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  1. I'm more than happy to hold one for you.
  2. You need to understand why this happened to understand why Davies at LB for Canada is not a great idea: Davies knows that he's one of the top players on the field when he's on the pitch. That is not the case when he plays for Bayern. Therefore, when he takes the pitch for Canada, he's under pressure to drive the play and control a match, all from a LB position. That is ludicrous. When he plays for Bayern he's free to freewheel because Bayern's backline will bail him out and he's always got at least two options offensively that can get him out of a jam going forward. That is not the case for Canada. Also, people need to stop with the Liverpool and modern game fullbacks ********. That is fine for a club team that can go out and buy solutions to problems in their lineup and build their starting 11. That is not the case for Canada on the international stage. For Canada, you need to start with defenders defending and attackers attacking. Anything more than that is gravy, but that is where you have to start.
  3. Hey man, Gyaki single-handedly qualified us for a U20 World Cup. More than any of the others have done. [/thread derailed]
  4. "Launching pad" usually implies some sort of development by TFC and then sell-on to other clubs whereas all of these players were tossed aside and picked up by other teams on a free. I think "launching pad" is a very generous characterization of TFC in this respect.
  5. **** him. I'm out. I hope he never sees the pitch again for Canada. This is some straight up ********** crap. Everyone here bending over backwards to justify his comments, talking about Canada's cultural mosaic and context and whatnot, better not sound a peep the next time a Canadian decides to play for another country. There are plenty of people who identify as a specific culture but are still proud to be Canadian.
  6. Not sure if it was USSDA, but both Caleb Clarke and Brody Huitema had really good pre-professional stats.
  7. Or maybe he needs to flirt with playing for another country. That always raises a player's stock around here.
  8. Some of the players you are missing (in order of my preference): Harry Paton Jordan Perruzza Dario Zanatta Tajon Buchanon Kris Twardek Stefan Mitrovic Ryan Raposo Michael Baldisimo Simon Colyn Clement Bayiha Aidan Daniels Gabriel Boakye Calin Calaidjoglu That kid that played with Twardek
  9. If only Marcus Godinho could get half as long a leash as some of the others around here...
  10. From a completely selfish perspective, if he stayed at Liverpool, that would increase his chances of being available for Olympic qualifying. Good for his development? Debatable. Would make El Hombre happy? Most definitely. And isn't that what's most important?
  11. Translation: Has anyone been following Canada for more than ten years? Y'all kids have been spoiled with your streams and your snapchats and your Tiktoks. This is how it used to be in the glory days. You'd be lucky if you could find an audio stream of a bunch of Welsh commentators making fun of the Canadian warmups and you'd like it.
  12. And what weight are we throwing around exactly? Big bad Canada ranked 73rd in the world has a grievance? I'm sure they're quaking.
  13. I think we'll see (read on twitter) three very different lineups. Three games in a week will do that. I would expect something like: Barbados 1: Crepeau Laryea James Miller Adekugbe Piette Shome Nelson Chapman Borges Ricketts Barbados 2: Carducci Godinho Didic Cornelius Morgan Fraser Tiebert Akindele Osorio Shaffleburg Bair And then see who performed the best and recovered the quickest for the 15th.
  14. What? Only 3 games? Come on CSA, get it together. You're together for two weeks. Play a game every second day. Call in 60 players.
  15. ...or Cornelius. The more I think about it, the more I see Herdman going with a back four of Cornelius, Vitoria, Henry and Laryea.
  16. Yes, he did. @BigBird. He was great. Its been awhile. I always liked Julian. Very sad to hear.
  17. I don't like to crap on kids, but I only see Nelson and Habibullah. Even then they both need a significant amount of work.
  18. I hate to continue to beat the same drum but if you don't give the kids a system to play in, they're going to make bad decisions. If you give them a system, the bad decisions should be less.
  19. And that's probably the most disappointing thing. One would've hoped that they would've used the last four months to look at how the team performed and try to fix problems. I don't see any of that.
  20. Its funny that everyone is talking about Piette and Hutch and MAK when the real selection issue is between Cornelius, Vitoria and Henry.
  21. Olivieri has this team playing like my Friday night pub team. As soon as we have the ball and start moving forward, the front five start making breakaway runs. There is no link between the back line and the front line. This is exactly what the problem was during qualifying and it looks like it is even worse now. There is no supporting the player on the ball and there are so few passes under 10 yards. The only time that happens is when we move forward, realize there is no outlet and pass it back to the defenders. No way this team is going to be successful if that is how the coach is managing the team.
  22. That is a first-choice lineup. Should be a different game than on Saturday. Angola is going to be tough though.
  23. I think its here: https://www.tsn.ca/soccer/video/fifa-u-17-world-cup-brazil-vs-canada~1810468
  24. I'm pretty sure Olivieri played a diminished squad for this first game. No other reason to sit Habibullah and Rowe unless he is resting them for Angola. I think he'll want to ensure he has his first choice squad for that game. I think the reason you are disappointed with Nelson is because Brazil scouted Canada pretty well and he would always have two or three on him. Without other guys like Habibullah out there who also would've been scouted pretty heavily, Brazil knew to concentrate on Nelson. He looked like he was labouring pretty bad when he got subbed. Hopefully he'll be good to go on Tuesday.
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