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  1. Press Bradley hard if they play him. He still has some decent games for TFC but you can see he’s lost a step and has coughed the ball up many times in the last year resulting in dangerous turnovers.
  2. I agree with Kent. Plus, if we’re aspiring to the next level, we need a new attitude. **** the schedule—take at least 4 points from the US and leave them with a meaningless last game for second place. How enjoyable will that be? The MLS pundits will have a complete meltdown.
  3. He could have pushed Laryea forward and put on Cordova for Davies instead of Millar, but definitely the red card changed things.
  4. I actually believe that Monserrat can take points from ES. They were seconds away from doing so in the CNL qualifying and barely missed qualifying for the Gold Cup. Go for 2 wins against the US because that’s what we need to do on a regular basis if we have ambitions of inhabiting a higher level, but I suspect from a points perspective a pair of draws might even be enough now to get us in the hex thanks to Bermuda. Go Monserrat!!!
  5. Undefeated in Victoria. Just sayin... 🤓
  6. Interesting, thanks UT. I wonder if there’s a subtle difference to be made between hard, tactical team pressing that one would see typically in European teams and hard, less organized pressing or maybe pressing with abandon. Whether it’s teammates or opponents I agree Erice seems to expect people where they aren’t and vice versa. Perhaps it’s a rigidity thing, and when scouting we need to find players who have proven adaptable in different styles and contexts of play. Just speculating of course.
  7. At the game tonight. Definitely impressed with Verhoven — he is becoming very exciting to watch. As he gets older and hopefully sturdier he will be able to withstand more of the bodying and will be a real threat I think. Norman had a good game too. Was worried when Bekker and Nanco came on. They were definitely more dangerous. Waiting to see the highlights of the disallowed goal. Couldn’t tell from our vantage point, but the pole side AR did not seem strong this game. Can’t comment on the non-penalty on Borges (far end from our seats) but thought this ref was miles better than the last one.
  8. UT, is it possibly due to other factors, such as style of play? I have heard other players comment on the physicality of the North American game, ie whereas the players are not as technical for the most part they are much faster and athletic, and they close down much more quickly and aggressively on the whole. From what I've watched of Erice, this might also be a factor. The giveaway against NYC was a case in point. He lets the ball run across his body expecting to shake the first player pressing, but seems surprised to lose it to the second player. (And although it was a square ball under a bit of pressure, he did not remonstrate Nerwinski at all, which could be good graces but I read it as taking ownership for the turnover) Not having watched much if any Spanish D2, but having watched enough European football generally, I wonder whether he is given a little more time and avoids turning the ball over if that play were not in MLS. What do you think? Although I can't think of other particular plays, it seems to me Erice being pressed into turnovers is something I have seen a fair bit of this year. My suspicion is that some scouting in the MLS assumes (erroneously) that technical skill will always rise to the top when surrounded by players without the same chops. I think technical skill without sufficient speed and strength to support it, though, is not as much of an advantage as one would think in NA. Thoughts?
  9. Was at the game too. Agree the ref was terrible for both sides but definitely do not agree that this is gives support to bringing in VAR. VAR should only be brought in if, and once, the quality of referring is well above what we saw yesterday. There was already well over 5 minutes of stoppage in the second half (didn’t see the board and didn’t hear an announcement). Can you imagine how disjointed the play would have been with VAR combined with this joker? VAR is not there to fix inept. On another note, the stadium is really coming together. Sat in the new stands right behind the goal halfway up. Great vantage point. The Langford mayor Stew Young is a total blowhard and shouldn’t be given a mic for as long as he was, but if he can get the hydro pole moved and the fourth side is completed for next year, Westhills will be sweet.
  10. No word on the two new signings? Reports made it sound as though they were done and only waiting for ITCs. The supporter night was a week ago and there’s been not a whisper online. Was hoping they might be at least announced before Saturday.
  11. Wow. Lots of bad exasperated body language from Ballou in those highlights. Not a good sign.
  12. Not to mention butchering the names: McMurdy BaldiSEEmo Eustachio (like Mustachio) Boucher (for Buscher) I know there were more but those stood out... He was channeling his inner Vic Rauter. oh... at one point he bailed completely on Giantsopoulos and just called him Sopoulos.
  13. Next can we have a list of CMNT games watched on a laptop of a foreign TV broadcast over a shaky internet connection...?
  14. 4 CMNT (FG, Mexico and Honduras WCQ in Vancouver and Mexico GC in Seattle... El Salvador in Vancouver was the first week of school otherwise it would have been 5) 1 CWNT (England QF in Vancouver)
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