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  1. He was poor imo. A few really bad touches and just looked slow and non-threatening in general
  2. DSC not getting the start tonight vs Vancouver - disappointing but not that surprising. Hope he can get his spot back soon.
  3. Is TFC2 going to be playing soon? If so, I hope Marshall Rutty gets a lot of time there vs sticking around at TFC for 10 minutes of match time every few weeks
  4. Wouldn’t be at all surprised if Miller gets the start next match. Minnesota is desperate for points and I don’t think they’re going to wait on DSC to turn it around.
  5. Wolves looking awful..I think that makes it less likely for Theo to get an appearance
  6. I would be pretty shocked if a guy firmly in the England youth setup, who also plays with an English club, gave that up to join Canada. Makes very little sense from a development perspective. Think it’s far more likely he plays out his tenure for England youth the next five years before deciding on a senior career - similar to Eustaqiuo.
  7. The key with Clark is that he played 12 matches at USL and essentially dominated (3 goals and 5 assists) and proved he was ready for MLS later in year. JMR just hasn’t played much competitive football at all.
  8. Clark will be at RBL in a year - not really a fair comparison to these guys.
  9. The hype is mostly internally generated TFC stuff so I would take that with a bucket of salt. Still, he’s only 16 and clearly not ready for this level. Wish we could see him play USL or CPL for a year. Look at NYs Caden Clark - he’s 17 but physically is on a different level from JMR and can be effective.
  10. I don’t disagree but I don’t think he’s ready to start. Even just physically he looks totally overwhelmed - slow and so easily knocked off the ball. It just looks like a different level for him now.
  11. I mean there is hype around almost every young Canadian around these parts. ive watched him for two years with Vancouver and he’s never struck me as anything other than a rotational MLS piece at best. I don’t think he was surprisingly bad at Olympic qualifying or anything
  12. Seeing as the match is one month away these are hopefully the only guys they will be adding.
  13. Lol@ “ you can’t train speed” - what do you think sprinters do?? I mean sure you’re never going to train the average guy to turn into Usain Bolt but of course you can become faster. Plyometrics, strength training etc are all tools to increase fast twitch muscles. I don’t know - maybe David is as fast as he’ll ever get but it’s foolish to pretend there’s no point in even trying
  14. He’s 26 year old and coming off the season of his life. He needs to take his shot now - no guarantee he’ll ever have a chance like this again.
  15. Damn..what a match from Yilmaz. Single handily won this for Lille
  16. Htf does Lille do this every time lol
  17. Lol this is what Lille deserves tbh.
  18. If Theo can’t get on the pitch with this type of performance from the Wolves squad tough to imagine under what circumstances he does get a look. They have looked awful.
  19. Another good performance for Pasher. Definitely showing he can be effective at this level. I think he will firmly be in the CanMNT mix. Unfortunately you can see his glaring weakness of having no right foot - he should have really taken his chance last night for a goal on a through ball from Uruti but looked like he didn’t have enough confidence in his right foot.
  20. Thought he was the best Canadian on the pitch today. That whitecaps backline is going to be very crowded once Adnan returns too.
  21. Really poor performance. To me he's in the same boat as Shaffelburg.
  22. I didn’t watch the match but Davies had by far the highest WhoScored rating on the team. on Twitter there seems to be a lot of complaints about how average he has been this year though
  23. I’m not sure he’s going to be starting any time soon...particularly with the news that TFC might be landing Soteldo, with Osorio / Poz coming back etc. I think consistent minutes as a sub is a big enough of a jump for him. He barely even had any TFCII appearances let’s remember .
  24. Sure..or you can listen to this interview and hear Juan say it himself
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