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  1. Congrats to Tajon who won the Youth international player of the year. Tajon has had a great breakout year for sure. Big things ahead for him... https://www.canadasoccer.com/news/tajon-buchanan-and-jade-rose-named-canadian-youth-international-players-of-the-year/
  2. He’s a legend. He has always been a great mentor and friend to Liam and a lot of the younger players in the national program... A great career with loads of amazing hilights!! A class act from start to finish!!! I wish him all the best in his next endeavour..
  3. Man of the Match again. Really unlucky not to score. Finished 0-0 with 10 men to lfc because of an injury... Liam captain again with Klopp watching on... Liverpool FC u23s go top of Premier League 2(PL2) https://www.thisisanfield.com/2020/11/jurgen-klopp-watches-on-as-injuries-cloud-liverpool-u23s-draw/
  4. A short EFL version of the hilights the longer ones will be up later on lfctv.
  5. Tough loss but a great learning curve Liam got two great goals and Man of the Match again https://www.thisisanfield.com/2020/11/liverpool-u21s-exit-efl-trophy-despite-liam-millars-brace-at-port-vale/
  6. Very sad news. A Canadian soccer pioneer.. his coaching books were the first I came across when I started coaching and met him a few times when I was in the youth National program Always had a great positive attitude and real enthusiasm to him... will be sorely missed.
  7. Thanks for posting them. Must be painful lol. The LFC ones won’t be up until Monday...
  8. In Premier league 2 action Liverpool FC U23s Came back from 2-1 down to win 4-2 vs West Ham Liam scored the third from the spot as he Captain's the side again. got MOTM again (8 out the last 10 matches) https://www.thisisanfield.com/2020/11/billy-koumetio-returns-as-liverpool-u23s-fight-back-for-big-win-at-west-ham/
  9. Pl2 and u18 are considered elite sports in the UK and will continue any academy teams below u18 will stop for a month.. Liam has a game Friday vs West Ham ...
  10. Final score 1-0 Liam Captains the side again. They move up to 2nd in the PL2 unbeaten since Liam has been Captain ... happy for the responsibility helping him to grow as a player maybe one day a future CMNT captain... will post match report when posted Man of the Match performance according to this match report ... https://www.thisisanfield.com/2020/10/liverpool-u23s-1-0-arsenal-u23s-clayton-on-target-as-glatzel-returns/
  11. He scored 6 goals in preseason this was his first league goal... that being said he has basically done everything but score lol his two posts a cross bar... happy for him. Arsenal away tonight...
  12. I would but I can’t lol I signed an NDA...
  13. Btw sitting in a hotel in Belfast after a day of filming in the rain on a mountain.....
  14. I know most do. He will sort it I know he will. We are all pulling for him!!!
  15. I don’t agree.I don’t think it’s Jonny fault he gets Zero service... It wasn’t the best penalty it he was the one that earned it and it takes I lot to step up and take the pen when you confidence is low. I’m shocked at how poor Lille’s defence is and ffs why won’t the mids play the ball info Jonny feet or in behind. They look right at him and lose the ball. The m shocked at how bad they are playing Celtic haven’t won in 3 games. Lille overplay the ball... and teams will figure them out soon.. jonny is a great player and an even better kid. Liam calls him the ice man he will work
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