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  1. I assume Concacaf and the Member Associations will try to negotiate a deal with the countries governments where they go only from the hotel to the stadium/practice area and never go into public. Probably will also have to be tested before travelling and before games. If not possible then I assume they will have to play in a neutral venue where there aren't many cases ie Montserrat, Dominica, St lucia etc.
  2. So klangefurt got to make up +6 goal difference. Rip promotion.
  3. Wanderers ground it is, except if the entire Maritimes is telling people to go away. Maybe they can get an exception if the teams only travel from the hotel to the ground by bus and never go in public...
  4. Maybe we'll be able to have partially filled home games if we play in somewhere like Manitoba or the Maritimes. We could play at King George V park or something.
  5. Kinda worried about drawing Guatemala, especially if we have to play them away. Wouldn’t be the first time we struggled against a weaker team in Central America.
  6. These are the tie breakers according to wiki; I have no idea what less matches awarded against is though. 1) Points; 2) Less matches awarded against; 3) Goal difference; 4) Goals scored; 5) Matches won; 6) Away matches won; 7) Head-to-head points; Head-to-head goal difference; 9) Head-to-head goals scored.
  7. Adekugbe starts at LB vs Aalesund Was sent off in the 68th minute after being given a second yellow for diving. Game ended 2-2. Here’s a video if anyone wants to see the dive. Clear yellow in my opinion.
  8. I don’t really think Eustaquio is better than Piette at this point. Piette’s been consistent throughout his international career and is likely always going to be at least a solid sub off the bench when we’re defending a lead. Also, I think Eustaquio is better on the ball but Piette is a rock defensively which we need with so so CBs.
  9. If anyone does it I am confident it will be Piette. He has played in 8/11 matches in the last year. Assuming he stays consistent with his caps and I think he will it would take him only 6 years to reach 100 caps I think.
  10. If the original link doesn't work use this. Insane goal!
  11. Not really any meaningless games at this point as most teams are either fighting for Europe or trying to avoid relegation.
  12. Hoilett is definitely ahead of all the wingers you mentioned. Except if he has a massive drop in form he'll be playing for us if we qualify in 2022 and possibly even 2026. He's been a great player for both club and country and is to me at least, just as worthy of a guaranteed starting role as David, Davies, or Borjan.
  13. more the stadium then the field that's the problem.
  14. Doubt it, If any country was in such a poor financial situation that they couldn't afford it then they'd likely be bailed out by Concacaf. I'd also hope that if Concacaf refused one of the big nations would step up and help fund it.
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