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  1. Alphonso Davies starts on the bench for Bayern vs. Schalke.
  2. Well that’s not entirely factual is it? some examples of players you may of heard of who played at small schools or schools in poor conferences. Steph Curry - played at Davidson, seems to be doing ok in the NBA how about 🇨🇦‘S own Steve Nash from Santa Clara University? Larry Bird...heard of him? Indiana State Sycamores the newly names NBA rookie of the year JA Morant is from Murray State. How about Hall of Famers like Scottie Pippen, Karl Malone or David Robinson? All small school, non power conference players. My point is, if a player is good enough someone will find him and he’ll move onto a more challenging situation. This 20 year old kid is far from the finished product, so give him a chance to develop and hope he turns into a great player.
  3. Impact vs. Whitecaps 9:30 PM TSN Lineups are below
  4. Dayne St. Clair and Raheem Edwards start for Minnesota United vs. Sporting Kansas City. 8:30 Eastern on DAZN
  5. The legend was player of the game today vs. Trabzonspor. Playing pretty well for a 38 year old.
  6. Charles Andreas Brym is on the bench for Royal Excel Mouscron today.
  7. Atiba and Cyle Larin start for Besiktas vs. Trabzonspor in the league opener. Atiba has an assist on Boyd’s first half goal.
  8. MLS Miller and Akindele start on the bench for Orlando City vs. Miami who have Jay Chapman on their bench. Tajon Buchanan is a sub for New England. Alistair Johnson starts for Nashville.
  9. Seems like a quick recovery from testing positive for Covid a few weeks back, nice to see him back playing and scoring.
  10. Could add in a few of the younger guys as well like Mitrovic, Yankov and even Corbeanu.
  11. Montagliani was on one soccer last week and announced October will not happen.
  12. According to Turkish media, Larin has a muscle strain. From this report, it sounds minor. Hopefully he won’t miss much time,
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