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  1. I've been up since 430am in Eastern Europe. I am not regretting, but also regretting at the same time lol
  2. I see another Canadian GK has been infected with Borjan-itis
  3. I thought Kilbane was pretty good. Better than Caldwell. Has a decent resume doing commentator work after retiring from playing
  4. Whoever Martinique's RB is, he's going to have nightmares. Buchanan just blowing by him
  5. Michael Chopra was born in Newcastle of Indian descent Chhetri also played in a cup game for Kansas City Wizards
  6. Clean sheets against mostly minnows doesn't really count
  7. Important to win the first game. Put out the first team lineup, crush Martinique. 3-0 Reds
  8. it's so CONCACAF to be eliminated by bureaucracy
  9. Nakhi Wells doing Nakhi Wells things. 2-0 Bermuda
  10. Depends on how much you believe in Maslow's hierarchy of needs For some people, money isn't everything (although it is nice)
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