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  1. Liam Millar starts for Kilmarnock today
  2. Liverpool is working on getting loans for several of the young guys, I’m sure something will be done with Liam soon.
  3. They have another young guy upfront (Arp), Bayern gave Lewandowski the night off as well.
  4. Phonzie starts vs. AC Milan. Game is on DAZN in about 20 mins (9pm Eastern)
  5. There was/is a player with the same last name in the Prem, they also pronounce it Davis.
  6. The British always seem to pronounce “Davies” as “Davis”
  7. Any chance it could be Shaffelburg? I thought he went to high school in the U.S.
  8. Phonsie played about 30 mins tonight vs. Real Madrid in a 3-1 win, started in the midfield and then moved to left back. Made a nice run while playing LB into Madrid’s box but was dispossessed. He may start in their next friendly vs. AC Milan (game is Tuesday 9pm on DAZN)
  9. Shaqiri has a significant injury and is going to miss quite a bit of time at the start of the season. Wilson and Kent are both talented players but I don’t think Klopp rates them as high as the fan base does. I’d like to see Wilson get a shot this season, but we’ll see what happens.
  10. Referee exchange program to give referees more exposure to big events. I think there was a non-Conmebol referee in the Copa America as well.
  11. Henry has his share of naysayers as well.
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