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  1. March & June windows for next matches (presumably friendlies):
  2. A bold choice by Herdman to go with a more offensive line-up and formation on the road than the one that worked so well at home (where both of our goals were scored on counters in that game) but it did not pay off. I guess the people wanting to see Canada play attacking soccer will take some solace from that, but it was a gamble that didn't work and when we only needed a draw to win the group, that is a shame. In fairness to Herdman, a few players individually had woeful performance, with Cavallini being the most disappointing. And this was still a US team for the taking, because they weren't that impressive - we had to switch off to let them score and we looked the more talented but mistake prone team. But onwards and upwards. No use in dwelling upon it though, start scheduling some friendlies pronto. I liked what I saw from Eustaquio in his debut. Still good fight by the team and much to be encouraged about.
  3. To be fair to Herdman, he mentions it only because the radio hosts specifically asked him about whether this had happened because they heard about the fight in the England team camp, rather than this being a situation where Herdman decided to volunteer the info to make himself look good.
  4. I hope they play him in the middle rather than trying to convert him into a winger the way TFC kept doing.
  5. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/12/toronto-fc-prez-well-shop-strike-partner-altidore-winter-window
  6. Laryea is usually more potent as a right back and he wasn't playing that spot last night as Auro was still on the field. When he plays further up the field, the opposition seems to be able to stick more guys against him (and he usually doesn't have another player making the overlapping runs for him that he makes for other players). In the end the team did better than I think anyone was expecting in what started out as a re-building year, but that lack of depth at striker position is ultimately why they weren't champions, even though I agree that they have now outplayed Seattle in 3 MLS Cups but only came away with one them. Need to use that open DP slot on another attacker methinks.
  7. I figured if I did, most of the words would get censored anyway. I suspect there would be more people posting if the team had won.
  8. Liam Miller becomes the 2nd Canadian to say that Doneil Henry is the last player they would want to pick a fight with:
  9. Let's all hope that if Roldan illegally obstructs Osorio again on Friday for the US against Canada, this time they actually f'ing call it.
  10. That could be it. Even the MLS site itself is covering the CPL, making their broadcast partner's reluctance look even more incongruous: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/11/02/forge-fc-tops-calvary-fc-first-ever-canadian-premier-league-final
  11. Close to the same for me but I was more impressed with Pecile and Priso than Franklin.
  12. That VAR call back was disgusting. It can’t be clear and obvious if it takes four minutes and you don’t have an angle from along the line
  13. You can also see in the replays Laryea running up to and shouting at an Atlanta player during the goal celebration. Not sure who it was
  14. Some credit in this game to Delgado, as this was the sort of game which I think played to his strengths of covering a lot of ground defensively
  15. Laryea made the run to get them deep into Atlanta territory but he passed the ball to Pozuelo first and he actually made the pass to Leon.
  16. They had more pressure, but very few clear cut chances in the end. Basically their goal and their PK which everyone outside of Atlanta not named Kristian Jack agrees wasn't a PK, and other than that not much for all their pressure.
  17. For all the talk about Julian Gressel scoring these playoff goals, he was the goat for Atlanta on both of TFC's goals tonight
  18. Nice to see all of the Canadian TFC players posing as a group with the Eastern Championship Cup after the game, including the ones not dressed for the match (ie. Morgan, Fraser, Chapman - though I didn't see Shaffelburg). Toronto vs. Seattle for 3 times in four years.......off the top of my head can only compare that to NY Yankees vs. LA Dodgers in the World Series 3 times in 5 years from 1977-1981 in terms of the major NA sports
  19. New Zealand ended up losing 3-0 to 10-man (for the majority of the match) Brazil. I believe we "jump" into 3rd in the group by having scored one more goal that NZ. Of course that means nothing if we don't beat them and get help elsewhere.
  20. Brazil took the lead on NZ 1-0 but then got a player sent off later in the first half. Still 1-0 in the 50th minute
  21. I only saw the 2nd half, but unfortunately while the overall talent level of our youth players seems to be increasing there still seems to be some naivety on the part of our players - i.e. players shooting when the should pass, or dribbling when they should pass or hitting the long ball when shorter pass options are available (and then not actually hitting the long ball pass). John Helm pointed out that one player took a shot from distance when he had about 4 options closer to goal to pass to who would have been all alone on the keeper, and that chance late with Kerr - if he squared the ball to Nelson instead of shooting with this left, Nelson has a tap in to give Canada a lead with 15 minutes to go. Nelson often looked like the only attacker that was playing a team game first. He seems a cut above most of the players from a tactical perspective, although TFC's other attacker out there, Russell-Rowe, also looks a very good prospect as does Facchineri, Pelice and Habibullah. Lot to be encouraged about, but our youth coaches still need to add "Cunning and Shrewdness 101" to their curriculum.
  22. That certainly dates me, as I do remember that ad quite well.....
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