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  1. I want a Canada-Qatar final so that Qatar will pay money to get this match on the Fox network and I can watch it on proper tv that way. 😏
  2. As far as I can tell, every coach on the male side of the program is with them. I have no idea what all their roles are though. I guess he is the video analyst, Kerr is the keeper coach, Caldwell coaches the defence, not sure about Biello, Biecentini and Olivieri (maybe strikers, midfielders amd wingers)?
  3. I'm losing track of our assistant coaches here.....anyone know who the assistant coach is who is giving the pre-practice pep talk to the other assistant coaches (standing in between Biello & Caldwell) at 3:35 is? He's also later seen instructing the players on a video re: Costa Rica's alleged weaknesses.
  4. https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/orlando-city-forward-tesho-akindele-added-to-canada-s-gold-cup-roster
  5. Made the bench for MLS team of the week, for what it's worth. Regarding his slow start on Wednesday's game, one thing to note is that, in addition to coming on mid-way through the first half for a team that was looking extremely discombobulated from the opening whistle, that was actually Priso's first pro game played in front of home fans, which might help to explain some of the nervy moments early on.
  6. During the broadcast of the Orlando game after Tesho came on the play by play guy said either that “Akindele is now part of the Canada Gold Cup team” or “Akindele is not part of the Canada Gold Cup team”, but I couldn’t tell which! There was an article on Sportsnet from two days ago which quoted Herdman saying they were trying to bring another forward in, so I expect we will see someone called.
  7. Not sure if Herdman is waiting to see if Akindele will escape tonight’s match without getting injured before calling him but he is on the bench tonight for Orlando with 25 minutes to go, his team leading Philly 2-0 without using Tesho at all so far.
  8. In the post-game presser Perez says he told all the substitutes before the game that “the chances that the players are going to have coming off the bench are going to be limited”. Confirmation then that he prefers a “play them ragged until they get injured playing 90 minutes three games a week, no matter how ineffective they are” approach
  9. Ralph has now moved ahead of Dom Dwyer and Carlos Ruiz on the all-time TFC goal scoring list.
  10. It was lucky that the rebound fell to him to slot it in first-time instead of say Delgado (who would have taken a shot so wide that it would have gone out for a NYRB throw-in) or Endoh who would have taken two touches first before trying to shoot.
  11. Glad that Perez is just an interim coach as he is just way too conservative. Everyone in our section of the stands was shocked when half time began and the same 11 came out on the field. Either Perez still thinks it is 1986 and he can only make 2 subs a match or he has a two sub maximum written into his contract. How Endoh lasted the whole match is beyond me, he couldn’t put Shaffelburg out there for even 5 minutes to run in behind defenders and give the opponent something else to worry about besides Soteldo so he doesn’t get triple teamed the whole match? Even though Jacob might over hit 50% of his crosses just having him making runs in behind would still free up Soteldo a bit to make him more effective. Instead NY knew they had nothing else to worry about on the right side of TFC’s attack and just focused on Soteldo with Pozeulo having an off day in part because there wasn’t anyone other than Soteldo to pass the ball to. To use 2 subs again (and one only due to injury) on 3 days rest is suicidal when you can make up to 5.
  12. First half of football I have seen at BMO in 16 months and I am not sure it could have been a worse one. Wearing a mask in the stands makes it all the more difficult to be heard by the coach when you are shouting “Javier, would you fucking take off Dwyer and Endoh already!”
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