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  1. Araujos goal was pretty sick
  2. Was immense today considering the circumstances. Confident and decisive for the most part. Also, anyone notice that amazing 60 yard ball out of the back on to the wing? We need this kid in our system.
  3. They could use his pace in this match.
  4. I'm about done with Bradley, he's just an extra body out there.
  5. Anyone wanna buy some gold????
  6. Doesn't seem to have so much of a split identity the way other dual nationals do. Thanks Cuecescu?!
  7. Wolves have been desperate for goals since Jimenez fractured his skull and could use him right away. Their stopgaps haven't produced. (Yes I know they have Corbeanu.)
  8. Whose starting spot does Larin take at Everton? Richarlison and DCL are cemented when healthy.
  9. Lol are Besiktas just going to field the Canadian national team minus David and Davies?
  10. Only 16 years old so he'll put on more mass, but he'll still be undersized. Gonna be interesting to see how he handles the physicality of the MLS on a week-to-week basis.
  11. Lol at the idea that we will "never" overtake (whatever "overtake" means) Mexico, or even in our lifetimes overtake them. As if there's something written into the laws of the universe that makes Mexico better than Canada at soccer. This is spectacularly stupid on its face.
  12. Can't be too disappointed, we saw some promising individual signs and a lot of solidity.
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