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  1. We got to start the team that will play in the quarterfinals in this game. We can’t switch the lineup every game and to be honest neither of those players are unlikely to not play for us, so if we are going to captie them it will more likely be in the CNL in fall.
  2. Hope Liam starts vs Cuba feel he was hard done by not to start here.
  3. Would’ve had liked to win but not the end of the world.
  4. ******* hell you’ve just killed him. That was beautiful.
  5. Everyone has turned against everyone in here this is a fantastic match thread
  6. Thought Johnson did well in the game so far been quite surprised.
  7. I love the national anthems because the music is to fast and none of the players sing at the same pace.
  8. Larin Cavallini Teibert Davies Johnson Hutchison Kaye Henry Cornelius ZBG Borjan
  9. If Ferreira does join within the next year or so he starts currently alongside James. Obviously if Henry or Cornelius move on to a bigger club they could easily rival him but if they stay at their current level I can’t see them starting over him.
  10. This is really stupid point I’m about to make but I miss the numbers saying how many tickets are left because I liked to be able to check how many tickets had been sold each week.
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