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  1. Here’s a tweet I sent out today in response to Jebbison’s debut with Sheffield United. Daniel liked my response, hopefully that’s a good sign for us.
  2. Too bad you lost the Bossy, a mint one now runs around $4000. I have one from my younger days, but it’s nowhere near mint.
  3. Atiba played 78 and Larin played 28 off the bench as Besiktas held on for a 3-2 win. Besiktas is currently 6 points clear but Fenerbahce has a game in hand.
  4. Latest on David’s injury as per KJ.
  5. His goal from today’s U-23 match
  6. Bontis & Wheeler would be quite the conversation. Both hyperactive verbal diarrhoea types.
  7. We need to get a third because this ref is trying to gift a goal to El Salvador
  8. Nice little move from Wolves last game vs. Leeds.
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