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  1. They barely had a break, they're probably mentally as much as physically fatigued
  2. Lol, can't catch a break. Araujo looks lights out, hopefully they can strike up a productive partnership...
  3. Fraser has a quad issue, but I doubt he would have started anyway. Haven't heard of any official talk about a move. He'd obviously be thinking about it. This is year three on his first/homegrown contract. Can't find any facts on it, but I'd assume it's the last year going by how other leagues handle rookie contracts (NHL's are 3 years, MLB/NBA are 2 with a team option for 3/4). Is this info available? I don't look hard when it comes to MLS because I just assume the league is non-transparent.
  4. There's always the possibility of scraping into the 5th Europa League place for all these permanent minnow teams.
  5. To be noted about the play is that be actually goes around the far side of Winks and plays the ball across with his weak left foot instead of cutting in or cutting back and putting it on his right. Would be tremendous if he's actively building up the left and could get close to competent with both feet. To carry on the Davies analogy iirc there was a period of time shortly after he arrived when Bayern didn't like Davies right foot then targeted that weakness during training. Turned out well.
  6. Chapman picked up a start today against Atlanta. His first (?) for Miami I think.
  7. Yup, Fraser on the bench despite doing a perfect Bradley impression last match. He was not the reason TFC lost. If anything, Fraser should more useful against the Impact because there's going to be more opportunities for quick balls through the middle.
  8. Sweet goal against TFC tonight: Definitely the CMNT story in tonight's game that featured a lot of Canadians.
  9. Fraser is playing a bit conservatively and is focusing on keeping the ball instead of bypassing Piatti and Pozuelo with forward passing. Too bad he couldn't find decent contact on those two shots but he's making some good late runs. The bad contact on first-time shots is a bit more excusable because the ball doesn't settle well on this turf. Overall he hasn't done worse in that role than Bradley does but hasn't done anything to stand out. Baldisimo looks confident and like he's been given a bit of licence, he's been a key starting piece of everything the Whitecaps have done and has taken care of the ball well when the Whitecaps need to relieve pressure. Was hoping he'd take that free kick. Would love it if we had another option from set pieces.
  10. They did look good in that box midfield together when we beat the US...
  11. I think people mix up the Genk/Gent thing because Pozuelo came from Genk, and that was before David/Gent was on everyone's radar. We also know it as "Ghent" with an h (Treaty of Ghent) floating around in our world history knowledge so seeing Gent makes us think Genk which is more distinct. But we'll all get Belgian place names sorted out in good time.
  12. He was good, didn't get up the field a lot but handled the ball well. Also made a lot of well-timed tackles/blocks late in the game when Miami were attacking on his side. Not the fastest but has great positional IQ and doesn't bite easily at dribbles. Makes himself available for a pass and is confident in his own passing. Says something that Nashville used all five subs and he wasn't one of them despite covering a ton of ground. Looks like a fixture at RB though as I said before he could be put to better use up and in. This Nashville side is a good opportunity and he's making the most of it, would be nice if some of our other young guys on deep rosters got a chance to shine on upstart sides. Definitely consider this kid a promising iron in the fire for us, another nice surprise.
  13. Not much in this match for Canada watchers. Lille stuck to the outside for the most part and mostly couldn't but sometimes wouldn't feed balls through the middle. The passing in this match all around was pretty imprecise. David subbed out.
  14. This game is a **** show. I didn't remember the French league being this clattering and disorganized. David hasn't seen much of the ball but Lille are up 1-0.
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