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  1. It took me a while to get to this, but I'm glad I did. This was a fun interview; I think it was a good idea getting the pair of them on together. It was interesting to hear Janine's thoughts on moving from the NWSL to the WSL in England.
  2. Mine runs out at the end of January, and I'll renew it then. I know there are lots of little things to complain about, but it's actually not much money for a year's subscription, so I can't be too hardheaded about it. I'm not all that confident that a better replacement will appear if OneSoccer folds, so I feel like I need to chip in just to help keep it going. To be honest, I'm a little disappointed at the number of people here who refuse to pay the yearly subscription. If die-hard Canadian fans won't pay to keep our only streaming site afloat, then there isn't much hope for expanding to
  3. It's hard to say what "top" athlete actually means. Top of their field, top in performance, top physical specimen, top of the news,... There's some sense to journalists basing their votes on the latter.
  4. Aw f**k. I did not want to see Seattle make it to a finals without TFC being there. I have to say, their crosses and corner kicks were impressively accurate. Each time, they picked out the head of a Sounder in a swarm of Minnesota players. Minnesota seemed unable to stop the plays developing in their goal area.
  5. So far, Fleming has a grand total of 28 minutes of playing time over three appearances (at the end of games where the team was comfortably ahead). Here's hoping that she is learning a lot in practice, because she's not getting much game time experience. I watched the game against West Ham that was televised today hoping to see what her play looks like in the WSL, but no luck with that.
  6. It seemed to me that they should have scored another goal, or at least had more chances. After the first few minutes, how many decent scoring chances did they have? I can hardly remember any. For all Forge's dominance on the ball, they didn't produce much that was dangerous from that. Doing "just enough to win that game" left them vulnerable to a flukey goal against. I put that on the whole team.
  7. Yeah. I'm disappointed with Henry, too, but he still was the best goalkeeper in the CPL last season. One blunder doesn't make a player a hopeless bum who can never be trusted again. He might learn from his mistake and be an even better goalkeeper after this.
  8. I've got a gripe about the Soccer Snob podcasts. I like to listen to mine by downloading them and playing them on my mp3 player (I know, old school). Up until a few weeks ago, I could do that with your podcasts. Today, I can't seem to find a host that allows me to download them; I have to stream them to listen to them. Have I forgotten how to download episodes, or has that option been removed? Edit: Oops! I spoke too soon. The player.fm host still allows downloads. Phew!
  9. My take on Vanney is that he absolutely hates bad passes straight to an opponent that immediately get turned in the opposite direction and result in a decent scoring attempt against them. He hates them so badly it's hard to make him change his mind about you if you commit a few of those. His favoured players don't commit that sin very often, so they have his trust. The guys on the bench seem to make those passes more often, even with their reduced playing times. Priso and Fraser made a few of those passes last night. If they want to be starters, they're going to have to cut that nonsense
  10. I think David makes it easy for his teammates to like him with his play. He takes the shot if the chance looks good, but keeps his eyes on his teammates and makes the pass if one of them is in a better position. He didn't play like he was greedy for his first goal.
  11. The Orlando vs. NYC game was pretty entertaining, with lots of drama. The ref let the argy-bargy get out of hand, and the cards started coming thick and fast after that. It's a fine line between letting them play and letting them get away with assault. Once Orlando had their right back in goal during the penalty kicks, I started rooting heavily for them. Their win makes it a nice feel-good story for neutrals.
  12. Maybe there are more than a few Canadians that would play for a local team, but wouldn't move to play for a team outside their region? If so, then those four teams would be tapping into fresh player pools, and not diluting the nomadic pool as much.
  13. During the broadcast of the last game, the commentators mentioned that TFC were trying to get special permission from the Canadian government to allow them to train together at home during the break. I don't know what happened with that, but I really hope they got that permission. They looked like they were hurting from their lifestyle while playing away in the US. They seemed spent, and looked like they could really use a couple of weeks at home.
  14. I like that he's shooting for the CMNT. Hopefully he's already in touch with them and getting advice on what he needs to do to make the team.
  15. Yes, I didn't read your comment carefully enough. It was clear, but I missed it.
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