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  1. Looks like another two thousand plus lower bowl tickets were just released
  2. Lower bowl sold out quickly once general sale started at 10am. Some upper bowl sections are moving quickly too. All at a much faster pace than the Honduras match. Hopefully this sells out within a week and additional tickets are released with increased capacity.
  3. Rumours are that Phonzie will be starting at left wing tomorrow vs Furth. I believe this would be Davies’ first start at winger for Bayern? Furth are pretty poor and will be overmatched so good chance for Davies to get some goal contributions.
  4. Twitter said he subbed in and played as a CB for this match??
  5. General lower bowl tickets are moving much faster than last window. Really hope it's legit and not scalper driven
  6. sounds like the same thing he picked up during the last international window
  7. There are around 2,500 Panamanians in Ontario (9% of Salvadoran population). So I wouldnt expect a huge turnout for this.
  8. Tbh I thought he had a better performance than most other times I’ve seen him (even in USL). Nothing amazing and he did have a few poor touches, but he actually didn’t look overwhelmed like previous appearances. He played the ball with confidence and made some good runs. Generally I’ve thought he looked anonymous or overwhelmed but I didn’t think so last night. Anyways, these sort of minutes are exactly what he needs. TFC have another 10 matches this season - hopefully he can get a decent run.
  9. Very strong performance vs York. Had 2 assists and could have easily had another 2. Not sure if it's sustainable but his end product has improved immensely in the last few months. As I said above, with an expanded roster, he might be worth a call as a winger with pace who can sub on and be dangerous. It's likely between him and Millar
  10. tbh that looks like a scuffed shot attempt but nonetheless it worked out!
  11. Pre-sale opens tomorrow at 10am. Any word on the capacity constraints? Will attendance still be capped at 15k?
  12. Nice header off a good cross from Yilmaz lille have been totally dominant so far
  13. Doubt it - with the surgery, recovery, his jaw being wired shut…can’t imagine he’ll be on a pitch within a few weeks
  14. Jamaica has confirmed that the match will be in Kingston and not a neutral location. They are currently lobbying the government to allow fully vaccinated fans to attend.
  15. He’s been poor for the Whitecaps. They’re actually better off with Brian White…Can only assume Vancouver moves on from him after this season unless he really turns things around in the next month
  16. my post was in reference to club form. Pasher has been the best of them when he does play but is constantly inured and unavailable. Corbeanu has around one hour of professional minutes in League 1 and hasn’t done anything yet. Millar is playing at the highest level of these guys but doesn’t have a goal contribution yet (outside of Swiss Cup matches against 5th tier clubs ) so Shaffelburg is definitely right there with him IMO.
  17. Not really worked up about this - we were always his third choice and a real long shot. Could have been a useful player for us though
  18. Terrible offside trap by Allistair Johnston there shaffelburg has been playing pretty well the last month. I was never too high on him but he’s been pretty dangerous lately. Just in terms of pure club form he’s probably in the Liam Millar / Corbeanu / Pasher group as winger depth for the CanMNT.
  19. Lille are painful to watch. Yilmaz and David are totally stranded up top. There’s no one in the midfield without Sanchez. Lille needs to make some changes fast
  20. Looks like Junior is starting as a lone striker vs Fulham
  21. Scott Kennedy is back in the starting XI and over the hamstring injury he picked up vs the USA for a 730 EST matchup vs Düsseldorf.
  22. The paradox of course is that the less time he gets with Rangers the more useful he is for us - more willing to show up, healthier etc. I still maintain with these crazy windows and the need for rotation he’s a valuable piece for us. We don’t have many mids who can play like him - Atiba in his current role, Osorio a bit - so it’s good to have another competent guy with those abilities.
  23. Scott Arfield on the bench for Europa league match vs Lyon at 3pm EST on DAZN
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