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  1. Yeah but that game also featured Aird, Fisk, Tissot, Trafford and Corbin-Ong. I love Bustos and hope for the best for him, and I like all the previous guys as well for their heart and service, but Canada123’s points are good ones. Marco had one or two breaks last night that Buchanan would have taken straight to goal but he had to pull up short because he was caught for pace by Escalante or another Cavalry defender. And if his path forward is as a 10, he isn’t getting any practice at it in PFC’s current setup.
  2. https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/sources-colorado-rapids-acquire-mark-anthony-kaye-from-lafc-in-blockbuster-trade
  3. https://www.google.ca/amp/s/www.si.com/hockey/.amp/news/bobby-orr-was-part-of-the-problem-now-he-can-be-part-of-the-solution https://www.google.ca/amp/s/beta.ctvnews.ca/national/sports/2019/11/11/1_4680505.html Agree to disagree. Or we could post links ad nauseam if you prefer.
  4. I think by design or accident they have realized that Wheeler is the Don Cherry “love him or hate him” character of their productions — complete with crazier and crazier outfits, notice — and judging by the posts in this forum it’s working. I think that his “hot takes” are as rightly derided by Dunfield as DC’s were by MacLean, but that too could be part of the shtick. Wheeler (as far as I know) is not a bigoted jerk like Cherry who let his Trumpism show the older he got. He is, however, as genuinely passionate as Cherry was which I will take any day over the “Compliments Brand No Name Passionate Announcer TM” that is Vic Rauter.
  5. I worried about giving too much away as well, but there might be some gamesmanship here. In the last video they focused on Cava taking free kicks, but when Cava and Eustaquio lined up on that first free kick, it was Eustaquio that took it (and beautifully). I like to think that they are being sneaky with misdirections in their editing, even to the point that I hope Larin’s injury is not as bad as previously reported.
  6. Couple of times near the end that we needed to be more selfish in front of goal. Brutal start but it’s coming slowly. We’re going to score. Just a matter of when. Feel for Akinola.
  7. So, I started fiddling with a basic statistic that was accessible and not too baroque so you could compare apples to apples where defense is concerned. In other words, how do you compare defenses when teams play different numbers of games, minnows vs strong opposition, etc. I took the Ocho-qualified Concacaf teams and looked at all their games from 2021. I took the ELO rankings at the time games were played to calculate a) the average rank of the opponents who scored against a team (meaning if an opponent did not score they were not included and b) the average of each opponent goal in terms of ranking per game played (which incorporates games with clean sheets). In both cases a lower score is better. In the first instance, well, we sucked, because of our goal against Bermuda. (We would have been first with a score of zero otherwise). From 1 to 8, the CONCACAF Ocho teams scores were: Jamaica (29.3), Costa Rica (33.3), Mexico (34.3), USA (38), Honduras (41.2), Panama (99.7), El Salvador (125.5), Canada (136) In the second instance, which favours clean sheets and fewer goals against, we did much better: Mexico (22.1), Canada (22.7), USA (25.9), El Salvador (31.4), Panama (47), Costa Rica (47.4), Honduras (60.2), Jamaica (93.3) Really interesting results I thought. Spreadsheet is below. if you're interested. Sorry for the huge paste if you're not, lol. Teams are listed in order of CONCACAF ELO Ranking. I decided to consider Japan U-23 to be equivalent to Japan for Jamaica. Opponent Goals against ELO Rank of opponent C x D Mexico (1) Wales 1 20 20 Iceland 1 57 57 Costa Rica 0 0 USA 3 26 78 Honduras 0 0 Panama 0 0 Nigeria 0 0 103 155 34.33 22.14 USA (2) Trinidad 0 0 Jamaica 1 63 63 N. Ireland 1 60 60 Switzerland 2 15 30 Honduras 0 0 Mexico 2 14 28 Costa Rica 0 0 152 181 38.00 25.86 Canada (3) Bermuda 1 136 136 Cayman I 0 0 Aruba 0 0 Suriname 0 0 Haiti 0 0 Haiti 0 0 136 136 136.00 22.67 Costa Rica (4) Bosnia H 0 0 Mexico 1 13 13 Mexico 0 0 Honduras 2 62 124 USA 4 25 100 100 237 33.33 47.40 Honduras (5) Belarus 1 81 81 Greece 2 46 92 USA 1 30 30 Costa Rica 2 49 98 Mexico 0 0 206 301 41.20 60.20 Jamaica (6) USA 4 35 140 Serbia 1 24 24 Japan* (U23) 4 29 116 88 280 29.33 93.33 Panama (7) Barbados 0 0 Dominica 1 187 187 Anguilla 0 0 Dom. Rep 0 0 Curacao 1 97 97 Curacao 0 0 Mexico 3 15 45 299 329 99.67 47.00 El Salvador (10) Grenada 0 0 Montserrat 1 205 205 USVI 0 0 Antigua 0 0 St. Kitts 0 0 St. Kitts 0 0 Guatemala 0 0 Qatar 1 46 46 251 251 125.50 31.38
  8. Here’s my speculation: * Armas is not very organized or motivating behind the scenes, nor a good communicator or man manager (see: Altidore) * At least six of the guys have all been at Canada camps where the spirit is high, and whatever you think of Herdman you know the message is tight and consistent — night and day in comparison * Bradley has had too much pride to take a step back for too long and now he’s like Grampa who we all know shouldn’t be driving but no one wants to be the one to take away the keys, not even Armas He remains the leader and spokesman but increasingly without the respect of the room Result: utter demoralization and lack of direction everywhere. Sad to watch guys like Osorio and Laryea who have so much talent and pride in their club and city seem so trapped
  9. Mtlmario I get your reaction to costarg’s post but I understand where it’s coming from. My hopes in order would be: 1) legit qualify again for a WC (ie 2022… playing in 2026 is now a given as far as we know) 2) score a goal in a WC game 3) get a point/don’t lose in a WC game 4) win a WC game 5) progress to knockouts in WC 6) win a knockout game in the WC Anything past this — and truthfully anything beyond #3 or 4 — is absolute gravy. Do I want Canada to get blown away? No. But if they do hopefully it means they have achieved #1 at least. I’m sad that Canada never even scored a goal in 1986, but for 80+ minutes against Platini etc I was buzzing.
  10. Cheering for Montserrat, but that was a nice goal by Telfer.
  11. Why can’t I see theses matches on the OneSoccer app (nor on the laptop)? I even tried their YouTube channel. nvm. Searched for Haiti and found it. They don’t make it obvious though. Not in the Live section…
  12. My bad. In my memory it was in the previous incarnation of the WCQ, but they were friendlies. Thanks Kent, narduch. 👍🏽
  13. Did TMG get a knock last game? Surprised to see Samake. Maybe just managing minutes.
  14. That’s the sort of thing I’m hopeful for.
  15. Oh I suspect you’re right for upcoming games — just being hopeful. The Octo will be different of course because of the potential draw for tickets (COVID dependent), but they did have the Trinidad WCQ game slated for Westhills in March 2020, even with all the good points you raise that would have suggested otherwise. The secondary goal of supporting the Canpl by bringing Canmnt to those markets is still in play, but I think it’s true that the stars aren’t lining up as they were before. I’m confident we’ll get a WCQ in the future, but it will likely be a friendly of some kind, or a minnow round game for 2030 (if we still have to do that by then). Back to wishful thinking…
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