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  1. I don't think the player pool is a factor for how many clubs the CPL can support. Community support is the key thing. Long-term, the CPL can handle as many clubs that can be adequately supported by the respective communities they are in. The player pool will take care of itself in the long run. I believe we are going to see many owners/communities dying to buy into this structure when the CPL stabilizes in the next ten years. No, we can do better than that.
  2. A tragic victim of feminism she is. I'm sure this individual could get laid if she worked on herself, join a gym, meet new people, improve her diet.... just overall self-improvement. Maybe then, and only then, she would be able to let go of her hateful views.
  3. I believe Cherry doesn't actually mind the sport. I recall watching Coaches Corner during both the 2002 and 2006 World Cups and him saying he enjoyed the games.... maybe because they were CBC products at the time and they forced him to do cross advertising but who knows. Come on Shamrock, that's a reach now. When it comes to York9, judging by the crowd at the games, I think having a slight Italian leaning would be beneficial.
  4. My thoughts, it was all about the defense, there defense did an adequate job, ours did not. Despite controlling most of the possession and playing more in their half, they were able to score on pretty much all their opportunities that could have easily been avoided by any half-way decent defending. We need a massive upgrade in that department.
  5. Not surprising given the suburban/college nature of soccer in the USA.
  6. Borussia Monchengladbach would be an awesome destination.
  7. He did lay the hammer down on Sancho.
  8. So the Quebec City ownership group will build their own? I hope they go the same route as Pacific and what Y9 wants to do by working with Bear Stadiums.
  9. This was for a soccer game? and it was packed 5,100 people?
  10. I think taking a year off would be a business decision. Shut down, build hype for the CPL, re-brand and have a proper launch party. @JamboAl Unless OSEG have declared insolvency, they have to refund your money.
  11. That may be but it leading to a non-inclusive environment is what I am finding as a reach. You're implying the individual in question would be uncomfortable with it.
  12. I don't know man, that's a huge reach.
  13. Nevermind, I don't need to actually listen to it. Anyhow, what exactly about his comment did you feel was not inclusive and prevents all from being welcome?
  14. What time was this said. I must review the material myself.
  15. The people in charge of the league keep talking about it so that's why it keeps getting discussed. It's different from MLS where Don Garber says "Maybe 80 to 100 years down the road" which is code for "never going to happen". The people running the CPL have a passion and vision for promotion/relegation. I don't believe it's impossible. If all it takes is roughly 5,000 paid supporters to sustain a coast to coast club, the CPL have a lot of communities they can go to and after that, they can let natural selection do its thing.
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