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  1. Fully on the Ritchie Laryea hype train!
  2. Laryea makes a lot of good decisions on the offence, while a lot of fullbacks would just go into the corner and put a cross in when they are in trouble
  3. Eh. I found Wanyama solid, not spectacular. But then again, expectation from Wanyama is pretty high. Camacho should be doing laps up and down Mount Royal for the screw up
  4. Learning curve, although Henry should know better how much road trips takes its toll on players in MLS versus Europe.
  5. LAFC never adequately replaced Walker Zimmerman. Also missing Atuesta in midfield. This exposes Jakovic's lack of pace esp on counter
  6. Needs to be banned from taking PKs. Horrible take vs Clement Diop
  7. ok i'm convinced. Laryea can play LB. it's like he took lessons from Justin Morrow's school of fullbacks being at the right place at the right time
  8. Starts vs TFC. MDS keeping faith with the young lad
  9. Wrong. Updated 2020 rules https://www.mlssoccer.com/league/official-rules/mls-roster-rules-and-regulations In MAK's case, LAFC would get 95% of the transfer fees, of which up to 1 mil can be converted to general allocation money. So, LAFC has incentive to sell players to bank GAM to use.
  10. And often spectacular bad for his team, like a red card or a PK given away.
  11. http://theplayerstribune.com/en-us/articles/alphonso-davies-bayern-munich
  12. Jakovic is 35. Let's keep that in mind
  13. 5 players who have the confidences to put their hands up to take a kick
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