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  1. Dare I hve an opinion but not sure the press is working with ricketts and tesho. Think the back two are to slow moving the ball and the two wing backs aren’t getting forward enough. Expect changes in the 2nd half. Might be a good game to see if Borges can unlock the left side as atm there isn’t one... sorry if if I’ve offended just my thoughts.
  2. Happy for Liam to be back amongst the goals. The football Kilmanock were playing was pretty dire at times. Be good for his confidence. Come back and get a reset. .... 😁
  3. So frustrating stayed up to watch it on my vpn and it just keeps loading. Tried 4 different links....
  4. The vast majority of the killie fans are sad to see him go sorry. Have a look on twitter look at liams post. im the first to admit we would have liked more output for sure but very tough in a team that hasn’t won in 11 hasn’t scored in 6 and he was playing in a very defensive 451 as a left mid really. He did the best he did. He fought and leaned the best way possible. the truth be told is he is a 20 year old footballer on his first loan who managed in on year to get 35 pro appearances under his belt earning a starting place in a very tough physical SPFL The purpose of his loan was get experience mins and toughness which he did. now he returns for a reset and regroup and possibly heads out again if possible hopefully to a championship team...or try to get involved with the first team sqUad. A welcome challenge for sure but one that’s up to him..
  5. Sorry can someone post the times and dates of the 3 matches again!!
  6. A good core of experienced players and good opportunity for those players looking to stake a claim... As for releasing players unless it’s a official international break the clubs are not required to release them. that being said MLS is out of season and they make up there own rules...
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