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  1. Very entertaining game. Looking forward to Saturday!
  2. Hope this loan gets him on the right track. Lots of playing time and hopefully lots of goals.
  3. I’m not making him the fall guy, we are still up 1-0. He did struggle in the first half. But it’s the first half of the first game, hopefully he improves in the second half. If not ZBG will be in there. Relax and enjoy the game.
  4. Godinho is really struggling out there. ZBG will be vs. Mexico. Fantastic finish by David Borjan has saved our bacon numerous times, need to tighten up at the back.
  5. For those in Southern Ontario, lots of cheap flights going to Florida on Southwest or Frontier from Buffalo.
  6. More likely the Thunder Bay Chill is in the center 😂😂 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thunder_Bay_Chill
  7. I was referring to rumours I’ve heard in the last few weeks.
  8. I’ve heard rumours of Cruz Azul and Monterrey, but not Atlas. Seems like he’s a wanted man in Liga MX
  9. Wassey’s team (SC Paderborn 07) has been promoted to the Bundesliga for the 19-20 season. Looks like he is under contract for one more year. Not sure if we’ll ever see him with the MNT again though.
  10. Yes Leandro Bacuna, who is a MF. They also have Cuzco Martina who has played for Everton.
  11. Jonathan David plays 89 mins and gets his 12th goal of the Juliper League for Gent.
  12. Atiba starts And Larin’s on the bench for Besiktas. They can clinch a EL spot today in the second last game of the season. Game is on Bein and DAZN at 12:15 EST
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