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  1. highly doubt he would get well over 100k euros with a promoted team that has a 8000 stadium and gets around 2000 at games
  2. dont know how they have him starting at this level..hes simply a couple steps behind and more prone to mistakes, turnovers and not getting to where he should be to mark or get to players...
  3. get oxner the **** out of there......get williams in net stop making mistakes stephen hart come on...oxner is garbage
  4. gotta wonder if durrans is getting ready to go back to germany being frozen out of the squad
  5. what a joke by onesoccer..subscribe while they say streaming all national team games and now have to look around to find a stream....their disappointment doesnt stop
  6. is tsn streaming it free?? if not and we dont have tsn where are we supposed to watch it??
  7. So in the end the oldest of the three Uccello bros was the best one..sad that he had to retire due to MS after getting to serie b
  8. lol just when its getting close to time to send aerial balls they pull out ongaro
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