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  1. Yes! Monty Python and SCTV made me who I am today. That and Soccer Saturday. I knew I came to the right place...
  2. Not even sure what literarily means, tbh... Should we ask Margaret Atwood? 🤪 Actually... weird idea for a comedy sketch that only Canadians would (maybe) understand: Margaret Atwood as footie commentator for a soccer game between novelists and poets that takes place in the bush...
  3. Oh please let Montserrat get through... they would end up with El Salvador. Just perfect. What a great developing rivalry that is.
  4. Agree with most of those picks except for Justin Glad 🤨
  5. Otherwise known as forum stutter, or iPhone palsy.
  6. Hahaha.. wait. I watched that game too....
  7. I agree with Obinna, and it's opportunity mostly for long-term payoff, not short-term really. I suppose lightning could strike and Turks and Caicos could have an epic performance and beat Haiti, but more likely the long-term effect is that some scout watching the Canada-Cayman game sees a Cayman guy pull off a backheel nutmeg on Davies, and that guy gets a shot somewhere in Europe in a lower league which then opens the door to more opportunity. The more that happens, the more players with professional experience come back to "float all boats" as they say. If the minnows all have a tour
  8. That's crazy that now we can field 3.5 starting lineups, easy, and I'd be happy and confident with all three against just about all CONCACAF opposition apart from the top 8 teams. Even for the top 8 countries, I would trust this #2 lineup to be competitive. (happy sigh, shakes head) Amazing....
  9. Actually, if Nicaragua takes Haiti and Belize takes Nicaragua, we could be in for another Belize game in June! Get Madbull and Maestro on OneSoccer... they can have a mispronunciation battle with Wheels. Benny’s can expand to serving the NA market online and advertise on OS — Benny and Kurt Larson can do the jingle together. Epic.
  10. Took me a minute to figure out but that stream is the first half and not live. I’m sure the second half is up on FB too but the game is almost done. Nice bicycle goal near the end of the first half.
  11. It’s not the same without Madbull and Maestro and Benny’s commercials...
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