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  1. Are we going to take that journey? Silence is not an answer.
  2. I don't know what exact trigger prompted me to start this thread but the clayervoyance may manifest itself into reality according to that tweet. City that starts with M, Mississauga or Montreal are the safe bets and either this will club will be branded Red Bull Toronto or Red Bull Quebec/Montreal. Here's an interesting angle to consider, MLSE tends to have a lot of clout from what I hear at NHL/NBA BOG meetings, and I imagine the same is probably true for MLS so I wonder how they will react knowing that a fellow MLS member's parent company is going to engage in a territorial pissi
  3. One friendly is "firmly in the England youth setup,"? If this was the Canada of ten or even five years ago, I would say yes, he would definitely hold out. However, our team now is a lot different. Who knows what going on over there. Maybe he's got the Phonz chatting him up on a weekly basis, David? Perhaps he's friends with Corbianu. Who knows what factors are at play.
  4. TFC should try to get him on loan after the prem season ends. They could use the help.
  5. He has to start a game, throwing him in when there is 0 team cohesion and the whole side can't even string two passes together isn't doing him any good. He looked awful out there but I didn't expect any different going into a shit situation like that.
  6. The Gold Cup would be a great advertisement for him to get sold to a bigger club if his performances draw interest.
  7. Maybe is all he needs. I can't see a Dutch guy who is a starter in the Prem, playing well, just give up on his dream of playing for the Oranje at the age of 24. The demographic doesn't fit. If he hasn't been cap tied by the time he's 30 plus, back in the Eredivisie on a mid table club or kicking it in Russia or Turkey for a final pay day, sure. The main thing here is he won't suiting up for Suriname against us in early June.
  8. Riedewald still has a good shot with the Dutch though.
  9. Nice turn to draw the foul. Alright, I've seen enough, call him up for the Gold Cup Herdman.
  10. Quite the athlete, tracking back to lay it off for his teammate outside his own box before making a run into the opposing team's box all within seconds.
  11. I think he was born here and moved to England at 13/14 from what I recall reading here.
  12. True, I read their development philosophy, I think it was the Salzburg club in particular but I'm sure it's across the board for them and it was impressive, aligns with club's that have the best youth development systems in the world. New York Red Bull also has a youth development system that is one of the best in MLS. I would love it if they come into this country, whether it be BC or Quebec. If they came to Toronto, it would be a situation of taking over YU probably.
  13. I recall reading that a Bundesliga club was interested in the CPL but my gut thinks it's not really a Bundesliga club but the parent company of one that wants to establish a stronger presence over here. I am curious to know what others would think if this happened in their own backyard?
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