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  1. On the bench vs. Kosovo. we still have hope........not really but I just wanted to keep the thread going.
  2. Not gonna lie, I’m in the same boat. hope he has a great one tonight and we have nothing to worry about.
  3. It was on DAZN, it was one of those “double ups” where they show one game and another right after on the same “channel” (for lack of a better term)
  4. Liam Millar enters the game for Killie on 58 mins.
  5. I wonder what the US talking (tweeting) heads will have to say when we beat them in Orlando. Will they think 2 losses are a fluke or will they admit we are up and coming in Concacaf? I’m thinking it’s the former.
  6. I think they film in the afternoon (after the Euro 20 qualifiers but before the Canada-US game) so they may speak about it on tomorrow’s show.
  7. I’m a big proponent of DAZN, I haven’t cut the cord on cable yet and I’m a big sports fan but I find myself watching more of DAZN than Sportsnet and TSN. Good content and the yearly price is reasonable.
  8. Tonight was my first National team game live and in person. great experience, the place was rocking. not a bad performance from anyone on our side. we looked confident from the get go. I’ll admit I had a “oh crap” moment when I saw Fraser coming on for MAK, but the kid played very well and deserves credit for coming on in a tough situation. Piette was MOTM for me, lets get the next one in November!
  9. So England or Italy since DAZN stopped showing Bein Sports and their coverage on France and Spain.
  10. Hoilett enters the game in the 63rd minute, game tied 1-1
  11. It’s possible for Besiktas, Gent and Rangers to be in the same group. Although Atiba might not be able to participate, it would be great to see 3 Canadians play each other.
  12. Just ended, Red Star defender was red carded about 6 mins into added time, but they held on.
  13. Borjan with a big stop in added time
  14. Liam Millar starts for Kilmarnock today
  15. Liverpool is working on getting loans for several of the young guys, I’m sure something will be done with Liam soon.
  16. They have another young guy upfront (Arp), Bayern gave Lewandowski the night off as well.
  17. Phonzie starts vs. AC Milan. Game is on DAZN in about 20 mins (9pm Eastern)
  18. There was/is a player with the same last name in the Prem, they also pronounce it Davis.
  19. The British always seem to pronounce “Davies” as “Davis”
  20. Any chance it could be Shaffelburg? I thought he went to high school in the U.S.
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