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  1. I don’t really have much time for all this who’s playing and who’s done what with COVID tests. For me it’s a non starter. The boys need to focus and do their thing. At the end of the day this group of amazing Canadian lads at their best they will challenge anyone in Concacaf. Go Canada go!!
  2. Sofascore... it’s an app or try fotmob or any other the other ones
  3. Have u never heard of an unbalanced 433? Or strong side tactics? I guess they never taught them from your armchair. Playing one side high and wide and another inside with an overlapping fullback is actually pretty common(contes Chelsea comes to mind) and from the look of it that’s how they played first half yesterday with hoilett tucking in and Tajon overlapping and on the other side liam high and wide and Sam underlapping ... Aruba parked the bus and tactic are important to break them down with triangles and interchanges liam Sam and spooney all moving the ball well and tried to break the
  4. Not going to spend time on this as most of it is conjecture and speculation. I will tell u have a look at the stats for liam in the game(pick your poison SofaScore etc ) and look at how well he did. He got a 7.4 rating with the most dribbles and runs with the ball. Completed the most take ons and had the most touches of any of the front three in the first half and 2nd half. He was i in n almost every free kick and corner and put in two very good corners that could hve been goals for Vitoria and someone else. He had a very good half of football and was unlucky not to score He was part
  5. Cheers I’ll try there if a onesoccer locks me out... and yes it’s 2am here and I just finished a 14 hr day...
  6. Hey does anyone have a link to the Aruba fb page!? I’m still filming in Croatia and hoping onesoccer works for the game .. the pregame is on but hope it does for the game and it’s not fro blocked...
  7. It’s wasn’t my coffee cup but I was there that day lol...
  8. I’m currently filming a remake of a 1965 classic called Ipcress Files in Croatia...
  9. He got a goal and two assists really(a saved shot headed In and an owm goal a good days work
  10. The manager started the same team that won last game...
  11. Not to come to his defence again but he has only been back in the UK for just over 48 hrs at kick off and was jet lagged. Said to me his legs were dead... Don’t think they needed play him today but I know he hates to miss a game... will watch the game later as I’m filming in Liverpool....
  12. Liam does need a goal for confidence(he needs to relax in front of goal) I agree but he is also combining well seeing lots of the ball and sitting in shape as phonsie seems to have a free role not really playing left back really... anyways hope he gets his first goal for Canada let break the record lads!!!!
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