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  1. We should've gotten something from that game, even though France were one of the best teams in the world at the time. If I recall correctly, they scored the only goal of the game quite late, and the Duze had hit the post with a shot a short time earlier. Had we gotten a result there, who knows what might have been different in the other 2 group games.
  2. Yes, because it's possible to be too skilful as a CB. Somebody better alert Virgil Van Dijk.* *I don't have an opinion on whether or not Noble Okello can or should be played at CB. However, to suggest that he's too skilful to play there is a foolish assertion. It's like saying that a particular player is too big to play as a winger or full-back. That being said, that's a different claim than saying that he'd be better deployed in midfield in a particular team, depending on the other options across the pitch.
  3. At risk of sounding daft, can somebody clear up for me what this kid's name is? His first name is Ralph. I get that. However, is his family name Priso, or Mbongue? And he has a younger brother in the TFC system, I understand. He goes strictly by the family name of Mbongue?
  4. The move to 5 subs was due to the compressed fixture schedules when football resumed after the initial Covid shutdown. The understanding was that they'd return to the standard 3 subs from the start of next season, when the calendar is more or less back to normal.
  5. No chance they get Brewster in the next several years.
  6. Both for second yellows, though.
  7. Haven't you fucked off, yet, knobhead? πŸ™„
  8. Yilmaz has to score there!
  9. 3 minutes into the 2nd half and Lille could have had a second goal, but for a Sanches air shot when clean through, and be up a man, had Andre sold the Neymar shove to his face.
  10. My feed has just shown JD on crutches, with a big ice pack on his right ankle, in the tunnel. 😞
  11. That's an interesting way to describe cancelling a season that was nearly 75% completed. πŸ™„
  12. Has anybody here ever watched a Uruguay 2nd Division football match?
  13. There's no level minutiae that's out of bounds for nit picking on this board!
  14. I think he may have actually said '4 to 8 months,' not '48 months'. Both are a bit weird...48 months, because normally people just say 4 years, and because RL hasn't been a RB for that long...4-8 months, because most of that time frame falls during the MLS off-season, when RL hasn't been playing games.
  15. Put me down for an official name of Saskatoon Soccer Club, with a suitable nickname to be adopted by the local supporters. Something a little more imaginative than 'the Reds', please.
  16. As much as you could see that Kam was an unbelievable talent as a 15-year old, it was also clear that he didn't have the physique to play full-time, professional football at that time. I really hope that the intervening 2 years have allowed him to do so, now.
  17. Eh? I'm the one who's arguing that comparing other prospects to Davies, the hugely exceptional talent that Canada has ever produced, is unfair to those prospects.
  18. I watched the Whitecaps' U23 team play a friendly against a Conference South (or whatever that league's calling itself now) team a couple of years ago. Kam Habibullah was an undersized 15-year old, but absolutely dazzled playing against grizzled veterans. I've had a boner for him (purely in a football sense) ever since. Speaking to Nik Dasovic after the game, even he couldn't stop raving about the young man. I can't wait to see him in the 'Caps first team. On another note, Metcalf was also a standout for the 'Caps team that day. I'm glad to hear that he's also done well over the 3 Olympic
  19. I don't need to have seen the match to be able to say that you need to settle down a little. At the same age, Davies had already won the GC Golden Boot, been the best player on a mid-table MLS team, transferred to one of the 5 biggest clubs in the world, and started to get serious minutes for them in all competitions (not to mention the Bundesliga and DFB Pokal winner's medals). Let's let Theo be Theo, which is still a phenomenal footballer who's achieved a lot for an 18-year old, without getting crazy.
  20. For those who are at work on the opposite side of the world, and relying on this forum for updates....is it still 1-1? How much time remaining?
  21. This is one of the stupidest things I've ever read on this forum.
  22. I'd say it's only disrespectful to the women's game if the same guy would wear a suit for a men's Champions League game. He may just be an ultra-casual slop, for all we know.
  23. I was lucky enough to be back home visiting and was at that CCL match against RBNY. I had just reached the top of the stairs into our section when Phonz scored. My mates were a minute behind me in the beer line and missed it. I think he scored in the first 2-3 minutes of that game. It was the first time that I'd seen either Phonz or Kekuteh Manneh live and I told my mates that Davies was going to be incredible, and that Manneh was too stupid to ever be a top player, based on that one game. I'm comfortable with how my prediction has panned out.
  24. Oh, we've got that, too! There are 5 different titles for uncle, and 5 for aunt, depending on the paternal or maternal relation, or if their related by blood or marriage.
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