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  1. The attendance will probably be boosted by at least 1000 Forge members with freebie tickets. As with other teams it will be three home league games in until we get a clearer picture of normal levels of fan interest.
  2. Interesting how the goalposts shift on here now that reality is replacing aspiration. I was on the receiving end of all kinds of ridicule and at times vile personal abuse on this forum for suggesting that the league should assume attendance of around 3000 initially and that talk of 6000-8000 being the norm was overly optimistic. As things stand at the moment that's looking not too far off now that the initial excitement with home openers is wearing off. It would be surprising if any franchise at or above that sort of number would throw in the towel unless the investors involved were completely blind to what tends to happen in lower budget pro soccer leagues in North America. The concern would be with any that are significantly under it. As long as there is a net gain in numbers terms on expansion vs departing or relocating strugglers the show goes on and in a worst case scenario they could still relent where having MLS affiliates is concerned, so I'd be very surprised if this league folds any time soon based on what we have seen so far.
  3. Didn't seem to be a weak draw in Halifax where having 5500 at the game was spectacularly good, and it's interesting to try to figure out why there is such a contrast on this. Think it's a mix of crazily high ticket prices on the part of the Cavalry and York 9 and being viewed as a minor rather than a major sports story in terms of what the local market is used to having access to. Don't think you can blame stadium location in York 9's case although it almost certainly is a significant factor with the Cavalry.
  4. That will probably be so the track can still be used daily by Athletics Canada. Once you put in the extra section of artificial turf for safe run-off you are right at the track: Looks like they had to move the benches over to the far side and that probably messed up the sight lines from the bleachers sufficiently that a mass migration to the main seating made sense.
  5. Ex-TFC player Darren O'Dea was mentioned as a possibility for York 9 at one point. He seems to have other plans: https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/ex-celtic-dundee-defender-darren-16178773
  6. ...with a new artificial turf surface that would be shared with the York Lions football team. The added turf provides run-off space down the sidelines, so they have managed to make the width look fairly reasonable in the broadcast. Surprised it is only 100y long. That's the absolute minimum on FIFA regulations.
  7. Nothing on the CanPL website about the other two crowds, which is not surprising judging from this: Not good when even the reasonably priced seats are not selling out. Big problem with the Cavalry is probably the location. According to Gopherbashi, the actual crowd for York 9 was probably just north of 1000 or so:
  8. ...because he has started a business and doesn't want to be fully-pro any more.
  9. ...also no table seats on that side and this was a season ticket game, so that probably knocks another 100 or so off the capacity. On the bright side they have been able to use some sort of artificial turf to create enough runoff space to have a field width of around 60 yards. That moves it from farcically narrow to uncomfortably narrow. Not many fans in the supporters zone for this one: Were they able to put in the field side seats on the main stand side? No sign of them in the short clip in this tweet:
  10. This team will be better supported than the North York Rockets and they had plenty of longevity, because rich old Italian dudes are more likely to treat soccer as their passion to squander some of their wealth on than as an investment decision.
  11. At one point FCE talked about bringing a player back from Europe during the summer window. Most people on here assumed it was Adam Straith at the time. Maybe it will turn out to have been Steven Vitoria, but you have to wonder whether Amer Didic wound up taking that roster spot.
  12. It's a lot like junior hockey. Very tough to make much headway in media terms in the GTA but can be a huge story in the daily newspapers and local television news in smaller markets like Halifax or Victoria.
  13. More blue dots showing up now for some of the future games in the main block of seating on ticketmaster at lower prices. Looks like the capacity is just over 3000, if the far side bleachers and upper tier general admission sections are not being sold.
  14. From what I've read elsewhere they have to wait until they have all ticket holders moved from the bleacher side before they can start selling the corner sections of the main grandstand on Ticketmaster.
  15. Finally found suitable pictures. If you have a set of tables set back a bit from where those bins are (because that's a bit too close to the action) with people sitting on high stools so they can get a decent view, how much of the field are you likely to see if you are further back behind the track? I agree the bleachers are raised somewhat, but not to the extent that the main stand is. They needed to be able to place the bleachers over the track and raise them substantially for this expensive table seats placement to work well.
