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  1. I was amped to watch the double header, now IDGAF.
  2. This is one of those things that's too obvious, so a soccer pseudointellectual will say that, counter-intuitively, bringing another defender on actually gives us more offense. No, it was just stupid.
  3. So depressing, this was our match and we threw it away. Embarrassing display. And what kills us even against a terrible team is the awful defensive selections for the squad everyone identified on Day 1. Godinho might be good upfield but he's terrible in his own half.
  4. What was the point of kicking out there, jesus
  5. Hang on to the ball and outlast the press. Do that and start taking territory.
  6. Fraser is already the best mid-long passer in our midfield IMO.
  7. Hey man guaranteed $3. That's a McDouble right there.
  8. Honduras might have been the best team in the group, ironically. They just couldn't get the win against Curacao.
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