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  1. I remember watching Vitória de Guimarães play Arsenal last season in the Europa League and they looked dam good, skill, athleticism, everything, but I'm guessing they are one of the better ones.
  2. Parity will bring about some interesting questions 20-30 years down the road when more lucrative sponsorship and media deals start rolling in, and certain clubs begin to fully flesh out their fan bases. Hypothetically speaking, if a club like Valour or Forge start to pack their stadiums to peak capacity and the aforementioned media deals are in place, they should be allowed to spend more if their operations and overall club spending keep them financially healthy. I think at that point, the smaller clubs should be established enough to survive, but more importantly, the selling point would be different for each club. Soccer is a sport that operates on a unique spectrum of dynamic passion where the other sports here do not. Just last year, we had a packed house at Atco Field to watch Cavalry beat the Whitecaps during the Canadian Championship. You can't replicate something like that with the traditional North American sports, local club filled with local players coming together to knock out a team that plays in a major North American sports league...knocking them out in a competitive match. This scenario right here is what's going to keep the "smaller" clubs going in the future when disparity occurs. An 1812 Barrie FC competing week in and week out with 8,000 to 10,000 supporters seeing their club take on the giants with local guys, emerging phenoms is what people are going to get behind. Some people here like to mention that nobody is going to watch a team that cannot compete for a championship and how this is entertainment first and foremost....to which I say it is absolutely and unequivocally not. The NBA and MLB, that is entertainment not unlike going to the movies or a night out with the boys, club, pool hall, whatever it may be. Soccer does not fit that mold. Our sport is on the line of a rock concert, or concert in general regardless of the genre. You can even get theological and say it is like going to your place of worship. It is a communal and spiritual experience. You do not go to get entertained. You go to surrender yourself, join in to be apart of something bigger than you, it is a high that brings clarity to the mind.
  3. For some European countries, DAZN has the rights to UEFA Nation's League. You can check which countries on Wiki. Austria I think is one...Germany to. Gonna let you in on a little secret...you switch your IP address to a VPN for the country in question, you will get that country's content. I came to this realization when I logged into DAZN on my work laptop. My company's internet runs on an American VPN, which renders my DAZN useless for soccer since American DAZN is heavily boxing centric.
  4. Exciting times. This kind of feels like the Monday Night Wars....anticipating which promotion got the better ratings.
  5. It could be the opposite. People just might not find supporterless MLS soccer appealing to watch so ratings could be hit because of that.
  6. Manny Aparicio bending it like Beckham. Ijah Halley has the tools, athleticism to become our next big thing. The way he drove up the field right after coming on reminded me of Ruud Gullit. He just needs to keep his head up and work on his soccer IQ, overall decision making and the sky is the limit for him. Edit: after witnessing a few heavy touches, he should probably work on that as well. Perhaps, utilizing the Coerver Method.
  7. They have recently turned into a buy high and sell even higher club not unlike what Monaco was a few seasons back. The problem with Ligue 1 is that it is full of ball hogs like Bamba and Ikone. That along with the fact a lot of teams in Ligue 1 play with two holding midfielders leaves the center forwards out on their own pretty much. Like you mentioned, Lille need a driving force through the middle to link up with David or David might have to drop back a little and become that figure himself. It's a shame Pjanic went to Barca. He would have been perfect for Lille. There's some hope then. Hopefully he's not out too long.
  8. Thanks, found it. It seems the search function works now after switching to Google Chrome. The website is a lot more functional with that browser. As for the post in the CPL Island Games thread, it's well thought out and I will reply to it shortly.
  9. I'm on the website and the options are different. Where do I find it for the website?
  10. I still can't find the Lille replay on OneSoccer. What gives?
  11. I got up early just for this.
  12. I can't log in...my email does not exist according to the website
  13. Don't leave just yet. All the events of 2020 is going to lead to something big. The great rapture is about to occur brother. Let's see this thing through to the end.
