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  1. http://theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/alphonso-davies-bayern-munich
  2. Jakovic is 35. Let's keep that in mind
  3. 5 players who have the confidences to put their hands up to take a kick
  4. He's the Caps lucky charm! Caps can burn for all I care. Hasal though, can't help cheering for a cinderella story and I hope he makes a good run of games.
  5. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/07/21/us-national-team-head-coach-gregg-berhalter-toronto-fcs-ayo-akinola-we-consider-him
  6. In traditional Voyageurs fashion, OMG a Canadian prospect getting first team mins!!11!!!! Cap him before he commits to Czech Republic!!111!!!
  7. Didn't Hutch play couple of games as CB recently? Or is my brain playing tricks on me?
  8. mlssoccer.com article https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/07/17/us-canada-nigeria-toronto-fc-forward-ayo-akinola-has-plenty-international-options
  9. Considering Canada's bad track record of getting decent CBs last 10 yrs or so, I'm not hopeful, based upon the current crop of CBs and potential prospects. After Kevin McKenna, who's been our best CB? James and Henry? (Yikes) I want to see stud Canadian CBs as much as the next guy, but the track record says don't hold our breath. (But I want to be surprised)
  10. Let's also not too wild about Laryea at LB over one game
  11. Inverted leftbacks aren't really fashionable, if the primary role of LB is overlap to deliver crosses on the attack.
  12. Not until Canada develops 3-4 CBs that can actually defend.
  13. Let's try not to pigeon hole David into something he is not. He's good as a second striker/wide forward. I don't think he'll ever have the qualities to be a playmaker
  14. Ranjitsingh came on as a sub for Minny in Minny's last game. Though I thought he committed to T&T
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