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  1. I was a little concerned like others here with regards to his goofing off against Cuba but had a feeling he was going to tighten things up against the Americans, which he did and some.
  2. Right, Forrest Griffin vs Stephen Bonnar? I recall that fight having a viral effect across the internet. But it is easily accessible. You literally download an app on your smart TV/Xbox/Playstation and enjoy.
  3. I was about to reply to BBTB but I'm just not gonna bother.
  4. At the game right now near the Forge bros....your guys’ Addams Family chant is very gay. 😐
  5. The original rendering looked nice, looked like a soccer stadium. I think it was modeled after San Jose's recently built stadium. They probably needed to reduce the costs dramatically so they now want to go with what you see there.
  6. I've said it before but the earliest this will happen is 2026 when the One deal is up and the soccer landscape has further fleshed out. If the Can PL has grown to the point where the average attendance is around 10,000 and the Can PL execs are presenting to the three MLS teams that OneSoccer/TSN/sponsors are putting lucrative deals on the table should they join them, MLSE/Kerfoot/Saputo will have a serious decision to make. Considering they will make gains on the franchise values and new revenue streams, they all might jump on board. Now, if MLS has grown exponentially in that time where the deal from Can PL cannot compare, I don't think it will happen. I also think the MLS teams joining would boost the Can Pl's league's overall attendance to 15,000 plus in that timeline.
  7. Doesn't the United States national team have better guys than those? Haven't a few of those German born Americans panned out yet or are they struggling at their respective Bundesliga youth sides?
  8. Got two tickets, won’t be able to make it. Who wants them?
  9. I don't think expansion needs to happen rapidly for pro/rel to unfold. I ultimately like David's vision of being in communities of 100,000 eventually.
  10. He's more than just fast, he's got a good first touch, dribbling ability...but I haven't seen the last few games so if he has hit a cold streak, I guess they can re-evaluate come 2020.
  11. Vision statements tend to be ambitious.
  12. That we should still go the USL route?
  13. I didn't really find any issue with the self deprecating humour and considering I am the epitome of cool around here, if I am okay with it, the rest of you should be as well. Cavalry has soul that Man City lacks.
  14. Soccer isn't a stats driven game and you have to look at his play, what he does with the ball and from what I have seen, Shaff is MLS level with the potential for higher things. He's been a little unlucky with near misses and all that but the whole team has struggled.
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