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  1. Adekugbe starts at LB vs Aalesund Was sent off in the 68th minute after being given a second yellow for diving. Game ended 2-2. Here’s a video if anyone wants to see the dive. Clear yellow in my opinion.
  2. I don’t really think Eustaquio is better than Piette at this point. Piette’s been consistent throughout his international career and is likely always going to be at least a solid sub off the bench when we’re defending a lead. Also, I think Eustaquio is better on the ball but Piette is a rock defensively which we need with so so CBs.
  3. If anyone does it I am confident it will be Piette. He has played in 8/11 matches in the last year. Assuming he stays consistent with his caps and I think he will it would take him only 6 years to reach 100 caps I think.
  4. If the original link doesn't work use this. Insane goal!
  5. Not really any meaningless games at this point as most teams are either fighting for Europe or trying to avoid relegation.
  6. Hoilett is definitely ahead of all the wingers you mentioned. Except if he has a massive drop in form he'll be playing for us if we qualify in 2022 and possibly even 2026. He's been a great player for both club and country and is to me at least, just as worthy of a guaranteed starting role as David, Davies, or Borjan.
  7. more the stadium then the field that's the problem.
  8. Doubt it, If any country was in such a poor financial situation that they couldn't afford it then they'd likely be bailed out by Concacaf. I'd also hope that if Concacaf refused one of the big nations would step up and help fund it.
  9. I don't understand this whole world cup narrative that is posted whenever we talk about a dual national. What player is actually going to take the fact in 2026 Canada will be hosting some games for a World Cup when they decides who he's going to play for. If I'm in a dual nationals position where I have allegiances to both countries: I'm looking at which country is going to give me more caps, the quality of the nations squad, and which one I have a bigger connection to. No one's going to think I was going to play for Iran but then then the fact Qatar was hosting a world cup made me change my mind. That's never going to go through a player's head because it's irrelevant. Owen ********** wouldn't have played for Canada if we were hosting the 2006 world cup because all he cared about was playing for a better nation.
  10. I’d just like to point out that besides from Turks and Caicos all of the bottom 6 called up overseas players with a surprisingly large amount by the USVI.
  11. Up until the end of round 2 of this post I thought it was going to be a completely normal post that was a reasonable format. Then the other teams just never got added in and I realized it was a classic Robert post. Surprised he didn’t give curaçao a bye to the final round considering their Dutch and all.
  12. Don't support any plan using neutral countries because it takes away the magic of qualifying which is having fans there to watch and celebrate as their nation succeeds. Besides we should be able to start qualifying in November at the latest giving us two more match days. Also. there's no chance the world is staying closed for that long, at worst the games will be behind closed doors/reduced crowds.
  13. No it’s obviously Leipzig.
  14. He's only played youth games for PSV. There's no chance he's the third best keeper in CONCACAF over someone like Borjan who plays champions league football every year. No doubt he has the potential to be in the top 3 in the future but he definitely isn't there yet.
  15. He played official matches for the u20 team but has only appeared in friendlies for the MNT. He was on the bench for our 1-0 win vs Honduras and 0-0 draw vs El Salvador however.
  16. I know, some people are just adamant about playing on grass so I thought I put it out as a west coast possibility.
  17. If you're OK with field's with tracks, Swangard would be a good candidate as it's hosted before, just outside of Vancouver and has a higher seating capactiy.
  18. I assume all qualifying has to be done by the end of the November window in 2021 and that the September window will be available for games, but this also works if October is the first available window. Upper Bracket: Sep-Nov 2020 play group games Top 3 teams qualify, all 2nd place teams qualify for final tournament Lower Bracket September 2020: teams ranked 23-18 play home and away resulting in 3 teams eliminated October: The first ranked team joins then all remaining teams play in home and away to move down to 10 teams November: Final 10 teams play home and away to get down to 5 teams Final Tournament: The final 8 teams will participate in a home and away tournament March: Quarter-Finals June: Semi Finals September/October: Finals October/November: International playoff Not really a great proposal but I'm trying to find ways for the lower tournament to get down to enough teams in only 3 windows.
  19. Not to detract from the conversation but how have you made 5500 posts in 4 years?
  20. Vancouver got the same for French Guiana as Toronto got for the USA, I don't know why we'd play a world cup qualifying match in a city where the soccer fans there are clearly apathetic towards the national team.
  21. It's easy to say that those factors don't matter when by excluding them the main stadium is your local one. Toronto doesn't pull well for Canada for whatever reason. People will always give excuses why, but at the end of the day I bet the players would prefer to play in front of more fans especially in pivotal games "spreading out games so fans across country can see the team" "playing in X city because X city will have less traveling fans than Y city" "playing in the biggest stadium" Spreading out the game isn't the reason to play in Vancouver, the reason to play here is because Canadians are going to show up here better than Toronto. Toronto is very diverse city and due to this when we play central american/Caribbean nations there's a good chance of a sizable group of opposing fans showing up that you don't get in Vancouver. Acting like it doesn't matter is stupid, you want a home game to be a home game, it doesn't matter how good the facilities are if a large group of fans are going to take away the home advantage. In regards to playing in the biggest stadium not mattering, I bet the CSA would disagree. as they make more money if they sell more tickets. At the end of the day the majority of the games will probably be played in Toronto this cycle, because it's the "National Soccer Stadium" and due to there being less qualifying games than normal. However, I hope we don't because there's great fans all around the country who would love to be able to watch the team play but rarely get the chance.
  22. I mean there nothing really wrong on playing on turf so I’d say big games in Vancouver due to the stadium size and because I think more fans will show up than Toronto or Montreal. Don’t really get the idea of playing a World Cup qualifying match in a small stadium when you can get 15-20k fans at a bigger one especially if International soccer rarely cones to town. Those types of stadiums should really be reserved for friendlies or competitions like nations league.
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