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  1. Based on the KJ & Caldwell podcast I listened to today, I think you might be right,
  2. Anderson was drafted by the Oilers but did not sign until after the Olympics. A handful of other Canadians went onto careers in the NHL as players and coaches.
  3. NHL players didn’t participate at the 1980 Olympics (first participation was 1998 in Nagano) - this happened at the 1981 World Championship, Canada’s team is usually populated by players whose teams didn’t participate in the playoffs or were eliminated early. In Lafleur’s case, the Canadiens were eliminated in the first round and he joined the team. Canada defeated the Dutch 8-1 in the preliminary round. I found the below information to validate your information.
  4. We’ve withdrawn from the games.
  5. St. Clair and Raheem Edwards start on the bench for Minnesota
  6. On for the Revs in the last 10 mins vs. Montreal, had a great chance and headed it off the bar.
  7. Did David play attacking MF today or was he up front?
  8. I’ve been watching Serie A quite often this year and I think David’s game is suited to the league. The ridiculous amount of racism worries me though, I don’t want to see him regress because of the actions of fans.
  9. If Depoitre and Yaremchuk are both out for Gent, they’ll have a tough time.
  10. David has 2 goals in the first 12 minutes of the match.
  11. As an LFC supporter, I’d love to see what Klopp and his staff could do with David.
  12. Phonzie’s starting in the Cup game vs. Hoffenheim. Game is available on YouTube, link below. https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=p12ILp9a778
  13. From This is Anfield website
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