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  1. Just bumping this forward. He’s committed to play for Canada.
  2. Andre Villas-Boas walked away when the sporting director brought Ntcham in on loan. More info in this article. https://www.espn.com/soccer/marseille/story/4306060/marseille-in-crisis-why-fans-invaded-training-groundwhy-villas-boas-leftwhats-next-for-club
  3. Marseille is a mess right now. Coach resigned this week after the team signed a player he didn’t want. Another player was supposed to be transferred out and was denied at the last minute. Hopefully they can get it together tomorrow and take some points from PSG.
  4. Just Dan is gone, Jay is doing their show solo.
  5. He’s signed with Championship side Huddersfield Town.
  6. Liam named to the League One team of the week.
  7. And the 3 young keepers in Italy- Breza, Milli and Desjardins
  8. If he has 6 months or less on his contract he can sign with any club he wants based on the ruling of the Bosman court case.
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