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  1. Liam scored two goals in a friendly for Liverpool U23s vs Marine FC https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/academy/357610-match-report-tony-gallacher-scores-in-u23s-win-over-marine Thats 3 in 2 games.... yes U23s but good to get the season off to a good start leading into his loan ...still not finalised yet...
  2. They played together in the u20 World Cup qualifying in Costa Rica for Canada. Liam said him and Dario had a nice chat after the game ...
  3. Sorry didn’t know you were at the game. Do you have the team sheet from hearts? Was told by Lfc officially that it was mostly first team players coached by Craig Levin played at Tynecastle but I guess I was wrong.... only reporting what I was told...
  4. Lfc u23s beat Hearts first team today in a behind closed door friendly. Liam got a goal and an assist...
  5. Firstly stop talking about me in the third person. Seriously. And stop putting words in other people’s mouths. U obv have either a problem with me or Liam. Not sure why or care. Just try to not focus all ur player comparisons with Liam(and tabla). It’s seems to be your thing. I can list examples... Tristan and Liam are actually good friends they player together in the u20 qualifying Liam thinks Tristan is a top player... Liam like all the other players is on a journey each specific to them and we will see where they go. Support them all and really hope for the best because honestly I don’t think anyone who’s not in it knows how hard it really is and how small the margins are... No one treats me different. I just try to provide some personal insight and Info on my lad. If u notice I don’t comment ( try not to) on other players performance or route. It’s people like you that want me to pull back again.. but I won’t because I like it here and the amazing community and history we are building.
  6. So now that’s it’s official. Liam will play the 2nd half left wing. First ever Canadian to EVER play for Liverpool fc first team yes in a preseason friendly but still...
  7. Sat on this all day yesterday should get on in the 2nd half!! proud is not the word. A young Canadian boy from Brampton... https://www.liverpoolfc.com/amp/news/first-team/356372-liam-millar-in-liverpool-squad-for-bradford-friendly?utm_source=Social&utm_medium=TwitterWebsiteCards&utm_content=Digital&utm_campaign=LFCTwitterCards&__twitter_impression=true
  8. Yes and a few other shows including Peaky Blinders. I’m currently on Outlander(or 50 shades of tartan as it’s known... ) A fun video to share Liam is in with the first team for pre season... he’s in the front between Milner and Henderson...
  9. Dare I suggest a player by player report card of overall performance in the gold cup and potential going forward... just looking to distract from the result and try to look forward. May get messy but thought I’d try my hand at starting a topic... Suggested Restrictions rating out of 10 1 sentence comment no rants per player next cycle yes or no Try to be positive and deal in facts. Try. Before anyone says I won’t give an opinion on anyone else I’m biased lol . My opinion on LM was he did well when he came on. Looked lively and made an impact. Clearly I would have liked him to play more but he is young and very happy to be involved in his first int tournament for Canada. I spoke to him today and he was disappointed and felt he could have made a difference. But understands his role and is happy to keep working hard and try to get in the team. He’s in for the long game. . Liam is hoping to join LFC first team on their USA tour in a few weeks. Will know in the next week or so.
  10. For some reason the game is tape delayed 30 ins here in the UK...searching for a stream now argh!!!
  11. I would start the fit and fresh best 11 players that started the 1st game.(rest only those at risk of 2nd yellows or carrying knocks) play that way the first half secure the win then rotate players. 6 days off after this to recover. Secure the game then rest even at the expense of my own( as much as I would like him to play) let him come off the bench and cause trouble. The bigger picture for me. Build a flow and readiness for CR. We are building something special here. Let’s keep it going.
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