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  1. Huge move SKC brings in Alan Pulido..finally they get a big time striker..now Vermes really has to get results or its bye bye https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/12/10/sporting-kansas-city-win-alan-pulido-sweepstakes-sign-mexican-striker
  2. theres plenty of good Canadian keepers even at semi pro and university levels..no need to use an international spot for that
  3. Finally back as head coach at the pro level..takes over as head coach of San Antonio FC after being an assistant there last season..one of the best Canadian coaches currently https://www.uslchampionship.com/news_article/show/1070223
  4. The six year backup jackson-hamel is back with a 1+1 contract https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/12/09/montreal-impact-and-homegrown-fwd-anthony-jackson-hamel-agree-new-contract
  5. ^ hmm missed that..what was written?
  6. drop that low?? mls or mexico where he'll get more minutes?? lol hes a 3+ year backup in chile..with less than 60 league games in 5+ years he needs to go somewhere to get regular time
  7. and just realized this 2019 thread..nothing should be posted here anymore..post only in 2020 thread
  8. became mostly a sub toward the end of the season..not good at 600k..but this was a needed change for him and hopefully he turns it around and becomes an important player for Toronto
  9. gotta bring that salary a lot lower..close to 10 years in mls and never able to break out..3 goals 4 assists in 2018 and 3 goals 2 assists in 2019
  10. Will Ronan Cordelle be the majority owner? Whats his background and net worth?
  11. That goal is 100% on Borjan..there were mistakes before that but the goal conceded is 100% on him as he made the huge mistake of going out and leaving the goal open when he had no business to
  12. Just looks like a case of the owner not having the money and trying to keep it alive..just wasnt gonna happen
  13. Close it up..moving forward
  14. Montserrat holding..0-0 at the break and boos from the crowd
  15. sometimes when you miss this many chances you end up paying for it..wow de los cobos makes a change before the break
  16. Is El Salvador Montserrat not on OneSoccer?
  17. Urruti is not worth 1M..if another team picks up that big contract it would be fine
  18. Theres a very small number of coaches who would get a win in 2 official games against usa with this squad..defender and goalkeeper pool is weak overall..has made strong selections overall and masterful tactics in the first game against usa to beat them..has done a good job overall
  19. Herdman said adekugbe played 2 of the last 6..wrong because he started 2 of the last 6..also subbed in 3 of them..but still davies played much more minutes then him in oct and nov..herdman didnt talk about minutes since the gold cup but the last 6 games
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