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  1. Right now this is certainly the case but I have a feeling MLS is going to make some powerplay moves as their media deal is up 2022. I'm thinking more than a dozen big name DP signings, including Ronaldo and Messi and it just might land the league the big money deal they are craving. When that happens, and most MLS players are making seven figure salaries, more top US athletes will choose the sport.
  2. We won't have to worry about all those countries in the long run. I created this thread because their youth development issues have largely been similar to ours. I am fascinated to see how both countries evolve over the next few years.
  3. Alright, U 19 is one thing but the Serbian Senior side....no disrespect to us but currently, their side is a lot harder to crack right now, especially for a mid fielder so I am not giving up hope on this guy repping us yet.
  4. Funny thing is I just watched Moneyball yesterday on Netflix. Obviously soccer and then hockey are my favourite sports. Basketball comes a distant third and baseball an even more distant fourth....but I have a to say, I just love Hollywood baseball films.
  5. I guess some players can make a career dribbling with their head down, like Dele Alli.
  6. Both the MLS and TFC highlights videos don't show anything about him. Does anybody have any clips of his game last night?
  7. Yep, he will be our Pavel Nedved.
  8. I think @toontownman was being more facetious than anything else TBH lol.
  9. Caden Clark is a 17 year old, two appearances and two goals now for Red Bull New York. First goal was a volley with his right foot against Atlanta and second goal a cannon with his left from outside the box against TFC. An exciting, two-footed player it seems.
  10. That's the case with a lot of youngsters in creative/attacking positions in this league, both Americans and Canadians. Managers do not give these guys a license to fail, which is why so many young guys seem complacent when they should be making moves and creating stuff.
  11. Since these are public entities (USSF and CSA), are the figures listed somewhere for both countries?
  12. Pablo Vitti, besides the lack of goals, at least looked good on the ball and played well. Worst player by far is Ty Harden or Jacob Peterson.
  13. You're a man that can take the bants, roll with the punches. I like that.
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