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  1. second was from a throw in..and after rewatching that it looks like bad positioning from crepeau..there is no defender on either post so he should be trying to cover both sides but as the ball comes in he moves too much to the left making it too far if the ball is directed to the right..which is what happened
  2. looked very weak defending that second goal conceded..and not the first time he defending like that..gotta work on it
  3. wow fell asleep around 90th min at 1-1 and wake up to see it ended 3-1..there really isnt much to say
  4. and white does it..scores assisted by brown..and now gets replaced by cavallini
  5. ...and morgan on the bench for rsl..hanging on to his mls career like theres no tomorrow
  6. uncle hoilett does it..will have one last shot at making a world cup
  7. probably the beginning of the end for osorio as a starter..just doesnt bring enough and there are better options
  8. saw it..the most unexpected canadian gets us to the final eight..thanks josue
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