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  1. Delgado is the consummate MLS player. Consistently competent, not much flash, gets the job done and disappears into the woodwork. He'll be Vanney's guy as long as he's steady. Fraser has a lot more cutting edge, he's just stuck in a ****** situation.
  2. Would be more fun to watch them eat one of those novelty red, white and blue Uncle Sam stovepipe hats.
  3. Cornelius especially was solid positionally and with clearances, I don't see how he doesn't start.
  4. Cornelius and Vitoria make a good partnership, no reason to tamper with that.
  5. Nice, maybe he'll get some minutes. He was stuck behind a lot of players and I don't think TFC ever really tested his potential.
  6. Would be cool to see him go to one of the non-Bayern/Dortmund teams near the top of the table that are duking it out.
  7. Davies is like our Leon Draisaitl. Playing with the best players against the best players is the way to reach your potential. Bayern and Davies have done a good job.
  8. It's really hard to look at the USMNT and CMNT rosters and see a talent gap between them. The last match was sort of proof of that. IMO the US are favourites in this one solely because of home field advantage. And then their relationship with their fans right now is complicated. It'll be interesting to see if there are any mood swings with crowd in this match. I like the way we lined up last time and wouldn't mind if we went after it with the same aggression we did last time.
  9. Gent could go on a good run in this tourney judging by the way they rallied here against a pretty strong Bundesliga side. They have the ability to beat the top teams.
  10. Kaye came on for an injured Blessing halfway through match last night. Looked not quite 100%. I'd assume he's back to full fitness by mid-November.
  11. Maybe we're still at the youth talent scouting level where we're only noticing the equivalent of the pickup game ballhog dribbler who doesn't pass and goes past two defenders and then loses the ball.
  12. Yeah there are definitely levels of irony indicating this is a highly advanced team culture.
  13. On Canada 9 (I think) of the 14 players that beat the USA are from the GTA. Borjan's Canadian hometown is a little further away in Hamilton. On TFC yesterday, Osorio started and Laryea subbed in for a total of two hometown players.
  14. Change the tense to "didn't have". He's definitely worked his way up and matured well.
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