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  1. How does Ottawa fit one more guy like Rea under the cap? (Unless they got him for cheap given that he was without a team. That's probably the answer, I suppose. Bit of a come down for him, if so.)
  2. Or it’s manifesting it into reality. 🥳
  3. Damn I hate when we turn the ball over unnecessarily in the midfield. Not the first time this season.
  4. Honestly that’s as much on KDL as it is on the bad header by TMG. KDL is rarely touch tight to his man, ever. If he was here, he clears that.
  5. Oh, and don’t drink the tap water… (to be fair out Alberta fans watching from home probably shouldn’t drink the tap water either, lol) Edit: Silly me, I’m sure you will all find other things to drink that are suitable and marginally less dangerous to your health 😃
  6. TSN's article didn't age well. Didn't even last the day... https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/who-won-t-be-part-of-canada-at-copa-america-1.2134016
  7. You’re going to get us killed, or even worse — expelled!
  8. For me the difference is that Valour does not seem to have a plan for building their club as a selling club whereas Pacific does. If the plan is train the kids, play the kids, sell the kids, then an expensive trip to Germany seems like more of a long term investment (as opposed to the DR, which seems like a vacation/warm place to play in the winter more than a learning and growth opportunity and cementing some business links)
  9. Take the whole team. Train together, play some German sides. Would be so good for all of them. I do hope we keep Lajeunesse. I like his no-nonsense play and good simple decision-making. Similar to Heard: an "honest player" as they say.
  10. In this particular case, Brym makes sense for his home location, in the same way Swiderski makes sense in France to join the training camp. In a general sense, I prefer Oluwaseyi and Corbeanu and JRR to Brym, certainly to see what they could do in comparison to Brym, but just comparing Brym to Brym I actually was more impressed with his limited minutes yesterday than with past appearances.
  11. If you're in Victoria, viewing party in my classroom at lunch for the first half, and then the staff room in block 3 in my prep. 🤣
  12. Our lineup sheets and broadcast commentators will be required to describe Phonzie and Tajon as wiiiiiiiiingers. And we will get $1k from Red Bull every time they do. (Brought to you by Carl’s Jr)
  13. Texted Rachel to see if she was free this weekend, but says she already has a date to watch hockey all weekend with some guy named Tom. Bummer. Oh, and the roster drops Monday, apparently. 🤣
  14. God love her. She’s a real patriot. 😂 Honestly she was SO funny in Eurovision with Will Ferrell. Brilliant. And I can often take or leave Ferrell. Makes me proud to be Icelandic, sorry, I mean Canadian.
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