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  1. Lol. I was going to post virtually the same thing. I was a ‘93. My only memories of Richardson other than badly filmed CanMNT qualifiers involved wayyy too much Purple Jesus.
  2. Ideally (and we haven’t seen ideal selection IMO, at least from a position of incomplete information) we would have others in the selection that could come in if required. I’m talking about about giving Tos 5 minutes at the end of a game where we are 3-0 against CR. Not a situation where we need either a goal or to close out a close game. We should bring others for that I grant you.
  3. Big bump. Just watching a pregame piece on Tos right now. What do we think the chances are of Herdman calling up Tos for a curtain call at home in Edmonton? Not saying he beats out other strikers on form or quality, but he’s a great guy and it would be a class move to at least have him on the bench in his hometown and maybe get some minutes to see out the end of the match if it works out. Thoughts?
  4. Agreed, but another approach given the health concern would be to save him as an impact sub for CR or possibly both games. We have the depth to be able to do that now and we already took care of CR once without Davies in the GC. (Granted they were without Navas, but they were largely as "full strength" as Costa Rica can be these days). He will definitely be there given that it is in Edmonton, but JH does have to placate Bayern somewhat and maintain good relationships.
  5. After which we beat Mexico to go top of the table.... regardless of what the US does in their second game.
  6. Second one in a row, isn’t it? Or does Russia just claim that no one is gay in Russia? Also, the Qatari stadiums are built by Nepali and Bengali slaves essentially. I must admit as jazzed as I am for our team and its progress, the Qatar World Cup is objectively a poisonous reminder of all things wrong with FIFA. (sigh)
  7. Ditto. Enjoy the game (all of you). I’ll be watching from the West Coast. ❤️🇨🇦⚽️
  8. Who takes set pieces today? Phonzie? Would love to see a Phonzie free kick goal today. I’ve been waiting for him to develop that weapon. Let’s go boys!
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