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  1. Made the SPFL team of the week with Arfield ...
  2. Had to share this according to the bbc and Kilmarnock Liam was Man if the match he grew into the game and almost had a 2nd. Celtic away next week a big big game...
  3. In the old days we would have blown this game and came away with a draw. Not pretty but a result with a rotated squad. Now gives us a chance against the us to top the group. On a personal note thought Liam did well when he came on professional performance kept the ball added a bit of spark. It show he has the confidence of the manager to come on in the last 15 down a man at 19... hes heading back home in the morning Hibs on the weekend lol.. bed now 430 work at 7...
  4. If I’m being honest it’s all a bit to slow I mean moving the ball around at too casual a pace. Zip it around change the point of attack that’s how we break them down. All to predictable too not much movement up front and David isolated out on the right. Maybe David Larin and Davies should rotate more?? Need to get MAK on the ball to try to break them down. I’m not saying it’s easy withthem playing so deep. Just my observation...
  5. It will be a different game in the Caymans the temperature is really high with high humidity 29 degrees at night.. just a note...
  6. Is there anywhere on one soccer where u can watch the game back in full?
  7. Good performance over all. got the job done!! Thought Liam and Larin both looked really good when they came on. Happy 😃
  8. My first time on one soccer.. Dunfield seems ok wheeler ... not so much
  9. Completely true you don’t have to speak every second good ones know when to talk I swear I’m going to mute it..
  10. Osorio reads that play like a Children’s book... enough said omg
  11. The commentators are killing me talking for talking sake...
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