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  1. Thats true obviously, but we can justify giving the kid minutes before Mexico or England can. Most 17 year olds would jump at that chance. I also think it raises his profile at Arsenal if he is playing with Men at the international level. He clearly has interest in Canada. A lot of the time these situations are whoever calls you to the senior team first wins. My point is we need to be the ones offering him the cap tie first.
  2. Really happy he has been called up. I think this is a situation where Herdman needs to be bold. If this kid is as good as they say he is, lets give him minutes and cap tie the shit out of him asap. Lets face it, the program depends heavily on us securing dual nationals if we want to level up. Sometimes they go bust like Busti, but we cant afford to mess around.
  3. Calling for violence is unacceptable. Banter is all fun, but this rhetoric needs to be condemned. People disagree about politics, that is as old as time. You need to be civil, if you can't I ask you remove yourself from this community. Violence is never OK.
  4. anyone have news on how hes doing?
  5. Get phonzie to give him a recruitment call and watch the Bulgarian tears
  6. Ferreira is off my wish list. He's delusional. I would rather we develop young guys who are proud to rep the flag, not some guy taking our calls for granted. Thats just me though..
  7. Confirmed, repping the red and white
  8. it also mentions Martin Amuz, id love to see how he rates in our program as a CB
  9. I feel like Borjan is in the right place at Red Star. They have some of the most intense supporters around, he plays against some of the best in the world in the Champions League and he is a starter. At his age he probably wont improve anymore. Like most of of you said any move to a bigger league would result in a poorer team or a backup role. I'd argue that his time at Red Star is much more valuable. The guy is on the big stage, we just arent really exposed to it very well. I think there is more pressure for him in Belgrade then anywhere else in the world he could be. Being a Red Star fan, wi
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