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  1. You keep doing what you’re doing brother. EDIT image removed: Why? Why use that? I get the controversy is stupid, but I don't need more.....
  2. So nothing, as long as I am on topic, I can retort him. I never said anything about he-said/she-said. I am just telling you truth, that is all. As for the label, I thought my theory on why he fits the bill is logical and sound...especially after making the Bunbury connection. Lol, in all seriousness, I do feel bad.... sometimes. I have no vendetta. What are you on about?
  3. You're missing the point. Insecurity isn't breeding intolerance. It's his behavior, mainly his childish need to pass off opinions as facts that is off putting. Also, numerous people here, myself included have poked holes into his arguments and given him an opportunity to engage in a debate. However, whenever someone does prove him wrong, he puts that person on ignore. He should be less intolerant and be open to having his views critiqued. Now, before you say "he put you on ignore because you called him a ****," I will retort with only after he put me on ignore. Him putting me on ignore and not debating has resulted in his cuckold label.
  4. My point was he was being misleading like a journalist who reports half truths. What’s unbecoming? Calling him out when he tries to claim the league is unfolding like he thought it would despite being dead wrong on nearly every assumption he’s made up to the build up of this whole thing? And before he comes in trying to play the victim and falsely say how his opinions “shatters their world views” or how this is an “echo chamber”, I will say nobody here had unrealistic expectations of the league, most if not everyone is ecstatic over how things have turned out so far and this is far from an echo chamber, everyone’s opinions and predictions of this league were vastly different and most had an attitude of “I’m excited but let’s see what happens,” The only echo chamber is in his head, probably the reason he keeps spouting off the same things over and over again, which is ironically funny since parrot is in his name now.
  5. “It's probably only Hamilton and York 9 that have bloated numbers right now due to their well-documented use of free admission making tickets distributed numbers markedly different from paid attendance in that context.” Notice how he fails to mention it was only the respective home openers of these clubs where free tickets were given to the opposing team’s fans, and because he fails to mention this, he gives the false impression that both clubs regularly give free tickets away when that’s not true. This is why people **** on him and his rhetoric.
  6. Jesus Christ...10:30 am soccer. I'd be too hung over to attend this match lol. Kudos to all you Edmonton bros and gals for making the trek.
  7. MLS has a hard time developing prospects because they currently get very little playing time. I think the guys getting playing time and developing in the CPL should have an easier time transitioning into MLS if that's the trajectory their careers take. I think a guy even like Bekker could very well come back into the MLS fold if he does well enough at Forge.
  8. To poke a hole into BBTB's argument, TFC and MLS was considered low budget but that didn't stop them from having great attendance right away in 2007. The salaries and product has improved now but that's a different story.
  9. Alright, I had a feeling that would have been the case. Yes, I was there, I saw you'll on the other side. The game was a lot of fun until the rain came. I'm going to love it when other cities in Southern Ontario come in like KW, Mississauga, London and that rumored Pickering/Ajax/Whitby team to name a few.
  10. The questions still stands though. Has there been any tickets distributed that have not been paid for one way or another minus the complimentary tickets given to York and Forge fans for each other's respective home openers? Speaking of which, did Hamilton season ticket holders actually get complimentary tickets for the York game?
  11. Who are these Reddit users? I'm not surprised with his behaviour. Any chance he gets, he will paint this negative picture. He even says announced attendance would include "comped" tickets rather than saying tickets sold. Has there been any rumour or story about free tickets being given away besides season tickets holders in York getting complimentary tickets for the Forge opener and vice versa?
  12. To be fair, he did mention Giovinco and he did say he's back from Saudi Arabia so he must have some knowledge on TFC when he knows context like that. It is unfortunate when he mentioned Toronto being back in a major finals for the first time since the Blue Jays in 1992 but I knew what he meant by "major", which is the big four north American pro sports leagues. Even though it would have been nice if he said "Not counting TFC's two cup final appearances," but I'm not going to hold that against him.
  13. He's also using revisionist history. He was never attacked for "suggesting that the league should assume attendance of around 3000 initially and that talk of 6000-8000 being the norm was overly optimistic." He was mainly attacked and still gets attacked for passing off his ardent opinions as fact when they are just opinions. You can ignore his posts whenever he presents himself as a victim.
  14. QFT I still enjoyed it....even if I needed a hot beverage to keep warm.
  15. What’s the parking situation like at this stadium? Free, abundant, etc.
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