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  1. So I didn’t realize they released the entire schedule already. This might be old news but I’ll post it anyway. https://gallery.mailchimp.com/78d3589fb61466b549ff752e5/files/02a9e681-94b1-452b-9684-a5406c796292/19_CNL_Schedule_final.pdf
  2. I’d say about 15-20k considering it’s a midweek game and could possibly drop closer to or below 15k in game day attendance (not ticket sales) if there’s bad weather.
  3. Haiti has so much speed and strength we’re going to have to be solid at the back. Definitely hope Herdman doesn’t sleep on them.
  4. Hoiletts 2/5 in his career but has missed his last 2.
  5. We didn’t deserve to win. Played like ****, what a disappointing tournament.
  6. Good placement in the corner but at the perfect height for a goalkeeper.
  7. So I went and checked it out Cavallini is 5/7 for penalties in his career but has missed his last 2. Arfield is 6/8 but hasn’t taken a penalty since 2015 and hasn’t scored one since 2010 when he was with falkirk. Other than that most of our players haven’t taken one or scored one. Hutchison scored one against Bulgaria in a friendly in 2014 and Teibert scored one against Dominica in 2015. So from this information I can conclude we don’t have a player who is super great at penalties but Cavallini should probably be our number one.
  8. I generally feel like he really loved the team and the transition he started away from floro ball. And I also think he only tweeted the other thing because he thought Herdman was having a go at him.
  9. I meant international scoring people are going crazy over the fact he has 9 goals in 7 games when they’ve all come against pretty much minnows.
  10. I don’t mean to be that guy but David has scored all his goals against minnows or close to minnows. While he’s going to be a great player for us I don’t think we can tell much from his scoring braces vs Martinique, USVI, and Cuba.
  11. Here’s the screenshot of when he makes contact should’ve definitely been retaken.
  12. Would’ve preferred arfield subbed off for Morgan and Davies pushes up the field.
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