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  1. he should have sent bojan and lassi way before
  2. Vancouver Whitecaps coach Marc Dos Santos: Maybe we were wrong not to play Fredy Montero more this season
  3. montero saying dont ever sleep on me again
  4. they need to waive camacho tomorrow morning
  5. His club Oakland Roots is going to USL Championship in 2021 USL Championship Welcomes Oakland Roots for 2021 Season
  6. because quality doesnt go away..so as long as he was fit he would do very well at this level
  7. thats right up to now..2-0 after 30 and a lot of mistakes in front of goal from him..extremely weak keeper
  8. playing well but no revelation as he played at a much higher level..its normal if he does very well at this level
  9. absolutely beautiful 90th minute tackle by jakokic to keep the three points..hes a top two canadian cb currently
  10. and then ebobisse gets one a minute later and we are going to the break 3-2..what a second it will be..0-0 in the san jose galaxy match
  11. rossi then bwp score to make it 3-1 right before the break
  12. kaye scores on a corner to make it 1-1 in the first half
  13. maciel gets a red..10v10 for last 20..can there be a comeback..kaye jakovic starting for lafc vs portlant..lafc already under the playoff line is bradley in trouble if they lose
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