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  1. I feel like Borjan is in the right place at Red Star. They have some of the most intense supporters around, he plays against some of the best in the world in the Champions League and he is a starter. At his age he probably wont improve anymore. Like most of of you said any move to a bigger league would result in a poorer team or a backup role. I'd argue that his time at Red Star is much more valuable. The guy is on the big stage, we just arent really exposed to it very well. I think there is more pressure for him in Belgrade then anywhere else in the world he could be. Being a Red Star fan, with roots there, player of the year...its awesome. He can probably handle a hostile environment better then most of our players. I want him to retire on top there.
  2. Tied with Mbappe for fastest rated player in FIFA 21
  3. We cap tied Busti based on the youth team was playing for. IMO Its a gamble worth taking if you don't want to miss out on what 'could be'. I hope Herdman plans to try the same thing here. Of the 3 teams we are probably the only ones who could justify a senior call up, maybe that could sway him.
  4. https://www.espn.com/soccer/mexico-mex/story/4176777/arsenal-prospect-flores-trains-with-first-teamleaning-towards-mexico
  5. Maybe we can get some upgrades over Herdman after 2022 is done. Having a Canadian manager for our team in 2026 would be great, especially if they are quality.
  6. I thought it would be fun to spitball here, even if its delusional to think we can solve anything. As it appears today, we have a golden generation coming up that would be in their prime by the time 2026 rolls around. Despite our history of failure, we have the building blocks of something very special around David and Davies. We also have guys like guys like Millar, Larin, Eustaquio to make up the core as we project it right now. Two years ago nobody really knew about David, so one would think we may also get a few more pleasant surprises in the next 6 years, especially with the CPL now. We are getting strong on paper, we need to start taking advantage of this. I really hope we can get into the 2022 WC and build from there, it would be huge for us. We saw how Iceland, a small nation with the population of Halifax managed to burst onto the scene in recent years. The development of indoor soccer was a huge contributor to that. They also had a very clear identity as a team the way they played defensively. What do we need to do to take the next step? What do you think we need to do to truly compete? What happens when 2026 rolls around? Can Herdman really handle all of this come 2026, or do we need to consider a big time manager for the big stage? Do you think we will see more infrastructure built? CPL academies? We have been given a gift, how do we make sure its not wasted?
  7. Has anyone here seen him play much? I assume this is joining the academy? Seems like a solid place to develop!
  8. It's crazy to me some of the keyboard warriors on here feel the need to explain to us all how Millar will end up in his career. He's one of the best talents in Canada, during a time when we are fielding the best team we have ever had. Millar has a huge fanbase, including the group who signed him to the best club on the planet. Can't wait to see if a loan comes up!
  9. The way our national team is now, was unimaginable just a few years ago. We are entering the golden age! Very excited to see who is next to get to the big stage for us! On a side note for those of us nerds who like playing FIFA video games, the game really makes me appreciate how good our team is when I play with them. I find myself whooping Mexicans and Americans online now. Makes me proud of the talent we have lol Can't wait to see Jonathan David become a giant in France.
  10. The power of a modern day agent to stir the pot. David is naturally so reserved and quiet. Hard to think he would resent Gent if he isn't sold.
  11. The Canadians to Belgium connection has never been stronger! Canada must be starting to get a reputation over there.
  12. Vanney keeping the Canadians happy, he knows he needs us TFC fans on his side haha
  13. Lots of good comments on here. As someone mentioned before its less then an hour drive away from Gent. The transition of not having to go far, and speaking his French will help a lot. Ligue 1 may not get tons of love, but its still a big step up. This is an excellent stepping stone for him. If Lille are willing to pay record fees like this, he will not be riding the bench! He will have a lot of pressure on him, and if he succeeds after a year or two he can probably join a top team as a big signing. Hes such a humble kid, this seems like a move that would work well for him. Initially I just wanted him to join a big name club, but the more I think about it this move could be very smart in the long run. Great times for Canada, and our golden generation!
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