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  1. Interesting how numbers work. I just did a logistic regression on the BC data Kent posted. There’s no inflection point yet, so no sense yet of where the number for BC tops out, but if you took as an example 9 new cases announced tomorrow the regression suggests the number would top out at 400 by late April; 10 new cases tomorrow and the number tops out at 1000; 11 new cases tomorrow and the regression would still have no inflection point and wouldn’t yet predict a levelling off. Such a fine line... Hoping that the game still goes on given that I’ve organized a group of 61, but it’s totally understandable if it doesn’t. Our local old guy soccer tournament here in Victoria for the weekend after this was just cancelled minutes ago as well.
  2. Jakovic having a great game vs Philadelphia tonight.
  3. Still no word on tickets for the second game... Hey Victoria folks: anybody have contacts at Langford City Centre Park? We should organize a party of concerned citizens to volunteer to clean their roof on March 31st... https://theprovince.com/sports/soccer/international-soccer/canadas-second-game-with-trinidad-and-tobago-may-be-closed-to-public/amp?utm_term=Autofeed&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Twitter&__twitter_impression=true
  4. I thought about mentioning this with respect to Goudy and being able to stay off Westhills so grass could be installed. For those not on the island: every single turf field in Greater Victoria gets used, all the time, all year, unless it is privately owned, like Glenlyon Norfolk school, or on the few days that it snows (which aren't many). I haven't played recently at Goudy, but certainly my old guy team has played there within the last couple of years. Ted, or others: does PFC have exclusive use of Goudy now? I can't imagine that they do. Just curious. In Victoria, we do have the potential to have year-round grass fields for the lack of snow, but our problem is water: too much in the winter and too little in the summer. Watering in the summer (though expensive and not environmentally super) can remedy the drought issue, but winter drainage is a massive issue for good grass pitches here (of which there aren't many). A lot of pitches in the winter are quite boggy. There was a recent controversy at the City council where one councillor led a charge to tear up the most frequently used turf pitch in town and replace it with grass, supposedly over concerns about the artificial blades and rubber pellets. The local soccer community rose up to squash the effort, for environmental, economic, and recreational reasons. A pro-quality grass pitch at Westhills would actually require a significant and ongoing economic investment, I believe. Would be nice, but don't see it happening in the near future.
  5. I figured as much, but all the social media of the new training centre is of kids camps and basketball and such. They're very tightly controlled with videos and/or news from training generally.
  6. I’m assuming so, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s at Westhills or the new complex, or where. I can ask tomorrow.
  7. A couple of the kids I teach are training with PFC's junior group, and they have said that Haber is not training, but that Fisk is. For what it's worth. I wonder if, in Fisk's case, they have committed to re-signing him, but are just waiting to see who else they sign before they commit to a salary number. Otherwise, you would think that he would have signed elsewhere by now.
  8. I wonder if they are playing ES’ game: ie depending on results maybe they’ll cancel it or redesignate it a “training game”. If you commit to an open game with tickets sold you wouldn’t have that flexibility. Just spitballing though. I don’t really get it either. If you’re bringing the big guns halfway round the world you should feel that two wins are attainable and go for it. Plus bring in some more revenue as you say. I’d go to both games and I’m sure lots would. We’re used to having to travel off the island to see the MNT. Twice in a week AND sleep in your own bed, plus see them close up at Westhills? Come on.
  9. Sucks that the CSA can’t just announce the whole plan and we have to scour the internet to get the full story. Oh well. Looking forward to the game.
  10. Answer from a T and T article: ”Note: Langford is a city on southern Vancouver Island in the province of British Columbia, Canada. A second full international between both teams will be played in this same FIFA international window but will not be opened to the public.” Article: https://socawarriors.net/senior-team-news/22451-trinidad-and-tobago-to-face-canada-in-a-friendly-on-march-27th.html
  11. @BuzzAndSting Yeah, thanks, I did see that tweet, but the project ID page on Soccer Canada's website has no info and Canada Soccer's poster only mentions the game on the 27th. It's a short window to organize folks is all. We brought 27 over to Vancouver for the French Guiana game, so I'm wondering if we can get a lot more for this game given that it's in town. Westhills is going to fill up fast, though, I think.
  12. Is it two games or just one? Seeing on Twitter 27th and 31st but can't tell if it's two games in Victoria or just the one on the 27th. Anybody at the presser? Ted? Asking for a few dozen friends.....
  13. I get what you're saying Obinna, but for me it's not that I want boring dry toast cliche-type answers from him. I'm just surprised that having just been signed by a Canadian club, he would -- in one of his first interviews before even stepping on the pitch -- tell the assembled media that he doesn't feel Canadian. From a professional self-preservation point of view, it's head-scratching. Maybe he doesn't care about ingratiating himself to fans or even team-mates, but surely you don't want to piss off your employer on day one. That to me says either meat-head, or a**hole. Either way, I'm a little disappointed, though not enough to be sad when he pumps in goals for us. Same as Occean vs let's say Hume. One is a jerk (by all accounts), one is solid. I like one better, but I like when either of them score.
  14. Wirth and MacNaughton re-signed. https://pacificfc.canpl.ca/article/pacific-fc-re-sign-wirth-and-macnaughton
  15. When all is said and done, I actually don't care, as long as he suits up and scores goals for us. What this does do, is confirm for me that LC is likely a bit of a meat-head without a lot of social savvy or intelligence. He should have anticipated -- regardless of what language the interview was in or who he might have thought the main audience was -- that his response would be viewed by many in a poor light, and not just fans, but presumably his new employers who have spent a lot of money banking on him being a special kind of draw for new fans: a star Canadian striker. Bad way to start a new professional relationship.
  16. I understand your point of view from the perspective of risking FIFA ranking points. On the other hand, what have you really learned if Brym and Bassong do well vs Barbados? Can you extrapolate that they would do well against a stronger opponent ranked in the 30s - 50s? Conversely, (despite the crappy fact of us dropping points, and undeservedly so I think) running out Brym and Bassong vs Iceland and learning that they can do okay against that level is very helpful to know. It surely means that they would do okay against lesser opposition, and it suggests they are ready to be trusted if need be to come in when in counts. For example, in a full international now when you already have Cavallini, David and Larin as your first choices up top, do you bring in Akindele or Brym as a hypothetical fourth choice? They offer different things to be sure. Akindele definitely worked hard pressing and off the ball, but his finishing didn't inspire confidence, whereas Brym offered more direct attack, energy and verve. A week ago, most would have chosen Akindele over Brym. Today, I think it's a more difficult choice, and the kind of difficult choice that we all say it's good to have.
  17. As much as I’d be disappointed to drop the points, I’m glad we’re taking on decent opposition AND giving the depth a runout. Thumping minnows all the time has its place, but ultimately does nothing to move the program forward in the long run.
  18. Agree with BradMack,Tesho’s should have been a goal, as should Adekugbes before that — at least a strong effort on goal. Brym’s was a decent opportunity as well and if Osorio had taken a bit more off his chip through it there were two red shirts waiting.
  19. I think that’s a likely lineup with the exception that I can’t see both Shome and Fraser starting together (at least not against Iceland) and certainly not Fraser out wide. I think Fraser starts where you have Shome, and either Bair starts wide, or Akindele wide and Bair up top. Borges cutting in with Laryea pushing high out wide and Osorio supporting could create some really nice interchanges.
  20. Yes I did. Been doing that all year. Lol. Thanks.
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