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  1. I was only able to catch the last half or so but he looked good from what I saw both attacking and defending. He seems to read the play well and makes good decisions with attackers closing him down. From what I've seen he's my first choice at RB. Edit half hour or so of the TFC match
  2. Sorry, got mixed up looking through the highlights.
  3. Goal for David today: http://www.proximus-sports.be/nl/voetbal/jupiler-pro-league/video/24863/goal-eupen-0-1-sv-zulte-waregem-45-larin Match is at half time, might see more.
  4. Right now it looks like Adams is his guy. Guess he could always go back to Bradley here and there depending on the window but in 2022 I doubt he's still around. Getting the young guys woven into the new system over the next few years is going to be the priority. I bet we see don't see Bradley in October.
  5. Lol he just scored an insane 35 yard goal. We're never getting this guy.
  6. There is a possible universe where Osorio and Arfield are the exact same guys but have each other's names.
  7. I think they've finally moved on from Bradley. Berhalter is blooding his new guys.
  8. Shrewd. I bet we can tour Oceania and beat everyone including Australia.
  9. ****, can I get a job flipping young footballers?
  10. Something tells me the Venezuelan FA wouldn't be that expensive right now
  11. I don't think we will either but this is the balls to the wall aggro formation that I think can control the match.
  12. I propose we don't even go with a dedicated 6 and just have Arfield and Kaye share the responsibility.
  13. Can't we wrangle some underperforming central or Eastern European team. Or can we go play a couple matches over there? Damn it would be good to have reputation, money, and a geographic advantage.
  14. Specifically addressing how we line up against the US, we know Berhalter is pushing them to play possession-style soccer and they're having growing pains. I think we have the personnel to out manoeuvre them in the middle and force bad passes higher up the field. I think we should be playing for the win in the home match, and we can do that by outshining their midfield with our most technically gifted players. Later in the match if we have a lead to protect or even a draw we can bring in Piette to snuff them out.
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