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  1. Eventually I'd like to see the league cap off at 14 or 16, create a 2nd division of around 14-16 teams as well.
  2. My assumption would be on team facilities and staff but very good question
  3. If a club the size of Liverpool come around, you don't say no. These types of opportunities are often once in a lifetime.
  4. I'm sorry, I confused Honduras with Panama. You're right, Idk what the hell I was thinking. I agree with you that they'll go for the win.
  5. Adding Ottawa was huge. Quebec City should be the next big market addition. I feel a Quebec City team would have great support.
  6. ? If they're scared of us, they would rather play El Salvador instead of playing us.That's why they'd let El Salvador win so we can't catch them in the rankings.
  7. To be fair, Insigne was owned by Napoli and Immobile was owned by Juventus. They were just sent on loan, Verratti was the only player of those 3 to actually be owned by the club, he was sold after that season to PSG having never actually played a game in Serie A.
  8. 3 leagues with pro/rel would be the dream for me too but unfortunately I feel it will only stay as a dream unless soccer becomes by far the #1 sport in the country. I'm hoping we see an increase in the attendance this year.
  9. I have a bad feeling Costa Rica and Panama won't play there A team ... If they do I can see them not playing their A game. Realistically who would they want to play? Us or El Salvador? It's a no brainer imo.
  10. Thank you for sharing, I think I speak for all of his when I say we are all rooting for him. He has so much potential and he can achieve great things
  11. We have enough players playing around the same level (A pretty high level) where you could definitely make arguments about different formations... I think a 3-5-2 best suits us for our lack of quality CB and natural full back strength.. I think Davies and Laryea used as wingbacks where they could get forward more because we have the cover in 3 CB's would help us. David - Cavallini Davies - Osorio - Kaye - Arfield - Laryea Cornelius - Miller - James Borjan
  12. Confirming what we thought we knew. That we have a lot of very talented players who slip through the cracks because no place to play. The Canadian Premier League could be the best thing to ever happen for soccer in Canada. I don't even think David is speaking about players on Canada's U17 team that were very talented. .. It seemed like he was addressing players who didn't even get chosen for that.
  13. Judging solely off preseason and the contract extension, it seems Dallas has more faith in him this season. I hope he can breakthrough. We need our players to begin being starters though and forcing the coach's hand to make them play. Just being on an MLS roster doesn't cut it anymore for the CMNT. I still have high hopes for him that he can succeed in Dallas.
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