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  1. If we can set the site to automatically turn OH’s name to a string of asterisks, surely we can suppress a poster’s ability to copy/paste, no? Asking for a few hundred online friends...
  2. Can someone with more experience than me explain how this even makes sense from a business standpoint for OHL? You’re either in the business of winning trophies or selling players on or both. You have 12 players who probably represent a multi-million dollar investment — regardless of whether their value is insurance in case the 26 above them don’t work out or get injured, or whether their value is development for profit, why wouldn’t you get them loan deals where they can play meaningful games and stay match-fit? It’s like buying a fleet of nice cars but then leaving them out in the rain and never driving them. I’m really confused at the logic of this.
  3. Wow. Wouldn’t be surprised if this ended 4-4 at this point.
  4. TOTALLY. Can’t get it out my head now, thanks.
  5. Didn’t see when or how the tibia happened, but the concussion was obvious. Beckerman’s an *******. (The Caps should send Cavallini and Adnan to pay him a late night visit....)
  6. Hasal out indefinitely. Bummer. He was the one bright spot in an otherwise crappy season for the Caps. https://mobile.twitter.com/WhitecapsFC/status/1310628706499481601
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/WhitecapsFC/status/1310628706499481601
  8. Yeah, sadly as a PFC fan I have to agree with you. Campbell and Verhoeven at least have played (and not played) themselves out of contention, even despite Terran’s nice consolation goal. On the other hand, you can make a bunch of nice starting 11s from this list, even without the players that might be up with the senior team, like Cornelius and others. How nice is that?
  9. Other than those listed above: Schweinsteiger, Denilson, Kleberson, Branco, Matthaus all listed in the MLS article itself... (This would be a good Sporcle question...)
  10. Can’t remember which game(s) but I recall seeing Aleman have pretty bad body language with teammates and some selfish on-field choices. Couple that with the story of Boakai being benched by team decision for the last game and FC Edmonton’s struggles might have been character and chemistry issues. If Aleman and Boakai are not good teammates—regardless of skill— it would be a monumentally bad decision to keep them and drop Paulus.
  11. I think you might have something there—and they are the same qualities that make him captain material. Some players you admire for their skill but would never hang out with them as people. MAK seems solid through and through. I hope he finds a good situation or a good way forward. He seemed to be having a decent if not spectacular game up to this point. The foul definitely falls into the “distracted/frustrated” category as did LAFC’s non-finishing.
  12. At the break the explanation from the refs was that Piatti interfered with the play which is an indirect FK. If he had just encroached and Pozuelo had scored directly, it would have been a retake. FWIW.
  13. Totally agree, but I don’t think of it as handouts. If you’re going to make an INVESTMENT (which the academy and its kids surely are, or should be) you need to tend that investment and do everything possible to make sure it brings the biggest return you can. I agree with your later point that prospective young players will eventually figure it out and stay away. The David feature shows that some at least have been saying this for a few years, but it’s a wonder it’s not more widespread. There is a competitor in town now, with lower pay but better likelihood to have a real shot to make your mark on the field as a U21. Overall, it’s a better situation for young players who now have some choice instead of the academies being realistically the only game in town.
  14. Oh I agree completely in Dunn’s case. I said “short of” the MLS team approving a loan, and I think that the current situation favoured Dunn’s loan, to everyone’s benefit. Without COVID, though, what would Jayden Nelson’s options be if TFC didn’t want to approve a loan? Ask to be released or wait out the contract and leave on a free? And then what would he make in the CPL? There’s risk whichever way you slice it, which I suppose is no surprise.
  15. One soccer kept crashing for me so I watched on YouTube. Was fine. Picture quality maybe a shade worse but fine.
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