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  1. Yeah, I remember that post but don't see a lot wrong with it - I would disagree that it was ever a "disaster" (but can see why others might), but the amount of praise for David in that post certainly doesn't seem like the incentive to start a dick-swinging contest to me.
  2. Unless there was a specific comparison of David to Pulisic that he made, not sure it is a case of him deflecting anything since you are inviting unrelated comparisons between Canada and the US. It’s a bit like comparing Weston McKennie with Alphonso Davies or Tyler Adams with Manrejkar James or Serginio Dest with....well I have run out of our own options. Like others have said before, I also don’t recall a prediction of David’s failure either.
  3. Went on to that Lille supporters forum to take a gander at what they are saying. While there are the usual couple of guys who are always defending him, the complaints of the equivalent number of guys who keep bashing him are unusual. Apparently they think he is afraid to shoot, which is not something that I have heard before or can understand as I don't see any evidence of this. Some are not giving him much credit for the goal poaching, although at least one chap has pointed out that he has too many teammates who like to dribble instead of pass. But then it seems like most Lille fans on the fo
  4. I think that's about 7 of 9 goals now which are poacher goals rather than ones that come out of teamwork and creative play. Even the 2nd there, I agree with the Douglas Wilmer-sounding British commentator that it probably wasn't even pass by Ikone but an attempted shot hit awry, much like David's 2nd. I think when this move was announced I was expecting more of the type of goals he scored for Gent where he finished off plays or Canada where he is often sprung for breakaways, so the "poaching" aspect is in some ways a nice dimension to add to his game. And with Lille, it's less likely that
  5. Bamba not starting, which I think is a first for this season
  6. Actually a bit surprised that David is starting, he played the full match on Sunday, I figured that Galtier would continue to rotate the attacking players
  7. Putting him higher up the pitch might make sense if they don't ask him to cover more ground - it was the latter comment in the video that had my eyebrows raised. They might be preferring Osorio & Delgado as a double-pivot in front of the back four (which was how they were deployed when TFC were at their most successful last year - but that was with Bradley out of the line-up altogether). I wonder if they might have Fraser pegged for CB cover because Armas said they were trying out different options for cover there, and its tough to see how he and Okello and Priso will all fit in centr
  8. https://www.tsn.ca/chris-armas-likes-what-he-sees-in-toronto-fc-camp-but-there-are-still-issues-to-resolve-1.1600935 Not sure I like the sound of what they are planning to do with Bradley.....according to the TFC.ca video where all these quotes are taken from, they want Bradly cover more ground, and also have the backline play higher up the pitch.
  9. Aside from the fact the whole team looked off and not sharp (probably from the mid-week travel), the number of players on this team who dribble when they should pass the f'ing ball is simply unbelievable. Lucky to get the single point from this one.
  10. Hockey assist on Bayern’s third, similar to his hockey assist on Bayern’s 2nd in Tuesday
  11. Davies gets the start in the field for Bayern while McKenna gets the start in the commentary booth on Sportsnet in Bayern vs Koln
  12. Even if such a reputation exists, I doubt the lack of an initial call was anything to do with that. I think it's more a case that the Ref was out of position to see that it wasn't a shoulder-to-shoulder play but a clear shove from behind. Alternatively, it might also be a case of Lille being victimized by "big club" syndrome, with Ajax (by far a bigger club historically than the likes of Lille) getting the sort of breaks on PK decisions or other calls that I think Milan got against Borjan's club on the same day, or which the likes of Juventus have enjoyed for the past 40-50 years in Serie A.
  13. Sounds like you are answering a different question to the one you are asking, unless Panama has had a sudden influx of players with very British-sounding last names. To avoid answering either question, right now I'm mainly interested in whether Canada will be better than either Bermuda or Surinam. On paper we should be but in reality difficult to say since we haven't played any matches in over a year and many of the players that Herdman hopes to call haven't played for Canada since some time in 2019....
  14. Milan (the player, not the team) with more than a few choice words for the refs and his opponents....
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