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  1. Liam Millar goes 90 in a hard fought 1-0 win for Liverpool FC U23s in the mini Derby vs Everton u23
  2. Thought I’d share the new kit pic ... Has 1 goal and 4 assists in 4 games preseason ((225mins...3 x 45 1x90) fit and ready for the next challenge.. sorry no updates yet...
  3. I’m pretty sure he just scored on his debut
  4. Lol she’s sports crazy ..we have been watch and taping the nhl playoff here in the UK ... His missus was a high performance athlete that was on a full Athletic ice hockey scholarship at Pen State she is awesome and atm sitting here with us watching Athletico and Red Bull in the champions league...
  5. You are right I can’t atm comment not about loans and with all the Liam bashing of certain posters in other threads (more than one...) by the usual suspects I better not. I end up typing a long reply stating all his stats and accomplishments records and who he plays for and how long of a contract with LFC he has blah blah blah But what does it get me??! I end up deleting it as in the end to some people no matter how far Liam has come and how well he does it won’t change their opinion. Their issues are personal ,mostly uninformed and most follow an agenda. Liam has his own pathway. He has done very very well and any call up or position he has gotten is based on skill and merit And hard work. End of story. He is a proud Canadian who is very honoured to have played for Canada and hopes to have more call ups but every one will have to be earned. And for the record him and his missus read this forum every now and then... have a nice night
  6. Lille is playing AZ Almaar in a friendly today... live stream on YouTube.
  7. Leeds United is a Legacy club like Nottingham Forest. They were the the best club in England in the 60-70s basically the Don Revie era they were runners up in two European Cup finals and won numerous league titles and cups. They won the last first division in 1991 before the premier league started. They hve fallen on hard times in Recent years but have one of the largest fan based in England outside of the top 6. There is a great doc on Amazon that goes into Leeds United. Worth a watch. They are an Elite club The premier league has a different level of physicality and pressure. If things don’t go your way after 5-6 games especially as a striker( ask Morata at Chelsea) u can be written off. So will be a real challenge but they hve a world class manager and a very good team which they will definitely be looking to improve im not saying Leeds is the right fit for Jonny or not Just wanted to be clear they are a BIG club and with Bielsa in charge and the right amount of money don’t right them off.
  8. As far as I know not a single player from that video made it past u16 at TFC or plays pro. Except Liam. (If anyone knows different please let me know) there were some really quality players there a keeper named Alex. A defender named Jayden A striker who’s name I can’t remember. . Glen M and Shaun Hundal came to TFC a few years later than this video Ryan Raposo wasn’t selected as part of that group. (too small again, Liam and Ryan played together for one season in Burlington U12) The voice on the tape is Rick Titus btw. A great coach from NMSC and TFC. Played a few games for TFC too ... sorry for my limited replies. the twitter post of my response on here has forced me to be selective in what I’ say. I thought this was a closed group didn’t expect to be quoted.... I even msgd the guy on twitter Asking to take down the post and he blanked me and left it up. Will try to add what I can but won’t talk any specifics at all as don’t want it repeated outside of here ....
  9. Champions!! Amazing for Liam to be a part of such an amazing club and not a bad year to make your senior debut!! Onwards and upwards!! #ynwa!!
  10. Liam doing some press in the UK about Fronzie and the Canmnt... Liam and him really are good friends...
  11. So last response sorry long post and no disrespect meant. Been a long day of painting...😊
  12. I should have known better back to painting the house ... stay safe my friends
  13. No inside info sorry I’m away for work... got that date from twitter
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