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  1. No "the American to the Canadian" or any commentary along those lines, damn. Good work by Weah. Placed a wager on this one. 😎
  2. Chapman looking good against TFC. Fizzed a 30 yard line-splitter behind them that caused Lawrence to take a red card. Looking like another player they were dumb to get rid of.
  3. Mars beat us 8-1 in last Galactic Cup qualifying.
  4. Scored for Stuttgart today.
  5. Yeah, I was gonna say this too. The level inches up every year. Nowadays being one of the top dogs in your position in MLS is a pretty good level to be at. Might not have the panache and rock solid consistency of their top European peers but this is still a very good pedigree to have and at least at the mid-tier effective on international duty.
  6. I was gonna say he has the offence of a Brad Marchand but Brad Marchand is too subhuman to compare anyone to.
  7. In fact, Laryea and Osorio's experience on the CCL grind in Central America is something uniquely useful they bring to this campaign that a lot of other players don't have.
  8. "Not blue or green or whatever" lmao. Hopefully hype keeps ramping up before the next window. Sportsnet and TSN picking up the rights and covering it more will help. Think I won a few converts this window. Gonna keep proselytizing.
  9. So many players had a great games! Miller a little wonky but he's the only one. Everyone else was awesome.
  10. Alright let's crush them, make a statement win, and end the window on a high. Let's put these scrubs where they belong.
  11. Yeah, need possession in the middle in the final third so can get some through passes into the box. We must play uncomfortably close to their goal at the outset and make them uncomfortable, hopefully win some fouls. We need the three CMs to do that. If we keep going wide they'll just back up til we can't get behind them then push out. We need more variation in attack. If we can get a goal in the first half we can breathe easy. 🤞
  12. Please, please, please play three CMs. We need to feed balls through the left right and middle. Must involve David more through the middle. I'm thinking Atiba, Kaye, Osorio. Good passing and ball carrying in that trio (everyone wants another Staq start I know). Bring Staq on later if necessary. The first priority should be to get into the box and force ES to scramble. Make some runs, play some one-twos, a few runs to the end line, a few deep crosses, put them on the back foot and turn on the pinball machine. Win a penalty and force them out and then finish them off. Underrated team for sure but this is a team we need to be urgent, tough, and ruthless against.
  13. Kaye and Eustaquio were effective. I definitely saw more of Eustaquio putting out fires and picking up open men but Kaye did his job as well. Neither were amazing but both ran their asses off.
  14. We picked up a point and learned a lot about what not to do at this level. As long as he doesn't ignore those lessons I'm not too worried. I don't think he will ignore them.
  15. First game at home in front of fans in two years, Herdman wanted to throw red meat to the new (and old) fans to get them salivating. Throwing all our big guns on and annihilating Honduras would have been an amazing PR move and grabbed more attention. He shoveled too much coal into the hype train and it backfired. Question: Would he have picked that flashy lineup if Sportsnet didn't pick up the rights yesterday? I'm not sure. He learned his lesson, though. Songwriting over epic guitar soloing.
  16. Had a beauty of a game. So composed for a young defender. Great judgment and timing. Also said it before and I'll say it again, his crossing ability is under-utilized. Had a couple good opportunities develop out of some diagonal balls in he delivered.
  17. Yeah, the officiating bias is toward the team with the least sense of shame. There's automatically a bias against us in CONCACAF home or away.
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