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  1. It's just kinda pointless to write out that he exists and you know nothing about him and he might be good in 6 years. It adds nothing to the discussion and is just a waste of time. If you don't like the dynamics here feel free to leave for BigSoccer where maybe they'll appreciate you spamming threads with nothing of value to add.
  2. Time to throw games vs Bhutan. Get a group of people on this board to go around the world "representing" Canada so we drop to 150th in the world and play in the lower path.
  3. I'm going to have to disagree with you there. While it would be convenient, it is in no way ideal to have nations unable to participate in qualifying. I'd much rather Concacaf pay whatever amount of money to help these teams be able to play then the nations or the players not having a chance to qualify, no matter how small it is.
  4. 5 substitutions will just result in even more time wasting. It will also make it possible for big teams to start a worse team against small teams and then if it goes to **** bring on their 5 best players and turn it around. The rule would only give advantages to big teams with lots of depth and hurt smaller teams who lack it. It should stay at 3 otherwise you might as well just go to rolling subs and **** all the small teams over quicker.
  5. Just wondering, did you use to post on the old voyageurs board under the name TG11?
  6. Has to be an even number of teams in the groups so the final matches can all be played at the same time. You don't want two teams going into their final match after everyone else knowing they both only need a tie to go through.
  7. I really don't think Crepeau is nearly as good as some people on this board and MLS.com seem to think. I watch him week in week out and the amount of shocking mistakes he makes is horrendous. Obviously our defense hasn't helped him to much but so many times he'll spill the ball to the centre of the box or fail to make a save he should. I want him to be our keeper of the future but unless Borjan has a big drop in form over the next two years I can't see him not starting for us if we qualify. He makes a lot of saves and makes some great ones but he still makes way to many mistakes to be our number 1.
  8. https://latitudelaw.com/news/the-fas-policy-on-non-eu-football-players-and-possible-implications-following-brexit/ These are apparently the requirements for a work permit. Doesn't really make it clear on what the rules are for international matches if your country is ranked outside the top 50. There possibly is exceptions to the rules based on if the player is an exceptional talent but chooses not to play international football but I don't think Larin would get an exemption because he's just not good enough.
  9. The comments are a complete shitshow, Jesus Christ. The Americans definitely didn’t like hearing that Pulisic might not be the best player in Concacaf.
  10. I know it's probably one of the least likely places to get a team but I would love if the North Shore (North/West Vancouver) got a team. It's estimated current population is 192441. Why I doubt this will ever happen is due to how close it is to the Whitecaps and due to the rumored team in Langley/Surrey. We also lack any real stadium at the moment besides from a very small stand at Fen Burdett park.
  11. I think they should give it to England/UK. They're long overdue hosting a World Cup especially considering they've been trying to host it for years and not been picked partly due to corruption within FIFA.
  12. Gold cup can't be used because some countries would be eliminated before it ever began. Doesnt matter that the US Virgin Islands wouldn't have qualified to begin with but they still deserve the chance.
  13. Alphonso Davies no matter how good he becomes will never be considered the greatest canadian athlete except if there's a massive change in the popularity of soccer in the next 10 years. Gretkzy will always be considered first, rightfully so, as the greatest hockey player to ever live. Could he ever become Number 2 in the eyes of Canadians, definitely a possibility to me.
  14. Or El Salvador gets to go through because they have more fifa points then us whether we like it or not.
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