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  1. The current 7 must have paid something, the league was up and running for months before any revenue was generated.
  2. You can listen here; https://www.tsn.ca/radio/montreal-690/clanachan-we-are-speaking-with-a-number-of-parties-in-quebec-1.1339314 I haven’t had the chance.
  3. Apologies. misread that! I agree, Montreal would be a good spot.
  4. There's nooooooooo way a CPL team could afford him.
  5. Why would I do that? Did I ever claim anything as ridiculous as calling the CanMNT “the laughing stock of the international media?”
  6. Why can’t we laugh and like a comment?!
  7. Please enlighten me with a few links.
  8. A laughing stock? To who? A few dozens soccer nerds online?
  9. I feel like Huuuuuuuuuuurdman is more appropriate when displaying rage.
  11. Ahhhhh. You referred to the "old boy who installed him" so I thought you might have some insider info on who specifically that was.
  12. Who is the “technical voice” being referred to?
  13. Thanks tips. Read my other comments.
  14. Hmmmmm I don’t have an Apple TV App Store, I guess mine is too old.
  15. What do I need to do to get this going? I don’t see anything on the OneSoccer site or my Apple TV.
  16. And you still don’t understand the structure of the forum.
  17. So the layoffs continue, this time it's Craig Forrest. Add this to Sharman and Molinaro and it's clear Sportsnet is moving away from soccer.
  18. This is what I think. And I think that Haiti played a style and at a tempo that added to our mental breakdowns and in turn our ability come back. I also think the Hutch goal being called back was probably another mental let down that added to the collapse. I don’t think Haiti has inferior athletes and that JH saying they wore us down is a cop out.
  19. You’re right, he’s coached in Hungary and Moldova. In terms of his stints as manager, of Transfermarkt is to be believed it looks like he actually hasn’t coached more than 2 years in place all that much. Only once, with the Metrostars. And great if his team in Medellin has done well. Does the aggregate title actually mean anything? Wiki only lists the split season champs and the team page doesn’t list any title for his time.
  20. If OZ is as good as some make him out to be why hasn't he ever coached in Europe, won anything or held down a job for more than a couple years? He won an MLS supporters shield but that's it.
  21. I'm not contradicting myself. JH was at the game, trained with our team for weeks, was with them and spoke to them pre, in and post-game. He presumably watched hours of video of the Haitian team. He has years of experience assessing physical abilities and has studied aspects of that for years. I have no idea who you are or what you do, maybe you are as qualified to make the same assessment from your couch but I doubt it. You've now edited your comment and I think your second attempt is probably more accurate except I would argue that the tactics employed by Haiti also played a major role in wearing Canada down mentally and physically.
  22. Without actually assessing any of the players pre-game or post-game I can't see how you can make this assessment. Taking one comment from JH and jumping on him as if he's lying or trying to make excuses based on this is a stretch.
  23. So you're basing this on what they look like on a television broadcast?
  24. 🤔 what do you mean? All of our players are better athletes than all of the Haitian players? In what sense?
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