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  1. Montreal Impact Test Positive For The FC Virus December 1, 2020 MONTREAL - Despite their best efforts to quarantine over the last 27 years, it was leaked to the press, today, that the Montreal Impact tested positive for the FC Virus. “We couldn’t believe it,” stated owner/operator Joey Saputo. “We’ve been taking this virus very seriously, but it seems like every other team in North America, we suddenly are FC.” Sources indicate
  2. https://canpl.ca/article/5-things-to-watch-for-in-football-manager-21s-cpl-database
  3. Canadian ChampionshipNovember 25, 2020 CANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIP FINAL: FORGE FC TO FACE TORONTO FC IN NEW YEAR 2020 Canadian Championship Final to be played in 2021 Canada Soccer has confirmed that the 2020 Canadian Championship Final between Forge FC Hamilton and Toronto FC will be played in the first quarter of 2021. The Canadian Championship Final has been moved until early 2
  4. Charlie was right! This is a conspiracy of the highest order! They have created an unholy alliance in their nefarious plans to prevent Forge from winning the Voyageurs cup from Toronto FC. Nothing will stop their evil plans. After Cavalry humiliated Vancouver Whitecaps and Montreal impact barely squeaked by York 9, they will not risk it again.
  5. From Duane Rollins.... I’ve been told that we should not expect an announcement on the Voyageurs Cup final date until after @ForgeFCHamilton plays its CONCACAF League quarterfinal. If Forge wins that game, or the play in game that follows, the 2020 Canadian Championship will likely be cancelled.
  6. Hopefully this spurs improvement in Canadian players. A certain amount of internationals is healthy for the league. What amount of foreign talent should be in this league is debatable. No free pass for Canadians in this league....
  7. New CRTC rules for streaming incoming.... https://www.ctvnews.ca/business/feds-propose-changes-to-broadcasting-act-that-may-raise-800-million-from-streamers-1.5172751 Might be a plus for CPL. Also on another note, Asa Rahman leaves onesoccer https://northerntribune.ca/onesoccer-asa-rehman-departure/
  8. I would agree with with Bison. This is a tiny team from Central America. According to Vocal Minority podcast about 40 people have agreed to the group purchase. I have a much bigger problem with people strutting about in their Manchester United or any other giant club who would not be caught dead wearing even a scarf of a Canadian professional club. You mention CPL or MLS and they look down at you with contempt....
  9. Don’t miss out as Forge hits the pitch for an exciting match against its Panamanian opponents in the round of 16 of the continental competition. MATCH DETAILS Date: Tuesday, November 3 Time: 8 p.m. ET Opponent: Tauro FC Location: Estadio Rommel Fernández, Panama City, Panama Watch: Tune in to TSN3 and TSN 5 at 7:57 p.m. ET
  10. Rumours again for KW.. Well this October I did see a fellow in lederhosen, schnitzel was sold out at the local farmers market, sausage and sauerkraut are in short supply. That empty plot where Schneider's meat plant (delicious Octoberfest sausage) seems tailored made for a stadium... Bayern Munich's affiliate CPL team confirmed! I for one welcome are new German soccer overlords in their nefarious plans to find another Davies and dominate the European champions league! I hope their evil plans succeed...
  11. Canada is an untapped market. Underdeveloped and undermined, get your pickaxes and head to Fraser Valley.... “Well hooooooo-wee! Ah reckon we’ve found ourselves some bona fide golden soccer nuggets right here in this ol’ mound o’ grit! Yessiree, Momma’s gonna be marty proud when she discov’rs we can afford fresh beans ‘n’ biscuits for the winnertarm."
  12. Horse racing is in a slow decline for decades. Makes sense from the standpoint of diversifying the business and bringing in people to use the casino/slots. The industry has received millions from government to prop it up. They have a mascot named Lucky, could this be Yorky's replacement? Can CPL handle two horse themed stadium/mascots?
  13. Always forget about them. Except for the folks from... Davis Quinton: Hey, come to watch the match, did you? Thanks for donating the footballs, by the way. Lacey Burrows: Oh, well, it's the least I could do for our soccer team... give them some soccer balls... to play soccer with. Davis Quinton: The, uh, proper term is football. I think it's best for the kids to hear some of the British terminology. Lacey Burrows: Oh. Hey, what's the British term for someone who uses stupid British terms? Davis Quinton: Wanker. Lacey Burrows: Good to
  14. I saw this coming, after they killed off the beloved mascot the team was doomed to fall apart. It is no wonder they did not meet expectations at the PEI games.
  15. New Canadian content rules coming soon for digital media. This might make CPL more attractive for DAZN or other online streaming services. Anja Karadeglija @AnjaKaradeglija 3)New rules for streaming, digital companies including things like #CanCon exhibition requirements - coming within a few weeks in a new bill to update Broadcasting Act (but not a whole new Broadcast Act to replace the old one). 5:23 PM · Sep 25, 2020
  16. Are you sure you want Will Johnson? He isn't the most likable guy...
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