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  1. St. Clair starts for Minnesota against SKC but Edwards not dressed once again. Two great saves for Dayne in the first 15 minutes
  2. Two huge saves in the first 15 minutes for Minnesota in the playoffs against SKC. Stops Russell on a breakaway and then a makes a phenomenal reaction save off the line
  3. Having now seen the highlights of the match, that 2nd goal was nothing like what the posters here were making it sound like. I was expecting a collision where David was sent flying by Ikone or that his own teammate stripped him of the ball that he was already in full possession of. Neither happened. Ikone probably did have a bur under his saddle mind you as he was the prime goat on the goal Lille conceded, and seemed to have his teammates screaming at him for his poor lackadaisical work in not shutting down that cross. So he knew that he owed his team a goal.
  4. David Norman Jr. was cut from Miami today: https://www.intermiamicf.com/en/post/2020/12/03/inter-miami-cf-announces-roster-decisions-following-inaugural-season Nice to see they gave him a chance! (This is sarcasm by the way). He couldn't have looked any worse that Matuidi did in the playoffs, that's for sure. Chapman is still with the team for 2021.
  5. Livescore is giving the assist to Weah (I can't see the game so don't know if that's accurate)
  6. For a change, most of the comments in response to an MLSsoccer.com article were actually and genuinely amusing to read. I love the comment from the Impact fan who says that he hopes that TFC hires Olsen - pretty much says it all, really...
  7. Henry had better stand on his head next week as that was just awful. Not just the blunder but his pk save attempts were woeful. It was like he was making sure to move out of the way of the shots
  8. Don’t really see the need for this, were they getting tired of commentator puns like “Urrutti isn’t making much of an impact on the match” or something? Given then absence of a replacement nickname I expect half the fans will continue to call them the Impact anyway
  9. Ref should be shot and pissed on for running in the way of an on-rushing free kick taker outside the box. Never seen that before in 40 odd years of watching this game.
  10. Is Tajon the first Canadian (or player of any nationality) to win an International Player of the Year before they have played an international?
  11. Well I will be sorry to see him go. Despite the occasional nepotism and more recently, relying on players who are past it (or have never actually been good enough), the pluses he brought to the team over the past 7 years far outweighed the negative. Plus you never know if we might get a new coach that brings far more in the way of frustrations than we ever go with Vanney (which in themselves, were far fewer than the revolving door of coaches before that such as Mo Johnston, John Carver, that idiot Paul Mariner and Preki who were all lousy in comparison, even if in different ways). I wond
  12. https://www.tsn.ca/whitecaps-exercise-options-on-seven-players-continuing-discussions-with-fredy-montero-1.1558301
  13. I'd say Jones was the main culprit on the 2nd goal, and as much as I am usually loathe to agree with Alejandro Moreno (can't stand his commentary), I do agree with him it was actually Zimmerman mainly to blame on that 1st goal for chasing a ball on the sidelines for no reason, one that he couldn't possibly win and thus putting him out of position for where he should have been (to clean things up in the centre of the park at the back). Thought Johnston looked tired on the 2nd goal mind you and perhaps would have done better to compensate for Jones stupidity with this speed if this was earl
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