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  1. No inside info sorry I’m away for work... got that date from twitter
  2. Sorry one more thing it drives me nuts that the bt sports guys call him DAVIS!!!
  3. Be a good tough match up against Reece James Reece is a very very good defender Tough as nails and a no nonsense tactler... spent a year on loan at Wigan last year and was in the championship team of the year at 19... great match up for sure.
  4. Liam got a goal and 3 assists in a 6-0 win o er Sunderland that’s 4 goals and 5 assists since returning from his loan at Kilmarnock
  5. There are amazing coaches out there especially in Canada’s youth system(Liam has a few great ones Rob S, Joey L Charles I and a few others) these kids(Davies David etc..) didn’t get to where they are at n there own. Just more of an inspirational story of pushing through it not giving up Not meant bashing Canadian coaches. There are of course issues of bias and Politics and we need to continue to grow but atm I think we are heading in the right direction Rome wasn’t built in a day and I think the future looks bright...
  6. I’m 6 foot. Liam is now 6’1. he was 12. It was a **** show. Thomas Rongen was the academy manager at the time and was looking for a certain type of player even at 12 Cut Ryan Raposo and a player named Ryan Khedoo( they called him mosquito) Liam and Ryan played for Burlington SC khedoo played for Brampton and where all very tidy technical players. Replaced them with big tall early developers... Made no sense at the time and Liam signed a 3 year contract 9 months later with Fulham FC and then TFC tried to get comp from Fulham. yes really!! I kept the release letter have it framed as a reminded to never give up... i hold no Grudges to TFC probably the best thing to happen to him. On a side note when we got to England and before we signed Fulham did a profile on us (parents) height, weight, history of injuries(knees and stuff) athletic profile( I guess to give an indication of potential size)(just a one Page survey nothing to serious)
  7. Crazy to say that this way 8 years ago today . Not a lot of people know but Liam was soon CUT from The TFC academy for being to small.(some here do) ... to his credit he didn’t sulk or loose faith he put his head down and went to prove them wrong... sorry for sharing this but all players Are on a different pathway a different road and sometimes it’s good to share that things were never easy. People loose sight of that sometimes. He has a long way to go but has come so far !! my message to all players is to never give up ...
  8. Liam is made up ( Young British for really happy) James Milner(was at the game) came up to Liam after the game and said he thought he did really welll!!!!said he put a proper shift in for the team ....
  9. Yes I was there a memory that will stay with me for ever 20 years of his blood sweat and tears so happy for him
  10. Unbelievable performance from back to front from the whole team. To come out and beat a league one team with basically a u20 team. Brilliant so incredibly proud of Liam asked to do a job to press and push and run. He put a proper shift in and did all that an more. That dummy near the end and if Curtis would hve put him in he would have scored for sure. so so proud. . No one can ever take that away from him having played for Liverpool FC in the FA Cup team a winning team. lost for words time for a beer
  11. He has he’s played there twice for the u23s And once with the u18s ... 18s was the fa youth cup quarters vs Arsenal they lost 3-2 don’t remember the u23s games but a crazy place to play...
  12. So it would seem it’s confirmed that no first team players will play in the replay. If Liam doesn’t go out on loan by the end of the window (jan31st)he should have a very good chance of playing. https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/first-team/384454-jurgen-klopp-reaction-shrewsbury-town-liverpool-fa-cup
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