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  1. I know the score line is bad but I don’t think it was that bad. the early goal screwed up the whole game plan of a tight close game to frustrate them and get them in the counter. After that we looked rattled and were chasing the game and made some decent mistakes. A few players were off there game but really don’t think one off performance we should throw out the bath water. Some really good strides have been made here and I think we just keep moving forward. Rome wasn’t built in a day ... for me the future is still bright I still think we have improved and are moving in the right direction.... my two cents...
  2. No no blame at all just saying be nice to have another sub...
  3. Pissed Henry went of(not that he was playing well)wasted sub need fresh legs Davies looks totally gassed...
  4. Circumventing the Laws of the game you can not kick it up to a head to pass it back. Laws of try e game...
  5. God concacaf Has the America commentators Tony Meola....give me strength
  6. I have to watch it on concacaf go onesoccer is geo locked in the UK!!! Let’s go CANADA!!
  7. He can be recalled by LFC.... Edit... sorry just got off the phone with the agent can’t be recalled until jan 1st when the window opens ...
  8. Anyone have any links that work in the UK?
  9. Liam starts again 10th start this season Liam playa 68 mins an a 1-0 win. kilmarnock go up to 3rd in the Scottish premier league behind Celtic and Rangers.
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