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  1. I'm starting to believe that we have an AI bot that is slowly learning how to post on forums.
  2. Right now, I would say Sergio Camargo. However, there are a lot of youth coming through that should be capped based on potential: Jordan Perruzza (2001) Simon Colyn (2002) - Would really like to know where he's at these days. Kam Habibullah (2003) Jahkeele Marshall-Rutty (2004) Those are the ones, outside of any changes from other nationalities (Yankov, Kadioglu etc.), that I'd like to see get their first cap next.
  3. C in B was a helluva lot of fun at games.
  4. I think it would be safe to say that both Salzburg and Stuttgart are kicking themselves at this point. This is a pretty good example of the fact that talent assessment is not that easy, especially for professionals. He was brought in specifically to be looked at and both passed on him. Might be worth remembering this the next time someone goes on a tirade about the CSA's incompetence letting some kid slip through the cracks. If its difficult for professionals in an isolated and directed environment, think about what it must be like for semi-professionals covering 10 million square miles and thousands of kids in each age group.
  5. How about Boca Juniors, CSKA Moscow or LA Galaxy?
  6. Save percentage says quite a bit. Save percentage is the number of shots that are saved. He saves a higher percentage of shots than the majority of other GKs in the league. You need to shoot the ball in order to score. When opposing teams shoot the ball, he is more likely to stop it than the majority of other GKs in the league. Ergo, he is good at stopping shots which one might consider the number one job for a keeper. However, lets assume that what you are seeing is true: he makes many mistakes that lead to goals or scoring opportunities. For a young keeper, I guess that's to be expected. Nevertheless, even with all these mistakes, he still saves more shots, on average, than all but five other keepers in the league. If these mistakes led to a significant amount of goals last year, then were he to fix these mistakes, he would be one of the elite keepers in the league. Not a bad prospect for a young keeper. However, I don't think that not being an elite keeper in a league automatically means that he is out of his depth. Unfortunately, what you are citing is confirmation bias. After having seen him play, you believe that he makes mistakes on a regular basis. Therefore, anytime you watch him going forward, you will watch him through that lens and anytime perfection is not achieved, that will reinforce your confirmation bias. So, really, there isn't a single stat that I could quote that would change your mind. I figured that going into this, but just thought I'd do the research to see where Crepeau actually is and was pleasantly surprised with what I saw.
  7. Just want to dissect this to see if I am reading this right: 1) "Mls is indeed a step too high for Crepeau to be a starter". So, am I to understand that you are saying that Crepeau is out of his depth at MLS? That he doesn't deserve to be there and would, in fact, not be a starter on any other team? Interesting. Because when you look at the stats, of the top 25 GKs in terms of minutes played, he has sixth highest save percentage (71.7% with 114 saves on 159 shots). Only Minnesota, LAFC and Portland have better GKs statistically in Vancouver's conference. So, he may make a lot of mistakes, but it doesn't look like any of those lead to goals. Further to that, at the age of 25, there are only two other GKs younger than him (in the top 25 in terms of minutes played) which makes his save percentage all the more impressive. The average age of those GKs is almost 32 years old, so getting someone seven years younger than the average to perform in the top 10 is pretty good. And finally, his 71.7% is a better season performance than all but one of Ousted's years and Ousted played on a conceivably better Vancouver team. Was he also not MLS level for the four seasons that Vancouver employed him? 2) "Waterman has looked good." While I hope that Waterman finds a place on the Impact, I'm having a hard time reconciling the notion that Waterman is MLS ready after 180 minutes of action with the idea that MLS is a step above Crepeau. I know that isn't what you were going for while bringing up Waterman, but I just can't reconcile those two ideas. 3) "but one of the best things about cpl is 6-8 Canadian gk's playing pro games every week..and surely thats a good pool to call a number 2 or 3 for now and maybe even a number 1 in the future" Crepeau played almost as many games in MLS (26 in 2019) as any GK could in the CanPL (28 game season). So even if playing time trumps quality of league, as you are stating here, they still aren't playing enough to be bumping him down the depth chart. Personally, I would prefer my goalkeeper to be facing the best competition possible on a regular basis.
  8. Haven't we seen this in the past where stuff like this is used to pressure the FA for the country they do want to play for into making a decision? "Hey FA, Canada's looking to call me up and cap-tie me, so if you want me you better make a decision soon." For some reason I thought this happened in the recent past with someone else.
