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  1. Disappointing if the league is still stuck with 7 teams next year, particularly when Clanachan had been telling people there would be 8 to 10 teams in first season if we still only get 7 by the time 2nd season - that would suggest that he need never be taken seriously ever again on this sort of thing. The 2nd year they have to build upon what happens in the first year - it will be tougher to maintain interest for the more casual fans who will be seeing the same 6 opponents for their team over and over again, yet the travel costs will remain just as high instead of being reduced with extra teams in place. Perhaps it is too idealistic of me but I really think they need to set aside any differences/bitterness and do what they can get Ottawa in next year, especially since I think it will be in Ottawa's best interests since outside of the V-Cup they seem like such an anonymous, forgotten club by playing in a league with the least amount of attention in North America.
  2. And I see that Forge played at home last night as well, adding to the scheduling insanity in question. If there were three top flight professional hockey teams playing on the same night in the same respective locations attendance for at least one of those teams would most likely suffer, so hardly a surprise to see it happening with soccer.
  3. Bair was unlucky to not get his first MLS goal as he rang one off the inside of the post. Then got another chance a few minutes later but the centering pass was sent in just behind him rather than just in front
  4. Phenomenal strike by Aparicio, perhaps the goal of the year so far in this league
  5. No Edwards or Hamilton in Chicago vs. Columbus. Edwards hasn't seen the field since being at fault for a goal in Chicago's upset loss to St. Louis in USL play, but they have largely stunk without him since he's been nailed to the press box. Hamilton hasn't been dressed for either Crew game since he's been traded and to make matters worse, both strikers ahead of him (Zardes & Williams) scored in the 2-2 draw against the Fire. Also getting nailed the press box in recent weeks is Tajon Buchanon as Bruce Arena hasn't used him once I believe since he became coach. Perhaps this is a formation issue as Arena has changed the team's formation and they haven't gone with out and out wingers, because Buchanon was drawing some rave reviews for his performances a rookie in the first half of the season. Or maybe Bruce Arena just doesn't like him. Vancouver started four Canucks (including Theo Bair's 2nd start in a row) in a losing cause, 4-0. I am currently watching the repeat broadcast since I was at BMO field tonight, and I see that the shots are 17-0 for NE at half time with Crepeau being hung out to dry.
  6. Make that "would have three assists" as Laryea has now two "Converted PK's drawn" this season.
  7. When I was tracking Canadian player MLS stats last year I awarded another "point" for any player who drew a PK which was converted by another player, since that is tantamount to setting up a goal the way an "assist" is. I doubt they are using the same system (whatever the original source is) but if one was to take that criteria and count "Converted PK's drawn" as an "assist" for a goal, Laryea would have two assists as he drew the PK that Pozeulo converted against Atlanta (even if it was a bit of a dive IMO!).
  8. For what it's worth, some of the stats for the TFC players are incorrect. According to their website Laryea has one goal & one assist (rather than 1 goal and 2 assists), while Liam Fraser has one assist (rather than 0 assists).
  9. Almost scored in this game with a powerful low strike from well outside the box (about 40 seconds into these highlights): https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2019-07-13-orlando-city-sc-vs-columbus-crew-sc/recap
  10. I think they dealt him quickly to Columbus as he's listed on the Crew roster: https://www.columbuscrewsc.com/players
  11. He will be competing against also-recently-acquired Romario Williams & Gyasi Zardes for playing time if they continue to only play 1 striker.
  12. It's absolute nonsense which I think was only passed whatever vote was needed by the Concacaf members to agree implement this because it suits the biggest teams in the region plus most of the smaller nations who had no expectations of getting into the World Cup for 2022 but benefit from this because they get to play more games that mean something for a longer period of time. Which just leaves the teams on the bubble of possibly qualifying - such as us - as the ones who get screwed from this. It's not fair, nor equitable and the ridiculous over-emphasis on the FIFA rankings is extremely unjustifiable, as is the timing that this process is being rolled out and the inclusion of matches against non-FIFA matches to harm nations FIFA rankings for those unlucky enough to be drawn in the same group as French Guiana or Martinique in CNLQ and Gold Cup play.
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