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  1. Sounds about right. More home games against MLS and Liga MX opposition leading to great crowds like the one for the Whitecaps. Canmnt friendlies at Starlight in the run to 2026. Throw some good coin at Pa so he stays and becomes a club legend. Maybe Josh, Rob and Dean offer him a stake.
  2. Overall I don’t like the biennial proposal, but I actually like your proposal. Kudos. I wonder if the tweak that solves the hosting issue at the bottom end is to run those “World Cups” more like Nations League where countries (perhaps those higher ranked) host their own games. Disperses logistics issues among countries instead of burdening one country that might struggle with them, and gives further incentive to move up the rankings (every game is meaningful)
  3. Omg, yes please…. Genius. For real. Someone needs to make this happen. A series of videos. Parody of the US’ Behind the Crest videos. Pool leading a visioning session, etc. Omg somebody please make this happen.
  4. I love watching Tajon’s skills but he needs to mature a bit and occasionally play the simpler ball and learn to make his teammates look good. Not much to complain about, though. Great start.
  5. Only way he plays is if Irving gets a red card or gets injured (knock on wood). Was the same for Wirth.
  6. This was ES’ starting 11 in 2016, when we beat them 3-1: El Salvador's starting XI featured Oscar Arroyo in goal, Bryan Tamacas at right back, Henry Romero and Roberto Dominguez at centre back, Juan Barahona at left back, and Darwin Ceren (c), Pablo Punyed, Oscar Ceren, Jaime Alas, Alexander Larin and Nelson Bonilla in midfield up through to the attack. This is their squad for tomorrow: I will admit that I don’t know their squad well enough to dissect whether it’s improved at every position. To me Alex Roldan is a clear upgrade from what I’ve seen and Hugo Perez is a good manager and has them well organized. That said I think we are miles better than we were in 2016 and I don’t know that they are improved as much. Be confident but not cocky. Be ruthless when the chances come, and (hallelujah) we know now that every game the chances will come. (I still have to pinch myself every time I say that)
  7. Sometimes Herc Gomez is really annoying, but other times (like this) he is tell-it-like-it-is-nail-on-the-head blunt and correct.
  8. Although it would be shockING, sadly I wouldn’t be shockED. “Owning your sister” seems on par with “the opponent didn’t respect us and do what they were supposed to” (attitude-wise) On a selfish level I am also glad to see what looks like culture implosion on the USMNT, but it also feels icky and embarrassing.
  9. Yes I heard that too and had the same reaction.
  10. I like the idea of David withdrawn and Cavallini leading and bashing for 60. Plus we left 2-3 hard driven balls through the six on the table that others have pointed out Cava would have tapped in. For that you need non-inverted wingers/wingbacks. That suggests Davies on the left for as long as you can and Buchanan on the right. Get goals early and put it to bed. So, similar to the above, but bring on Larin when Cava is done. Replace Davies with Adekugbe if you still want width on the left or Laryea, either on the right with Buchanan switching to the left or staying tucked in on the left. Hoilett for David if you’re chasing which means David hasn’t produced; bring on Piette, Hutch, etc if you’re locking it down. I actually like Henry a lot but only in the center of a back 3 or right side of a back 4. I think Johnston and Eustaquio will be the iron men though if the two I gave Johnston the better chance of going a third 90. Cava David Wotherspoon Osorio Eustaquio Davies Buchanan Miller Vitoria Johnston
  11. Dude, I heard Aaronson talking shit about you with Greg — are you gonna stand for that?
  12. Wow. Still, where they were born is not the same as a complete parachute to the country. Any idea how many of theirs are like Wotherspoon? (I suspect many but just curious) Besides DW we have four others not born in Canada (AD, MB, JD and SA) three of whom started yesterday, but they all grew up in Canada.
  13. Both in Edmonton. Book every available indoor heated training facility for the entire window within 50km. Make them train on an outdoor middle school pitch in High Level. Without nets.
  14. At first I also thought draws in the other matches were best, but a Mexico that feels in control at 9pts and 4pts clear of the field is the one I would prefer to face than one who is only 2pts clear of us and hearing it from 100 million angry El Tri fans. I’d rather over-confident and comfortable than motivated, scared and salty.
  15. McKennie has not been included in today’s squad following a violation of team policy. Ooh… someone dig up the dirt! Isnt he the one who was disciplined by his club team for hosting a party in contravention of COVID rules?
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