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  1. Not strange at all. They're French after all so naturally it's in their nature to surrender quick and concede defeat.
  2. I'd love to pick your brain further brother.
  3. I can tell you why possibly. Other then him holding off until maybe being good enough for a Canadian call up, I think him not wanting to play for Guyana is rooted in the social structure of that country. Not unlike Trinidad, Guyana is also a country that is largely dominated by two ethnic racial communities, afro Guyanese and Indian Guyanese. The economic pursuits between the two groups do not overlap at all, and this is usually but not always divided by government jobs being occupied by the former and private businesses being run by the latter. Soccer is also run by the former and considering
  4. Impressive, some big names on that list that he's next to.
  5. Have David ever taken a free kick before?
  6. Who's the guy that does Bundesliga games? He usually does his broadcasts solo. I remember a few years back, when Gladbach was facing Dortmund, the Gladbach player lobbed it into his own net and the commentator was like "Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!!!" as the ball was travelling in the air before going into the goal. I'm not sure if he still does broadcasting but he was hilarious, he always had something clever to say and he brought a sarcastic approach, pointing out the ridiculous nature of the sport. English people in general have a better vernacular when it comes to the English langua
  7. I don't know how much of a perceived threat MLS teams think the CPL is but Y9/YU are clearly more than a blip on TFC's radar, especially when considering what was on last year's kit.
  8. Some new ones are debuting this year. I have to say, the new Crew stadium so far is the league's magnum opus.
  9. Ah, my bad. Haha, no. I don't know the man personally.
  10. I like your content bro.
  11. Saw this on insta last night. Does the person who runs this handle know something we don't?
  12. He is 100%. I can say that with certainty based on his last name, and his legal first name I suppose as well. Also, him being from Surrey was a dead give away.
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