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  1. how any times is gasparotto late or making mistakes at the back..the league of extremely weak defending..at least its fun to see all these goals..lets see a few more
  2. valour gets a third but as expected york gets one a few minutes later
  3. sacramento with a superstrike..2-1 after 20 and gale cant believe it
  4. here we go the festival has started..gattas 7 minutes in
  5. bekker gets back on gutierrez who thinks its a foul but ref doesnt call it and gutierrez gets up and sprints 30 yards towards the ref shouting at him..hilarious
  6. gutierrez who has been disappointing this season finally scores and its 2-0..hfx finally executing like they should
  7. and this time they get it..kourouma to garcia and finishes
  8. hfx playing well and got a few very good chances in first 15 min
  9. what a mistake to bring in cabrera..absolutely clueless and unable to even make a small difference
  10. Andrew Hauptman sells controlling interest of Chicago Fire to Joseph Mansueto who now becomes the sole owner..and they are probably moving back to soldier field..now they need to replace rodriguez and paunovic with quality coach and gm/president https://www.mlssoccer.com/post/2019/09/13/chicago-fire-announce-ownership-change-and-relocation
  11. osorio over arfield..had a nice laugh..probably going back to a backup spot in toronto
  12. with these players silberbauer should really be doing better
  13. knew that already..we followed him for a long time..played for veendam the year they went bankrupt and were dissolved and that was it for his pro career
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