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  1. Yeah, I meant York 9 when I was talking about Vaughan or King City. But according to the Google maps image, the Pickering stadium would be less than a 25 minute drive from my house, which is less than half the distance to where York 9 currently play and probably a greater disparity from where the stadium they (York 9) want to build is.
  2. Tajon Buchanan played the first 36 minutes for NE in a friendly against Chelsea (apparently he was injured) . Brian Wright played the 2nd half. This was the first game for the team under new head coach Bruce Arena.
  3. The irony is as someone who lives in one of the "9" of the area that York 9 would represent is that a Pickering team would be much more of a local team given where I live (eastern Markham) than York 9 would be for me given where they play and where they are apparently hoping to play in (assuming that's somewhere in Vaughan or King City from what I last recall reading).
  4. Edited my list to add the two pre-World Cup friendlies in 1994 at Varsity. I still think I may be missing some from the 1990's as it doesn't seem right that I had to wait 13 years to see Canada win a match for the first time (ie I don't remember feeling frustrated about having to wait that long to see Canada win), but maybe that's a stat which just eluded me at the time. I watched Canada's U17 World Cup games in Toronto in 1987 but haven't added those since they aren't the Senior Men's National Team.
  5. Nigel Reed is enough to make me watch the game on mute. Could he be any more monotone and dreadfully boring?
  6. I just remembered a couple of friendlies from 1994 that I forgot to include, so I will have to revise this afterwards
  7. I may be forgetting some matches as time continues to pass, but I'm at 36 at the very least. I'm hazy on some of the dates. Canada 1, Costa Rica 1 - 1985 World Cup Qualifier Canada 1, Poland 2 - 1988 Friendly Canada 1, Mexico 2 - 1993 World Cup Qualifier Canada 0, Germany 2 - 1994 Friendly Canada 0, Holland 3 - 1994 Friendly Canada 1, Portugal 1 - 1996 Friendly Canada 1, Macedonia 0 - 1998 Friendly Canada 1, Jamaica 0 - 1999 Friendly Canada 1, T&T 0 - 2000 Friendly Canada 0, Mexico 0 - 2000 WCQ Canada 2, Haiti 0 - 2002 Gold Cup Match Canada 0, Ecuador 2 - 2002 Gold Cup Match Canada 1, Scotland 3 - 2002 Friendly Canada 0, USA 4 - 2003 Friendly Canada 1, Costa Rica 0 - 2003 Gold Cup Match Canada 0, Cuba 2 - 2003 Gold Cup Match Canada 4, Belize 0 - 2004 WCQ Canada 4, Belize 0 - 2004 WCQ Canada 1, Jamaica 0 - 2005 or 2006 Friendly (it was in Montreal, goal scored by Rob Friend) Canada 1, Costa Rica 1 - 2007 Friendly Canada 1, Jamaica 1 - 2008 WCQ Canada 0, Peru 2 - 2009? Friendly Canada 2, Ecuador 2 - 2010? Friendly (or was it 2011?) Canada 4, St. Lucia 1 - 2011 WCQ Canada 0, Puerto Ricio 0 - 2011 WCQ Canada 4, St. Kitts 0 - 2011 WCQ Canada 0, USA 0 - 2012 Friendly Canada 0, Honduras 0 - 2012 WCQ Canada 1, Panama 0 - 2012 WCQ Canada 3, Cuba 0 - 2012 WCQ Canada 3, Jamaica 1 - 2014 Friendly Canada 4, Dominia 0 - 2015 WCQ Canada 0, Costa Rica 0 - 2015 Gold Cup Canada 3, Belize 0 - 2015 WCQ Canada 2, Jamaica 0 - 2017 Friendly Canada 5, Dominica 0 - 2018 CNL Match
  8. T&T are also playing Venezuela on May 29th. The only slight saving grace is that two other teams in our group (Cuba and Martinique) are also not playing any friendlies thus far. But that's no excuse for us not to have any. It's particularly galling to see that Honduras gets to play Brazil while we get to play no-one. I'll take another friendly against any of Bermuda, Nicaragua or Guyana, or even Curacao like last time.
  9. Akinola is called to the US U20 team who play 3 games from May 24th to May 31st, and possibly more into June if they get out of their group. I assume that Akinola will be gone after the game on the 18th against RSL, so if Altidore is not back by then, that leaves us with Hamilton and Boyd as the only two healthy strikers, one of whom has had non-existent production so far. So I am thinking that the two possible homegrown signings could be Shaffelburg (since they need wingers) and Jayden Nelson as they will need someone else who can play up top. If KC can give first team minutes to Busio, then why not TFC to Nelson? Busio is only a few months older but has been playing first team for KC since last season. What's more, let's consider that if Altidore gets back to health, he's probably gone again in June for the Gold Cup.
  10. After the latest shellacking, Brad Friedel has been canned at NE
  11. Thing is, I thought many of the replacements who started played well while some of the guys who didn’t get replaced struggled, like DeLeon as you mentioned. And then there is Boyd who hasn’t played well the whole year. Maybe if we get some wingers who can put the ball on his head in the box he will be of some use but as of now he has been useless. He was initially touted as being the 2nd striker behind Altidore but he is clearly #4 at the moment.
  12. As for tonight's starting line up, Fraser gets his first start (and minutes!) of the season at last. Also starts for Morgan, Laryea and Chapman as there is unexpectedly some heavy squad rotation (Osorio is on the bench and Boyd is on the bench instead of Hamilton with Akinola starting - Mavinga and Delgado also on the bench). With Altidore & Hamilton not dressed and Osorio on the bench, that's a good percentage of the team's scoring not starting. Pozuelo is at least, as is Bradley and Chapman who have 2 goals each. De Leon also starts somewhat surprisingly as he looks due to be rotated out for a game). Zavaleta & Ciman as the central CB pair against Josef Martinez..........😨
  13. Article on TFC standing pat, indicating that more home grown signings are on the way (which is a bit of a surprise since I am not sure what they have in the woodwork that addressed their centre-back or winger need - they aren't playing Julian Dunn as it is): https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/05/08/ali-curtis-explains-why-toronto-fc-stood-pat-deadline-day
  14. That a suspension was handed out is not weird, but that it took 10 days to do it (and after the Forge played another game a week after the incident with Bekker in the line-up) is a bit weird.
  15. The MLS soccer.com staff have decided - and purely just to annoy you all - to name Delgado to the MLS Team of the Week Bench: https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/05/06/team-week-presented-audi-barco-blazes-path-week-10
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