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  1. TFC have a glut of midfielders but not a lot of fullback options, so it's a bit strange to me that we are using Morrow as a left midfielder. Maybe he doesn't have the fitness yet to go 90, but based on today neither did Auro given that two mis-controls of the ball that he did directly led to Montreal goals - he was actually outstanding Wednesday night and ball control is not normally a problem for him so that suggests to me fatigue and a resulting lack of sharpness from the start. I realize Armas' hands are somewhat tied with literally almost half the team being injured to start the seaso
  2. Marshal Rhutty with his first assist of the season
  3. Gonzalez and Bradley seem to be having a competition for best statue impersonation in this game
  4. Auro had been poor but Whole team looks sluggish other than Shaffelburg. But then playing the same starters on 2 days rest in 31 degree heat will do that to you.
  5. It's same starting line-up as Wednesday, only differences is that Endoh & Zavaleta have been added to the bench (roster size is 20 rather than the CCL 18). Doesn't look like there are any recoveries of all the missing starters (Pozeulo, Altidore, Osorio, Mavinga). Perruzza, Marshall-Rhutty & Fraser are on the bench.
  6. He had no chance on the 4th either just like any of the first three, a one-time volley from Montero back in the opposite direction that St. Clair was coming from into the corner of the net. The only one he might have had a chance on in different circumstances would have been the 1st but he sees it late because he is screened by his own defenders. Even if he sees it when it gets shot, it would probably be Save of the Season material if he was able to get it. I think it's insane to think he had any chance on the 2nd or 3rd.
  7. Davies went 90 in a 3-2 win for Bayern over Wolfsburg, picked up an assist on Bayern's opener.
  8. I had posted this video the other day in the CCL thread, but still can't make out who Jozy's accomplice is who collected the ball in the first place - my best guess is either Osorio or Pozuelo, but Gallardo is also an option. I think Andi Petrillo undersells the moment when she says he "tossed" the ball onto the field. I think "rifled it across the field like it was a javelin" would be more apt.
  9. I don't think Hainault was part of Houston's championship seasons, but he did play a significant role for them after that, I think helping them to another final, so that would be one Canadian who has played for them since their cup winning seasons. Pasher will be the first in a while though, since Serioux I think?
  10. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/which-canadians-will-make-an-impact-this-mls-season~2181784
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/which-canadians-will-make-an-impact-this-mls-season~2181784
  12. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/is-tajon-buchanan-garnering-interest-outside-of-north-america~2122989
  13. I pray that he is just training with the team because he is Orlando-based and the team is in Orlando. I hadn't even realized he had been cut or released by Orlando (not that I blame them mind you). Not one of my most favourite American players, to put it lightly.
  14. https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2021/04/14/keep-it-going-all-one-moment-presented-bell?autoplay=true I would like to see the uncensored version of this video. Interesting to see the completely inconsistent mask policy, hopefully with the team vaccinated that won't have to be the case for much longer.
  15. Although apparently there form hasn't been that bad either in the league according to this Matt Doyle tweet:
  16. His header one-inch off the ground in the 18 yard box reminded me of how I always used to envision Garret Kusch taking a PK on a rainy day - albeit I always imagined Kusch would take a 20 yard run up to the ball, 10 yards with his legs, and the remaining 10 yards sliding along the wet turf for the diving-on-the-ground header as his teammates and the fans shouted "Fire Torpedo!" and the ball slammed into the net.
  17. I suspect we won't see much of Fraser on the field the same time as Bradley but at the same time it's a long season and I suspect we won't be seeing Bradley constantly on the field for this long season, even with them using Priso's legs to cover much of the ground that Bradley used to so that Bradley doesn't have to. So Liam should still get a lot of playing time.
  18. They were missing Joel Campbell big time - even last week he seemed to be the player that posed the most trouble for TFC even though he wasn't the one who scored. But I think Armas outcoached their coach quite significantly or maybe his preferred style just happens to not suit Leon), as they couldn't play through TFC's press and kept trying to do so rather than knock the ball long for a target man and catch TFC short at the back, and that eventually led to turnovers which got capitalized. Even so, some of their passing was woeful in of itself and their man-marking wasn't the greatest either.
  19. Apparently a private detective is required to get any sort of official confirmation from TFC on injuries these days (case in point that we still have to guess what has ailed Akinola, with most of the info coming from Greg Berhalter and John Herdman), but I am making the assumption from the need to sign another young defender on two consecutive short-term 4-day contracts that he must be. I spotted Akinola and Nelson in the mix of players jumping around in the post-game on-field celebrations before they cut to Altidore congratulating Shaffelburg with that giant goofy grin on his face (Shaff
  20. Also reminded me a bit of John Catliff in that regard (another left footed player with a powerful strike, but not particularly quick).
  21. Interestingly enough, according to this apparently De Leon was available last week but not played as a "coach's decision", which is the first indication I've seen that the "play the kids over the vets" approach isn't just talk for something enforced by an avalanche of injuries: https://www.sportsnet.ca/soccer/article/toronto-fc-dispatches-club-leon-concacaf-champions-league-play/ Wheeler kept repeating that TFC had 10 guys out due to injury, but I can think of at least 11: Pozuelo, Osorio, Mavinga, Altidore, Zavaleta, Nelson, Akinola, Gallardo, Dunn, Endoh, Achara Unless on
  22. Club America are currently down 1-0 to Olimpia (onesoccer has it on their youtube channel, I've switched to that as the Philly game is done like dinner). I think they would go through on away goals if it currently stays as is. As for Cruz Azul, while lots of people were heaping praise on the Haitian team for the 0-0 draw against them, it looks like they played their A team in the second leg as they destroyed them 8-0.
  23. Philly are currently pummeling Saprissa 3-0 in the 2nd leg, 4-0 on aggregate, so unless Real Esteli pulls off a miracle 2nd leg comeback, MLS teams will go 5 for 5 in the first round, which I think is unprecedented (certainly didn't happen last time TFC was in it, and I think Seattle blew it last year.
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