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  1. Kevin Kilbane said tonight on TSN that he thinks Richie is good enough to play in the EPL - he qualified that by saying not for one of the top clubs but even so. Said the same thing about Eustaquio and Johnston.
  2. That's the incredible thing about this....you'd think from the scoreline against a team that can't otherwise win a game to save their lives that it was playing all the young kids which doomed TFC on the evening, instead they were the best part of it and it was gaffe after gaffe by the Bonos, Bradleys, Mullins and Zavaletas that caused the goals against. Although I suppose Zavaleta is now an El Salvadoran journeyman.
  3. And now a Zavaleta own goal to complete the hat trick of incompetence by non Canadians. It’s amazing how much non-Canadians can hurt TFC’s in a game where they play a ton of Canadians
  4. If nothing else I am enjoying these half time shows on TSN. Kevin Kilbane and De Guzman trashing the overpaid Americans and praising the Canadian kids and doing so accurately. I hope Manning and Curtis are listening, not that it will do much good if they do
  5. Great assist by Bono for the opening Miami goal
  6. Nice goal, but why is the Tweeter calling it a "volley"?
  7. In fact, here is the post game press conference. There is no team Doctor at it, and no mention of 10-14 day period by the head coach. The discussion on Davies starts at 6:40 and is more or less what Bayern twitter's quote was: https://fcbayern.com/en/news/2021/10/reaction-bayern-breeze-past-leverkusen Maybe they held a 2nd post-game press conference with the team Doctor included, but I doubt it. He hasn't been fully examined yet mind you so maybe it will be that he ends up being out a couple of weeks but until we actually get an official report I'll keep an open mind.
  8. If you read the thread, this guy says his source for this news is "My German friend in Hamburg who watched the post game news conference with the doctor & head coach who confirmed it." I think his friend in Hamburg may be pulling his leg, no pun intended, as it is odd that in the same alleged post-game news conference that Nagelsmann is quoted by Bayern's official twitter as saying Davies being a possibility for a game 3 days later? That seems like a strange way to "confirm" what a team Doctor (are they normally in post-game press conferences in Germany, even for a very minor injury at best?) said about him being out possibly up to two weeks.
  9. In the post-game presser Perez admitted that JMR played "great" in this 30 minutes in the middle of the game and said it was merely a tactical sub because they couldn't use him and Pozuelo on the field at the same time. Or something.
  10. It was planned that Pozuelo and Altidore would come on at 60 min but the wrong players came off. Osorio looked absolutely exhausted and naturally so, he was the obvious choice. And I would have taken off Bradley since he can’t defend anymore and neither can he hit the side of docked cruise ship if he was standing on the pier.
  11. Makes two great plays and gets promptly subbed off
  12. He was the only outfield player called (outside of the four injured ones) who didn’t get any playing time, which is a shame
  13. Because he isn’t good enough to be getting hours. 😉 I would prefer Akindele get the waste-time minutes myself unless they really believe Brym is a major prospect for the future
  14. True, but he's just a kid doing it for fun out of his bedroom (or parent's basement), so I get that. This Panamanian stuff looks like a professional production at a television studio with some money poured into it with multiple cameras, directors and of course the all-important chicken wings and popcorn they are gulping down on set. It's a bit like if TSN, due to not being able the show the Canada game decided instead to put Wileman, Caldwell, Kilbane and De Guzman on a couch in a studio eating KFC and Orville Redenbacher as they watch the game and broadcast that instead.
  15. Lots of people pencilling in Panama as the main threat being that they are in 4th but I think Jamaica have a real threat to beat them out for that spot. Consider that they have only played two home games (the fewest of any team - though they have only picked up 1 point from them) and have also already played their two toughest opponents on a paper on the road in Mexico and the US, unlike Panama. El Salvador by comparison have played the most home games with 4 out of 6, I expect they may fade further down the stretch.
  16. We aren't going to get the other regions refs at this juncture since all regions are still involved in qualifying. UEFA I guess finishes next month (which is going to feel weird, I am so used to UEFA qualifying going on for months/years after Canada is eliminated...). But other than Comnebol (where they pretty much have no choice but to go with refs from the other nations because the whole thing is one giant single group), I'm not aware that the other regions use refs for group matches who are from the other countries in the same qualifying group. Maybe Oceania does it, who knows, it's not like I've been paying close attention to their region's matches.
  17. Just watched the highlights, he made the correct calls on the cards and PK. It was a really stupid 2nd yellow by Araujo. That said, I still don't know that it makes sense to have all of the Refs from the countries represented by 8 teams in the final round, which appears to be the case from what I've seen. I would have thought that the refs should be from the nations in Concacaf who already eliminated, but maybe they figure that all the best refs are from those 8 countries and none of them are from Guatemala, Haiti, T&T, Cuba, Curacao etc
  18. I don't even get this.....instead of people watching the game live people in Panama watch these guys watch the game live? Granted, they are entertaining, but probably not in the way they are intending to be.
  19. Quite. Mexico & the US still have to take points off each other, which is something that is rarely being mentioned when people talk about (or assume) both teams being unreachable. Unless Costa Rica upsets the US with their 39 year olds, or El Salvador beats Mexico at home, we would still be in 4th place even with a disastrous loss tonight. The disastrous part in that scenario would be that the top three would all be 4 or more points ahead of us, rather than us falling down the table. And our last game of this tourney is in Panama so we want to be ahead of them going into that last game if they end up being with us in the top 4 I am more concerned about not winning tonight with the majority of our top offensive players out injured or tired than I am about losing, but anything is possible. Hopefully our tired boys get some adrenaline from playing in front of the home support.
  20. I tuned in briefly to a live youtube chat between Jimmy Conrad and Heath Pierce and discovered it's not just the US fan base that is OTT with their reactions. The two were discussing whether it would be possible to get Jesse Marsch to take over mid-qualifying from Gregg Berhalter.
  21. One other point/query - I am guessing that must have been our youngest ever roster for a WCQ. I think Osorio was our oldest player at 29 among the starters. It’s not easy to win on the road in Concacaf as the Americans found out today, so I am fairly content and impressed we just picked up two road draws under such adverse circumstances
  22. The game is largely useless to analyze as it was played on a Jamaican pattie - not the type that you heat up in the microwave but the type that a big giant cow on steroids excretes. Nobody was as sharp as they might normally have been which was only exacerbated by some players obviously being tired as well - that looked like a Canada game from the mid-90s rather than the 2020s. As such I can’t really begrudge anyone for their poor touch on the night. I was most pleased with Cornelius stepping in where he left off the last time we saw him for the nats. Important that we rely on our depth. But we are going to need more fire power upfront on Wednesday. We get Richie and Tajon back thankfully
  23. This pitch is pretty much unplayable. I will be more than happy if we get out of here with this line up with a 0-0 draw.
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