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  1. I think Jeff Hunt's official quote was "to give us more time to get things sorted."
  2. Details were included in the latest CanadaRed Newsletter.
  3. Simply because multiple people share a common belief does not make it pack mentality. What a ridiculous analogy. It's not the responsibility of those of us who abide by the rules to proactively seek out the new profiles of those who've been banned, monitor and block them. This is about wanting healthy and productive space where we can discuss a common interest, it isn't a place where free speech reigns above all else and those who are continually offensive, cruel and disrespectful are allowed to continue to turn people away. I don't like Ozzie, I disagree with 90% of what he says. I don't care to ban him because he's allowed his opinion not matter how much I disagree with it. Robert has crossed the line of decency and respect so many times he's created at least 3 new accounts. There's a big difference. Excuse me and others for wanting this forum to be better.
  4. I believe Totera's roll has been mostly reaching out to youth clubs to explain and promote the CPL and how it fits into the Canadian professional pathway. I don't think this has to do with expansion.
  5. This particular outburst came shortly after he posted a ton of Nazi imagery following Holland's loss to Germany in Euro qualifiers.
  6. I disagree, the last ban was for a meltdown that was completely unwarranted and highly offensive. Combined with multiple previous warnings and even more instances in which his insulting behaviour was simply tolerated there’s no value in allowing him to keep posting here.
  7. Transfermarkt profile https://www.transfermarkt.us/anthony-lopez/profil/spieler/461081
  8. Sure, glass half empty or half full. BTW I think the second game will be opened up to the public if the ticket sales for the first game go well.
  9. I'm very excited for this. I have a feeling its going to look amazing on the broadcast.
  10. Unlikely, Robert lives in Victoria. Which, if you were a rational Canadian soccer fan would mean you were happy to have Canada playing a meaningful friendly in your awesome, new soccer stadium, but this is Robert... who is not a Canada soccer fan and is not rational.
  11. Right, like that little gadget the "internet." That hasn't really changed anything.
  12. You don't know Robert, aka @BedBugs, he's not a Canada fan, he's a Dutch fan.
  13. Weren’t you banned for going off? I remember there being a whole lot Nazi imagery being posted.
  14. I’m not part of either but I do know a bunch of the people from the Bytown Boys and there all great. Always welcoming and friendly. I don’t know anyone from SMR. There are hardcore Canadian soccer nerds who aren’t huge into the supporter culture if that’s more your thing, send me a message and maybe we can meet up.
  15. As per usual you have no idea what you’re talking about.
  16. I have no idea, I assume they'll send out a newsletter ahead of the game with ticketing info.
  17. How am I not surprised at this?! 😁
  18. Sign up for the newsletter on the CSA site, they'll send out the presale details.
  19. I too put a deposit down but haven’t heard anything yet.
  20. Check FuryFanatic’s new Twitter feed, @ottleti (?), there’s one or more people who’ve created multiple troll accounts mimicking him and SMR and accusing them of bullying when it looks like the troll account who is the bully. Everything is hashtaged CanPL so if you go back to last evening you’ll see. Also that guy “from above” has jumped in and gone after everyone, he’s using @AtleticoOttawa, which isn’t a good look for the new club.
  21. I’m embarrassed for Ottawa fans on Twitter right now, that’s why I love it here.
  22. I’m guessing they’re trying to push tickets for the first one and if/when the ticket sales goes well they’ll open up the second game.
  23. We’re not worthy of the Hex? Your right, we shouldn’t try. We’re also not worthy of the WC so why bother with that at all, tell CONCACAF we don’t want to participate in the playoff tournament. Let’s focus on only things we believe are tangible and achievable, let’s never strive for better.
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