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  1. Down 0-3 after 61 and a Pozuelo red..at least next one is against san jose at home..for whom wondolowski has just scored and tied the all time record
  2. Still no seats in the wooden stands? Whats going on there?
  3. Tajon got 30 min in a 0-0 draw in Montreal..Brault Piette Shome got 90 Choiniere 66 and Jackson 16
  4. Watching Tss and after 15 minutes Jordan Haynes stands out and hes playing left back..played usl with whitecaps 2..could be a good option for a team looking to add an outside back or mid
  5. Was the pass back a bad decision? Sure but thats not the reason it turned into a goal..he could have put it out but didnt so yes the pass back is not a good decision but the goal is on George as he still could have put it out Theres no attacking his weight..hes simply overweight for a high level player..doesnt mean he cant win
  6. 1550 with a nice list of sponsors..great job Blainville
  7. Wow Accam bouncing around..thats mls for you https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/05/16/nashville-sc-acquire-david-accam-columbus-crew-450k-allocation
  8. ^ when I saw Maxime Leconte thats what I thought right away: quality player who should be at least on a short term contract somewhere in the league..and its not like hes too old at 28 when hfx brings bona at 29
  9. Watching it now..not to pick on him but Matt George who looks about 20 pounds overweight gets a pass a few minutes in and can clear it but takes an awful touch and turns into a goal..then starts yelling at his defender..its all on you Matt
  10. Since last update Arena becomes New England coach and sporting director..did a press conference this morning..he will turn it around and will get them to playoffs this year or next Friedel and Burns gone https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/05/14/bruce-arena-named-new-england-revolution-coach-sporting-director
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