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  1. He is the best story of this camo IMO. What a peasant surprise. He rises to the level he is playing very well.
  2. Oso has gotten so good the past few years when fit
  3. Years of underachieving have jaded us fans. Look at what our A squad has done in club footballl this year. Winners. Traditionally we are always underdogs as CMNT. Not anymore, if we can’t wreck them we don’t deserve it and Herdman must go. Superstition aside, we are superior and it’s about time we carry that over. There, I said it.
  4. Hard to believe how much talent has emerged in our B squad. It's easy to forget how bad we were just a few years back. The impact of MLS academies looks to be paying off huge. Now, we just need the CPL to build bigger eh
  5. Seems overly speculative. I would have just said something like " I think they will try and call up anyone who is good" to make the same point. I enjoy fan banter and talking like that tbf, but it's not really something we should be basing assumptions of fact off. Certainly not without sources or links. We are a sensitive crowd when it comes to dual nationals, as im sure you know haha
  6. Our whole team took a while to gel in the first half. I thought the intention of the sub was because we are saving him and letting others get some experience. Some may look at his early sub like he wasn’t getting the job done, to which I disagree. He was solid. He’s basically a veteran player now.
  7. I wonder if he will get a call from us for the gold cup. After the CSA announced he committed to us it would be funny if he never actually got a look IRL.
  8. If Real Madrid thinks he is good enough at this age, wow. Even if he were to fail, these chances in life are rare. TBH I felt shocked when Davies first signed with Bayern, I wasn't sure he was ready. These clubs have a knack for knowing what they are doing though...
  9. Haha that's what I get for trusting my son giving me updates
  10. He liked my Canadian flag instagram comment. That's a good enough sign for me haha Damn it's crazy the talent that's emerging lately for us
  11. If he goes to Bayern, Phonzie will remind him where home is.
  12. pretty reactionary, a little dramatic
  13. Jules-Anthony Vilsaint 18 yeas old. Signed a contract with Royal Antwerp. https://royalantwerpfc.be/nieuws/jules-anthony-vilsaint-tekent-contract-op-de-bosuil Does anyone know anything more about him?
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