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  1. I hope the CPL can grow with better signings but at the same time, Gutierrez seems to be at a level where he doesn't need to drop that low. I'm hoping he can move to Mexico or MLS a team where he'll get more minutes. Maybe being closer to home will help him commit.. Like a posted above me said, we don't really know how good he REALLY is.
  2. I forsure understand and agree with you to an extent. At the same time, as the coach he needs to know what his players think as him seeing it from the sidelines isn't the same as the way the players see it on the field. The players must've believed that if they took the game to the USA they could've come out on top instead of sitting back and countering. I think at the end of the day though, Herdman should've used that info to come up with his own plan/tactics for how he approached the game and not rely solely off the players' emotions.
  3. I'm gonna assume you know him personally?
  4. I'll never understand what he thinks he achieved to get the attitude/arrogance he has. Ofcourse, i'm assuming the reports of him being arrogant are true. If they aren't I fully apologize to him.
  5. The more I look at our squad I realize we have a very good problem. I can come up with maybe 2 different lines from the midfield and up where I can't decide what team is better. Better yet, our best players are all under 24 years old.
  6. I'd like to see York9 try to get some local guys like Marcus Godinho, Gabriel Boakye and Jordan Perruzza.
  7. Jonathan David has the ability to move to a top 5 league in the summer if he continues to perform the way he's been doing so. Not to mention the kid will only turn 20 in January. I'd like to see him go to a club where he can thrive and where he'd be the first choice. France or Germany may be his next destination.
  8. I guess agree to disagree on only this comment, I like Borges but Liam is playing a few levels higher. Before calling him into the first team I feel Borges should move to a different team so we can properly see how he plays against better competition. I think he has a bright future I just don't think he's deserved a spot over a player like Millar or Akindele on merit.
  9. Roll out 2 squads, having the CanPL Canadian allstarts tour the carribean. Every day they play someone new. Easy 5 points in January alone. Have the MLS guys play Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Bang, we're back in business
  10. For a TFC perspective he'd be great. From a Jonathan David and CMNT perspective let's hope that doesn't happen. He can get better staying in Europe where the best players are.
  11. To be fair the Costa Rican league is still a few levels above the CanPL. Joel Campbell is still a regular for Leon in the Mexican League. They still have arguably about the same level maybe stronger still if you factor in our European guys wouldn't be there.
  12. His contract ends in 2020 though
  13. A move to the CanPL may help boost his career again.
  14. https://www.bundesliga.com/en/bundesliga/news/alphonso-davies-best-of-his-generation-hasan-salihamidzic-bayern-munich-canada-8418 "We signed Alphonso Davies a year ago because we saw him as one of the best players of his generation," Salihamidizic told Munich's Abendzeitung. "We're delighted that this is now being confirmed with every game he plays." - Bayern Munich Sporting Director Hasan Salihamidzic I just wanted to take this quote out and post it here, seems everyone at Bayern is extremely impressed.
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