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  1. Brault-Guillard played a helluva game. Really impressed.
  2. He can really play that cutting pass to open things up. Pinpoint.
  3. He looks like he's an every-second-game type player. Great versus Leon, real rough in this one.
  4. He gave it away again to Diop. He can't stop passing to CFM players.
  5. Auro playing like extra garbage today. Two giveaways, two goals.
  6. I disagree. His age doesn't matter. The national team should be about who gives you the best chance to win now. The club teams should be developing the young players, the national team is for putting the best team on the pitch. The fact that he plays either wing and can deliver a good cross means that he's not as far down the depth chart as you would think. Especially if he becomes an MLS regular this season.
  7. I haven't been paying too close attention, but is there confirmation that Dunn is out? I was really hoping for good things from him this year.
  8. Imagine if you put Okello in the Delgado position where he has the freedom to roam and chase down the ball. The difference is that once he wins it, he'd have the skill to actually make a play with the ball.
  9. I am impressed by Davies' vision. He doesn't just lay off the easy pass. He more often than not starts a movement with his passing. Really impressive.
  10. I've heard that people think that his form has dropped, but personally I think expectations of him have changed. No one expected him to come in and do what he did last year. He was an injury replacement that was only supposed to fill in for a couple games, so expectations were low. Expectations are higher now and he's not blowing people away because people now know what he can do. He's not playing much better than he did last year, but I don't think he's playing much worse. Just my opinion though.
  11. They really could've used someone with speed to get back on that one.
  12. Friendly against Real Monarchs currently ongoing. Teibert, Cavallini (1 goal), Gutierrez and Crepeau all got the start and then a bunch of kids get the final third with Habibullah, Facchineri, Pecile, Metcalfe, Bair, and Campagna all subbed on at 67th minute. Hasal also playing the second half.
  13. I have a couple thoughts: Firstly, I think your assumption that these two issues (covid shutdowns and money supply inflation other than to pay for the covid shutdowns) are not inextricably linked. They are of course linked in general terms as all general government policies are. When there is a shock to health policy, this will of course affect monetary policy, just like it will affect fiscal policy, defence policy, infrastructure policy etc. However I believe that linking these two very specific things to each other is faulty. The main reason I believe this is because, in my experien
  14. Yeah, I get all that. Its just so terrible to watch that I find it hard to consider it a Top 5 league. Just on a pure enjoyment as a spectator basis.
  15. What about Okello? Or Delgado? Or Fraser?
  16. From a purely aesthetic point of view, I have such a hard time reconciling that those games are from a "top 5 league". I find watching the Bundesliga or EPL or La Liga just so much more enjoyable to watch. This has been my first year watching Ligue 1 and I guess I had much higher expectations.
  17. So I took a lot of time to digest this latest post because we seem to have strayed pretty far from the original thought. That could be my interpretation though. And its still not 100% clear to me what you believe is happening. I think one thing that might clear things up would be: Just going on the latest post, the entire crux of the argument is found when you say "Because governments are taking covid 19 very seriously...." This taking of covid 19 seriously, is this based on a health concern or as a smoke screen to jam through monetary policy? Up until this point, I would've surm
  18. For those unsure of what that is, the correct definition of irony is: Irony - Kinda like iron.
  19. I don't think either of your analogies answered my question, so let me try to rephrase: Canada's economy and economies around the world are at risk of deflation. It is your opinion that the Canadian government (and most other governments around the world) used the introduction of the SARS-COV-2 virus in March to fight this by injecting money into the system by instituting lockdowns which could only have been done by exaggerating the seriousness of the sickness associated with Covid-19. All of your answers to my questions have led me to this. Is that your central premise?
  20. Okay, as I put in my edit, I must have misinterpreted what you said. Seemed an awful lot like you were insinuating the manufacturing of a crisis. My mistake. What is interesting is that you introduce an equally specious argument only to immediately dismiss it (that the virus has never been isolated and therefore does not exist). Why bring that up? (Not really an important question for the topic at hand, but an interesting thread to pull on). Back to the topic: so, to summarize, Canada's (and many economies around the world) are at risk of deflation. A way to solve that issue is to i
  21. Why bring up the other possibility then? Edit: or maybe I misinterpreted what you meant by: "they coordinated with each other ahead of time and planned for the shutdowns, knowing they would need an event to justify their re-inflation" To me that sounded like collusion to manufacture a crisis.
  22. So this is the key point. Here you are saying that either: 1 - Covid-19 is a thing but it is a minor health concern but "governments" have blown it out of proportion in order to shutdown the economy and inject more money into the system. 2 - Covid-19 is a fictional construct between several "governments" as a reason to shut down the economy and inject more money into the system. Which do you believe it is?
  23. So, this brings up two questions: 1) Why the shutdown in the first place in March of 2020? You make it seem like this was by design so that governments get the chance to print more money. But that doesn't make sense. Why start this cycle in the first place? 2) If shutdowns are deflationary in principle, isn't this what you are arguing for? You say that deflation will happen at some point why not now? Well, that's happening.
  24. Okay, so I think I get your main thesis. Let me know where I went wrong: Shutdowns were instituted to stop the spread of Covid-19, however this caused deflation which the government fought by injecting more money into the system. This injection of money has the potential to cause too much inflation, which means that we need more shutdowns to manage this. Is that it? Seems like a cycle that will be difficult to get out of. I have another question about what you wrote above, but I don't want to confuse the issue.
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