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  1. The important question: How has the ownership responded?
  2. There he is....there's the Ozzie we all know and love.
  3. Dam, he's gonna be 26....had no idea. I thought he was younger.
  4. Telfer should be called for the Olympics qualifying.
  5. I can’t believe Ozzie and I are in agreement over something.
  6. Well, those Mexican clubs can draw on ex pats across the border so not a perfect comparison. Anyhow, I don’t think that would be necessary to maintain clubs in those aforementioned cities.
  7. Saw the Champion’s League game today and despite the English commentator giving him grief over that first Young Boys goal, Borjan kept his side in the game that first half. He is awesome.
  8. Obvious jokes aside, considering the CPL has already tapped into a younger demographic, the league might be doing this to go after that older CFL crowd as well.
  9. They looked rather ugly in the York 9 rendering but in reality, they look distinct, clean, unique, kind of like a log cabin. It would be cool if all clubs (without permanent venues already) went this route, which I imagine they might.
  10. He also provided the assist for the first goal. His goal was something else though. JD's finishing ability is probably the best I have ever seen from a Canuck.
  11. He can learn all those things at a high pressing, attack minded club. Not saying the Bayern situation is bad mind you.
  12. I'm not sure if being on a possession based team like Bayern Munich is the best fit for him right now. If he was a seasoned superstar that was fully developed with a huge breadth of depth, absolutely. However, the current raw version of himself? The boy needs to be holding onto the ball and constantly running at the opposition. I seriously think a loan to a Prem side (even a top one) would benefit him immensely.
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