hopefully after another generation it will definitely no longer be the case.
  2. The Fury picture above is a hint at how seriously you should take some of these numbers. The Fury tend to use discount season ticket sales through youth clubs to pad their stats and that leads to unusually low crowds when the youth soccer types don't show up. From what I saw on Reddit during the game there was a suggestion that a lot of free tickets had been distributed amongst York students.
  3. Finally, 2017 appears as the announced crowd number for Pacific vs FCE: https://ca.soccerway.com/matches/2019/09/14/canada/canadian-premier-league/canada-pacific-fc/fc-edmonton/2991896/
  4. I always provide a url, so for completeness: https://ca.soccerway.com/matches/2019/09/18/canada/canadian-premier-league/hfx-wanderers/forge/2991881/ A 5826 announced crowd that genuinely looked like 5000+ in the highlights with relatively few season ticket holder no shows due to the awkward ko time. That shows that weeknight games can work OK, in markets where fan interest is strong.
  5. The 3863 number is finally showing for Y9: https://ca.soccerway.com/matches/2019/09/15/canada/canadian-premier-league/york-9/valour/2991898/ Still nothing for the Pacific game.
  6. Not sure that's a good analogy. The CFL seems to always get a certain level of coverage in London, Ont even though there's no team locally and nobody I've ever met (admittedly somewhat skewed towards recent immigrants involved with soccer) seems to care about it to any huge extent relative to the NHL, NFL, MLB and NBA. A better comparison might be NLL lacrosse that draws reasonable crowds in certain cities but doesn't seem to be viewed as part of what always merits a default mention no matter where you are in Canada.
  7. And you honestly believe that bears any correlation to what is actually happening there in terms of paid attendance this season? Worth noting that this latest Y9 number has yet to appear in the stats on the league's website, so currently appears to be based on something somebody on Reddit was told by somebody he trusts but won't identify. Still no sign of a Pacific vs FCE number either. We'll see what happens with Y9: I doubt the above was simply a figment of ironcub14's imagination. Albert Einstein's definition of insanity was repeating the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. Hopefully the people in charge don't simply give up, but at the same realize that they need to make some major changes with Y9 if a sustainable GTA team is going to emerge in the years ahead.
  8. He also neglects to consider the difference in effect of losing as few as two clubs/franchises to low crowds in a CanPL and USL context. Potentially kills the league completely in the former case and things carry on pretty much as usual in the latter.
  9. ^^^This bigoted intolerance is what kills off internet forums.
  10. Maybe Onesoccer are asking too much money for other broadcasters to be willing to show them? I'm sure the local TV news outlets in Nova Scotia would want to show a goal or two when over 6000 are showing up. CSB signed over the rights so it might be more of a Mediapro issue than a CanPL one.
  11. They were talking for a long time about changing the way soccer fans consume soccer so it looked like they were probably going to do the webstreaming thing in house before Mediapro came along, so it wasn't something that emerged completely out of the blue.
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