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  1. Great to see him getting regular starts. Really hoping he bags a few goals after the International break.
  2. From what I read on Twitter it sounds like Millar is getting the sh*t kicked out of him literally whenever he plays... hopefully he doesn’t pick up a major injury.
  3. A few thoughts on what I saw from the team tonight... I thought Laryea impressed in his debut - seemed in sync with the attack. Unfortunately, I thought Miller at left just doesn't have the technique at this time to play at this level. I am in the camp that Davies should play left back. Kaye is such a creative force in the midfield. Piette had a high work rate and did a wonderful job at destroying the Cuban attack and making smart decisions with the ball. I think they'll have to drop Osorio if we have a full squad - he seems too slow in his decision making... although not playing much lately for TFC probably doesn't help.
  4. A buddy of mine is there already (Shoeless Joe's)... rather busy and jacked up prices ($13 pints) due to UFC. Hopefully that ends soon.
  5. There’s so much to like about MAK’s game right now, and I agree, he needs to be a part of our midfield and not as a LB. I also like that he is playing with so many other quality players in an LAFC team that moves the ball around so quickly and efficiently... and because of this I do see him occasionally lose concentration, getting caught flat footed at times - a touch late making an attacking run, making an errant short pass, or a tad slow in reading potential dangers / defensive responsibilities when his teammates turn the ball over. These are just minor criticisms but overall there’s just so many positives and enough talent and athletic ability that I could see him definitely moving on (and up) from MLS in the future.
  6. Exactly how I feel. The unfair format kills the hope and excitement. Mt. Vic is doing what most modern politicians do in selling out their own (in this case all the players and fans of the teams not US/Mex/CR) to pander to the richest (US / Mex and the corrupt minnow officials). We can only hope the other associations in similar situation to Canada are putting up far more of a fight against this sham. I wonder if anyone in a position of influence has a problem, or have they all drank the Koolaid?
  7. The previous posters who gave our chances of qualification from the non-Hex route factored in these non-equal percentages and all got between 0.5-2% (even lower than the incorrect 2.5%). The important information from the twitter poster is the following and is how he got that it is now much more difficult to qualify.
  8. Also a similar response from the Panamanian federation who are in a much better position than we are to reach #6 but whose fans/media are seemingly putting up way more of a stink than we are (basically we knew about this format in 2017 and were just waiting to rubber stamp it once we knew it would be a 32 team World Cup and not 48 teams.) https://twitter.com/panamaamerica/status/1149490376606023682?s=21 if it’s true the CSA knew about this and did absolutely nothing to help schedule friendlies to help our rankings dump the entire lot!
  9. Yes, Kaye does seem to do it all... he needs to start.
  10. Not enough people are calling BS here. We finally have a team that could realistically make the Hex (which would in itself be an accomplishment and give us 10 quality games) and CONCACAF pulls this stunt with a Canadian at the helm? Montagliani is either corrupt or stupid. There is a big difference in hoping to qualify from a fair process even if it’s just a 10% chance vs. this joke of a format that gives us a 1-2% chance. And then there’s the complete unfairness of using the FIFA rankings that are calculated based on results from games before the format is laid out... oh and that win against Martinique (who is actually in the Top 100) won’t give you points, and those games you have to play against a Cuba team who somehow makes Nation League A but is ranked 175 in the world will get you at most 3 points each. In the past we’d go on and on about the shady seedlings for the pre-Hex round... this is so many more times unjust!
  11. Yes, these seem to be pretty good estimates. 7-9% with a fair format sells hope... this new format just makes me ask “what’s the point?”
  12. If not, we'd be real close I think. Now I get to get angry all over again about that loss.
  13. According to @PaulCarr on twitter (former ESPN stats guy) the 6th ranked team in the Hex has an approximate chance of 15% of qualifying for the World Cup and even if we improve some of those odds above: 0.9x.0.75x0.6x0.5x0.35x0.3 to about 2%, ... it would mean if we thought we had even a 15% chance of just making the Hex, we'd be better off with the old format (assuming we can't make it to #6 in FIFA rankings)
  14. This format is a complete joke. It is completely unfair to announce this type of format today that uses rankings generated on results from 3 years ago. I can see using FIFA rankings to by-pass a preliminary round - but to jump nations directly to the Hex?...give me a break. It also gives the US and Mexico an added advantage that they are likely to not be competing against the best other 4 teams in the region in the Hex. Honduras and Costa Rica are both on downswings, but the FIFA rankings will likely not shift enough to have them drop out of the Top 6.
  15. There was a collective mental collapse last night. After the first conceded goal, a team like Canada with the superior talent, needs to pick up the pace and reassert their technical dominance, have on-field leaders calm and elevate the resolve - instead the team stayed in neutral and started to panic. I hope, moving forward, some leaders emerge from this group. Borjan’s mistake and reaction, combined with a lack of leadership was the the hole that could not be plugged that ultimately sunk the ship. And even on the third goal, Borjan was so quick to start dishing out blame. He’s saved our a**es numerous times with brilliant saves, but a team that’s not playing together regularly doesn’t need that selfish attitude, especially from the goalie and one of the most experienced out there.
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