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WCQ: Canada vs Bermuda - March 25th 8pm Eastern/5pm Pacific - Orlando FL

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Just now, bwilly11 said:

Junior is not in form. Its a shame, hes a big part of this team. 

That right side is one of the few positions in the front six that isn't set in stone.  That and up front.  Otherwise, the other four are the top choices for those spots in my opinion.

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Eh. It's a decent showing for a team that hasn't been together in forever.

I like the 4-2-2-2 with double pivot of Hutch and Eustaquio. This is working because let's face it, Bermuda sucks. But Hutch and Eustaquio have so much footy IQ, it's like they've been a partner for a long time. Love it. Against a better opponent, one of those 2 probably get more of a stay back destroyer DM role.

Also, Laryea > Adekugbe so far

Hoilett doesn't start if David is available. But he'd be a nice super sub to have

And Davies is so much class.

But someone find Cavallini some finishing boots

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Rather see subs after 60. No time together for over a year and this is close to the first choice 11. Give them more time to gel. I’ll happy happier to sub at 3-0 or 4-0 as well. 

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