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  1. Do we know at least some of those weren't delayed announcements of contracts that had already been signed pre-lockdown? CanPL tends to space out announcements like that. Having said that it would be interesting to know if today's Ryan Telfer signing was enabled to happen by the Emilio Estevez transfer. Think there is supposed to be a mechanism that allows transfer fee money to be spent in that sort of way over and above the cap. That would be a case of Y9 pushing the boat out a bit under the current circumstances. Beyond that it's more Gareth Wheeler and Nigel Reed that get on my nerves than Larson and Platt. At least the latter two clearly do know the game inside out even if there's still always room for an upgrade down the road. The forced Borges is gorgeous type stuff from Wheeler was painful to listen to last season and Nigel R lives off having a posh English accent that appears to impress Canadian sports execs who probably aren't knowledgeable enough to gauge his soccer IQ level.
  2. Serbia is a lot more likely to take a vodka and sauna sort of approach to COVID-19 than BC is. Denmark is maybe the one to watch for a lower budget league in western Europe starting to get back into the swing of things right now.
  3. The players have almost zero leverage, because the league isn't a viable business yet. Tread gently was an understatement according to PB. The question that Kurt Larson the league's hired gun/shill poses at the end of this tweet is a gentle way of saying they can either take it or leave it. If the federal government is subsidizing salaries it's not as generous as he spins it. An obvious question for the media to direct at CanPL HQ would be whether there is any word yet on whether this 25% "trim" in the cap and front office salaries is temporary for 2020 only or also applies to 2021 and beyond in a never let a serious crisis go to waste sort of way? Players on multiyear deals will soon know the score on that.
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