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  1. Honestly what is the point then? Spew your opinions to a bunch of people you don't care about?
  2. https://www.canada.ca/en/public-health/services/diseases/flu-influenza/fluwatcher.html
  3. Yes, less openness in government reporting is what’s best. Let governments make decisions with sharing information with the populace! /s
  4. No, they were there in full annoying effect.
  5. Read the Wheeler tweet, he was 22 when he got his first cap for England. He’s not eligible and never will be unless there’s another FIFA rule change.
  6. First thing I thought of.
  7. Web translators always deliver the gold... "Their request is illegal and looks like a no-effects psychological attack since our pomegranates promised to get high on the field of play and qualify for the third phase of these playoffs to the Haitian people."
  8. I honestly can’t be bothered to read through an entire post of yours any more because it’s literally the exact same thing posted over and over but to your question about scheduling friendlies, it has been pointed out to you numerous times that the financial situation of the CSA greatly limits their ability to do anything beyond what they’re already doing. You’ve been directed to the FS and have been shown expenditures but continue to ignore the reality.
  9. I was standing at the top of the section and saw you and your son walk down. Having just found out at the time that my wife was pregnant with our first child I was very happy that you guys got that opportunity. And from seeing the picture it looks like an amazing moment that I can’t wait to hopefully replicate with my kids! The Canadian soccer community is very small and the players have always been very approachable because of that. You have to think that as the players and team grow, moments like these, where $100M players climb into the stands to see friends, family and fans after games will be fewer and far between.
  10. I don't have a pic but I have an autograph to prove I've met him 🙂
  11. Which way? The Canada win number? That would indicate most money coming in on the Canada side.
  12. So I signed up for “The Collective” and my confirmation email is dated July 30 2020 but the only details about the 1S subscription is “2020 OneSoccer Subscription.” No details about start and end date. So having us re-up today is pretty shady.
  13. Not pertinent to this thread but interesting none the less, that's not how sportsbooks work. If they're leveraged to much on one side they move the line to attract the other side. A book will always be fairly balanced and then collect the middle.
  14. @Olympique_de_Marseille what’s the likelihood of some Concacafery outside the team hotel the night before the match?
  15. By all indications there should be no reason games in the fall aren’t in Canada in front of fans.
  16. Been posted in the relevant Tomori thread here. Bottom line is he can’t accept another call from England till Nov 2022 and then he’d be eligible for Canada again.
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