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  1. You would think we would be good at this style with Davies, David, Buchanan ... I do think Herdman needs to add this to the list of tactics for games such as this.
  2. F@#$ing One Soccer, after 50 minutes it tells me the game is not available in my region.
  3. The commentator on the channel I am watching, which seems to be a British feed, commented at one point when David did not catch up to a speculative pass ahead that “David is not known for his pace”, or along those lines. I swear I saw a lot of Belgian highlights that suggested the opposite.
  4. I agree on him being well spoken, and giving credit to Yilmaz. Good attitude. Just wondering - what accent would you say he has in French? I am out of Canada nearly 25 years now, but I learned in Quebec and that does not sound Quebecois to me. Any francophones from Ottawa here?
  5. Well, at least Bamba tried to put it through for David.
  6. Yilmaz is clinical. I think he and David make a good pair and that Yilmaz takes some of the pressure off David to score.
  7. Yilmaz to David. Yilmaz seems the most likely to set David up.
  8. Wow. Yilmaz freekick, just before the halftime whistle
  9. Well f@@$ that was bad defence
  10. Given that Depay is always linked to Barca, he is not doing any better than David.
  11. David shot on target but straight at keeper. Gotta do better.
  12. David goal called back (correctly) for offside on yilmaz
  13. For those of us outside Canada that cannot watch the report, could you name the names they named?
  14. His reluctance to attack is so complete that it seems it must be on instructions. But it actually weakens Bayern as the opposition know that he will not take them on. It does not make sense, especially when most of the attacking on the night by Bayern was mechanical and not too hard to defend against. They could have used a few drives down the left to mix things up and unsettle the defence. I agree with several posters that Hernandez was superior in this game, which is actually the first time I have felt that so clearly. I don’t see Bayern changing Davies’ position but I hope they unleas
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