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  1. None of the goals in this match should have stood IMO, Dwyer committed a foul on the TFC goal and the alleged foul called on Laryea that led to the NYFC goal wasn’t a foul. Nor was that one called on Priso right at the end which was almost identical to the one called on Ritchie. I am not sure I would know what a foul is in soccer if I only had this match to go on, but I am not sure Gantar knows either. Still, At least his incompetency in that regard affected each team equally in the end.
  2. He’s made about three dirty plays in this first five minutes of his TFC career
  3. That display (against NYRB) was two games ago. Not sure if he is injured. Games in this stadium always seem to be of poor quality but the lack of playing surface should work well for the press and makes a slow-paced middle duo of Bradley and Auro not that insane, although they are not winning as many balls in the middle of the park as I would like
  4. Bizarre line up. Guessing Laryea is moved up to midfield?
  5. I should add, that was probably Altidore's best match since some time in 2019 and I'm not sure it's a coincidence that it is because he came on as a sub. Even though he is making millions as a DP, I think he will last longer & be more effective and pick up fewer injuries coming on as a super-sub against tired defences after Ayo has battled against them all night. His salary might indicate starter status, but look how that has panned out this year and last.
  6. This was actually my biggest takeaway from the game from a TFC perspective (even though they scored on a Bradley-taken set piece), Soteldo took all the set pieces when he was on the field and he was excellent at them - delivered at pace at a relatively-flat trajectory to make things dangerous for the opposition. We might start seeing TFC score on more set pieces this year if he keeps that up. It was nice that three of the aging Americans had a good match, but as others have mentioned, I expect a lot of that came from Columbus being really poor on the night and being depleted in midfield.
  7. Miller got lucky on a few occasions where he should have handled the ball much cleaner but wasn't punished for it. Vancouver shot everything straight at him. Don't think goalkeeping was a factor in this match but since they got the clean sheet, it won't matter and he'll hold on to the starting spot for now. Helps that Minnesota didn't give up the continual 2-0's against the keeper like they did in their previous matches (or Vancouver didn't create them, take your pick).
  8. Columbus was awful for sure, but all teams that were in the CCL have struggled so far and they also had a ton of injuries too, I don’t think they even dressed a full roster tonight.
  9. Mentioned on the broadcast that per the terms of the loan agreement he can’t play against Toronto
  10. In fairness, I think they started from the moment he was hired. I think TFC will need to continue losing with a line-up that is remotely close to a starting line-up before management will step in for another change. But the storm clouds are certainly there, the moment that Armas said he was going to go with a pressing style while relying on the likes of the aging American vets, the alarm bells started ringing for me. Either that needs to change or the personnel does, although slowly but surely the latter is happening.
  11. He's an annoying, dirty player but I guess he might succeed with a pressing style and could play in a front three on the right. Presumably this means less time for the likes of Endoh (I was going to say Dorsey as well but presumably that's why they let that kid go, to make room on the roster for Dwyer). Still though, I haven't disliked a player this much since they signed Carlos Ruiz and it wouldn't surprise me if the signing is just as successful. And it doesn't address the main area of deficiency which is CB help (although I guess that means more hope for some Dunn playing time this yea
  12. The problem is the logical choice to replace Bradley has been shipped off to Columbus. I would put Osorio on the right wing of the starting 11 if we still had Fraser. Altidore has two goals in the last 16 months, which is not exactly DP striker level numbers. Gonzalez and Morrow are also on their last legs. Delgado is playing out of position but I hope that ends after today’s game, as he was the worst player on the pitch
  13. I think the starting 11 needs to be: Akinola Seteldo Pozuelo Nelson Priso Osorio Lawrence Mavinga Gonzalez Laryea Bono Bench: Shaffelburg, Bradley, Delgado, Altidore, Morrow, Auro, Singh, Okello, Westberg Once Gallardo comes back maybe he takes Nelson’s spot, if he performs well enough. Time to sit most of the Americans. Not because they are Americans but because most of them are aging players who are past it. That second goal with NYRB waltzing easily down the centre of the park was utterly atrocious but symptomatic of the problem in the centre of the park
  14. I would bench Delgado for giving attitude like that for an incredibly shitty performance where you give the ball away constantly including for the game winning goal against and then shake your head at the coach for taking him off. Unless he was shaking his head at not being taken off earlier
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