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  1. Great powerful header from a corner to tie it up 1-1 against Sporting.
  2. Yeah, thought Brym played well too, especially when I rewatched the game today. He was dribbling well and spotting teammates for passes.
  3. Wooo great win, great game, great atmosphere, and on my birthday! And thanks to the warning from you guys here we came hella early and got to our seats with two beers just in time for kick off. Beauty! Can't wait for the next window!
  4. The team is still not popular enough, and the ecosystem too simple for anything but these symbiotic remora fish to exist in the media around Canada Soccer. We need to get better before we get some real criticism in pressers and interviews. For now everyone's just surprised to see the team doing OK and are happy it's boosting their career.
  5. Absolutely disgusting, a disgrace to the sport and, frankly, the nation. Brym should never pull a Canada jersey on again and Herdman the architect of this despicable situation should be sent packing back to "Hello, cheerio!" the Yoo-Kay.
  6. I'm talking watching the game vs. spending $30 on a ticket to the Canada match. Not a ton of overlap but I'll have an effect.
  7. Leafs Habs opening game on the same night, might dissuade casuals.
  8. I just thought Cblake really liked me, that's all.
  9. I agree, we all know what the risk-reward, conservative approach is. Herdman knows that too, but he's got a rational, numbers-focused element to his managing and an "irrational", player-focused part. We can field a team who won't be intimidated at Azteca and have stars who will want to take the most prized bounty in the region on their home turf. If the team wants it bad enough he will grant them their agency and give them the opportunity.
  10. Cool, I'll give that a shot. And yeah, 817 isn't all that far away really if necessary. I live even closer than that, would just like to immediately hit a bar after the movie since it'll be tight. Thanks!
  11. Yeah these places will be mostly tuned into baseball, football, and basketball (Raps preseason)... I can always zip home if I really need to but maybe it's possible to get one sympathetic bartender to change one TV.
  12. If I had to bet whether we're going A team or B team tonight, I'm gonna go A team. Our top guys are all going to want to face Mexico and with Herdman being a big self-belief and team culture guy, I think he's going to let them off the chain.
  13. Anyone know of a bar in Toronto that would show this closer to Yonge and Dundas? I'll be getting out of No Time To Die right before game time there lol.
  14. Curious where you guys are getting the tickets sold numbers? Having a look on the Ticketmaster site and it seems like there aren't many seats left but I have no idea what amount.
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