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  1. I can’t seem to find a listing for this game on the OneSoccer app, their website and their YouTube channel, are we sure they’re showing the match. if they are it’s pretty terrible that it’s this difficult to find out. I did have to renew my subscription to access content through.
  2. Unfortunate. Obviously the designer is not fully aware of the stadium and it’s surroundings otherwise they would have incorporated the Bank St bridge into the image.
  3. @Ozzie_the_parrot has gone from endlessly spamming this forum with pictures of crowds to searching twitter for #CanPL and reposting everything he finds. Ozzie you need to be more selective about what you repost, this site is not an aggregator it’s a discussion forum.
  4. Follow up tweet says it’s partly because of decisions from the BC government. The dream is still alive @dyslexic nam!
  5. Loved Jose, one of my fav Raps of all time. Jose Hustle
  6. The run at 1:23 of the first video is sick. Intercepts a pass and beats 4 defenders before placing a difficult pass on the foot of a teammate for the goal. Excited to see what he can do for AO!
  7. Approval? Maybe for the federally regulated aspects like international travel but anything else would be guidance. The PTs have commended the Federal governments efforts on collaboration and support thus far.
  8. In what way would the federal government get involved? Almost all public health measures have been implemented by provincial governments.
  9. You know this is a joke right? The story underneath is about a team running a tear gas promotion.
  10. You know what has to have been long and painful? The wait for the Dutch to win a World Cup.
  11. For sure, just the same way you can’t say outright we have to move on. Bottom line is if he’s good enough - he should be on the team, if he’s not - he shouldn’t.
  12. Well I had to update this as there was a previous error. Robert = Binky = BedBugs = T.I.O.R. = Neuker = Peggy
  13. Gigi riva’s mock draw did not have USA and Mexico in the same group.
  14. Exactly, no one knows, so why did you say that gigi riva's draw won't happen?
  15. What do you mean that won't happen? CONCACAF will not decide the groups, they'll be drawn, so it's entirely possible.
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