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  1. https://www.transfermarkt.us/trabzonspor-are-interested-in-ayo-akinola-toronto-fc-striker-a-free-agent-in-december/view/news/377794
  2. Oh Montreal FO, You make it too easy to mock you. Club de Foot Montreal Sphincter
  3. Trabzonspor forced a transfer of Fabian Castillo from FC Dallas which left a bad taste for MLS FO I bet. If this rumour is true, well, I don't think Trabzonspor is a bad team for Akinola to go to. However, I'm always cautious about any transfers to a Turkish team outside of big Istanbul teams. You might not get paid.
  4. Can we also get a Central American assistant manager who knows how to win against the 'dark arts' used by Central American players? Actually, maybe a witch doctor might be a better for protection.
  5. I really want Larin to do well for Canada. I really do. But we've all see how Larin botched scoring chances that he did get (regardless of his supporting cast) for Canada. Some players do well for club, but absolutely sucks for country. I'm hoping Larin isn't one of those players.
  6. Considering how much Larin has been a disappointment for CMNT, until I see Larin scoring goals regularly for CMNT, I'm not going to get excited. Hope is the first step towards disappointment
  7. every game I've seen Shome play, I've yet to be impressed. CPL is probably the best for player of his calibre
  8. well, at least we have a little better idea where Corbeanu is on the pecking order for Wolves. still has a lot to impress during training to scrap for some mins
  9. lol. Otasowie misses an open header on the final kick of the game to win the game.
  10. Or go play in US until COVID restrictions are lifted enough to play home games like last season
  11. it's not that Bob Bradley didn't try to adjust, he just didn't have any players left that he could throw on. He had mostly defenders, and couple of kids as attackers on the bench. The biggest difference maker between a Liga MX team vs a MLS team is the depth. Perhaps the story might have been different if Bradley Wright-Phillips chose to play for LAFC till end of CCL (like Jakovic) instead of hanging out looking for a new club.
  12. I'll eat my Canada jersey if a CPL team wins CCL before an MLS team
  13. This. If he chooses Canada, great. If he chooses USA, well, he's looking out for number 1.
  14. yeah. scuffing a goal line clearance costing his team a goal. oops
  15. Oh what a chip pass by Kaye to Rossi for LAFC goal! I thought Kaye was ok defensively, but wasteful on offence so far but that's a real heads up play
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