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  1. The Rogers Centre already dropped out of consideration for Blue Jays related reasons. https://www.thestar.com/sports/soccer/2017/09/07/rogers-centre-dropped-from-2026-world-cup-bid.html ...Two potential Canadian locations narrowed their venue options to one: Toronto will put forward BMO Field because the Rogers Centre is unavailable during the Toronto Blue Jays’ season, and Montreal will propose Olympic Stadium instead of MLS’s Saputo Stadium, which is too small for World Cup matches... Think people are being a bit naive in assuming 10 games in Canada is 100% carved in stone no matter what, but I'm optimistic Vancouver will ultimately be part of the mix along with Toronto. The athletics track at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton is unlikely to go down well with FIFA, so that's probably the reason Vancouver is still getting talked about so much.
  2. 1122 announced for York vs Valour: https://canpl.ca/matchcentre/bkvj7w12bpzuibxw3rioaledw/highlights
  3. I know it is wikipedia as the source but: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_2026_FIFA_World_Cup_bid The bid book proposal calls for Mexico and Canada to each host seven group-stage games, two matches in the round of 32, and one in the round of 16.
  4. Think the difference this year is that there are no COVID lockdown related issues where travelling outside the country is concerned.
  5. The games could only be played on an international break if the MLS teams agreed given D1 level club competitions are not supposed to be happening at that time. CanPL wraps up by mid-November and CF Montreal are unlikely to last all that long in the MLS ones if they qualify. Shouldn't be mission impossible to get the games played after that before the end of the year. Any club that is serious about Champions League entry needs to be able/willing to play year round.
  6. No number so far for Ottawa vs Cavalry: https://canpl.ca/matchcentre/bkpqazqtdq7fg0lln252h8etw/highlights Or for Forge vs Pacific: https://canpl.ca/matchcentre/bksny6dxmf724sqdloqb8cqok/highlights The latter looks like it might be better than usual from the highlights. Edit: on Reddit for Ottawa game
  7. They could still follow the pre-2000 National and American Leagues scenario in Major League Baseball rather than going for a complete legal merger even if it is effectively a shared Mexico-USA-Canada superleague for all intents and purposes. Probably no coincidence that relegation from Liga MX has been suspended despite FIFA statutes. This month long break in season could also be a first step on the road to a Liga MX style apertura and clausura season format in an MLS context that would break more easily for World Cup final tournaments when they return to their normal timing again post-Qatar. That could also ultimately be used to help position the soccer playoff season away from what is happening with the NFL and MLB and less importantly (outside Canada anyway) the NHL and NBA. Things to watch now to gauge where CanPL fits in this landscape in soccer association politics terms are whether the 2020 Canadian Championship final ever actually happens or is just quietly forgotten about, and whether MLS receives CSA sanctioning for reserve teams in Vancouver and Montreal in its new U-23 league unlike what was reported to be happening in a USL context.
  8. It would have been reasonably OK for CanPL if these round one H&H games were being played any time from late April to early November. It's already clear that they won't be unfortunately.
  9. There was an earlier proposal in which CanPL was going to be in the North American regional stage: A Leagues Cup type format involving only MLS and Liga MX has replaced this.
  10. Before this thread gets derailed by the usual suspects projecting their divisive CanPL vs MLS obsessions what these tweets show is that there was a large audience on Spanish language TV in the United States for a meaningless exhibition game between MLS and LigaMX so Ansem's take doesn't stand up to scrutiny. The English language number for that game is comically low (under 20k if it was in Canada in per capita terms), while the Univision number is respectable. Mexican-American fans are the key target audience for a lot of MLS/SUM's most lucrative activities. There's no similar recent immigrant demographic in a Canadian context that can do something similar for CSB unfortunately. The unpalatable reality is that CanPL got elbowed out of the picture on this CONCACAF revamp when they would no doubt have felt 100% entitled to a seat at the table in a NAFU context. They were part and parcel of the North American regional format in the earlier proposal that was reported so it looks like Victor Montagliani wasn't able to deliver for them this time around. It's CONCACAF so money talks and MLS and LigaMX got what they wanted, i.e. something that looks suspiciously like an embryonic first step to the shared league format that has been rumoured in recent times. The provision of automatic first round entry at the beginning of the knockout phase for two clubs looks good initially but may well have been made in the cynical expectation that the CanPL clubs involved won't actually opt to participate when the time comes. It is pretty much the worst possible time of year for all of them from the point of view of not having many/most players under contract and for most of them on being able to realistically play a home game outdoors in their own stadium. This is a step backwards from what Victor Montagliani had been able to arrange on CONCACAF League entry.
  11. They should have got shot of him after the 8-0 defeat to the Cavalry in 2019.
  12. I wouldn't tamper with what has been working very well. Location might play a significant role.
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