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  1. I think I go 4-4-2 David - Larin Davies - Eustaquio - Hutchinson - Buchanan Adekugbe - Miller - Vitoria - Laryea
  2. I wouldn't be too excited, watch he's gonna be a right back
  3. He's still a ways away from the senior side for England. Especially with Kane, Rashford, Greenwood, Sancho, Foden, Grealish, Saka, Sterling and Watkins all firmly ahead of him. Then you have the secondary group of players who are all also ahead with Calvert-Lewin, Abraham, Hudson-Odoi, and Nketiah. England is a hype factory, next year I wouldn't be surprised if some random teenager scores a few goals in the Prem and he becomes alll the rave. I just hope Jebbison enjoys his time with the U19 squad. This is valuable experience whether or not he actually plays for the English senior side.
  4. He's gonna join Canada, I have no insider intelligence it's just a good feeling. He's very good friends with Corbeanu.
  5. TV Ratings continue to increase actually, every weekend so far there've been MLS games that have outperformed Premier League games. The talent is spread thin - Can I counter this argument with we have more teams who are looking to bring talent to the league such as Cinci bringing in Acosta from Liga MX and Brenner from the Brazilian Serie A despite coming last place last year? No relegation means even teams at the bottom of the table can build projects with the goal of eventually winning the league.
  6. I think we should go 4-4-2 Borjan Laryea - Vitoria - Miller - Adekugbe Buchanan - Atiba - Eustaquio - Davies David - Cavallini
  7. Just don't put too much money on that
  8. Maybe I'm just biased, but we look CRAZY GOOD
  9. It's still way too early to say, I wouldn't be surprised if over half of these guys have been overshadowed by others who we don't even know of yet.
  10. Theo Corbeanu is sooooooo good.
  11. He's mentioned a few times that he wants to play for Canada. Not sure if this England call up changes things but last I knew he was still on board with representing Canada.
  12. Whoever created this, massive props! I really do appreciate you outlining the Canadian player pool daily schedules as well.
  13. I didn't realize he was rated this highly, I must admit I've never seen him play a full 90 (Only seen some highlights here and there). Good for him though, I know that he does want to represent Canada in the future and the task of breaking into that English team especially as a striker will be a tall task. Even if he was playing for Sheffield's first team every game it'd be tough to break in. I'd imagine Kane, Calvert-Lewin, Watkins, Ings, Bamford, Wilson, and Vardy are all ahead of him. Not to mention the young strikers like Abraham, Nketiah, Brewster, Balogun, and Solanke. It's great though because this will raise his profile and hopefully he can end up playing with the 1st team of either Sheffield or another club on loan in the 2nd or 3rd division similar to Liam Millar.
  14. I'm really hoping to see David and Davies but even if they aren't with the squad I just can't wait to see us play.
  15. Something I've took note of. I remember Herdman saying they want to instil the same tactics from the first team to the youth team so that the youth players can come in and know their roles. What do we know about our tactics? We line up in a 4-3-3 and defend in a 4-3-3 with the wingers dropping back marking the fullbacks (I guess you can call it a 4-5-1 if you'd like). When we're in possession one of our CM's drop back and it allows our fullbacks to bomb forward acting like RWB/LWB or RM/LM if you will, essentially changing our formation to what looks like a 3-4-3. The reasoning behind it being that a 3-4-3 allows us to always have players open where we can keep possession and not only that but it allows us to utilize our strengths which is the amount of quality wide players we have. Today we saw: Buchanan-Bair-Brym Daniels-Baldisimo-Metcalfe Godinho-Cornelius-NormanJr-ZBG When we were in possession, one of Baldisimo or Metcalfe dropped back in between the CB's and it allowed our full backs to move up the field which is why we often saw Godinho so far forward against El Salvador and ZBG so far forward against Haiti. If this is any indication as to how our first team will take to the field, I cannot wait to see what we look like.
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