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  1. I won't profess to being an expert on gridiron but from what I understand, non-NFL professional football hasn't exactly had stellar results in the US. Seeing the XFL go bankrupt twice in the last 20 years (though the latest time was admittedly a result of the pandemic) and with the CFL American expansion debacle in the 90s, I can't say that I'm convinced the latest iteration of the XFL will fare much better. I get that the CFL may be in a bind financially and struggling with its fanbase, but hitching their wagon to the latest NFL challenger doesn't strike me as a good idea. I came across a
  2. Apologies if this has already been discussed here and I missed it: Is there no way to hear English-language commentary for the Liga MX matches on One Soccer? I've had no issues for their Ligue 1 coverage, and the few Brasileiro matches I've checked out have been fine. But for the life of me I can't figure out the Liga MX ones (which is a shame, because I'd love to get into that league more).
  3. In non-April Fool's Day related news: Waking the Red beating the One Soccer drum.
  4. Hehehehe. Glad to see the CPL teams have a good sense of humour.
  5. That's all encouraging news! I guess there might be some benefits to the pandemic after all. Also . . . isn't Vaughan in the GTA?
  6. Atlético Ottawa Ticket Sales/Marketing & Sponsorship Internships - that has to be a good sign.
  7. Glitches and confusing-lack-of-on-demand-immediately-after-a-match-has-finished, I'm pretty happy with the service. If you had told me two or three years ago that I could sign up for a single streaming service that included the CPL, Can Champ, CMNT, CWNT, CCL and (select) top flight matches from France, Mexico and Brazil, I'd have thought you were mad. If they can slowly expand to include other leagues (MLS, Scottish Premiership, A-League, more Ligue 1), I think this could really take off. Also, for what it's worth: In the absence of official viewership/revenue info from One Soccer, I've b
  8. A few key points for the non-French speakers among us: Expecting to have 16-20 players signed by the end of the training camp (3-4 weeks from now) A lot of effort has gone into scouting and building the right team after losing players like Fisk and Acuna On the subject of a start date for the CPL season: "If we're going to the trouble of getting our players together in Spain, it's because we've had some good news telling us we have good reason to move forward" - Fernando Lopez
  9. I'm not going to say "I told you so", buuuuut . . . 🙂
  10. Wait - what? You're telling me I could have been watching La Liga and Ligue 1 all this time?
  11. Then they really should stop . . . beating a dead horse. I'm here all week.
  12. Sounds like they're upset about their dreams being . . . trampled.
  13. https://lethbridgeherald.com/sports/national-sports/2021/03/12/canadian-premier-league-looking-to-add-expansion-team-in-saskatchewan/
  14. Does anyone else find it a bit odd that there's not even a mention of Joe Belan in all of this? I understood him to be *the* driving force behind a Saskatoon bid, but maybe I'm wrong.
  15. https://canpl.ca/article/canadian-premier-league-announces-expansion-in-saskatchewan
  16. Alright, final post for the day. I was looking through some of the comments to the post on Twitter, and someone started speculating that the meeting ID for the Zoom call might be a clue. The meeting ID is 995 7909 2054. There's no phone number in Canada that matches that, I can't figure out a word/place name the numbers would convert to in letters (either as one-to-one or using touch-tone phone equivalency), and I don't see how this could translate into any kind of postal code. However, the GPS coordinates of Brandon, Manitoba are (when the order is flipped) 099°57′00″W 49°50′54″N
  17. No offence to the island, but I don't even see how that would be possible without a new stadium/significant upgrades to UPEI's stadium. I would think Moncton would be the obvious choice for expansion back home given U de M's stade, the population base/density of the city and the central location among the three provinces. Still, the Charlottetown Anne-of-Green-Gables-Potato-Lobsters would look pretty sick taking to the pitch in their PEI dirt shirts with Cow's Ice Cream as the kit sponsors. But it'd be some hard for the TV viewers to tell the players apart when they're all Arseneaults, G
  18. CPL now tweeting there'll be an announcement tomorrow at 11 AM. The countdown is on!
  19. I *just* saw this on Twitter - hot damn, I am pumped. Really hoping they made QC or SK happen. Edit: One Soccer teasing with a poll. Now I'm really hoping that Moncton will be the one. Also . . . where the hell is Pleasant Park? I know Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, but that's all that comes to mind.
  20. I was speaking with Nic Ryan (Atletico ticketing director) yesterday and he said that tickets weren't on sale just yet. You can put your name/info down to be contacted when they're actually available, but you can't make the purchase just yet. Hopefully soon though!
  21. Also noticed Atletico Ottawa putting home and away kits on sale with a 31 Mar 21 end-date on availability. Mayhaps we'll be seeing some new kits dropped soon?
  22. Good to see the league put out something a bit more official and give more details on the bonus structure.
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