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  1. If we could have a re-do, would have rather seen him start over useless Delgado on the right.
  2. Unfortunately Silva will be first up.
  3. The problem is Bradley insists on playing every minute of every game when he’d be much more effective in a reduced role as you’re suggesting. He was piss poor today - causing a goal, missing a sitter, wasting countless set pieces and not offering the same defensive tenacity he showed vs Leon (didn’t think he was that great in attack and made many poor touches / passes).
  4. And TFC will also need to prove that he was worth taking over Buchanan... pro sports GMs tend to not like to admit they made a mistake and want to prove the naysayers wrong at all costs (I’m a Bears fan who had to endure 4 years of Trubisky getting yet another look because he was taken ahead of so many other better QBs)
  5. He better get a chance to play over Delgado... last night showed that Okello and Priso have so much more to offer.
  6. As a TFC fan who was impressed with so many of the performances of the young Canadians last night, I laugh that they thought Griffin Dorsey was better than Buchanan and drafted him instead. But glad it happened, as Vanney would have nailed him to the bench and we wouldn’t be hearing these rumours of big Euro clubs wanting him.
  7. Bayern will lose Alaba and Boateng this summer. I think Hernandez will play at CB which is a better fit.
  8. Hernandez is a better CB than LB for Bayern... he doesn’t have the pace to play in that position in the style Bayern wants to play. He wasn’t great last week at LB before Davies came on either... created nothing going forward and didn’t have the pace to deal with PSG counter attack. I do think he had an excellent game at CB today though.
  9. Davies wasn’t at his best for sure tonight, but when he was playing, Bayern was 3-1 vs PSG. PSG didn’t have to defend the left when he went off and could just clog the middle.
  10. Davies seemed to lack confidence tonight in the attack too. But it’s not like Pavard has been putting on a defensive clinic either on the right.
  11. When in doubt go with the pronunciation which is the opposite of the English announcer.
  12. Ahhhh... pretty standard play after a big win. Let’s hope he makes an impact as a sub!
  13. Very disappointed to see him start a big match on the bench.
  14. Davies showed he definitely should have started... and I really think Hernandez is a better CB than Boateng.
  15. It’s snowing and they don’t start Davies!?!
  16. I like the sounds of this... puts his choice in perspective a bit. We may have a better 1-2 than the US, but they definitely beat us in the depth/numbers game (not surprisingly).
  17. Hopefully Delgado will be moved on to free up more opportunities for Fraser, Okello and Priso.
  18. David should have had an assist on that set up of Bamba
  19. We need to learn that you can’t mess up like we did against Haiti in a tournament like this.
  20. I don’t think Norman has the pace to be a good enough CB for the Sr. Squad. And Metcalfe isn’t anything special.
  21. He seems like the kid who always made the team just because he was bigger than everyone else (Canadian hockey coach mentality)
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