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  1. I'm more here for being in sado-masochism exercise that is being a Voyageur
  2. I've also seen too many kids get hyped up too fast too early, only to see them not pan out. I choose not to get disappointment lol
  3. Better potential than Zavaleta? probably. An upgrade? Let's wait a few more games before making that judgement. Singh has one and a bit game so far to show his stuff.
  4. I don't think he's a DM. he's a box to box CM. doesn't look comfortable enough as DM. but his passing is better as a CM
  5. Okello reminds me a lot of Hutch. And that's an awesome thing
  6. Shaff will never be known for being a technical player, but he hustles
  7. entire TFC squad have been taking lessons in the dark arts lol
  8. https://twitter.com/plattoli/status/1382439572685131777?s=20 starts vs Leon tonight
  9. The thing I love about Armas playing the kids is that players like Endoh, Deleon, Mullins, etc, the usual subs during Vanney era have to step up, if they want game minutes. Which in turns further motivates TFC kids to be more hungry for game minutes. A healthy competition is a good thing.
  10. Somewhere around 24k pounds per week.
  11. I'd hazard to guess that Tosun is on EPL wages and Larin is on not so EPL wages. Something that even the biggest teams in Turkey have to really consider
  12. https://www.tfcrepublic.ca/atiba-hutchinson-canmnt-besiktas-world-cup/
  13. Not a podcast, but John Molinaro's new site. TFC, CMNT, CWNT, CPL, Canadian soccer coverage I've subscribed. 50 bucks a year is nothing
  14. https://www.tfcrepublic.ca/ His new gig
  15. https://twitter.com/JohnMolinaro/status/1380611146437304326?s=20 Looks like John Molinaro has found an another gig to report on TFC
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