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  1. Edmonton is really the worst team in the league as predicted with all these low budget signings..hopefully they get a new owner who is willing to spend more
  2. Aleman is a backup in Sacramento so hes not impressing at usl level let alone in front of mls team
  3. Only scored one last season but seems he didnt play much as center forward..anyway at close to 36 probably looking for one last big paycheck and probably prefers short season
  4. Lol trafford gives a little slap to the back of cela's head: you aint doing that to me boy..forge completely dropped off in the second half
  5. Triston Henry with one of the saves of the year on Malonga but he scores a few minutes later..forge can really put this away..boy does wheeler love playing with words
  6. They gotta get berhalter out of there
  7. From la galaxy..come on
  8. Gerba scored 4 in 15 with Ingolstadt https://www.transfermarkt.com/ali-gerba/leistungsdaten/spieler/35838/saison/2007/plus/1#gesamt https://www.fussballdaten.de/person/ali-gerba/einsaetze/fc-ingolstadt-04/2008/regionalliga/sued/
  9. Looks like horta going back to braga..knew he wasnt gonna last long in la after watching that episode of him and bradley last year..galaxy preparing offer for highly priced pavon https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/06/07/report-lafc-designated-player-andre-horta-could-return-sc-braga https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/06/07/reports-galaxy-preparing-mega-offer-boca-juniors-star-cristian-pavon
  10. Lol you could hear Vermes when shaking hands of TFC coaches "what a terrible ref huh"..telfer recalled sent in at 87 makes a run behind nice ball over from pozuelo and he gives a ball across for open net equalizer by hamilton..1 point at home still in the last playoff spot but barely
  11. Match thread is already in Voyageurs Cup section..shouldnt be here
  12. Both teams with good chances in the first half..Forge a little better..could go either way..Reynders head coach again
  13. ^ parrot reply coming in 5..4..3..2..1..
  14. On paper its good..a 30 yo liga mx starter with success in mls..but its all about the performance..boyd and ciman have been bad
  15. Hes back in the montreal region as he played 66 minutes today in plsq with Lanaudiere in a 5-1 loss to csmro..probably looking for cpl fall season or next year
  16. Yes Beland was better..shooting was off but less crazy fouling and giveaways
  17. This game just shows edmonton is really the weakest team in the league..gotta start doe and b zebie..marcelin out of gas after a half..nothing going offensively..son very mediocre..just won first game but even then were completely dominated and now cant score and giving a lot of chances..sarkaria khabra havent brought much..moses bad at cb..diouck esua james temguia have been their best players but need much better performances and probably to bring in a few players to turn it around
  18. Valour getting close to american style teams with heavy number of spanish portuguese speakers with carreiro arguinarena bustos galvis gutierrez in the 11..sacramento on the bench gets subbed in for injured gutierrez at the end of the half..valour looks closer to taking it but should send in musse and hoyle if they cant score by 60 min..petrasso back to right back..ref gives 3 yellows in first 16 min
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