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  1. Leutwiler was giving the Mexican team shit from the sideline when Laryea got bowled over lol.
  2. Far from our A team to start and seriously depleted through the tourney but we went toe to toe with Mexico and lost by a slim margin. Weren't able to clear the hurdle this time but our trajectory is vertical. Everyone put in a good shift. Really feeling our oats now. Not enough to say we're on Mexico's level, it's a sample size of one, and there are too many personnel variables but can it really be argued we aren't in their tier? We're only going to improve. Happiest loss for any team I support in any sport for a while. So many bright spots! Roll on WCQ, we are going to frighten the smaller teams and make the bigger teams anxious. The quality, cohesion, and grit of this team is undeniable.
  3. USA sucks. Wouldn't mind this going to PKs.
  4. Yeah sorta like in hockey I want us to throw a few "hits" early to get hardwired and cut through any nerves as soon as possible. Hope we win that coin toss.
  5. Don't like that the 10 p.m. time means I can't really go out and get loaded, and I live down the street from 817... On the other hand I'm gonna enjoy the USA-Qatar match as the appetizer in this double header.
  6. Didn't realize it doesn't also get posted immediately on the competitions page that lists all the old replays. I was refreshing that one. I'm dumb af but that website still sucks.
  7. Is the replay up yet? I checked a couple hours ago and didn't see it. It's two days later for cryin' out loud!
  8. Hey man, we're either lying that we think the Gold Cup is important, or we're in denial that we don't think it's important. Just look how obsessed we are with Wheeler! I know the last four pages of this thread have made me face the truth I most abhorred: that I don't think the Gold Cup is important. I must hold on to this epiphany to face my true self. My real interests, in the right order: WCQ, Wheeler, (everything else), (nothing), Gold Cup. Anyway, doesn't Wheeler suck? What a nerdbomber.
  9. Was it the Haiti match where he went back post from the corner to Vitoria several times and it almost worked? More of that, we have the height.
  10. We did frustrate the US in Toronto with a nice fluid box... But others have said Mexico will not be looking for penetration through the middle - gotta be honest, I haven't watched them play this tourney so I don't know what their tendencies/strengths are with the current setup.
  11. Yep, also think keen eyes are going to pick up on other smart, tidy players like Johnston. If we hang with Mexico, and I think we will, everyone who played a role is going to get a nice bump.
  12. Someone made a good point in the CR match thread and I tried to quote it, but the site wouldn't let me for some reason, but a lot of what makes Wheeler and Dunfield sound bush league is the bad sound feed/mixing. Other broadcasts also have that flat, tinny audio that sounds like it's a local cable show covering high school sports. Just improving that and changing the levels would subsequently dial down the obnoxiousness. But yeah, Wheels just doesn't have the voice, doesn't have the diction and eloquence, his attempts at zingers and catchphrases sucks and his metaphor and descriptive game is weak, and it's all wrapped up in a dorky IPA socks and sandals dad package. He's fine on the show because he can play a role in a larger dynamic but describing the action he's a fail.
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