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  1. Raheem Edwards with the assist on the winner for Minnesota- thought I would mention that here since Twellman refused to do so on the broadcast. No doubt if Edwards was American Twellman would have called his name six times on the analysis of the replays
  2. Looks like Edwards is coming on for the last 15 minutes
  3. I wish ESPN would just let the swearing go instead of blotting out the entire audio feed every time it happens
  4. Raheem Edwards on the bench for Minnesota against SKC, starting in 15 minutes. St. Clair is not dressed for Minnesota however (I can't recall if he was loaned out, but they have 3 keeper dressed, Ranjitsingh in the back up and some 3rd keeper I have never heard of is the 3rd).
  5. Steve Goff is reporting now that both players second test came back negative, and the match will be re scheduled for tomorrow, which would presumably force another re schedule for the Montreal v Toronto match
  6. Match now officially postponed. At least one DC player with a positive Covid test
  7. Osorio apparently has a quad strain and may also miss the game against Montreal- if the match happens at all. The DC match has been delayed.
  8. Osorio and Altidore not dressed for TFC’s tourney opener. Altidore we knew was unlikely to be playing in the opener I hadn’t heard anything about Osorio. No Canucks starting for TFC unless you count Akinola. 5 on the bench (Laryea, Nelson, Shaffelbug, Okello and Fraser).
  9. Jordan Hamilton is not dressed for Columbus in their post-11pm start against Cincinnati. Columbus are one roster player short in comparison to Cincinnati and only have 2 forwards dressed even in their enlarged 21 man roster. There was confirmation earlier in the month that a Columbus player has tested positive for Covid and now starting to wonder if it was Jordan. If so I hope he recovers soon.
  10. Montreal lucky to be tied at the half, NE could easily be up 3-0. I think they need to put Tabla or Quioto out there and get Onkwonko off as he has been dreadful, definitely looking rusty.
  11. Piette starting, 7 Canucks on the bench in NE v Montreal
  12. Bizarrely it is Piette playing in his spot at right back
  13. I loved the great loud "What the **** are you doing?" that was heard from one of the Philly players from this morning's game loud and clear on the broadcast. Brought pleasant memories of watching Canada or Toronto Lynx games from 20 years ago when you could so often hear every swear word on the field
  14. Not that the commentators announced his arrival but Chapman has made his debut for Miami and nearly scored on a header
  15. I had forgotten what a dirty prick of a player Don Dwyer is
  16. I hope that the extensive protest was just for the first game. If that is what they are going to do for every game (including taking a knee before and after the anthem) it will be counter productive to the movement
  17. Akindele is on the bench for Orlando but surprisingly not Kamal Miller
  18. Yikes, top 3 strikers all gone from the tourney.
  19. They have been "withdrawn" from the tourney, which sounds like a nicer way of saying kicked out. 10 of their players tested positive for Covid.
  20. I'm assuming you mean an employee strike rather than a missile strike but given the current economy for airline travel, I think a missile strike is more likely at this point.
  21. https://www.tsn.ca/toronto-fc-head-coach-greg-vanney-would-like-team-to-delay-florida-arrival-for-mls-tournament-1.1491468 From the article: While the Canadian MLS teams head south to the COVID hot spot of Florida, NHL teams reportedly will be coming the other way to play. Canada, Vanney said, seems to have "a lot better control of the situation." "To be able to go into that environment as a team would be a lot more comfortable than going down to what has essentially become the epicentre of the virus," he said. "So for sure, that (coming to Canada) is a smart move."
  22. TFC's other first round draft pick, Nyal Higgins (from Ajax, Ontario) was signed to a contract today - albeit to TFC II. So were two other academy kids (both Canucks), midfielder Antonio Carlini and defender Themi Antonoglou
  23. That Spencer as a strker/#9 got a 1st team contract at all after failing to prove he could even score at the USL level is what lead to so many fans criticizing Vanney for that particular move and the strong suggestion/appearance of nepotism. I also like Vanney as a coach but he isn't immune to warranted criticism.
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