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  1. I thought there were a thousand in total lol. Didn't realzie there were so many in the GTA.
  2. Did a scalper get the code and link or something. Those tickets sold out really fast for the amount of members in the GTA.
  3. I guess this was bound to happen at a game in Toronto eventually considering how diverse it is. Hopefully we out-sing them.
  4. Bit late to this thread but I just recently bought membership. Anyways with the stuff it said you were mailing us is it sent out pretty immediately because I’m moving in about a week and didn’t think to change my address attached to my account before I bought membership?
  5. Mexican fans back at it again with the chants that are totally not homophobic even though tons of gay Mexicans say they are
  6. You know as much as it’s nice to watch the game on tv again I somehow miss the over the topness of wheeler
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