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  1. I think we all want to see Liam get into a game day 18 tbh. Obviously unlikely but don't know why we wouldn't want that.
  2. I thought it was just some ****** prank gone wrong but he’s clearly just an *******, Jesus.
  3. Not going to disagree it’s great for development for players like Liam but it really sucks a tournament that gave smaller teams a chance to win a trophy lost its prestige/importance by adding youth teams. Especially since the small clubs aren’t allowed to play more than a couple reserves.
  4. I was basing my opinion off the Onesoccer picks so I don't get how Millar or Akindele is more experimental than Nelson. At least Akindele is getting good MLS playing time while Millar has had a good start to the u-23 premier league.
  5. I think Nelson would be gold cup and be replaced by someone like Millar or Akindele depending on how their seasons go.
  6. Purely defensively I pick Piette over any other DM however if we want a box to box player there then it’s probably Kaye as my first choice.
  7. We’re like a magnet to non fifa nations at the gold cup.
  8. Maybe the rule is you need two keepers on the bench minimum.
  9. Bit off topic, but what happened when Jason De Vos came on here. I've seen it mentioned so many times but never seen an explanation.
  10. They haven’t done the draw yet, have they, so Qatar isn’t in group d or am I wrong?
  11. Special exemptions I guess. The nhl got special exemptions so the players didn’t have to quarantine in their hotel room. Obviously a lot less money from the Cayman Islands coming to town but maybe possible still.
  12. I don't like VAR either but for slightly different reasons. I personally prefer the human error in the game rather than some computer precision down to a couple millimetres. And in the past it would have benefited us to have it i.e. Atiba's goal vs the USA in 2007 but there's also been times where we've benefited from it not existing. Yeah it's annoying when the call doesn't go our way, but I find that a lot better than a stoppage after every goal because the player was potentially offside because he wears size 12 cleats.
  13. Played 90 in a 5-1 win. He seems to have had a good game according to Fotmob, 7.4 rating which was the highest for someone who didn't score or assist.
  14. I’m pretty sure time here as a university student doesn’t count equal to time spent living/working here or does he not require citizenship to play for us.
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