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  1. I wish there was 20,000 there but boy could you here the ones there tonight.
  2. Who the ***** on the wing beside Davies. Osorio should’ve been dropped for hoillet and have hoillet on one wing with Davies on the other.
  3. Yah obviously they weren’t getting the hex but I bet they’d like to have a better than 200 ranking. I also thought they’d be one of the teams to go up after a win and draw in qualifying but they got drawn against Guadeloupe who should really have gotten league B who were also the only other team who qualified to league c with 4 points.
  4. You gotta feel for turks and caicos islands who are playing pointless matches for nations league as they can't gain a single point in the fifa rankings due to who's in their group and won't be promoted because guadeloupe **** the bed during qualifying.
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