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  1. Haha, understandable. Well, to be more detailed, I actually flipped it on to the second half on the rare chance he was going to get subbed in and voila, it happened so my time wasn't fully wasted. This was his debut. His second appearance, he started so I watched that from beginning to end. As for the rest of your post, I understand it's good to be grounded and tempar expectations, don't get me wrong. However, this guy just has something, the soccer equivalent of a Lemieux 66 getting drafted by the Penguins vibe. He reminds me of Patrick Kluivert if we want to take it back to soccer comparisons.
  2. DAZN, I have access to all the games.
  3. It isn't for his age group, but for him it still is after two successful Premier League appearances.
  4. That's true but sometimes you just see talent on display and think, "there it is." I remember watching his debut and he was the most athletic guy on the field among all his seasoned Prem colleagues. I am confident he's got this, which is why I find the League One loan speculation a little perplexing.
  5. Google says he came in for an injured Auro. How did that work? Did Endoh slot in at right back, Delgado take the wing and Priso go into the central midfield position? Also, what exactly about his game was good in the second half out of curiosity?
  6. He's definitely skilled with the ball at his feet.
  7. This brings me back. Him and his band created some good late nineties, early oughts post grunge, alternative rock. It's a shame he felt that way about Canadian soccer. Maybe he's changed his tune now.
  8. Any proposal to go back to 32 nations, 8 groups, how it has been since 1998?
  9. Like I mentioned in the match thread, it's good we made these defensive mistakes against Haiti so the team should be fully aware of the limitations present. We can't do this again against the USA. Dike will capitalize on said mistakes unlike the Haitians.
  10. The bad defending, well, it's good they made these mistakes now. JH should now berate them over that bull shit until from now until Sunday. Obviously, maybe not that much but still, they should learn from it going forward.
  11. They played it again at the end of the game. Haitians had a US born player to I think.
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