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  1. 16 starts in mls a few years ago then good performance in scottish championship in 2018..coming in to be a starter..specially for a team like valour
  2. 250k in the second tier of Belgium wow..will have to perform quickly or ppl will want him gone
  3. A transfer board http://justesoccer.com/quebec/les-transferts-plsq-masculine-2020/
  4. rarely gave an effort, never looked at supporters..oh boy 🤦‍♂️
  5. Nemanja Nikolic..lol had a good laugh..was out of gas after 60 min last year and not a sure starter anymore..imagine a year later..mls 3.0 player lol
  6. He is now the 10th youngest mls signing all-time https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2020/01/22/who-are-10-youngest-players-ever-signed-mls-contract
  7. but dont call him for u17 world cup..now a few months later hes on mls contract while others playing academy or usl1..what a mistake
  8. and atlanta also sells big and has much higher attendance than montreal so the majority if not all of that spending is covered
  9. They had the #8 team payroll in the league last year a little under atlanta so that not spending and frugal stuff is a myth
  10. lol rocco romeo at 19 was sent to the danish second tier past the halfway point of the season and made his place as a starter then came back to tfc ii midseason and was a starter..boskovic was a backup in ottawa
  11. at 22 and Bradley out this is the opportunity for Fraser to step up..time to see if hes mls starter level or not
  12. Kunle Dada-Luke and Kembo Kibato gone from Danish 3rd tier Helsingor without playing a minute https://www.bold.dk/fodbold/nyheder/fc-helsingoer-siger-farvel-til-fem-spillere/
  13. Scotland's Hearts say American goalkeeper Kevin Silva has transferred to Toronto FC
  14. oh boy..seems like its gonna come to an end sometime this season..was a flop up to now as a mls dp
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