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  1. I still don't want Biello to take this team to Copa America. Very uninspiring showing. Use Copa America to attract a decent manager.
  2. Im in for one, maybe 2 Already got my flights and hotel
  3. The lesson here is, you can never take anything for granted when playing in Central America
  4. I don't know about you, but I'd never walk away from talking with Kaylyn Kyle!
  5. It's good to exorcise about 50% of the demons playing in Honduras. Wish it was a win against a better Honduras team who's more competitive and not last. Just to really rub it in their face. Allez Les Rouges
  6. https://www.espn.com/soccer/mexico-mex/story/4553454/mexico-loses-appeal-to-fifa-of-two-match-stadium-ban
  7. Does this make me some kind of Vs legend? 😁 Also, I live in Europe. I don't get poutine. My life has become sad lol
  8. And immortalize his best impression of Great Cornholio?
  9. More like, he gives all of his players a chance, and sometimes a couple more. Though a lot of it is due to injuries and whatnot.
  10. What I'd give for a clone of Big Kev McKenna in his prime in the Canada squad now.
  11. Cavallini as target striker gives another option. I'd rather have Cavallini than Tesho in the squad TBH. And deffo want Cavallini as an option vs Mexico, if he's fit.
  12. Park Ji Sung played mostly defensive right winger, but he's played enough CM for SAF
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