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  1. Honduras down 1-0 within first few minutes.
  2. Hate to think it, but could there be a legal reason Larin isn’t with the team (related to his Florida DUI)? Just speculating of course — I like the sound of him staying to finalize a contract better.
  3. My sense of Olivieri is that he’s... uncomplicated. Kind of like the fans at the hockey game that yell “shoot!” for 60 minutes regardless of the situation. Not sure it’s a winning mentality these boys need but a professional mentality — one that recognizes that talent must always come second to a tactical plan that everyone buys into. I’m not convinced from these three games and the qualifying games that Olivieri is the guy to provide that. Certainly there was talent on display tonight, but not tactics and that’s almost a worse combination for us going forward than only a little of each.
  4. Clear and obvious...? Not if it takes two minutes to sort out.
  5. Oh, I would definitely agree that we’ve had the better chances as well and more possession is just a fact. I’m more tired with Steve Caldwell gushing over Nelson, when all I see is a (really talented) guy determined to beat five men rather than use a quick outlet pass. With our skill and speed it’s criminal that we haven’t created more chances busting forward than we have. I’m also unsure where to lay blame for the three or four brain farts at the back: with the back line trying to play out when they shouldn’t or with the midfield not showing and giving them short out options. I’m trying not to be cranky, honestly. I suppose it’s an indication of my higher expectations now that I’m not satisfied with 67% possession and looking threatening. The talent is clearly there but isn’t working together well enough. We should be winning this game.
  6. Disagree that we’ve been the better team. Better individual skills maybe, but better TEAM, no. Some nice dribbles and some nice runs, but too much individual play and too little team awareness. Execution and choice of passes, quick recognition of teammate runs, midfielders providing good outlets all need to be better. IMO
  7. I’m with you man. Literally crying. Waited so long for this since I was a 15-16 year old cheering Canada as a World Cup underdog. Let’s take it all in Orlando. Smash and grab. ******* let’s go boys!
  8. Not sure of the rules for suspensions in CNL: does Henry need to be called up to serve his one game suspension? In other words, if he wasn't called for this window, would be then still have to serve his suspension in November? That would explain being called up for a game he can't play.
  9. Press Bradley hard if they play him. He still has some decent games for TFC but you can see he’s lost a step and has coughed the ball up many times in the last year resulting in dangerous turnovers.
  10. I agree with Kent. Plus, if we’re aspiring to the next level, we need a new attitude. **** the schedule—take at least 4 points from the US and leave them with a meaningless last game for second place. How enjoyable will that be? The MLS pundits will have a complete meltdown.
  11. He could have pushed Laryea forward and put on Cordova for Davies instead of Millar, but definitely the red card changed things.
  12. I actually believe that Monserrat can take points from ES. They were seconds away from doing so in the CNL qualifying and barely missed qualifying for the Gold Cup. Go for 2 wins against the US because that’s what we need to do on a regular basis if we have ambitions of inhabiting a higher level, but I suspect from a points perspective a pair of draws might even be enough now to get us in the hex thanks to Bermuda. Go Monserrat!!!
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