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  1. You all make good points and no doubt basketball is more popular worldwide, but when it comes to international competition, soccer is obviously number one but the distant second has to be ice hockey mostly due to the fact it was used as a political muscle flex by the Soviet Union during the cold war. I can't think of any other sport (besides soccer) creating as many dramatic moments on the international stage from the Summit Series to the Miracle on ice to 87, etc.
  2. It's my experience and that shapes how I view things. You haven't lived in my shoes. Edit: just saw the posts above. Alright, let's move on.
  3. People that act like ****** human beings don't have much going on with their lives in the first place. Just ignore them and move on with your day.
  4. You accused me of racist and sexist positing in your private message to Rintaran, which is more evidence of you being disingenuous. Please cite where I have ever been those things? I consider what you said about me to be slanderous and patently false. As for the bolded, I calmly explained how racism might not be at play here but you still accuse me of some horrible things which are not true. Is that not appalling?
  5. 1) The issue is that counter arguments can be made for all your indirect evidence like income inequality and the like. I come from a minority community that has thrived politically and economically over the last 40 years without any extra help so I am of opinion we don't need policies and practices for any of those things. 2) Sure, if you actually had evidence discrimination took place which for the most part you and people like you, such as UT never do. It's almost always a disingenuous attack on someone or some group based on what you perceive rather than what the situation actually is. See point 4 below as an example of what I mean. 3) I'm Punjabi, Sikh and I have never felt unwelcome in any soccer space. 4) UT took issue with a video of a group of Norwich fans and said it was a bad example as there were too many white men. It was disingenuous because he made the assumption that these fans actively discriminate against people of colour to ensure that only white guys attend the match, which is foolish to assume. Look at a club like Arsenal or Chelsea and you will see plenty of minorities in the stands. It may just be that Norwich fans are predominantly white, which wouldn't be unfounded if the area the club is in is mostly resided by white people. 5) I don't believe in the term reverse racism. Racism is racism and yes, you can be racist towards white people. People don't see race these days. All you have to do is carry yourself well, workout, maintain good hygiene, know how to carry a conversation, be a little charming and people will forget all about what you look like within 5 minutes of meeting you.
  6. @Unnamed Trialist, you were banned for race baiting and saying bigoted things about a certain demographic. There's a difference.
  7. Obviously I'm being facetious. Anyhow, I don't think anybody here has an issue with the Dames supporter group. We are just commenting on the language is all.
  8. @dmont, @SthMelbRed and @Bison44 You three are absolutely right. I will create my own supporters group that will advocate nothing but support for the third position, we will call it the Y9 Union of Fascists. I hope the name of my group doesn't overly bother you all with faux rage. I hope you don't give a rat's ass if there is an alternative position LARP soccer supporters group. It's a free country right? If you have any issue with this group, perhaps you should go seek therapy.
  9. I saw this on the group's Insta story: I think I may be able to warm up to the idea of this group....😊
  10. Hopefully it does not get to that point.
  11. I have to agree with Ams1984. The moment I saw the political buzzwords of inclusive and identify, my face went 😄.
  12. Context? Who said what and what was so bad about it? Apparently the tweet in question is not there. I looked at the comments and some boomer named Mike has already annoyed me. It always makes my blood boil when you have the actual entitled generation (boomers) pushing their insecurities onto us and calling us entitled.
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