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    The people I played with use to called me tree trunks due to my huge Roberto Carlos-esque thighs

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  1. I believe Onesoccer finally got the audio right. It was mentioned on here a few times that the commentary audio was too loud and drowned out the stadium noises but they finally fixed it. Well, it's true though, we are reaching new heights (support along with performance) in Canadian soccer so every game now will be bigger than the one prior to it. UT, brother, I know you're hurting on the inside. Let me set you free.
  2. It also lead the show, Sportsnet Central. I'm watching TSN's Sportscenter and so far nothing. Edit: 8:30 half an hour segment actually led with it as well. Nevermind, I'm impressed with TSN also.
  3. So are Mexican fans going to get banned again for these chants? They better. I just want to see some consistent application of the rules.
  4. Can we please finish these fucking matches off, first Honduras, then the US and now this shit...FFS
  5. No worries bro, old habits die hard and for the longest time, all we knew was shit.
  6. Now that I am watching the game, what is with the self defeatism? you'll were acting like we were getting run off the pitch.
  7. His stats probably received a boost in PES2021 as well then. I should try to sign him on MyClub.
  8. What is this in reference to? FUT?
  9. Why? Are you saying most MLS clubs are the equivalents of Kubrick's criticism? That observation is lost on them? Think about that, ponder it for a few hours then reply back to this post.
  10. He'll be fine over there. I wouldn't be too worried about it should this move occur.
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