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  1. Enough with the narrative pushing. Take a timeout and refrain from these types of posts. You’re adding nothing of value to the conversation and are beginning to sound like a broken record.
  2. What a wonderful day it was, thanks for sharing.
  3. Right, because this is an accurate blueprint...
  4. Regarding the XFL and CFL cooperation, this was initiated by the XFL and I highly doubt it leads to a merger. From listening to some football experts in the US the XFL is keen to come to some sort of agreement with the CFL to tap into their football "structure." They're set to begin playing in 1 year and they have no teams announced, no coaches, no front office staff, etc. Apparently they're looking for ways to have staff and players move between the two leagues seamlessly and to have help with the administrative side of running the league.
  5. Has to be an April Fool's joke.
  6. Can we get an update after the game? @Olympique_de_Marseille do we need a game thread?
  7. Josh Simpson, he could have been great.
  8. When past nightmares are forgotten and the optimism returns, probably in June, I’ll wonder “what’s behind this brick doorway?” I’ll break down the wall and the process starts over. It’s kind of like eating at Red Lobster, you go there, you love it, you feel like shit, you swear you’ll never go back. Then months pass and you forget how terrible it made you feel and you think “hmmm, Red Lobster is delicious, I should go there for dinner tonight!”
  9. I completed a reno in my basement so I have a nice viewing area setup. It’s full of breakables to smash and pillows to cry into but it’s sound proof and cordoned off from the rest of the house so the dogs and kids are safe. Once these games are over and the eventual disappointment sets in I’ve designed the room so that it can be walled off and never thought of again.
  10. True, I was just very curious if something was published in a strat plan or something. I'm most curious about the relationship between the Program heads and the executive and the dynamic between the two.
  11. Fortunately for everyone here I don't get to determine what the topics of conversation are! You seemed to question why people have issue with the constant discussions around JH's hiring, just trying to provide some insight into another mindset, which everyone is entitled to.
  12. And that's my point, so should his detractors. It's all pointless, to tout the hiring or question it, he's here to stay.
  13. I think you answered your own query. The fact that this is a discussion still boggles my mind. Regardless of how we feel he's with us, win or lose, until the end of the cycle.
  14. That's just a staff list, not really an org chart. 46 staff listed, not sure where you cut the "bloat." There's obviously going to be two coaching staffs so it would be difficult to get it under 40.
  15. You’ve seen the CSA org chart? Please share. We have a thread dedicated to this topic titled “CSA Finances” or something like that, it would be worthwhile posting there.
  16. They're available. https://atleticoottawa.canpl.ca/2021-season-memberships/
  17. If Ben Fisk retires to “pursue other things” the league has a major problem... if it didn’t already.
  18. Another disappointing departure. Ben Fisk not returning. https://www.instagram.com/p/CLxFdAajsXH/?igshid=1nbwnfj000qon
  19. This is common in pro sports in NA, see the NFL and MLB. Not leagues with stellar labour relations but the tactics employed by the CPL ownership are not at all unique to pro sports leagues.
  20. It actually has Issey listed as part of “Unattached FC” !!! Amazing!
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