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  1. A shocking game of football in horrible conditions Charlton lucky to get a draw... on to Tuesday
  2. Hockey assist on the first goal
  3. A great article about Liam's journey online today https://londonnewsonline.co.uk/i-used-to-cry-at-night-liverpool-loanee-liam-millar-on-his-struggles-to-adapt-to-uk-being-coached-by-reds-legend-steven-gerrard-and-developing-under-charlton-boss-lee-bowyer/
  4. Hockey assist on the tying goal
  5. Good team performance all around But He should have scored his chance in n the 80th minute. But improving all the time!!
  6. Assists the first goal.. 1 goal(and another not credited) and two assists in 7 starts
  7. His 7th start vs Rochdale!! 49 mins from our house but can’t get in to watch it in person but will watch on ifollow
  8. He’s started 6 games in a row in just over 3 weeks. They are managing his fitness/ recovery which is good man management .... Should come on in the 2nd half... hope to make an impact Nice from the fans!!!
  9. Short hilights pack... Liam crossbar and assist
  10. 5th start on the bounce growing in confidence every game. Taking free kicks now too. Very happy for him. Will only get better...unlucky not to score (hit the bar)...
  11. Gets a hockey Assists for the tying goal
  12. This game is tough for Liam to get into. Shit pitch stop starts....
  13. Only the ifollow ones from the club (paid£10)might be some on line
  14. 4th start in a Row against a tough Peterborough team managed by Sir Alex’s son!!
  15. From what I saw I that Guiti was right back on red...at least in the 2nd half when the red teams right side was closest to the camera in the highlights
  16. Makes the Team if the week in league 1 !! Not a bad start!!!
  17. Lol I know in the end it shows his honesty and his teammates will appreciate that... so Canadian of him. He told me on the phone it brushed his hair!! he will score many more was his response to me
  18. Very happy with his performance again. Did a proper job for the team defensively track back stayed in shape and put a tackle. Says a lot that after the red card they changed Paul Smyth who just came on with fresh legs (instead of Liam). some great experience and really growing into it ... Peterborough Tuesday....
  19. BBC and sky sports crediting Liam
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