  14. I love my club Y9 and all the players who represent it, and while I didn't think too much of the support for BLM since every sports league is doing that, I still have put in my two cents...and I am trying to be as respectful as I can. This is me being serious, forget the goofy **** about "ascending to another level" or how truth is poison to most people and red pilling this and that. Forget about all that. There will be no agitating in this post. The problem with all mainstream media talking points right now of how systemic racism exists are arrived at with a certain kind of selective deductive reasoning that leads to a conclusion, which can easily be argued as a false conclusion. Not saying it is a false conclusion but the argument can be made that it is one. I am also going to tell you why that is a bad thing. I want to look at a few parts of this video (not the German incidents) to illustrate my point: 0:45 - not being allowed into an establishment He states they told him its because of their shoes but believes it was because of skin colour I need more here, did he see people of other racial backgrounds get in who were wearing similar footwear? To me, this is selective deductive reasoning leading to a possible false conclusion. I have been prevented from entering a club based on a T-shirt before. It happens 1:00 - Pulled over by the police Did the cop actually say "you look like a drug dealer?" What were the various reasons cops gave for pulling him over numerous times? Could profiling have occurred here? It's possible but I need more details. 3:30 - Friend's Dad got in the way of his friendship Yeah, this is pretty clear cut but this isn't a systemic issue There is no policy in the world that can eliminate racism on a micro level like this short of going full police state where everyone's speech and behavior is monitored at all times, but that would be a terrible society to live in It's unfortunate his friend's dad harbored those views but there is not much you can do here Move on, make new friends, there are a lot of kids who don't have parents that are full of prejudice 4:00 - Getting followed around a store and then looking into the bag after Could this be because of his skin colour? It's probable Again, did he see other kids of different background get treated the same? Different? When I was 14 to 18 years old, I recall similar occurrences with myself at the bookstore or Wal-Mart It's usually the teenage factor that drives this behavior rather than race Security sees a young kid with a backpack on his school's lunchbreak and they get antsy When it comes to this being systemic issue, I doubt the minimum wage security guard is being given a directive to scrutinize black customers more than anybody else If he is, it should be thwarted obviously but I doubt it's in his job profile If he feels he was treated differently than somebody else, the Human Rights Court can take his case since I believe they do look into situations where businesses discriminate when it comes to customers 4:33 - Neighbour of his friend thinking he witnessed a drug deal Again, micro-level, can't do much here If a jerk on the street prejudges you, just move on with your day Not going to comment on the police as they just responded to the call 4:57 - Being called derogatory names at school Again, mirco-level issue, can't do much here if some jerks call you that, move on with your day School board policies are pretty strict across the board and suspensions would be handed out to the guilty parties if he stepped forward or had witnesses who vouched for his story so the systemic angle is already covered Granted, school bullying is pretty bad and a lot of stuff goes unpunished in general mind you 7:00 - Being from a different neighborhood and having people look out there window along with growing up and having parents of others kids call you names at a soccer match First one is another micro issue that is never going to be eliminated As for the parents, you can try removing them from the sidelines but who is really going to police and enforce that? Anybody that is saying or doing openly racist things is just socially stigmatizing himself, probably some low life who has nothing going for himself so let him act a fool and destroy his own reputation 8:18 - Have to look over your shoulder when you leave your house Why? Who are you looking out for? 8:50 - Lady clutching her purse and crossing the street Another micro-level case of prejudice that is never going to be eliminated Move on with your day, You, Kyle Porter have good things going for you, you have places to be and things to do while that old lady probably has nothing going for her Who cares about her And at the end of the video, what they want, which has been stated before is change. Corporations, some levels of government have been quick to get on board with the BLM movement and push the overall message but when you are given the platform and you cite the above mentioned items? Big Corporations and big government are going to ask you this, how do you want us to fix it? And the answer unfortunately is going to be "I don't know...." because like I said before, a lot of those issues cannot be remedied by policy. You all must have noticed in the video how nobody had a tangible thing about what they wanted done except for this vague word called "change". This is bad because the moment you say I don't know, big government is going to say "well, I'm not going to do anything then." So, if you want to talk about racism and systemic discrimination, talk about something of merit. Do not talk about someone looking out their window and giving you a funny look.
  15. I think we can all agree the visual production value is great, minus the close up ground level shots where the green screen is visible on the fences...well blue screen technically in this situation. However, they should do what the BPL and eventually UEFA starting with the CL quarterfinals did and pump in some crowd atmosphere through the speakers...unless the sound system isn't up to par. Just utilize clips from the CPL opener last year.
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