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  1. What an entrance from gustavo bou..2 big time dp's there with him and gil..they are really getting things right in new england with coaching and players..making the playoffs this year and probably a championship contender in next couple years https://matchcenter.mlssoccer.com/matchcenter/2019-07-17-new-england-revolution-vs-vancouver-whitecaps-fc/recap ..and a lesson for vancouver who got it way wrong with inbeom as dp
  2. camera crew leaves early? you gotta be ******* kidding me..mediapro get it together
  3. Gogarty zambazis cox also starting so some rotation there
  4. No way inbeom should be a dp..mistake there..teibert not good enough to be a starter for a playoff team in mls but that was known long ago..and as said a large number of changes and the replacements are not much better..venuto pc...theres just been too much talk..we wanna play like this do that..after 20 games show something, dont lose 0-3 at home
  5. wow eddies hit the post at one end and on the counter long ball beats their defense and telfer gets their first this time and finishes with right foot just inside the post
  6. thats a very difficult ball to deal with..he has to be in goal in case someone heads first ball and even after that if temguia touches and temguia is left alone..its gattas time
  7. velado off and the seemingly forever eddie backup mortotsi on
  8. giant ongaro in for diouck..seems like ameobi will take on abzi and ongaro between cb's
  9. nice turn from adjei but shot wide..then doner runs in and gets a shot..york really getting through from left side of edmonton
  10. boom..bad back pass and adjei gets to it..hes 2v1 with porter and gives him a good ball and porter puts in the corner..1-0 after 12
  11. abzi with some cheap giveaways and fouls..can give some good balls but really needs to improve on that
  12. hamilton scored one goal in seven league starts..other three were on sub appearances and mostly open net..started five of six league games april 27 to may 18 and didnt score..did well to score four but not much other than that..yes its better than boyd but after 5-6 years in toronto good time to move on for both sides..hopefully does well in clb but with zardes accam williams gonna be tough to get time
  13. yes same thing if it hits the ref..leagues that started last year didnt have to apply it
  14. by new rules drop balls are not contested anymore..goes to one team
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