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  1. Lille rumours seem strange to me. Just as strange as Arsenal. David has been pretty vocal on numerous occasions about wanting a move to Germany. I suppose it comes down to who will pay Gent the most though. I feel like David will get the German move he wanted in the end, maybe he stays at Gent until it comes to fruition. What do I know though..
  2. I really thought Klopp would use the remaining games to take a look at young guys like Liam, and maybe he will. He may just be putting the media in their place. In my head id rather play young guys then risk injuring one of the first team players for points that don't matter. Klopp seems to want to maintain the strongest momentum he can instead. Cant fault him, he knows what hes doing! If Liam gets some minutes, he will really have earned it!
  3. He sounds like a great kid in that interview. Cant wait to see how he develops. He is pretty pumped to play for Canada.
  4. He will likely be going out on loan again soon. It seems his chances at Chelsea are getting slim with the addition of Timo Werner.
  5. Cap tie ASAP haha Show him the Canadian love on social media
  6. Marc Overmars rules out David for Ajax. Although we pretty much already knew this was the case. http://www.football-oranje.com/overmars-rules-out-signing-david-and-thinks-onana-could-stay-at-ajax/
  7. I don't think a thread is going to change the course of anyone's careers lol. A bunch of anonymous people chatting about potential is pretty normal here.
  8. We have our first real superstar in Davies. David looks like he's on the verge of joining the superstar ranks. Ballou was once our major hope but flopped. Millar could make the big jump very soon. These guys have been the core of our golden generation (on paper). Who do you all predict is the next Canadian to enter the biggest stages of world football? Is there more talent in our youth system that has this much potential? Who are they? Anyone want to predict what we will look like in a couple of years? Obviously nobody can predict the future, but it could be fun to try, many of you have great insight.
  9. http://sportwitness.co.uk/jonathan-david-agent-scout-interview/
  10. Herdman is ready to help
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/FOXSoccer/status/1265393449148137472 The FC Bayern roadrunner! New nickname
  12. https://mobile.twitter.com/GaryLineker/status/1265328489198223367
  13. hahaha, yeah we dont want our superkid playing with CR7! What a waste that would be eh
  14. Liams at the best team in the world atm. Pretty amazing if you ask me, these are amazing times for Canada soccer! I'm a diehard ManUtd supporter and even I want to buy a Millar LFC shirt haha
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