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  1. I was blown away by him wanting success in qualifying for the World Cup partly to bring more money to the CSA, which can then be shared with the women. He is still worrying about funding for the women's program.
  2. I didn't get this impression from our game against Mexico. I thought we played like we expected to win, and the team looked gutted when it failed to do so. I didn't see any signs of resignation at any point, even after the Mexicans scored their goal.
  3. If that was the American's D squad, then I'd like to see the names on the C, B and A squads. You need to come up with the names of thirty-odd players who are above them to make that claim. Players who have actually played on the national team. Maybe this actually _is_ their D squad, but I'd like to see some legitimate proof of that.
  4. I don't think that Cornelius is gone from the picture unless he wants to be. Herdman respected him enough to make him the leader of the Olympic qualifying squad. Herdman also keeps the door open for players who put in the work to improve. If Cornelius is serious about making the CMNT, I'm sure he will get his chances in the future.
  5. That's an interesting article, showing how the trade was largely business driven. Seems a bit convenient for the LAFC brass that the fans turned on MAK at the end, because they could trade him with the majority of the fans' approval. As a Leafs fan, I'm well familiar with the concept of the whipping boy, and how it is largely fueled by the media. I wonder if there was something deliberate about putting MAK in that role?
  6. Soccer, of course. What is this, a trick question?
  7. Somehow the poll got closed when I tried the first time. SpecialK was able to fix it and I was able to vote after that. This site is a bit screwy for me in firefox in linux. Most of the pop-up elements don't go away, so I have to be careful to avoid hovering over member's avatars and stuff like that. I figured the poll problem was something like that, but thought I would ask for help in case it wasn't. Good thing I did, because Wheels needs my support!
  8. I have a stupid question: How do you vote? I've tried firefox and chrome on my linux box, and I don't get any kind of interactive element that you can click on to choose Yes or No.
  9. I couldn't get used to hearing "Hoppe" pronounced "Hoppy" during the game. I went to school with a guy with that last name, and he pronounced it with a short e at the end (like in "the"). I assume that Hoppe hears the same pronunciation in Germany. It makes me curious if he uses the "Hoppy" pronunciation at home in America, or if the announcer just got it wrong.
  10. I'm curious to see if they can keep their goals against down as low as last year. Team defense is very much down to coaching, so I'm keen to see if the replacement coach does as well in that regard. To me, it looked like that aspect of their game is what won them the championship last year. If they slip and start allowing more goals against, I don't think they have a hope in hell of winning the title again.
  11. Heh! Orders rescinded. He handed out two yellow cards to Mexico on the same sequence.
  12. I'm scratching my head over that game. Orlando have the second best record in the East and TFC the second worst, but it didn't look that way from the way they both played. TFC had way more bone-headed blunders, though. I hope they can turn that around now that their tactics are reverting back to the pre-Armas version.
  13. Weird! The link to the Grenada v. Qatar game just disappeared from the OneSoccer site. I wonder what's going on?
  14. Maybe what's different these days is that if a player grabs your eye, you can bring up his stats and video from previous international and league games and get a deeper view of his abilities. You don't have to judge solely on what you see in the tournament, nor do you have to wait until future matches to see more. You can probably find out as much as if you were paying attention to him over the past few years.
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