  16. The vision that is being articulated by Paul Beirne could easily take 20 years to unfold given how difficult it is to find or build suitable stadia. What's happening today in the various leagues across North America would have seemed farfetched to many people 20 years ago.
  17. Other possible considerations on this are how many freebies are going to Forge supporters for Saturday's game despite the apparent large drop in capacity and whether the sudden surge in memberships late last year means that large blocks of season tickets are assigned collectively to youth clubs and sponsors rather than to individual supporters. If so, those tickets would be less likely to show up for resale at any point.
  18. 4,000 is the crowd number now listed on the CanPL website for Cavalry vs FCE.
  19. Relative populations is the obvious one. A good analogy would be that the Scottish league will never be as strong as the English one and if you took away the Old Firm clubs and a combined Edinburgh club from the SPFL and allowed them into the English system, you would have something similar to the CanPL vs MLS scenario. Does that mean there is no place for a CanPL? No, definitely not. We definitely should be striving to get pro soccer into Kelowna, Regina, Saskatoon, Windsor, London, K/W, Niagara, Barrie, Sherbrooke, Moncton and St John's as well as Laval and Quebec City.
  20. What also doesn't help is the unwillingness of what passes for a soccer media in Canada to touch any story that involves rocking the boat a bit and hence jeopardizing future access. The issues surrounding York 9's choice of stadium merited some investigative journalism. Any word on why the bleachers are not being used, if this description of closure is legit? I've had a pet theory for a while that I haven't posted more than maybe once either here or on Reddit (because I couldn't back it up sufficiently with images that clearly show the problem) that they didn't look at the sight lines carefully enough before starting to sell expensive seats close to the field that have the potential to partially block the field of play from the vantage point of the regular seating. The bleachers were set so far back and are so low that I'd be very surprised if it isn't an issue. It's not likely to be as big a problem on the main grandstand side since the seats are raised quite high relative to the track, but I'd definitely avoid the first few rows just in case.
  21. True, but it's worth bearing in mind that 18 out of 40 are signed with clubs in a domestic pro league that operates in Canada with 12 of those on teams that are actually based in Canada. It shouldn't be hugely surprising to anyone that this happened but it runs counter to a lot of the rhetoric that has surrounded the emergence of this league.
  22. Having to use fields that are also used for Canadian football is one of the factors that limits soccer in Canada. If you play the game at an amateur level the games played at ethnic social clubs that are soccer only are always more enjoyable. Beyond that on another matter when it comes to negativity on here about CanPL expansion, why were people not a lot more supportive when the Niagara CanPL thread was started recently and why is there not the same level of enthusiasm for Saskatoon as there appears to be for Laval and Quebec City? Where was the criticism for the "more sizzle than steak" negativity that has been directed towards Joe Belan's efforts in Saskatchewan, for example? I suspect a lot of people on here are still a lot more enthused by the fantasy of having a high budget rival to MLS that mirrors the CFL in some way than the vision of a 16 team premier and eventual pro/rel with a second division that is being articulated by Paul Beirne and David Clanachan that sees the likes of Barrie and Kelowna rating a mention on expansion.
  23. The minimum width in the regulations for an amateur level game is 50 yards, which gives you only three yards each side between the penalty box and the sidelines. Judging from Google Maps: https://www.google.com/maps/search/york+university+toronto+on+canada/@43.7751457,-79.5069258,134m/data=!3m1!1e3?hl=en it's going to be somewhere between 55-60 yards. That will be below minimum requirements for the pro level on CONCACAF competition related licensing given around 70 yards is what is ideally expected at a pro level, so not surprised they had to get an exemption. If quality of soccer rather than TTC access was the main consideration this team should be playing at the OSC. The midfield is going to be very congested given the field also appears to be not much more than the minimum length of 100 yards. You often get 110 yards as the length dimension in Canada because of the CFL, but ideally you want it to be a bit longer than that to generate the space skilled players need to play to their maximum abilities. 115 x 75 yards is what is recommended for the pro level in Scotland to meet UEFA requirements.
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