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  1. was @Macksam also banned because of this argument.
  2. https://www.hln.be/sport/voetbal/football-talk-nainggolan-bekert-verder-met-cagliari-moeder-jonathan-david-overleden-gent-is-goudhaantje-even-kwijt-everton-ontslaat-coach~ac94786d/?referer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com%2F This source seems to confirm the earlier post. Absolutely devastated for him and his family. "AA Gent had to miss two fixed base pawns in Charleroi. Jonathan David received the terrible news that his mother had died and immediately traveled to his family in Canada. "I don't know when Jonathan will be back," Jess Thorup said at the press conference after the game"
  3. Who can even play in January. It’s not an official break so no European players. Do MLS clubs have to release their players or will it just be canpl players.
  4. Because that costs way more money then the province will ever pay especially with how recent the renovations were. Also the lions play there and i’d rather not have the pitch torn up by football. They also have no reason to switch it because no one cares in Vancouver whether it’s grass or turf.
  5. I did, and he was brilliant on the ball but the final product was often pretty rough whether crossing or shooting. He’s obviously brilliant and has improved since being at Bayern but he isn’t an offensive juggernaut in terms of final product still. I’d want him on the wing still just because of his skill on the ball compared to our other wingers.
  6. If we lost him to Mexico that’d be real concerning, considering he’s Portuguese.
  7. Fair enough but some of the marking and overall defence is just plain amateur.
  8. That’s because we’re **** and it’s hard to attract the casual when we’re as **** as we were last year. At least we show up when the national team come to town.
  9. Watching the highlights from the game today. Jesus Christ is red stars defence bad. He was left out to die on pretty much all of Bayern goals.
  10. Well he won’t have a international game until March at least so hopefully that will do him good.
  11. Yeah This is exactly it. Both Partisan and Red star are the only teams with a lot of fans and money so of course they’re going to be the best. This is true in most league, even France ffs, where PSG have walked the league for the last bit because they have the most money. But I doubt you think the French league is fixed. I bet you also don’t see Scottish football as rigged either even though Celtic has been dominating for 10 years. You see Serbia as rigged though for who knows why. Because one team is dominant right now.
  12. It’s not fixed. Red star is just the best team right now with most likely the deepest pockets, and definitely the most fans. Partizan won the league three years ago ffs.
  13. From the twitter comments fans seem to want him to get a chance.
  14. I mean the amount of times Borjan has saved us and made amazing saves for us I don’t think he should be dropped. I wouldn’t mind seeing him against the weaker team in a two game window, but from someone who watched him for the entirety of last year, he’s not better than Borjan.
  15. Just in terms of gold cup qualifying in March, these are my ideal matchups and predictions. Guadeloupe vs French Guiana✅ because **** non fifa teams. Montserrat✅ vs Bahamas so a small nation(in terms of FIFA rankings) gets through Barbados vs St Vincent and the Grenadines✅ because they’re sorta close to each other. Guatemala✅ vs Guyana because their all that’s left. Second round French Guiana vs Haiti✅ because **** non fifa teams again Montseratt✅ vs Cuba so Montserrat have a chance St Vincent and the Grenadines vs Bermuda✅ no reason for this one other than both are relatively small Guatemala✅ vs Trinidad and Tobago just for a matchup between two solid teams.
  16. I’m pretty sure clubs won’t release them to play in u-23 qualifying only the senior team.
  17. Lot of great names on that team sheet. Topped off by the great Wolodymyr Zakaluzny lol.
  18. does anyone have a link to the Montserrat vs St Lucia game. I wanted to watch it but can't find it on the ONESOCCER website.
  19. I can’t believe st Vincent and the grenadines just choked on their chance to qualify for the gold cup automatically and be promoted to league A. They lost to Dominica (a team who hadn’t won a game) and now rely on a Nicaragua win to go through.
  20. So is onesoccer only showing some of the games because I wanted to watch Grenada vs Belize but can’t find it.
  21. You have to be physically present in Canada for 1460 days within the six years period before the application. So once you reach that threshold you can apply.
  22. I thought piette was one of the few good players out there. Seemed to win every tackle.
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