  9. I am willing to bet that Osorio is top 3 in their ranking.
  10. That's fine. I don't mind winning all my games 9-8, so long as Serioux breaks some ankles.
  11. So, is there some way we can simulate a round-robin home-and-away tournament with all these teams? I'm starving for any type of action and I need to see some report that shows Rob Friend leading a league in scoring. Come on all you gamers in self-isolation, lets get on it. I'd put down heavy amounts of cash that my team would destroy.
  12. Martin Nash is criminally underappreciated. The architect of our two best Gold Cup runs. He was amazing when he pulled on the Canadian jersey.
  13. Friend-Hume Simpson-Nash-JdG-Davies Hastings-Serioux-Devos-Stalteri Hirschfeld Come at me.
  14. So does that mean he's not coming to CPL to revive his career which has absolutely crated in shambles? Huge missed opportunity. 😉
  15. The next time we play the US, Pulisic may have a chip on his shoulder because of what happened in Toronto. Are we going to derail every thread to discuss that too?
  16. Had a long reply to this, but I lost it. Coles notes: Marcus Joseph was brought up to address your claim that Telfer was T&T's most in form striker. He is not. You've been going on for about six months about how Telfer was a missed opportunity when there was never really a chance to cap him. We had been playing our best in Nations League and Gold Cup as we thought it was going to matter for seeding and he doesn't figure in our best 18. Before that, he didn't deserve a call up. For every Telfer we miss out on, we cap an Aleman and a Bustos and a Twardek and an Aird (I had more examples, but they're gone and I'm too tired to go look them up). You can't play chicken little with the one that got away just because they might do something later. Especially when there are clearly better options to take his place and clearly better options that deserved time on the pitch at the time when he was available.
  17. Umm...no. Not when one of those goals came against Martinique and the other two came against Anguilla in a 15-0 win. Your argument about him being their most in form striker also doesn't hold water when Marcus Joseph scored 5 for T&T that game. Worrying about Ryan Telfer is as relevant as worrying about absolutely any other player on any other team.
  18. True, but back in those days we would be raving over a starting 11 of: Crepeau Grant - Gasparotto - Thomas - Frano Piette Petrasso - Fisk Carreiro Boakai - Jackson-Hamel There was a ton of hype around Petrasso, Piette, Carreiro, and Boakai back then. Petrasso was a can't miss prospect. Boakai had more hype around him than any forward we have on this 50-man list. So I wouldn't necessarily laud how far we've come.
  19. Bayern LB is not the same as Canada LB. Two completely different positions. Its interesting though that what Bayern looks for in a LB is similar to what Canada needs in a LW: someone that can make incredible runs, can cross and has a little bit of defensive awareness. Canada isn't good enough to have that in a LB, but definitely needs it as a LW.
  20. I'm confused. By "journalist" do you mean "club that sold him"?
  21. I'm more than happy to hold one for you.
  22. You need to understand why this happened to understand why Davies at LB for Canada is not a great idea: Davies knows that he's one of the top players on the field when he's on the pitch. That is not the case when he plays for Bayern. Therefore, when he takes the pitch for Canada, he's under pressure to drive the play and control a match, all from a LB position. That is ludicrous. When he plays for Bayern he's free to freewheel because Bayern's backline will bail him out and he's always got at least two options offensively that can get him out of a jam going forward. That is not the case for Canada. Also, people need to stop with the Liverpool and modern game fullbacks ********. That is fine for a club team that can go out and buy solutions to problems in their lineup and build their starting 11. That is not the case for Canada on the international stage. For Canada, you need to start with defenders defending and attackers attacking. Anything more than that is gravy, but that is where you have to start.
  23. Hey man, Gyaki single-handedly qualified us for a U20 World Cup. More than any of the others have done. [/thread derailed]
  24. "Launching pad" usually implies some sort of development by TFC and then sell-on to other clubs whereas all of these players were tossed aside and picked up by other teams on a free. I think "launching pad" is a very generous characterization of TFC in this respect.
  25. **** him. I'm out. I hope he never sees the pitch again for Canada. This is some straight up ********** crap. Everyone here bending over backwards to justify his comments, talking about Canada's cultural mosaic and context and whatnot, better not sound a peep the next time a Canadian decides to play for another country. There are plenty of people who identify as a specific culture but are still proud to be Canadian.
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