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  1. Norman was listed as injured the whole time or close to it
  2. Actually he preferred putting a number of youngsters at the same time and that was his downfall this season putting 2-3 16-17year olds in the 11 while he had quality experienced players
  3. “We are very happy to announce the signing of Zorhan Bassong, with whom we’ve had an agreement for 2021 for some time. We preferred to wait to make the announcement to avoid destabilizing the players in his position, and achieve our 2020 goals,” said Montreal Impact sporting director Olivier Renard. “He is a versatile young Canadian, playing as a left or right back, or as a center-back in a three-man defense. He’s shown a great desire to come back here, and he is delighted with the club’s project.” You can see it coming that he'll play some games at cb
  4. Greg Vanney steps down as Toronto FC Head Coach
  5. He was at fault on the first for sure as he had to stay with pedro santos
  6. This is absolutely masterful coaching by Bruce Arena...with one decision to take a winger who never started a pro game at the back and put him at rb in the playoffs he has brought his team to the eastern conference final...great job Tajon keep it up...now can they go all the way and take mls cup
  7. Good news: the team going to mls cup will have at least one canadian on its roster as all four in the conference semis of today have at least one...in the west its 50-50 as dallas and minnesota have at least one...so overall 6/8 chances of a canadian winning mls cup this year
  8. Soooo many misses and offsides from nashville..they should have put this away
  9. gonzalez has been awful but cadiz looks slow so might be a good matchup for toronto..everyone on nashville has been good overall and they are missing godoy..will be interesting..looks like 50-50 for now could really go either way
  10. villafana scores at 82 and portland think they got it..but pepi the 17 year old almost equalizes on a header but clark saves and then in the 93rd he final equalizes..what an end to the 90..going to extra time
  11. through ball from dallas and jara scores but it goes to var and called back for offside
  12. here we go with the portland dallas showdown
  13. stopped watching after the second and molino proved it was a good decision as he scores the third..only one team in this one
  14. just like that lod puts it in the bottom corner to make it 2-0
  15. wow benezet has an open goal less than a meter out but gregus makes a huge tackle from behind
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