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  1. Have you realized that if there is a sell out in Edmonton, would it set a new record for attendance in a WCQ game played in Canada? The record is held by BC Place in Vancouver with 54,978 spectators. 💪
  2. Any place available in Canada, Rogers Centre, even the Big O is preferable than losing the advantage of being home vs USA
  3. That man is as a sports journalist what I am as an astronaut! I think he already had his 10 minutes of fame LOL.😆 The general comment here in PTY is that with the changes that Panama made in the second half, the team performed well but what destabilized the team's performance was the lack of concentration of Cummings. In particular, I knew Canada would come out with everything in the second half. And Cummings was not the only mistake: several Panamanian players had missed passes, it is something that Thomas Christiansen will have to improve. The next game against El Salvador seems to be played behind closed doors. This game will be very mediatic, since there have been many insults between journalists from both countries and has warmed the fans and public opinion, after the Panamanian defeat in San Salvador.
  4. The general opinion of the fans and the social media of Panama is that it is not necessary to make a lot of changes in the line-up vs Canada. It is said that if it was successful against the USA it should not be changed. For my part, I think Panama will wear out. Maybe it's a game of strategy. We'll see what Thomas Christiansen has up his sleeve. Good luck Canada, good luck Panama!
  5. Expectations with Panama here are very high. Especially after the victory against USA. Thomas Christiansen has been doing a very good job and not only technically but also psychologically. Here journalists call it the European method. The truth is that the team has a good streak that has not been the product of chance. Panama's nemesis has always been El Salvador, and its Cuscatlan stadium has been elusive with Panama. Particularly yesterday with terrible conditions to play soccer. I anticipate a close game in Toronto. Canada should assert its locality. Because playing in Rommel Fernandez stadium has never been easy for visitors. I have been to the stadium many times and the support of the fans is tireless. As for me, may the best team win. I am a fan of both teams. My national team Venezuela is virtually out from Qatar 2022😑.
  6. For non-Spanish speakers, apart from what was explained by @Unnamed Trialist, it was also debated whether or not Crepeau's move was a penalty. An interesting detail was that they said that apparently many of the Mexican players who came from Europe, are being affected by the height of Mexico City. In my personal opinion, I think Canada has shown that it has an excellent competitive level. It is a team that is not afraid to attack and that even without having its entire starting team, knows how to get results. It's a delight to see this new Canada play. As some of you know, I live in Panama, but I was born in Venezuela and I have followed Canada since the 1987 Pan American Games in Indianapolis where I attended the game vs. Chile, and from there I have become a soccer fan of your beautiful country- Thank you Canada for making us dream
  7. List of players called up by Panama Only 7 of the 27 selected players play in the local league. And although the rest do not play for big clubs, the team have integrated and cohesive well . It has a lot to do with Christiansen's work. Panama like Canada has a difficult schedule.
  8. I think it's great that they include Edmonton and it is played with the MNT in different parts of Canada. My only concern is not seeing a packed Commonwealth stadium. 55k is a very high number. The last soccer game that had a large attendance was Canada vs Brazil in 1994 with about 51K fans. Alphonso Davies, some good previous results and all the possible propaganda for the sale of tickets will be of great help.
  9. This is the game that will give Canada the necessary boost that will make us dream and will silence many mouths. Victory is absolutely necessary! Go Canada go! 🤜 Suerte from Panama!
  10. Any idea what the expected attendance is for these games?
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