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  1. So we’re supporter section tickets sold through ticketmaster or am I not seeing the link to buy them on here.
  2. So is no one here sitting with the voyageurs. Looked at the presale and it looks like they aren’t selling tickets for the stand behind the goal so I assume that’s where them and the LSB’s will be set up. It’s to bad the game isn’t on Saturday because I don’t know how I can get there on time through the ferry.
  3. I heard that they're going to open the second game up to the public if the first one sells out.
  4. I like the rules they’ve created with the cup in terms of players on the field and hope that the FA will do the same though I doubt they have the guts to upset the big 6. In terms of the game always being at the lower division teams stadium I’m in two minds on it. On the one side it will give the teams a chance to have an amazing atmosphere vs a great team which could help them win. On the other side playing in the big teams stadium can often give an injection a cash that is much needed, due to revenue sharing in the fa cup (45% to both teams 10% to the FA). Are there similar rules in Spain? I’d personally rather that it either stay a random draw or give the lower league team the choice of being home or away. In terms of the major trophy for smaller teams. I was more talking about smaller teams in the premier league chance at a trophy. The chance of a lower league team winning the cup is next to none. I hope they don’t remove the EFL cup as it will give bottom half clubs one less chance to qualify for Europe.
  5. My dad is a lifelong Leicester supporter and grew up going to games. If we hadn’t won the league the only two time he would have seen them in Europe was due to the league cup. Nah maybe a Liverpool or Chelsea’s supporter thinks it’s stupid as they’re already in Europe guaranteed every season. To them it just creates fixture congestion but to fans of non top 6 teams these cups are massive. And beyond that these cups are important to the clubs to non prem teams. Having a prem team come to town or a away day at a big club can be hugely important for these clubs financially. Cup runs for small teams like Shrewsbury can help pay for better players to move up the divisions. Now I’m not saying clubs rely on the cups, they don’t, but having these cups are important to 90% of fans and most clubs. In my opinion it’s disgusting what some managers do to disrespect the cup. They run out a youth team with out a care in the world if they win. They don’t have to put out a first team obviously but at least put out the second team and a couple reserves. There’s always discussion about removing the League cup but when you look at the conversations it’s only ever supporters of the big 6 who want it gone. Yes they would as the rules state all champions league spot must be based on the league and not cup competitions.
  6. Only big team fans call these cups useless. These are often the best chances for “smaller” clubs to qualify for Europe. In my opinion the FA should petition UEFA to allow the fa cup winner to qualify for the champions league. It would probably make the big teams care a bit more.
  7. Yes they mentioned he was the first Canadian to play for Liverpool.
  8. The fa isn’t letting anyone show the match. BT sport tried to get the match but the FA denied it likely due to them thinking Klopp is disrespecting the cup.
  9. well now I feel like a idiot
  10. Don’t mean to be disheartening or something, but as someone who’s followed Leicester for most of my life (just mentioning this so someone doesn’t call me plastic). Our winger situation is rough, but it’s rough in terms of our wingers are probably low prem level instead of high prem level. Perez is very on and off he has some games he dominates and other he looks like he should be playing in the championship. Barnes on the other hand dominated with west brom in the championship but has struggled with the transition to the prem. His biggest struggle has been his finishing but other than that he can be a very solid player in the other aspects of the game. Our backups Gray and Albrighton both fill very different roles. Gray is a good sub when it’s late in the game and you need a injection of pace and skill. Biggest downfall for him is not knowing when to pass. Albrighton on the other hand is a great defensive option who can put in a fantastic cross. Also will put 110% every appearance. Biggest downfall for him is his lack of skill on the ball, he is rarely able to take a player on. We also have Chilwell and pereira who are very versatile and can play on the wing when needed. If Borges is ever to play for Leicester he would have to exponentially improve which I think he could do but don’t know if he will.
  11. I’m not saying that we aren’t in the top 4 in Concacaf on paper. My opinion on 5% is based on how **** we are away in Concacaf compared to other nations. We struggled against St. Kitts and Cuba away ffs. But I think in a two legged serried we could possibly do it. I just don’t see us getting many points away in the hex and then we’d be relying on being great at home.
  12. I mean even with the math you’ve done with probably inaccurate numbers the lower route looks more appeasing to me. If we had those odds in winning in our games on the bottom route I’d take that over the hellhole of the hex. And besides I think our actual chance of qualifying automatically from the hex is closer to 5% with about a 20% chance of coming 4th.
  13. Goals are here https://www.flashscore.ca/game/zLZkObq1/#video
  14. he also said this according to the replies so maybe y'all need to chill. “Still i am proud of my national team and am looking to make history with my country”
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