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  1. "Genius Sports’ data-driven marketing technology will also help to expand MEDIAPRO Canada’s domestic audience by driving OneSoccer subscriptions through personalized promotions and offers. Genius Sports has also been granted the exclusive worldwide rights to distribute live video streams for all CPL and Canadian Championship games, which will help reach new soccer fans worldwide and drive further in-game engagement. Sportsbooks can also access official data rights to Canadian soccer through Genius Sports’ existing partnership with CSB." https://news.geniussports.com/genius-sports-announces-strategic-partnership-with-mediapro-canada-to-accelerate-the-growth-of-canadian-soccer/ This sounds like it could help get a lot more eyes on the CPL and One Soccer. Looking at their website, they've entered into similar partnerships recently for football in Colombia and Argentina. Sounds like they know what they're doing when it comes to promoting footie.
  2. Full details here: https://canpl.ca/article/cpl-reveals-remainder-of-2021-season-schedule-presented-by-westjet
  3. Actually, the Canadian parallel is pretty easy to point out. With the overwhelming majority of English-language media in Canada headquartered in Toronto, most national news coverage is told through a very Ontario-centric lens. The Globe and Mail, CTV News, CBC News Network, etc. all tend to provide less "national news coverage" than they do "Ontario coverage of news across the country". Some networks/media outlets are better than others for ensuring that regional and local news is actually covered by regional and local staff through a regional and local lens, to be certain. But I can't tell you the number of times I've rolled my eyes at people trying to push an Upper Canadian view on an issue as "the Canadian perspective". There's a similar phenomenon for French-language media having a very Quebec (and Montreal specifically) centric lens, which I would say is a bit more understandable given the difference in demographics. But certainly equally frustrating for anyone outside the major metropolis.
  4. Montreal is official out. https://www.lapresse.ca/sports/soccer/2021-07-06/coupe-du-monde-2026-de-la-fifa/montreal-annonce-le-retrait-de-sa-candidature.php?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  5. Bugger. Watching the match without the ads, it really is striking what a difference it makes. And IG Field is a beautiful friggin' stadium.
  6. Finally sitting down now to watch the Valour-Wanderers match from last night, and I'm noticing that the digitially projected ads are gone. Did they ditch these for the Cavalry-Atletico match too?
  7. Out of curiosity, do any of the Red River Rising folks have a sense as to how many of their members will meet the vaccination criteria for the in-person matches from 7 July onward? I'm really excited to see butts in seats again, but I know it all depends (as it rightly should) on the vaccine roll-out.
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't that how they always did CPL matches? Every time I turned into CBC Sports/CBC Gem, they'd show the One Soccer video feed for the match and include the One Soccer audio commentary but they never showed the One Soccer studio analysis - it was always an in-house CBC thing.
  9. Beat me to it! I wonder if they'll split the revenue eight ways? And I imagine this means no more projected ads on the stands?
  10. I think it's safe to say that the downsizing argument doesn't hold much water. Looks more like Media Pro is just reallocating existing resources/equipment: I do agree on the centre camera taking too wide of a shot for most of the matches so far. I also wish they'd make greater use of the different pitchside cameras they have during the run of play, rather than just to show different angles for replays of goals/shots.
  11. Just came across this clip on the Twitter machine and noticed it's showing on Fox Soccer Plus. I guess some of the distribution packages negotiated last year by Media Pro are still in place this season? I can't remember if any of the deals negotiated were multi-year or just had options for renewal.
  12. I'm noticing that Come On! is sponsoring a match of the week for the Kickoff (and presumably the rest of the season). I'm glad to see them more involved than just as a kit sponsor, and wondering now if this might be a sign that they're "presenting" said match on a national broadcast other than One Soccer. I've been checking CBC, CTV, Sportsnet, etc. as others here have done and not seeing anything, but who knows. https://canpl.ca/schedule EDIT: Apparently this was already captured in the original press release for the partnership and I just missed it. So don't mind me. https://atleticoottawa.canpl.ca/article/canadian-premier-league-announces-partnership-with-comeon
  13. If that's how you see it, then just finally come out and say which side you support: more US franchises and farm teams based in Canada, or a Canadian league of Canadian clubs. The rest of us are pretty damn clear where our loyalties lie, and we don't need convoluted responses and selective reading skills to explain them.
  14. Just locked in my season tickets. It's finally starting to feel real!
  15. It was made pretty clear (and pretty public) that investors understood this to be a long-term commitment, not something that would pay off in the short-term. Despite that, multiple CPL players have already trained with the CMNT and former CPLers have done decently in other leagues. And as others have noted, the fact that they haven't featured in the Gold Cup roster probably has more to do with having to bubble for The Kickoff than anything else. I think the only major embarrassment here is trying to read the tea leaves for a story about the league somehow failing when this just doesn't seem to be the case.
  16. Does anyone know if there's been further talk/public consultation on transitioning the current stadium at the Wanderers Grounds to a more permanent set up? I seem to recall HRM City Council approving the current stadium subject to a review after three to five years, but I admit my memory is a bit fuzzy.
  17. Does anyone know if Twitter has some sort of compensation program for users that produce influential/widely-viewed content, like Youtube does? One Soccer's clip of the Haiti own goal is already at nearly three million views, and it's not even twelve hours old. If One Soccer could get a few coppers from things like this, that would be a nice bonus. In the absence of actual subscription/viewership metrics from One Soccer itself, I've been more and more curious about their presence on other platforms. It's been really interesting to see their followers increase with the WCQ and CCL matches, not to mention their viewership. I'm seeing a lot more views of their One Soccer Today clips than they were getting even a few months ago, so hopefully this will translate into more eyes on the CPL come the 26th.
  18. With the CEBL set to welcome a new team in Montreal for the 2022 season, they've decided to do some public consultation regarding a team name, colours, mascot, etc. Who wants to join me in voting for the Montreal Impact? https://www.cebl.ca/montreal-survey
  19. Not One Soccer related per se, but interesting to follow the Ligue 1 rights debacle. https://www.france24.com/en/sport/20210611-france-s-canal-says-will-no-longer-broadcast-french-league-1-games
  20. Media partnerships for the season, maybe? Or another sponsorship deal?
  21. Just got an email at 12:02 from Atletico to set up an appointment with a ticket rep for my season tickets. By the time I saw it and responded at 12:30, the earliest appointment I could get was on June 21st. Sounds like the locals are getting excited.
  22. Well, I guess we know where the lads are getting their food from in the soon-to-begin Winnipeg bubble. 😛
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