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  1. We play 3 games in 8 days In the first round... Depth gets us to the next round which is where I think this camnt team stands out from past teams which is a good thing imho... There is no professional that starts all three of those games. Outside of maybe Borjan and a the Center backs... remember we play in heat( Pasadena) and at altitude in denver the travel across 3 time zones to play in Charlotte. the players physical output will be huge and don’t forget knocks and small injuries.... I’m happy with the starting 11 (I think Liam is in the 2nd 11 atm and an impact sub for sure). but we need to look beyond it if we are to progress Squad rotation will be key and decisions on who to play in what game... its nice to have these problems... I won’t put my team up I’m biased but thought id add my 2cents!
  2. 3-0. Game over. (Figuratively) not done yet Defensive errors cost Canada here. Will need to tighten up and improve for the wc but there’s time. Great potential here. Our keeper made a few great saves at 2-0. A bit naive and playing too open in my mind. At 1-0 there was a chance to come back. The important thing is that we qualified for the wc this will be a great game to learn from. 4-0 now....
  3. Canada looked better since the goal and the changes but the US get a 2nd. 2-0 now
  4. 1-0 USA a nice finish the Us came out strong to start the 2nd half. Let’s see how the lads respond
  5. Liam played 81 mins in a hard fought tough 1-0 win for Kilmarnock!! He played like a lion and ran and ran and gave the right back fits. Only thing missing was a goal! Shattered again in the end and was subbed off but really happy with his effort and output. Happy he gave his all Killie now I’m 3rd with a possibility of Europa League!! Great for him to really build on his match fitness leading up to the gold cup!!
  6. Thanks for posting the hilights
  7. He had an amazing 75 mins in front of 58000 fans at Celtic Park. The atmosphere was unbelievable. (I was there!!!) He was Completely shattered after the match. He absolutely worked his socks off for the team. It was very disciplined and mature performance in a left mid of a 4 which he hasn’t to my knowledge ever played. A left wing in a front 3 yes not a midfield 4. BBC player ratings of the match he was rated the 3rd best performance on the pitch!! Not bad for his first start against arguably the best team in scotland! Sorry gushing a bit still buzzing. Hopefully first of many starts now! Not many 19 year olds get to make that starting appearance or even ever get to experience that. It has been a fabulous year with ya tin of growth and experiences! Liam’s looking forward to getting back with the National team lads if selected for the Gold cup Dop !!
  8. The roster is out https://www.canadasoccer.com/canada-announces-squad-for-concacaf-men-s-under-17-championship-p162138-preview-1
  9. 35 years in this game playing pro coaching pro and everything in between I have never ever seen refereeing like that in my life. 3 killie players sent off ... shambolic. On a side note Liam came on for the last 13
  10. Liam still chasing his start but makes the cover of the matchday program! For some reason it won’t let me upload the pic...
  11. Why on earth would you take 8 defenders and only 3 wingers??
  12. Liam played the last 14 mins got an assist on the 4th goal and a hockey assist on the 5th. Was flying when he came on.
  13. I have deleted all my comments in this thread and would appreciate if anyone who quoted me would too. I Will take a step back from this site for a little while...
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