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  1. He also has some CPL jerseys up on his wall, so that's another reason not to be too hard on him.
  2. Mini-preview of the Island Games final on the MLS Extra Time Podcast, 11 minutes in: Warning - David Gass' knowledge of the CPL is much greater than his knowledge of Canadian geography and Provinces, but otherwise this is nice to see.
  3. I can recall a famous example dating back to 1993 in a crucial WCQ match against Honduras. Ball it outside of the box but Honduran keeper gets red card for stomping deliberately on Bunbury in the box. He also gave Bunbury a forearm (which Bunbury over-reacted to) but I still think the red card was for the stomp all these years later: Bless his heart, Graham Leggat gets a lot wrong here in the commentary. He misses the stomp and the fact that the keeper deliberately looked back at Bunbury before doing the stomp and keeps saying that the "ball was dead" at the time of the foul - but clearly it wasn't, the Ref blew the play dead in order to call the foul in the box.
  4. Maybe it will be in Hartford?
  5. So at last TFC will finally play against a CPL team.
  6. I suspect he said something else to Camacho. Maybe "No, I'd prefer your sister" (taking a page out of the Materazzi playbook of trash talk), or he misquoted some Supertramp lyrics at him which Rudy didn't recognize, such as "You ain't sophisticated, or well-educated. Still you need time....."
  7. Peter Schaad doing his best to jinx both the Forge and TFC by talking about them playing a Canadian Champiosnhip match. How about waiting until both matches are over?
  8. The man cannot be stopped! He is on a mission. Let's see if Vancouver can somehow be his Kryptonite by giving up three second half goals while up a man.
  9. Is Kyle Bekker screaming "Yes!!!" and then telling Cavalry to f-off when the final whistle blows at 5:29 of this video? Not going to win the CPL version of the Lady Byng award if so....
  10. Count me as one who also expected him to do well at this level - arguably even better than he has so far but then he doesn't look fully fit yet, given all his time off and that he has usually featured in matches late rather than going the full 90. Nice (and clever) goal today though!
  11. They shouldn't be using home games anyway as any sort of criteria - not for this at least. It was known ahead of time that everyone was playing in empty stadiums (or near empty in the case of Montreal, although I am not sure they knew that they Montreal would be able to admit some fans into attendance, something the other teams weren't allowed to do of course). Home field advantage was more meaningless than usual.
  12. I hope Vancouver win for their own sake first and foremost - they have so many Canadian players, especially young ones that it would be nice for them to get into the playoffs because playing in those kind of important games helps their development and also prepares for playing big WCQ matches and Gold Cup games and we need as many Canadian players as possible with that kind of experience to help propel our national team to the next level. The "do not get upset by Haiti level". I actually have zero problems with that PK, other than Piatti ran into the box too soon.....
  13. So it looks like any win by the Impact now against Vancouver gets them the top spot in the Canadian Championship rankings and would earn them the spot against the CPL winners. I had assumed they had to still win by 2 goals but apparently even if they win 1-0, the next tie-breaker down after goals scored & goal differential is away goal differential. I'm assuming head-to-head is something like the 47th tiebreaker or something, somewhere after most corner kicks taken and throw-ins taken in the opposition half. I hope Vancouver wins or gets a draw so that this doesn't become an issue, but it's really silly that if two teams are tied on points, the team who lost the head-to-head battle between the two teams goes through.
  14. Yes he had a great game and so did Piette. Mind you Adnan was awful tonight so that helped. Gutierrez also looked good and was a definite improvement.
  15. On the replay Lucas looked like he was inviting Binks to take the issue outside and settle it there.
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