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  1. I never saw the last few matches so I must ask, in what way has he improved? He was good on the ball but it was his lack of instinct on the positioning side if things, where he would get beaten with ease, that was the issue. Either his anticipation has greatly improved or he has done some intense training to improve his athleticism to make up for it so which is it?
  2. Maybe I jumped the gun here and don't know exactly what the debate, if any, here is. Please enlighten me.
  3. *Imagine this with Norm MacDonald's voice and mannerisms* Somebody should tell him that playing for us would up his chances of getting a sweet MLS DP deal done the line. Who wouldn't want a lucrative MLS DP deal? I tell you, those MLS DP deals, you don't even need a successful European career to obtain one, just ask Altidore.
  4. Even if that is the case, they are doing it while being a somewhat successful MLS side. We need depth like this in the future. We need to continue the growth of our player pool.
  5. He scored a great goal yesterday. The timing of the run, the first touch, composure, getting around the keeper, it was sublime.
  6. 184,000 on Sportnet 1, a channel most probably don't have. I don't and had to resort to Onesoccer to fall back on. The Jays are doing well right now, hence why they are drawing well. Baseball is such a Fairweather sport, that number would be halved or even a third of what it was if the team was out of the playoff hunt. I think MLS actually becoming Major league will help, hopefully by 2023 when they sign a new major media deal. A lot of the fragmented soccer consumption in Cansda and the USA should amalgamate towards MLS at that point.
  7. For a league in its third year of existence that 95% of the country's populace doesn't even know exists, the CPL is a state I'm sure the owners are comfortable with. The league gaining more mainstream appeal, which is going to be achieved through coverage on the main sports channels is what will bring about the biggest overall attendance bump in the future. You also have to consider the "success" clubs so far like Halifax, what will happen if and when they build their permanent 8,000-12,000 seat stadiums and they fill said stadium consistently? That will essentially usher in CPL 2.0 not unlike MLS' trajectory, causing more investors in municipalities like KW, London to take notice about how to start clubs successfully and hit the ground running.
  8. Yeah, we're all in the same boat with regards to line of thinking, it's a good move in a decent league that has been known to export talent successfully in recent years but you kinda just feel he could have skipped this particular step.
  9. What were they for the Honduras and USA matches?
  10. I just assumed you have no smart phone being a dinosaur and all. Lol, I'm pulling your leg. However, if you do lack a smart mobile device, keep it that way. You don't want this, it's a curse rather than a blessing.
  11. The version I watched was 11:30 am so maybe that has something to do with it, a late edit towards the end.
  12. I think all of them are just English guys not good enough for England, guys playing on lower EPL clubs or the Championship. As for their most recent face plant, the team as usual just lack the qualities needed to succeed in the final stages of WCQ. Based on talent alone, they should be qualifying as the fourth or third placed team as evidenced by their gold cup performances the last four tournaments, two close semi final losses to the States and two runner up medals the two attempts prior to that. However, talent will only get them so far and if they don't have the cohesion, organization and discipline to play these matches, they can expect more performances like the one they had against Panama.
  13. Removing the highlights and any mention of the broadcast or game the next morning from their show was a calculated move. They spent 12 minutes on golf, CFL highlights and a brief mention of the Argentina/Brazil WCQ incident but couldn't give even thirty seconds to the game they themselves broadcast? I have to say it was intentionally done, and they have their reasons like I previously mentioned of course. I will agree with the latter bolded area. It seems like this is what caused SN to pay for the rights from OneSoccer.
  14. Something funny occurred with TSN. Both the Sportscenter hosts right after the match were in awe of what they just witnessed and then proceeded to do full highlights of the game. However, this morning, I watched the half an hour segment of the show and not one mention of it throughout the broadcast, no highlights, nothing what so ever. It's like a director went to the manager on the cutting room floor and said "Rogers swept the rights to these guys from right under our feet from us, bury it." Must have sucked for them, having such a great telecast only to benefit the competitor.
  15. Similar to Honduras, we could have won this but it's not the end of the world. Let's win on Wednesday against El Salvador.
  16. Yes, but Caldwell doesn't need to become the foil of Wheeler and become an anti homer lol.
  17. Yes to your question. I like Weston McKennie but I'm glad he lacks discipline and got himself booted from the squad...temporarily speaking.
  18. I read some reviews on their first game and it seems like the USMNT had the same problems we did, how the final ball was always lacking in quality along with there being an overall lack of cohesion amongst the teammates. Both teams are going to come out and put on much better displays tonight I reckon.
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