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  1. What time does this kick off it’s 1am here I thought it was a 8pm kick off? And yes I’m on tsn 4
  2. So managed to use my vpn on chrome and did a daily subscription and can watch it now… just have to start awake…. let’s go Canada!!!
  3. Does tsn have a free feed online? Or do I have to subscribe I guess … might be looking for an illegal stream here from the UK
  4. Sorry can I ask a dumb question and sorry if it has been answered already but is onesoccer showing the game? I have a vpn and that’s where I watch the other games or is it in tsn/sports net only? tha is in advance
  5. A good performance looked like he was tiring…
  6. They still haven’t figured him out they need to get him the ball more… all good things from Basel have come down the left side… big 2nd half
  7. Liam starts in huge game vs YOung Boys!!!
  8. I love just outside of Warrington atm just off the M62 …😂😂
  9. So Obs disappointed at LM not being called up but in the end it’s one of the best Canadian squads In a long time and there is a very talented group of players going to WCQ… But!!!! Liam is through to the group stage of of the Europa Conference league!! Liam came on in extra time when FCB were losing and made in instant impact and again helped changed the game!! Basel tied the game soon after he came on and ended up winning on Penalties!! What an amazing game and experience to be a part of!! Bring on the group stage!! Draw tomorrow!!!! I’m just bursting!!! So happy for him and FC Basel!!!
  10. Liam played 78 mins in a 2-2 draw. Did really well in possession and was a real threat down the left. Played some really clever balls and crossed the ball that lead to the penalty for Basel’s 2nd goal. He is still finding his feet and as he plays more I think he will see more and more of the ball. His teammates just starting to figure him out. But another good performance to build on. Keep moving forward… Europa league playoffs 2nd leg Thursday
  11. Liam gets his first start in the Super League!!!
  12. Sorry can I ask specifically which players are in better form playing more at a higher level … this of course excludes David Davies Larin tajon, Hiolett(Cav is injured I think..) who plays as a winger(not a wing back) ..just wondering…
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