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  1. On a purely speculative level, anybody else feel this Super League/UEFA struggle is subtext to a much greater global conflict? When rich oligarchs are in disagreement over something, it could mean another violent global conflict is around the corner.
  2. It's amazing considering a decade ago he was our brightest prospect and we all thought he was going to lead us to the promise land. I remember his MLS debut against TFC in 2011 and how he impressed everyone, linking up with Dunfield IIRC a few times for some nice plays. In the end, those expectations were severely unrealistic and he looked that much better to us considering we didn't have much talent in the league on the domestic clubs. Anyhow, he is a good, reliable utility player that can play anywhere in midfield, including advanced and withdrawn flank positions and you need guys like him t
  3. Even more so with the league becoming more lucrative to play in.
  4. @Obinna Hey bro. How does one invest in physical gold/silver. Can I buy it through my online discount brokerage offered by the bank (Big Five) I deal with? Can I put it into registered accounts?
  5. I watched that match and it was entertaining. I know this sounds cliché but the league's quality is increasing at a very fast rate.
  6. I thought he was fine but, like the rest of the team, he looked fatigued.
  7. He was MOTM but no one here is really gushing over his performance since he's a seasoned vet and we pretty much expect a routine outing like this from him.
  8. The most profound question in this thread. That's the main concern I see as well, is he athletic enough? He got beat easily a few times and got muscled off the ball easily. I'm not sure how much he can work on these things but if he can mitigate it with smart positional play, composure and decision making, he will make it. If not...well, he'll be back at Spruce Meadows before you know it. Anyhow, to echo the sentiment in this thread, I think his showing was hot and cold, hot on the ball, cold off of it.
  9. It was just naivety at its finest. Singh's pace is fine. Quioto would have done the same to Sergio Ramos and Thiago Silva....it's just that those two would have realized the speed they were dealing with and put a sliding challenge in to clear the danger right away before it escalated any further. That's literally all Luke had to do here, he had a two second window to put a foot in but failed to do it.
  10. Considering you've been posting high quality stuff lately, I'm just going to take your word for it and not even watch what happened. I saw the game (minus 15 or so minutes of the start of the second half) but didn't notice anything when that goal happened and it honestly seems like a waste of time to check it.
  11. It's the little things he needs to aquire in his arsenal.
  12. CF Montréal's Canucks are certainly playing better right now....
  13. For the first time since 2007, I am genuinely excited over watching a MLS match.
  14. Brah...this was pretty obvious. Lol, no. This is like the instagram post from First touch football saying Ferdi Kadiolgu is a CMNT. Luke is ours.
  15. Don't think there is one for us. We are weak at CB and he plays that position and put in a good performance tonight so that's all it takes really.
  16. I have been saying a few times now that 2023 is when the media deals expire across the league. I feel something big is coming down the line, massive DP signings, what have you. The NHL also recently signed an American TV deal with ESPN that is worth almost half a billion US a year. I think MLS should be able to at least get that come 2023, which would put us a head of LIGA MX a few short years after that once the salaries correct themselves and all the wanna be soccer players like Mullins and Dorsey are rifled out of the league. I think at that point the league will actually live up to its "Ma
  17. Unless Herdman is completely incompetent, which, when it comes to recruiting guys to the program, he's hasn't shown to be so I would really surprised during the next international break if he choose T & T when both countries call him up.
  18. Lucky for us, they have 5 too many.
  19. He just scored a nice one the other day.
  20. His strengths are his speed, positioning and ability to make the right runs. If he develops his IQ further and works on his technical ability like his crossing accuracy, passing, he can make it far IMO. His ceiling could be someone in David Beckham's mold, a guy that is 100% technique but he will need to work really hard to get there.
  21. There seems to be a running joke with this forum about turning attacking wingers into full backs. Anyhow, I say no, he needs to be a forward, winger or attacking mid.
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