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  1. I"m not sure which one you are referring to as there were two incidents, one in each half. The second one looked shoulder to shoulder to be honest, although I only got one look at it (the MLS website's instant replay feature didn't show it this week, preferring to focus on two Altidore incidents instead - but then they bizarrely named him man of the match so they seem somewhat obsessed with Jozy, perhaps understandably giving he's an American). He does seem to be playing for the foul rather than just taking the shot but I expect that Richie will adjust his game in due course if these calls continue to not go his way.
  2. I don't think Herdman has or will ask Laryea to get as far forward so consistently/frequently as Vanney has done (half the time for TFC he's playing higher than the right winger is, and is encouraged to do so) - at least, not against the US. Defensively, although it is perhaps not saying much given how woeful the others were on the night, Laryea was the best of TFC's 4 defenders against Colorado (and for me the most consistent performer for TFC the whole game), when he was in position defensively he was the only one not taken to the cleaners by an attacker and he was the most assured with the ball and his feet and distribution-wise. Granted he will be up against stiffer competition when we play the US but at the same time I think he gives them something else to worry about. The feel-good unexpected Canadian success story of the 2019 MLS season, as nobody (including me) was talking about him as a national team regular & answer to the right-back woes at the start of the year.
  3. TSN still doesn't even have CPL standings or results available on their website.
  4. These two interviews are from the TFC site but they are mostly focused on the national team performances of Osorio & Laryea, respectively in the last two matches. Osorio somewhat takes the high road when asked about how unfair the qualifying process is, which actually I like because it's the fans who need to be whining and making excuses ahead of time, not the players: https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2019/09/13/training-sound-jonathan-osorio-september-13-2019?autoplay=true https://www.torontofc.ca/post/2019/09/13/training-sound-richie-laryea-september-13-2019?autoplay=true
  5. So let me get this straight - this effectively means that the more unsuccessful El Salvador is as top seed in a League B group (never mind League A), the better it is for their chances of making the Hex. Nice job Concacaf in thinking through this qualification process. So glad that they are making this system foolproof to ensure that the best teams are guaranteed spots in the Hex.🙄
  6. In some cases by anticipating where you will hurt the most by taking advantage of their weakest positions. For me their weakest position is (ironically) also our weakest, in left back. They tend to use Tim Ream or Daniel Lovitz. Neither are the greatest at 1 v. 1 defending (Laryea gave Lovitz fits when he came on late the last time TFC played Montreal) so I think you want to play your best 1 v. 1 attackers/dribblers on the wings. Which to mean doesn't mean that David plays on the wing. But then I don't think the Americans will fancy playing against Cavallini either, so that brings us back to a dilemma, albeit a nice one to have. I just hope everyone is healthy, particularly at the back where we are thin and thinner still with Henry suspended. I have to say though that I am looking forward to this US match more than I have for a long, long time. Herdman's been waiting 10-15 years, I've been waiting longer - it's been over 20 years since we last played them at home in a meaningful match.
  7. I believe we have all but officially qualified for this tourney, barring a Cuban miracle
  8. Mexico down 2-0 to Argentina midway through the 1st half, live on onesoccer Edit - now 3-0 still in the first half. Argentina is sticking it to their old coach! 2nd Edit - 4-0 still in the first half. Araujo, the same dude that got stripped by David of the ball leading to our goal against them is having another woeful night.
  9. True, but the US wasn't necessarily at full strength either. In other news Honduras is losing right now to Chile at half-time
  10. Our next opponents, the US, drew 1-1 with Uruguay tonight.
  11. Wonder if Herdman will try Atiba at CB again against the US with the glut of midfielders we have and possibly Estaquio to add to the mix.
  12. Actually I didn't mind him for the most part, other than the bit I mentioned (and the unintentionally hilarious "Cyle Larin played left back" slip of the tongue). It's sometimes interesting to get a "neutral" perspective. The fact that we are talking about his commentary so much perhaps indicates how interesting to watch that game was. 82% possession when we were a goal up and a man down......yikes!
  13. Yeah, but given that we had one less attacker on the field because we, not the opposition, had the man sent off I thought it was a silly comment that wasn't taking the (admittedly unusual and bizarre) game situation into account. In the second half kept complaining that we only had one man in the box when we were crossing the ball in......what was he expecting us to do, go for broke by throwing everyone forward into the box in a desperate attempt get a two goal lead?
  14. We rested more starters so the line-up wasn't as good, we were playing with 10 men for about 40 minutes, we played on a bumpy pitch and in 29 degree humidity. And perhaps most of all Cuba bunkered the entire game, even when they were down a man. Two clear PK's weren't given which should have been. It wasn't a great performance, they managed the game well when down to 10 men which was perhaps the most pleasing part. But I'll take this professional performance victory over the losses that Panama & El Salvador just received.
  15. I quite enjoyed the unintentionally hilarious suggestion from Tony Meola that Canada needs to learn from this experience in the future the next time we go down to 10 men and the team that we are beating at the time decides to bunker with a man up and a goal down in the game........that is of course a common occurrence that teams face all the time.
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