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  1. Maybe Miller can get a sub this time... 🥶
  2. On paper, we're superior to Costa Rica and can hang with the U.S. Making the Ocho and then qualifying from there has to be the expectation for Herdman and this team.
  3. Three (hopefully four?) Canadians in this match gives it a bit more interest.
  4. Would consider him full-time over Morrow. Good Canadian content in this match.
  5. Yup but only because Morrow is injured. Can't wait to see what journeyman donkeys Vanney throws on as subs instead of Fraser, Okello, Nelson, Marshall-Rutty.
  6. Most people are also compelled to state why they think something, even if their reasoning is lazy or groundless.
  7. Playing against Moreirense and Vitoria today. Vitoria scored a penalty (couldn't find his thread for some reason). Edit: Wait wait wait Eustaquio's not on the field... Or the bench!
  8. Tesho got a goal, though a gimme he helped in the buildup. Disappointing for a Miller, but Orlando are doing the job without him so you can't call the manager an idiot. See a ton of potential in him so maybe his future is somewhere else.
  9. Noticed that too, sucks. Maybe we'll get to see Tesho and Chapman? lol.
  10. Next stop, Champion's League. This year is really setting up for a Bayern win.
  11. I'd say Pacos are lucky to be down 1-0, but Porto haven't been impressive. This has been a pretty sloppy game with a lot of disjointed play through the middle and lots of lunging tackles in central areas. Stephen hasn't had a strong half, made a few passes off-target or into traffic that lost possession and has been on the wrong side of the ball for a lot of Porto counter-attacks. Also picked up a yellow. Still, a lot of the forward play has gone through him and you can see his talent for one-touch passing. He's not shy about pressing into space but as I said his positioning hasn't been great. However, the team doesn't seem to be re-shaping very well and Porto appear to be deliberately flooding the middle so that's not just him. Pacos have gotten deep with possession but made the wrong choices and haven't had any clear-cut chances.
  12. Purely in the non-profit interest of science, knowledge, metaphysics, cryptozoology: https://reddits.soccerstreams.net/event/paços-de-ferreira-porto-live-stream/374575
  13. Future cut-back king. Looks like he has good dribbling skills and 360 awareness with some good acceleration. If he were left-footed he'd be a perfect inverted winger on that right side.
  14. BTW Pacos play league leaders Porto on Monday at 4:15 p.m. Tough assignment; I'd like to see how well they resist Porto's attack. Would think Eustaquio is an auto-start. Might be worth some spare curiosity if you have the means. Nothing else particularly interesting going on that day soccer-wise.
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