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  1. Lol Charlton's pass accuracy is 59%. Peterborough only 72%. The pitch must be REALLY shit.
  2. He came on today and said the same thing in a few threads. We needed a good dose of American pragmatism.
  3. Good run, dribble, and shot by Millar.
  4. Well the other league leaders were beating him with PK goals anyway so this is the universe correcting itself. Top scorer on the top club in the league. Pretty sweet.
  5. Lol that confused me too.
  6. Cool, he can jump right in and help Charlton push for promotion. Good competitive football with lots of minutes. Glad I finally signed up for DAZN - can watch them play Accrington Stanley on Friday.
  7. Tied for fifth place with 6 goals in the Superliga scoring race but the players all around him have a bunch of penalty goals, except for Davidson's 7. His teammate Aboubakar is leading the race with 8 goals but 4 are from penalties. From open play he's the 2nd best goal scorer in the league.
  8. Wait, someone explain the relationship between OneSoccer, Canadian soccer, and French soccer/Lille.
  9. Bodes well for his starting at CB.
  10. Union Berlin, this is a less familiar former East Berlin team who are recent Bundesliga arrivals and are eclipsing Hertha.
  11. Our team rhythm can't match the likes of the Reggae Boyz yet.
  12. Really? He looked old so I looked up his age and was surprised at his age and with that body type he was as quick as he was. I didn't think he was slow.
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