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  1. If he could just get a little faster, he’d be really effective, 😂 😂 😂 35 kmh is ridiculous.
  2. No surprise Davies starts for Bayern 12:30 Eastern on Sportsnet vs. Dortmund.
  3. Interesting name there, I didn’t realize he had Canadian citizenship. Also he’s currently a teammate of Aviv Solomon.
  4. According to this article Dortmund are interested. https://www.4-4-2.com/bundesliga/borussia-dortmund/positive-signale-bvb-jonathan-david/
  5. I’m curious to see how good Aviv Solomon is, not sure if he’ll ever play but he’s a mystery at this point. The best long term uncapped player right now might be Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty, I recently heard from a reliable source that a prominent European side is very interested in him. In terms of likely to make an impact soon, I’ll go with Raposo as well.
  6. He’s trying to maximize his post count before admin drops the ban hammer on him.
  7. Sancho plays as a winger, David would play as an attacking MF in behind Haaland.
  8. There is a mini interview on TSN’s Instagram page and David states he is most interested (still) in playing in the Bundesliga. I’m hoping for Dortmund to step up with a bid and get him playing with Haaland.
  9. Kevin is providing commentary of the Werder Bremen-Bayer Leverkusen game on Sportsnet. He is currently assistant manager of Kaiserslautern in Bundesliga 3.
  10. I had one of those as well, but it’s long gone from my collection. I seem to recall getting it through a giveaway from a cereal company (maybe Kellogg’s). I’d love to see that style rejuvenated.
  11. If you need a XXL (like me) worldsoccershop.com (link below) has them. I couldn’t find XXL on any Canadian site which was a bit frustrating. Oddly I was able to find a XXL warmup jacket at a Marshall’s store pre-Covid. i have a jersey collection and don’t mind Nike. I only dislike Puma products for their sizing of jerseys (made much smaller). https://www.worldsoccershop.com/shop/national-teams/canada/
  12. It would work if the CL qualifiers start later due to the extended domestic season.
  13. I would say Yes. Players who transfer in the January transfer window are eligible to play for their new clubs, so I would think it would be the same rule in this case.
  14. The Sun is quite possibly the worst source to use. They’ve been publishing lies for decades. Also this story isn’t current, it’s from February. Interested teams have been added to the list since then.
  15. Sportsnet doesn’t show EPL games, the only broadcaster is DAZN for EPL in Canada.
  16. Bayern’s game will be on the regular Sportsnet channels next Sunday.
  17. Palermo is in Serie D this year due to various improprieties. They are several years away from playing in Italy’s top flight. Roma seems to favour older players. His agent is on record admitting they want a move to Germany, so that’s likely where he ends up.
  18. I was referring to Werner. Werner is moving on from RB Leipzig.
  19. He’ll be replacing Werner, he’s moving on after this season.
  20. Based on the KJ & Caldwell podcast I listened to today, I think you might be right,
  21. Anderson was drafted by the Oilers but did not sign until after the Olympics. A handful of other Canadians went onto careers in the NHL as players and coaches.
  22. NHL players didn’t participate at the 1980 Olympics (first participation was 1998 in Nagano) - this happened at the 1981 World Championship, Canada’s team is usually populated by players whose teams didn’t participate in the playoffs or were eliminated early. In Lafleur’s case, the Canadiens were eliminated in the first round and he joined the team. Canada defeated the Dutch 8-1 in the preliminary round. I found the below information to validate your information.
  23. We’ve withdrawn from the games.
  24. St. Clair and Raheem Edwards start on the bench for Minnesota
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