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  1. I honestly don't care who they call up. We're Canada. It's time the world puts some respect on our name at the international level. We have the youngest player chosen in the world 11.
  2. Fair enough, I believe in him. I think he'll make you a believer too. Just give him time, trust me this kid's seriously good.
  3. I do believe if he works hard this winter, he can do it.
  4. I think currently I have Buchanan ahead, I don't think he's a flash in the pan in MLS. I genuinely believe he can push on for a career in Europe or make a push for MLS MVP next season. Liam Millar I had ahead of Tajon a few months ago but it just goes to show how much things can change when we have multiple players playing at a high level. I think if he were to get some minutes in the Premier League or be a mainstay in a Championship side I'd put him back in the squad. Also, Theo Corbeanu can make a name for himself and in our program if he can kick start his career with the first
  5. That sucks, I hope he can get a loan spell out come January.
  6. Sorry for double posting, but I just wanted to go over who I thought should be on the roster for the World Cup Qualifying games (Assuming our best players are all allowed to come); This is who I would select, please feel free to give me your opinions I love going over the CMNT options, I think we have a very strong team with great depth for the first time in my lifetime. Breakdown: 23 man roster, 3 goalies GK: Borjan, Crepeau, St. Clair RB: Laryea, Brault-Guillard, Johnston CB: Cornelius, Henry, James, Miller LB: Davies, Adekugbe CM: Hu
  7. After watching the Forge vs Marathon game yesterday, I was reminded of how much I hate Honduras and their soccer teams, I hope we kill them the next time we play.
  8. I like him a lot more as a winger or RM than a RB
  9. See now all we need is for Tomori to file his one time switch ....😉 Cav/Larin - JD Davies - Hutch - Eustaquio - Arfield - Buchanan/Laryea Miller - Tomori - Cornelius Borjan/St.Clair/Crepeau
  10. I like the 4-4-2. I wouldn't be against the idea of moving on Borjan if St. Clair proves himself in camp. I really think he's going to be our future #1. David - Larin/Cavallini Hoilett - Hutchinson/Kaye - Eustaquio - Buchanan Davies - Cornelius - Henry - Laryea Borjan/St. Clair/Crepeau We have so much talent popping up, if only a few centre backs could make a name for themselves.
  11. Not sure if this was already stated but I would like to see a youth team for every CPL club. There needs to be a direct path for youth players to the first team.
  12. I've officially hopped on the "Tajon should be a starter for the CMNT" bandwagon
  13. I'm very confident about Forge FC's chances against either of these two teams ... Although this means nothing, I want to see it happen on the field.
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