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  1. Not that I have seen, but they now have signed LAFC's former starting keeper in Tyler Miller as LAFC signed a European keeper as their #1
  2. If anything, I thought this game could have used more Nelson, not less, given the stodgy way Iceland was playing once they had the lead and especially in the 2nd half. When a team is bunkering like that, having a player who can take on and beat guys one one one who can help to break such a team down. Nelson clearly wants/demands the ball and has the confidence to be creative with it and take players on. We don't have that many players in our player pool who can do that (most of them are in Europe at the moment). We also saw a bit of that with Brym although he never seemed to be able to find his man when he got in a position to cross (same with Bassong).
  3. Or just not used properly. The team took so long to work the ball across the field that by the time they got it to him, he had nowhere to go with it.
  4. I'd be going out of my skull in annoyance as it's not house-league anymore that they are playing. I mean some comments yes, but the constant shouting....occasionally you've got to let the players have some free will out there.
  5. One of the problems with starting Ricketts is that you lose what he can bring in his best role as a super-sub. That was pretty much a wasted 89 minutes from him, although fairness the entire team looked like they didn't know what they were doing, not just him. Why do we keep finding formations that work and then when we play a tougher opponent (or an opponent in tougher circumstances), experiment with a new formation? Most positive was the performance of Brym, Bassong & Nelson (especially for the Olympic team qualifying) although I wonder if Bassong should have been brought on to the left side for Adekugbe because half the time when Bassong got the ball on the right flank, he'd run into the middle of the field with it as though he was trying to get to the left side of the field when there was a ton of room to run down the right flank. And I lost track of the number of unproductive crosses we sent in from the left the whole game as sending those kinds of high crosses into the box is Iceland's bread and butter. Nice save from Crepeau in the 2nd half but very disappointing weak keeping on their goal. Ah well.
  6. It's a reminder that the depth that we have now is astronomically larger from the Gold Cup winning days - arguably the best it has been since the NASL days. The problem of course is that the rest of the region also hasn't stood still since those days either and we've been saddled with the most egregiously ridiculous World Cup Qualifying format ever, so despite all this there is a decent chance we aren't able to take advantage of this increase in talent & depth. But one continues to hope and dream......
  7. At the time of writing St. Clair is the only keeper listed under contract for Minnesota, so his chances of making an appearance in MLS this year seem fairly high (though no doubt they will sign at least one other keeper before the season begins I should think). It would be nice to see of Montgomery can make a breakthrough this year as well.
  8. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/15/montreal-impact-acquire-ballou-tabla-barcelona-permanent-transfer Good news, but I find Renard's comments somewhat ominous
  9. https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/14/joel-waterman-transferred-cavalry-fc-montreal-impact-ahead-2020-season
  10. https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/canadian-johnston-showing-his-creative-flair-on-and-off-the-pitch~1871127
  11. https://www.tsn.ca/after-five-seasons-with-toronto-fc-jay-chapman-looks-forward-to-life-in-miami-1.1425376
  12. Post game write-up: https://www.tsn.ca/charles-andreas-brym-amer-didic-nelson-open-their-international-accounts-as-canada-beats-barbados-1.1425651
  13. I guess it was just to get him some playing time, but otherwise I have no idea why Shaffelburg was seemingly being played as a lone striker up top. He looked lost out there as a result. He's an out and out winger, works best on the left for that matter. I'd rather have seen Jacob or Borges play where Nelson did and put Nelson up top (where his occasional inexperienced-caused giveaways would be less likely to hurt us) rather than having Jacob played out of position like that. He looked like a fish out of water.
  14. I had the same question. All alone 9 or 10 yards from the goal with just the keeper to beat......and we either pass or run into a bad angle and then pass.
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