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  1. All I know is that Wheeler wouldn't have started talking about Shaff's goal being the match winner at 72 minutes...
  2. If I was smart enough to register an account name of @Approve My Account Pls, I'd totally keep it.
  3. No Singh or Dunn for TFC II today. Pretty sure Dunn was in the press box at the game on Tuesday. Wonder if we see either tomorrow?
  4. I agree that the CPL and MLS guys would be there. I don't think any Europeans will be there unless it is right in their back yard. I would say for certain that none of the big three you have would be there. None of them would be interested in missing time with their club teams for a Canada youth camp. Honestly, I don't know much about Atanasov or Dimitrov to weigh in. I doubt Vilsaint or Smith come, they're too close to the first team to want to hop the Atlantic. In all honesty, Canadian youth camps hold very little cachet for these players. What might actually get them to come would be invitations to Camp Poutine. I think you'd have more luck with that if they knew they'd be with guys like Osorio or Laryea or Cavallini during the MLS off-season. Even then, Flores was invited to one of those and still opted out, so its not guaranteed. Also, I will never defend anything done by the U17 squad. My thoughts on Olivieri are well known.
  5. Why? Doesn't look like he's ever going to get a sniff with the national team. Grand assumptions about a website told me so. Interesting that Akinola isn't on the list, but Priso is. Both have season-ending injuries. I would pay so much money to be in charge of that website just for the sheer fun of fucking with people. Throwing some randos on there like Herdman's kid would make some people go apoplectic here.
  6. Isn't this the same guy? I lurked on here for a solid year before finally making an account. Probably made a total of five posts that first year. Now you can expect (at least) five posts from me when someone disrespects Wheels. Not sure if that is better or not.
  7. It looked like he was crying when he was going off, but he was walking on his own. I think he might be out for a couple weeks, but that's complete speculation based on nothing.
  8. Question: what is it about JMR that makes him a highly rated prospect? Football-sense? Passing? Finishing? Dribbling? Just curious. I've watched him a few times and just not sure if it's one thing I'm missing or just all-around ability.
  9. They almost look better with Bradley on the backline rather than in the middle.
  10. I really like the way Shaffleburg plays.
  11. Nah, they have too much coverage there. If Soteldo needs replacing, they have Morrow on the bench.
  12. I'm just happy they didn't pair JMR with Mavinga.
  13. I have a hard time believing that this family moved the kid to Spain at the age of 11 and then on to Romania as a "last resort". Blaming the CSA is incredibly easy and completely absolves the player of any responsibility for the decisions that they have made. It's an easy narrative for any player to say that "the CSA ignored me so I had no choice to play for X" when they made their decision. I don't buy it. The sheer magnitude of infrastructure that would be needed to cover both geography and amateur scouting, without the real help of a professional environment (which most other associations feed off of), is immense. And most people around these parts think that the CSA is already bloated as it is. The fact of the matter is that we will lose players and we will gain players. We just need to hope we gain more than we lose, which we have recently. Begovic and Tomori are perfect examples of how it isn't exactly as cut and dried and easily solvable as some imply. There are other examples too.
  14. With regards to Fraser, I really do wonder how it all went down. If Bez at Columbus made the pitch to TFC for him that is a different story than TFC going out looking for options. One shows initiative while the other just waits for deals to fall in their lap (similar to Lawrence).
  15. Wait a minute...I really don't want to go back through the last three pages of posts...but was there really condemnation of France "stealing" players on a Scott Arfield thread?
  16. Curious to hear more about this. Which Caribbean countries?
  17. What's cowardly is blindly blaming this all on the CSA. I can guarantee you that even if the CSA held monthly camps with high-priced friendlies, this kid would still rep Romania. His family moved him to Romania at a young age. He is ingrained in their sport and culture. To say that the CSA could've stopped this is naive. Yes, it would be good if the CSA had more of a youth infrastructure, but to imply that this would keep youth duals from choosing other countries is fooling yourself. It didn't work for Begovic or Tomori, so there is no reason to think it would work here. At some point you have to lay some of the "blame" (if you can call it that) on the player themselves for wanting to play for another country. I realize it's not as sexy as repeating "CSA SUX" ad nauseum, but it's true.
  18. Weirdest move of the season. Everyone saw they needed help in the middle but they brought in another fullback. Lawrence is a decent player but he just fell into their lap, wanting to be with Armas again. Once that happened, they really should have adjusted the lineup. They really only need Laryea, Auro and Lawrence, and the fullback situation is covered. Morrow has been extra for a couple years now. JMR definitely doesn't need to learn this position. I'd love to see what Ali Curtis has in terms of a depth chart. It seems like there are 4 or 5 options at fullback, but nothing at any other position.
  19. I wonder if they sat down at the beginning of the year and thought: "Even though we've got Laryea, Auro and Morrow, our biggest hole has to be at full back. Let's make sure we find another high-priced veteran and maybe try a few talented kids there." Fuck me.
  20. So...is JMR, TFC's next big thing, playing right back?
  21. I'd hate to have to limit my posting time to between 8am and 8:15am. Y'all would miss out on so many gems.
  22. Quite possibly the game that see him surpass De Guzman will be at BMO, Oct. 13th.
  23. For some reason I had him following Larin at UConn. Guess I messed that up. That'll teach me for failing to do a simple google.
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