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  1. https://web.archive.org/web/20210701074148/https://www.canadasoccer.com/national-teams/excel-teams/?gender=male&teamId=2068 Not on July 1st they didn't, the day after they posted this press release about him filing his one-time switch.
  2. No I'm implying that Akinola is not on the list because the coms team at the CSA, which is very small and was in Tokyo at the time, has not had a chance to create a full media profile for him. Are you implying that Dejan Jakovic is still part of the national team because he's listed on the website despite not being named to the 2021 GC 60 man roster and not being in Canada camp since 2018?
  3. It's probability based on the most likely outcomes of the higher ELO ranked team beating the lower ranked ELO ranked team with a small bias for home field. The simulation is run 5000 times. Obviously it's not a perfect model but it will be correct more often than it's not.
  4. That's not a 60 man roster. That's a media page to provide info on all player's who've been called into the squad over the last few years, aka the player pool. It's designed to provide information for fans and media in the lead up to MNT camps and games. Players will be added as they're selected and removed when they retire from international or club football. This list is not the genesis of a camp roster it is the result of them.
  5. I met his grandfather at a Fury vs TFC match. He came right up to me and started chatting because I was wearing an Osorio jersey.
  6. That gives you the true sense of the volume on the pitch. The TV broadcast obviously lowers the stadium feed a lot!
  7. Can we get your take on the crowd? What do you think it was? Was the Mexican FA "papering the house?"
  8. Especially weird because if a player can train and play wouldn't he be able to quarantine at a team facility? You'd think they have a couple private suites for players or staff to use.
  9. Oh the irony considering the insults you’ve thrown around directed at those you don’t agree with.
  10. @SpursFlu was being sarcastic. He believes the opposite and has bragged about bullying his friends who have expressed concern and fear of COVID-19.
  11. I see you deleted your previous attempt, smart. edit: actually it wasn’t even you who deleted it.
  12. Disappointing result for David and Lille.
  13. Only 30%? It looks and sounds like more on the broadcast but I'm not expert. Where's @Ozzie_the_parrot to weigh on the actual attendance and what it means for Barca's business model?
  14. I have no ill will towards you and definitely would not say I "don't like you." I'm indifferent to you as a person, I don't know you. However your constant negativity and naivety in regards to the reality of the CSA and it's financial situation is repetitive and tiresome.
  15. If you're going to resort to name calling you're going to have to take a time out.
  16. He was on a Vancouver sports talk radio show a couple weeks ago and specifically said “Atiba and Arfield will be there” when he was asked about the WCQ games in September.
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