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  1. Wrong reference- this is what I was going for:
  2. Another Rudy Camacho special gives Miami the lead. Someone put Rudy on a train to nowhere
  3. I see Bassong is playing in a back 3 for Montreal tonight
  4. Doesn’t look like Tajon is even dressed for the NE game that is on right now
  5. A winning goal? How about any goal? That was the tourney where we didn’t score a goal the entire tourney. I think we are top scorers so far in this one. Amazing to think that was just six years ago
  6. Tesho on the bench for Orlando, one day after starting for Canada against Mexicans
  7. Another angle of the 2nd melee from the stands - Alvarez and Tajon nearly dropped the gloves at one point:
  8. I understand that one though, it's because he wasn't there on the sidelines to catch the 35 foot toss of the ball by the Mexican player, so clearly it was a delay of game on his part.
  9. Well, that's certainly throwing the ball away alright! Someone please tell me the guy got a card for that...
  10. Unless he was there or even on the field of play I doubt he knows what truly set off the 2nd bench clearing brawl, as the cameras didn't show what happened and even people at field level like Oliver Platt seem none the wiser. According to Hoilett post-game one of the Mexican players threw the ball away from us before the re-start in "poor sportsmanship" while Osorio says they did something "disrespectful" to us. And that's about all I've been able to make out.
  11. Osorio's comments about the "Puto" break (not sure how else to call it) are interesting, if a little confusing - we were told the free kick was behind the Mexico bench?
  12. Next time we have two bench clearing brawls with the Mexicans I want to have Cavallini out there. Or failing that, Tie Domi
  13. Although Fox Soccer highlights leave out the Canada goal (!!) they let the video run quite a bit to get the post-game analysis from Edu & Lalas who are full of praise for our boys:
  14. I'm somewhat resigned to the fact that we were never going to be allowed to win this match, so given that, I am pretty much fully satisfied with the performance, the grit, the spirit and the putting the region on notice - We don't fear you, now you have to fear us. The entire officiating crew (including VAR) was a giant sack of shit, I'm not upset about the PK calls (although I wonder where VAR was when Tajon was fouled at the edge of the box) but the Mexicans should have had at least two red cards (granted, the first one was something that VAR should have spotted but apparently reviewed for and I don't know how they can review a choke hold and say "Yeah, that's fine, nothing to see here, move along"). The stopping of the match because of the racist or homophobic chants (whatever it was) only benefited the Mexican team who were able to collect themselves, re-adjust and ultimately won the game. So what exactly is the point of that stoppage - who is actually being punished here? But never mind that, I loved the way we played, we've earned respect from the two big boys and deserved a better fate. I loved the fight, the toughness, the togetherness and the fearless determination. This was night and day from the nervy start vs Suriname which now seems like a lifetime ago. We have arrived.
  15. His unintentionally hilarious best line (and possibly the funniest thing he's ever said) was that "Laryea left the Mexican defender in his waste". The actual expression is "left him in his wake", but Wheeler made it sound that as Laryea blew past the Mexican player he also left a trail behind from an unfortunate bout of uncontrollable diarrhea and the Mexican defender fell right into it.
  16. Some really stupid play by Qatar leading up to that goal
  17. What the hell are the Americans arguing about? Give em red cards already
  18. Can’t believe how many looks the Ref needed
  19. It will be or if not, $$$$$ is at play
  20. https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/mls-canadian-clubs-to-host-all-remaining-2021-home-matches-in-canada
  21. The game against Mexico was the QF in that tourney. We beat T&T in the semi while Colombia beat Peru in the other semi
  22. I'll be surprised if Hoilett doesn't start and if he does, doubt he'll be there 120 minutes later, even though he is the obvious PK taker left on the team. I think Fraser, Corbeanu & Pasher would be candidates if they are on the pitch at the end of the 120.
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