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  1. @Watchmen Case in point about that vulgar reaction I was referring to, that natural aversion to the truth People get scared at the thought of seeing things from a different light, the correct light because it goes against everything they have believed up until that point. @SthMelbRed Come brother, bhaji, whichever language you prefer. I will take you on this journey to. All three of us will ascend hand in hand to the next level.
  2. Watchmen, I have a red pill that I really want to administer to you, but I have to warn you....it is a dose of truth that is going to hit you really hard. You will have a vulgar reaction to it like most people when confronted with something that changes their worldview, shatters their perception of things....when the brainwashing and conditioning becomes unraveled, or rewired I should say. You will curse me and call me names like Grizzly and a few others have when similar doses of truth were administered by myself. It will not be a pleasant journey, but I will be by your side while you take it. It will bring us closer together. It will be a bonding experience. All you have to say now is either "I am in" or "I am out"
  3. That region is indeed the best place I have to agree. Accessible by highway as the 403, 401 and 410 intersect not too far from there. You can arguably draw on outlier towns like Milton, Oakville and Burlington, although TFC still has the Lakeshore West Go Train advantage with the latter two cities. If the Port Credit to Brampton LRT is ever made, that would be another huge bonus as well. Edit: That LRT is being made as per my Google search....but it stops at Shopper's World only. Still, better than nothing.
  4. I like the stripped down Y9 logo, only the cool kids wear that.
  5. So he never even registered one goal?
  6. Nobody is complaining about soccer coverage here in Canada. We're talking about a broadcaster's glaring non-coverage of a very specific event for a league.
  7. @The Real Marc How about the reason TSN had no article on their website about the inaugural match? Let me guess, limited bandwidth? You still wanna keep the noggin in the derriere or are we going to smarten up about how the real world works?
  8. I don't think anybody is talking about extensive highlights. What's TSN's excuse for not even doing a 10 second blurb on the league opener? Like what they do when a Canadian athlete participates in alpine skying championships in Austria, or when they show Rugby highlights. Again, 17,000 fans showing up in a stadium for a league's debut where even the prime minister tweeted on it would get more interest than the aforementioned things.
  9. By that logic, what was TSN's reason not to cover or make any mention of the opening game that was viewed by 17,000 plus people in the stadium and thousands more on CBC? It's naive to think with 100% certainty that politics isn't playing a part. I'm not saying it absolutely is but it definitely could be and probably is considering the indirect evidence just outlined.
  10. It's a nice design but I don't think it would be utilized for anything sub 15,000 seats over here. It would be a great strategy for York 9 though when the club gets more established, especially if they are considering building a little further up the region. The condo aspect gives the club a base of potential supporters as well.
  11. The guy kind of rambles but English being a second language is probably the reason for that. When he was asked what the club will look like 10-20 years down the road, he just needed to say 20,000 plus supporters packed into TD Place on a bi-weekly basis. That's it. Not that long winded, disjointed description he went for. Visions have to be something they hope to attain in the future. I guess he kind of got that when he said something along the lines of to be on the same level as hockey and football but still.
  12. When bad calls in the CPL are displayed on all sporting stations across the country (potentially the world), are trending at the top of twitter with celebrities even commenting on it, and are the number one talking point among sporting pundits and the general Canadian sports fan, sure. Until this is the norm, no need for VAR because not a lot of people care and the CPL isn't prestigious enough for it to even matter. Obviously the prestige and popularity go hand in hand.
  13. Those are some decent numbers. Like Duane mentions, a sale here and there and it has the potential to go in the black. Not bad for a first year. I'm guessing Valour has one of the better, possibly even best, financials in the CPL but still, you can see the potential.
  14. Had a feeling that was it. My clairvoyance is acting up again.
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