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  1. Please let’s not jinx anything!!! I remember a long time ago waiting for a roster and, days before it was released, following a Josh Simpson match, and noticing that he was subbed out early. Next thing I know, I’m on the Vs site reading that the injury is a career threatening one… that was a horrible day. Let’s hope for ho hum, and no injuries in the next 2 weeks!
  2. Lol, that would make him 6th then, correct? Math is one of my strong suits! 😉
  3. He was incredible yesterday! Can I ask a serious question? How in the fuck did this guy not get noticed as being this good earlier in his career? Like, WTF?!? Were teams blind? Did he develop incredibly late? I am so befuddled by this ... when I watch him now, his quality is so evident that I think, how could professional scouts and coaches not seen this day in and day out. In addition to his assist, almost goal, incredible last second defensive clearance that surely saved a goal, and countless other dangerous runs, I was noticing him hustle up and down the field in the last 10 minutes of the 3rd match of this window. How he was not absolutely gassed by then, I can't comprehend.
  4. How do we get 0.83 xG in the last 30 minutes, when we only had 0.55 overall???
  5. Can we please get a screen grab of MAK whispering sweet nothings into Adams' ear?!? We could have a lot of fun with that ... any guesses on what was being said there?
  6. It's ridiculous ... BUT, he is very young. He'll learn. I'm sure the American coaching staff has already talked to him about it, and if not, that's the sort of thing that's been holding back the U.S., quite frankly. It's that kind of arrogance that makes one believe that everything is just fine with us ... it's them that "didn't want to play".
  7. David’s chance was really an amazing save by their keeper … can’t blame David at all on that one; he got a lot on that shot! This is why I’m not so down on how David played… lack of service and a great save on one of his only chances to score. Laryea also had a decent chance from in close… Edit: And maybe Hutch’s chance?
  8. Can someone confirm this: I remember a play in the 2nd half, before we tied it I believe, where Davies was sprung open down the left wing and David was making a run, seemingly open, down the center. I was screaming at my tv for Davies to play an early low cross/pass but he decided not too, kept running down the flank and it all fizzled to nothing. I know that Davies is amazing but sometimes I feel like he thinks he has to do it all himself…
  9. I was thinking of starting Tajon vs the US since he only got 45 minutes last night and I’m sure that he’ll be desperate to make amends for last night…
  10. Personally, I thought our corners was generally atrocious ... we got so many of them, but rarely did they generate any danger.
  11. Given how late Eustaquio played on Sunday, I wonder if he gets a rest in the first game, and then plays game 2 and 3.
  12. Just terrible enough to fall off of England’s radar … excellent … excellent … it’s all falling into place!
  13. Are we catching a big break by having 2 matches at home, and 1 in the U.S., for the first window? That's my sense ... if we had to play even 1 match away in a red list country, we might be screwed.
  14. Whether or not they can keep this up for a whole season, I don't know ... but even if they don't promote (which I wasn't expecting anyway), it seems like they already have a strangle hold on staying in B2.
  15. If he goes to OM, he could steal minutes from American Konrad DLF … so I’m all for it!!!
  16. This might be a dumb question, but what is Hoilett’s hand thing… also does it when he scores. I’m hoping to see it a couple of times tonight, but I don’t know what it means?!?
  17. At the risk of starting a whole thing ... does anyone have a working stream? We're at a cabin, with WIFI, but no cable ... EDIT: I'm in the U.S.
  18. This all sounds logical to me. Sadly, and inexplicably, I predict that 0, or at most 1 (Akindele) of these things happens.
  19. Fuck! This is why we maybe should’ve punted on that US game. I hope the Larin injury isn’t so serious that he misses the Sept matches.
  20. This Honduras-Panama match is the most open, exciting, game I’ve seen in a while… not sure if it’s good offense and terrible defense! But the expected goals for this game might be crazy…
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