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  1. I hope that he can latch on to a new club in Europe or maybe MLS (even if it's with a TFC 2 or NYRB 2 for ex...). I'd rather he not go back to the CPL only because I think he's already achieved all there is to achieve in that league.
  2. I hope the kid seeks guidance, he clearly needs it. As for representing Canada I hope that never happens. I'd be for closing this thread.
  3. Congratulations to Theo !
  4. He's not a fullback. That much is clear. He's good on the ball and pretty decent at defending 1 on 1s. I'd like to see him get some chances as a CB. My notes from the 2nd half; - Calm on the ball - Poor with his weak foot (Left foot) - I liked his positioning (Though he tucked in a lot so I'm not sure if that's due to instructions he was given or if he's just used to playing as a CB) - Average pace, when going up against quicker wingers it's easier to tell, this could be a problem for us but luckily we have Davies who plays LB with the mens program - Bad pass (with his weak foot) that directly led to the NYRB goal
  5. I'll be tuning in for the second half. How was the first half?
  6. Sorry if this has already been answered but can someone tell me when the first window for these games will be?
  7. I think 30-40% of the time is an exaggeration.. I'd estimate closer to 10-15%. Unless you meant to say they get a result (win or draw), then I'd agree with the 30-40% claim.
  8. You guys are right, they were biased opinions but Idk maybe it was just me, to not even mention Canada when we have a 20 year old who will be a starter in the Champions League final and a 20 year old striker who was a record-breaking transfer for Lille. It was just a little annoying to me that we didn't even get a mention.
  9. I'm not sure if any of you caught this part but at the end of the presentation they were going over who they thought the final 3 spots would go to. As in, who they thought would finish top 3 in the "Octogonal". Not a single person mentioned Canada, not even as a dark horse. That pissed me off. I hope that the players heard that at the end and it lit a fire underneath them. We have the talent to come top 3, I believe in them and I hope that everyone on this board believes in them but more importantly I hope that the players believe in themselves. This really is a strong Canadian team.
  10. Personally I don't think he has the characteristics to switch to CB. I do agree with you that if he doesn't get more game time he should move. He needs minutes if he's going to improve.
  11. Looks like we have the toughest group, but let's all remind ourselves that we are also the toughest team. None of these teams wanted to draw us.
  12. Just wanted to pop by to say Happy Mother's day and I hope that you are all doing well and staying safe. I cannot wait for the resumption of soccer once it's safe to do so.
  13. There's usually a development fee when teams buy players to all of the teams the player had played for prior (they'll receive some percentage or fraction of a percentage).
  14. This made me think of Kyle Lowry
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