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  1. He's definitely picking up an Ulster accent. Think what he says is fair comment. Dundela and Larne would be between L1O or OSL on the one hand and CanPL on the other in terms of being a form of elite semi-pro that we don't have so he's not wrong about there being more rungs in the ladder. Having been there it's safe to say Larne wouldn't feature prominently on a list of the UK's most desireable residential locations so it shows he's commited to trying to carve out a career as a goalkeeper. Hope it works out for him.
  2. That's something that has been happening since at least 2007 with the launch of TFC and arguably longer with what the Whitecaps and Impact were already achieving in the A League/USL immediately prior to that. The CSA imposing a moratorium on more USSF sanctioned clubs in order to wait for CanPL to be able to launch slowed the momentum of the growth of the domestic pro game by close to a decade. What we need to see from CanPL moving forward to generate some tangible benefit for the CMNT is a greater effort to emulate what the three MLS franchises are already doing at youth level by placing
  3. Think/hope we'll see a significant portion of the qualifier games on mainstream cable from here on because somebody will be willing to pay to put it on by that point assuming the octagon campaign gets off to a good start. If Onesoccer are still doing the broadcast feed that isn't necessarily bad for working in some CanPL related content. In general the CanPL investors need to realize that in the absence of a huge investment in youth academies the CMNT has little to do with them and is not likely to any time soon because the elite 20 or so players called up for games will be following the
  4. Good to see there's no permanent gridiron on the fieldturf even if there is a York Lions endzone marking.
  5. Good to see that went the right way. Qualification for Qatar is challenging but doable with this roster so hopefully we'll see interest in the CMNT going mainstream in the months ahead to an extent it hasn't in a very long time.
  6. Always got on well with John Horvath and Hungarians I played soccer with regularly for several years who also knew him had nothing but good things to say about him but these subsequent tweets are worth noting:
  7. Holger Osieck was able to coach a team containing players like Carl Fletcher, Richard Hastings and Carlo Corazzin to win a Gold Cup and hold their own against Brazil at a Confederations Cup the next year. No disrespect to players like that but I don't think they would be starting regularly if they were still in their prime and around right now. That roster spectacularly over-achieved. The present day roster need to get the job done on reaching the ocho and then qualify for Qatar to have done something reasonably comparable. Fingers crossed all goes well in the second leg and they have the oppo
  8. More the 3-2 game in the Gold Cup that should be the concern.
  9. The optics of eighth and no points would be difficult to survive in career terms so think the bar would be more like being in serious contention for the last qualification spot almost to the end, but maybe better to wait until late on Tuesday before launching into this sort of thing? Things are looking good on getting past Haiti, but it's no sure thing yet.
  10. Will be a while before I criticize Gareth Wheeler again after listening to that Haitian commentary feed for a bit.
  11. Would have been happy with 0-1 before the game but hopefully those Larin and David chances right in on the keeper don't seem like a missed opportunity after Tuesday.
  12. On paper they look weaker than Suriname but their key advantage is having this game played at home first in an environment they are more comfortable with than their opponents. If they get the win they can try to sit on the lead on Tuesday, so the key initially should be to not concede a goal and hit them mainly on the counterattack.
  13. Let's wait and see what happens against Haiti before awarding any accolades. The job on reaching the ocho is only half done.
  14. By the 2030 cycle the key will be whether they have attracted their Teal Bunbury and Akinola types that would have got a few caps from the Dutch team but were unlikely to be a regular.
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