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  1. If FIFA insists on a World Cup every 2 years, I’d love it if they’d be open to trying a different format every other World Cup. Every 4 years have the traditional World Cup, but keep it at 32 teams. In between, try a knockout style tournament like Wimbledon / March Madness… I think there are 211 member nations: Teams ranked 46-211 start in the first round, 1-45 join the 63 winners of Round 1 into a 128 team round 2 and the bracket begins. Maybe have the first few 3 or 4 rounds “regionally” and then have the final 32 or 16 and after in one location. Perhaps give the host of this Final 32/16 a bye even into this point of the tournament. The pros would be no need for qualification, it’s something new, it works for tennis and college basketball. The cons would be a lot of early round blowouts / low -ranked teams parking the bus.
  2. This just points to how TFC can’t develop talent. JMR and Nelson, by most accounts, aren’t getting any better this year. It’s not a problem if identifying talent, it’s a huge problem that they can’t develop it. Definitely at the top and TFC II, but probably also even at the higher end of the academy.
  3. If you really care about your club, there’s nothing wrong with criticizing the incompetence of those making decisions.
  4. They’ll pigeon hole him there and have him ride the bench the next 4 years behind Auro and Laryea.
  5. I completely agree with you on the math aspect. I just meant that being 35th in the Elo rating gets you some applause, while being 35th on FIFA benefits you in terms of gaining work permits for players and advantageous seedings - something tangible.
  6. The number crunchers at WeGlobalFootball sure like our chances of qualifying after the first window… 85.4% ! I wish I could feel this confident.
  7. I know it doesn’t mean anything, but Canada all the way up to #35 in Elo Ratings… ahead of Hungary, Austria & Turkey.
  8. We’re playing with the big boys now, but CSA still has to act bush-league in this respect. There absolutely should be a cap on the amount of visitor tickets.
  9. The US and Canada will qualify. Over the 14 games, both will find their groove - I think the talent gap (especially with the Americans) is substantial enough.
  10. I still assume Mexico and the US will qualify - too much depth. Don’t discount the threat of Honduras… 2 away draws is good. It actually may have been better if El Salvador had won that game yesterday since I don’t rate them. I’ll cheer for a US win on Wednesday. I’ll hope for a Costa Rica / Jamaica draw. The last 2 qualifying campaigns, Costa Rica picked up points at home vs. Mexico so I don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that they are weaker this time around. I’m surprised by Panama, so we really need to “rein them in” when we play them at home in October - another MUST win. I looked ahead and our final game is away to Panama so that sets us up well if Panama is still in the mix late. Panama also has US away in its 2nd last game.
  11. A few ramblings… Johnston is our MVP through the first 2 matches… puts out fires all over the defense. Davies has not disappointed. I really hope he can start the next game. Ideally I’d start him and Buchanan and let Laryea sub in - he seems to have slow starts and has better effect when the opposition has tired. Surprised Kennedy was so shaky… Miller came on and was solid, but, overall, was just as bad as (if not worse than) Kennedy so I wouldn’t mind going with either in the final game. Osorio is not a forward player - no instinct… failed to make 2 runs into the box that would likely have led to goals. Would love to have his control and smarts in the midfield (and go with 3). In the end, his defensive responsibility was key to protecting the lead, but a part of me would have loved a Corbeanu available to come on to the wing (switching Buchanan over) when Davies subbed out. Eustaquio has been solid, but would like him involved more in the build up.
  12. How is this Kobe Franklin kid? Every game he seems to be getting ratings in the 7’s or 8’s on FotMob and is usually TFCII’s highest rated player. I’ve been saying this since day one and even through the glory years… TFC Academy has no clue what it’s doing. And it seems like media doesn’t ask any questions because most are in “conflicts of interest”.
  13. Canada will need to be able win on the road to qualify…. case closed. So if people think we can’t go into to 1 or realistically 2 of these road games and win, then they should think right now that we’re not qualifying.
  14. I brought a couple of friends to the game who are huge European soccer fans but don’t follow our National team closely… they were astounded with how much better our individuals were (physically/ technically) than the Hondurans (with the exception of Miller). Honduras had flurries of attack, but they weren’t going to score unless they drew a penalty which we gifted to them unfortunately. If we figure out how to better link the midfield to the attack (and even line ourselves up better), and finish our chances, I’m sure we will be able to get a few wins away, including in Honduras.
  15. Lot so takes previously mentioned that I agree with, especially with the lack of a midfield linker/creator… after watching the highlights, i was crying out for a striker for a good team in a Top 5 league…. Oh wait, we had one playing last night. David had a few great chances and didn’t convert - that might have been the difference.
  16. Yes, I do think this would be beneficial. Hopefully we can pick up points against both at home. I doubt the US will have many screw ups, even away, this campaign… I pick them to win the group… and I’d say “comfortably” if Berhalter wasn’t the coach.
  17. Probably most in agreement that this is the best strategy. If we are close against the US we can sub in some of the big boys late and go for a point (or 3).
  18. I saw this from Singh on Perez: “When asked about playing the young players, Perez says that the team still cannot rule out the possibility of making the playoffs. Adds that playing younger players moving forward is also something that the team cannot dismiss.” What a crock of shit… no plan whatsoever from TFC.
  19. Big game for Basel tomorrow vs. YoungBoys
  20. Their pathway is a roundabout… from TFC2 to TFC bench and back. They never had to worry about development in years past when they had good DP’s and spent double almost everyone else. The organization needs a complete overhaul. Very few in mainstream media are (or can be because of their ‘conflict of interest’) critical of them. It was refreshing to hear Peter Galindo go on a tirade during the last Northern Futbol podcast about not playing any of the kids, Dunn included.
  21. Also need to find some way to factor in Central American sketchiness for final couple of games.
  22. Let’s remember how he got to Barca… pretty sure they (Barca) planted those transfer rumours as his agent indicated. At least Barca has Depay and De Jong
  23. Yes, let’s hope he can get a move up… this journalists seems to think there’s a possibility:
  24. I’m sure he’s “next up” for a wing/forward position in the next window if/when there’s an injury to one of the guys called in September. I certainly think he deserves to be there in this window but all things considered, it’s probably better for him to stay training with his new club team.
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