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  1. Maybe I'm just biased, but we look CRAZY GOOD
  2. It's still way too early to say, I wouldn't be surprised if over half of these guys have been overshadowed by others who we don't even know of yet.
  3. Theo Corbeanu is sooooooo good.
  4. He's mentioned a few times that he wants to play for Canada. Not sure if this England call up changes things but last I knew he was still on board with representing Canada.
  5. Whoever created this, massive props! I really do appreciate you outlining the Canadian player pool daily schedules as well.
  6. I didn't realize he was rated this highly, I must admit I've never seen him play a full 90 (Only seen some highlights here and there). Good for him though, I know that he does want to represent Canada in the future and the task of breaking into that English team especially as a striker will be a tall task. Even if he was playing for Sheffield's first team every game it'd be tough to break in. I'd imagine Kane, Calvert-Lewin, Watkins, Ings, Bamford, Wilson, and Vardy are all ahead of him. Not to mention the young strikers like Abraham, Nketiah, Brewster, Balogun, and Solanke.
  7. I'm really hoping to see David and Davies but even if they aren't with the squad I just can't wait to see us play.
  8. Something I've took note of. I remember Herdman saying they want to instil the same tactics from the first team to the youth team so that the youth players can come in and know their roles. What do we know about our tactics? We line up in a 4-3-3 and defend in a 4-3-3 with the wingers dropping back marking the fullbacks (I guess you can call it a 4-5-1 if you'd like). When we're in possession one of our CM's drop back and it allows our fullbacks to bomb forward acting like RWB/LWB or RM/LM if you will, essentially changing our formation to what looks like a 3-4-3
  9. I'd role with the same front 3 from the start Tabla - Brym - Buchanan Raposo Baldisimo - Metcalfe Godinho - Cornelius - Norman Jr. - Brault-Guillard Pantemis
  10. Do I get some sort of discovery right fee from the CanMNT program? No? Fine ....
  11. I disagree with most it seems. I think we've been very poor(aside from Buchanan). We're way better than this. It was sloppy, poor mistakes, our guys haven't played with much intensity or aggression. We've given them too much respect, go in and close them down. We're better than this team by a bigger margin than we've shown (Aside from the scoreline and I know that's what matters but still).
  12. I'm really looking forward to seeing Tabla Brym and Buchanan up top. That has potential to be special
  13. To be fair to Godinho he should be much more comfortable playing against competition at this level.
  14. It's now time to scout our opponents. I'm so happy this day has finally come. I love watching our guys play.
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