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  1. Hopefully a good turnout for the Cuba game but I’m not necessarily expecting a lot considering the opponent.
  2. I wasn’t trying to rip Larin I was just looking at the pass and it was just a pass across the box which wasn’t very special. I wasn’t even sure who was Larin when I watched the video until he passed the ball. Sorry that it came across as me hating on Larin.
  3. Here’s the goal nothing special on the assist
  4. I’m not sure if you’re saying you’d replace Teibert or not but I think you are so I’ll say this. Teibert isn’t your most technical player on the field but he is one of the hardest workers on the field. He’ll give 100% for 90 minutes or however long he’s on the field. You need guys like that who are willing to work their ass off for the teams, and while his on the ball skills lack a bit he’s still a good passer of the ball and pretty good on the defensive end. In my opinion he is definitely ahead of Fraser and Shome and probably Johnson and is still a needed member of this national team.
  5. F: Cava, David, Millar, Akindele W: Hoilett, Davies, M: Arfield, Kaye, Piette, Osorio, Teibert De: Adekugbe, Cordova, James, Henry, Cornelius, Straith, ZBG, Miller, Laryea GK: Borjan, Crepeau, Oxner Haven't put Hutchison or Eustaquio because of injuries and can’t see us making Hutch travel to play Cuba after just being injured. Also included Oxner because there’s no point in calling leutwiler to train with us instead of his team. Oxner has had a good year with hfx so far and most likely of the possible CPL goalies who team won’t be playing for anything at that point.
  6. The local football team uses the ground as well as of now.
  7. Here’s the video I have of it sorry for bad quality.
  8. Just thought I’d post a photo of the completed pacific fc stand.
  9. He's 17 and is one of the whtiecaps highly rated prospects. The fact he isn't in the senior team every week doesn't really show anything about the quality of player he is.
  10. I assume some came at the same time, some came before as a place for people in the town to play. I also assume some came originally for a team but eventually that team disappeared but the arena stayed. Also hockey has always been a more followed sport and was more played for most of the last century so it’s not surprising that we have a bunch of arenas instead of soccer fields. And also why we have so many football stadiums is because again in most smaller cities football is more followed then soccer and sometimes people will follow local high school teams.
  11. I was thinking the early rounds of WCQ would be the time to give a canpl stadium a game. Because when we have to play the cayman island at home it’s not gonna draw more than 5k spread out around the stadium in the 3 big cities while we could probably get closer to a packed house in one of the canpl grounds. My choices for grounds to get one would be wanderers ground, spruce meadows, or westhills stadium.
  12. About 3 miles from the city centre.
  13. Here’s 2018’s all I’ve gotten from it is that, I think, the CSA has lost 4 million over the last 2 years which could be a reason for lack of friendlies for the men’s side. The above statement is only true if having higher expenses then revenues actually matters in the end. Because it says later on they had almost $4,000,000 in cash at the end of the year. https://www.canadasoccer.com/files/The_Canadian_Soccer_Association_Incorporated.pdf
  14. One of my favourite grounds personally is Wycombe wanderers Adams Park. It’s a 10,000 capacity stadium with a 1717 capacity standing room terrace.
  15. That’s because every town has a junior hockey/CHL team.
  16. So spitfire said there was going to be a loan move for Liam a couple weeks ago but now the transfer window is drawing closed. Has the loan move fallen through or will it be announced soon?
  17. And the Leicester owners not needing the money so they can charge whatever they want.
  18. The transfer market is so messed up. Sane isn’t worth close to 143 million but the price tags just keep going up and up. Even Bayern have probably overvalued what he should be worth. Apparently Harry Maguire has gone to united today for £85m which is great bit of business by Leicester but there’s no chance he’s worth that much even in my opinion as a Leicester fan.
  19. You’re underestimating the level of play in the German first division. He would’ve been able to play in the German second division but I doubt the first division.
  20. The CSA doesn’t do friendlies because apparently the fans don’t want them or something like that.
  21. Arfield played 64 minutes in a friendly with derby
  22. I know Cuba isn’t financially stable but I’m surprised they can’t afford lights or don’t have a single stadium with lights.
  23. No it’s right penalties around the Minute mark
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