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  1. His Instagram story has him in Istanbul today. Sporting CP play Beşiktaş tomorrow in Champions League. Happy to see him progressing along!
  2. Does Ferdi have a Canadian passport? How long does it usually take to obtain one if he hasn't already?
  3. Does it mention his name? No, it doesn't, not that it even matters. The real shame is people sticking their noses in other peoples business. Ones personal health choices should be left private, end of discussion. I don't care what you chose to do with your body, but I do care when people assume they are somehow entitled to judge you and control you. I say this as someone who supports vaccination for those who want it. I fully support Hoilett whatever he has chosen. And @SpursFlu Are you kidding me man? Who the hell says crap like that? No wonder society is so divided ffs. Punish people who pay taxes (way more then you btw) because they have different ideas about covid? These are the most fit people on earth, many of whom have already had covid and developed antibodies, or have personal and religious/health beliefs of their own. Do you actually think you know everyone's personal situations? Lets just make blanket statements to punish the dissidents? Let me guess, you see positives in a CCP style social credit system, don't you? Some of us on here actually lived through authoritarianism, so be careful what you wish for. I immigrated to Canada to escape this type crap. Its called communism. You have no idea how this stuff begins, but ill tell you. It begins with comments like yours about refusing medical treatment to those who are unvaccinated. Then with the support of media people start turning on freinds,family and neighbours. Freedom shouldn't be taken for granted bro, you are very lucky you have free speech and a choice...for now. Junior Hoilett is the man, great goal today. We are lucky to have him no matter what
  4. That extra time from and rest from the slur did it..bullshit reffing. We got fucked over. They can't beat us without getting bullshit calls
  5. However this ends, we have arrived in the big stage now. Wait till we are full force
  6. Great to see Hoilett look like his old self. I was worried about him in the last camp. He needed this. Edit: I hope I didn't curse him, dammit
  7. We can beat them. When we play with an offensive mindset like the 2nd half we look dangerous. Although, we need to capitalize. We had them on thier back feet.
  8. Not ready to commit to that yet because I really love Borjan, but man I can't really argue. Crepeau is very solid.
  9. How do you go from the youngest CMNT starting GK, while training with the Juventus first team to this? What a disappointing fall. He must have a shit agent or zero confidence in his ability. You'd think he could come to the CPL team or a Scandinavian type league and get at least get a pro contract . Non-professional football though? Close the thread, he's now essentially a Sunday League player like many of us. Reminds me of Josh Doughty just throwing in the towel after ManUtd. There is a solid foundation there, why give up? Once again, its a reminder that major academies don't mean much at all. Nothing but brand hype.
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