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  1. Here in Panama has caused much controversy this new format. Especially because the Spanish journalist Mister Chip said that the Panamanian federation knew in advance about how the qualifiers would be like. The president of Fepafut Manuel Arias informed that Panama will have a strategy to reach the hex, affirming that the " Canaleros" should win their matches in the CNL and already plan two friendly matches for October 10 and November 19. According to Fepafut El Salvador has the possibility to increase 17 pts and Panama 28 pts. https://www.tvmax-9.com/somoslasele/Manuel-Arias-conferencia-prensa_0_5348465130.html https://www.diez.hn/centroamerica/1300935-498/misterchip-y-su-critica-a-panama-vs-estados-unidos-nuevo-formarto-eliminatoria-concacaf https://impresa.prensa.com/deportes/Panama-mal-parado_0_5346965284.html
  2. Here is the new format of CONCACAF the information was given by the journalist Hernan Pereyra: The best 6 ranked countries of FIFA ranking June 2020 will play for 3 places to the world cup Qatar 2022 in the Hex. Meanwhile the remaining 29 countries will play in 8 groups: 3 groups with 3 countries and 5 with 4 countries. The winners of these 8 groups go to a second round (March 2021). Then in June 2021 the best 4 play in another round. Finally in September the two winners play each other and the winner of this will face the 4th placed team of the Hex for one spot to Qatar 2022. check it out : https://espndeportes.espn.com/futbol/mundial/nota/_/id/5821217/concacaf-cambia-el-formato-de-eliminatoria-rumbo-a-catar-2022 https://www.eluniversal.com.mx/universal-deportes/futbol/cambia-la-eliminatoria-al-mundial
  3. That was my reaction when I read it. It only remains to suppose ... Maybe two hex ... or the best 6 ranked of June 2020 go directly to the SF ....
  4. Breaking news: In an interview conducted in the TV show "Somos La Sele" here in Panama, the President of the Panamanian Football Federation Manuel Arias said there will be changes in the Concacaf qualifiers. The Fifa ranking of June 2020 will be used so that the first six countries go straight to the final hexagonal. He said that it is essential to play many friendly matches and make a good role in the CNL to be among the top six ranked. He indicated that CONCACAF will make an official announcement about the format in the next few days. I managed to obtain this infromation thanks to a tweet from the Panamian sport Channel TV-Max. However they have already deleted the link. But I could make a screen capture with my table to share it with you. Although I have tried to find more information about it, nothing have been published about it. It seems to me that Manuel Arias should not have given this information to early to the press. Anyway check here :
  5. It is only a matter of time to know how the Concacaf format will be. AFC will make its draw on July 17 using the June 2019 FIFA ranking to make the 8 groups of 5 countries. They even have the match calendar of each pot : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/2022_FIFA_World_Cup_qualification_–_AFC_Second_Round If we randomly select a country we can even check in what stadium the home matches will be played. Surely once the Gold Cup finishes, Concacaf will unveil the mystery
  6. Canada could not recover mentally after the first Haitian goal. The team should work more in that aspect. On the other hand, having pulled out Cavallini wasn't very smart, when a goal was needed. Canada has a good team, excellent players but Herman does not inspire confidence. I see him very attached to the CSA. No friendlies when more cohesive the team needs to be.
  7. Concacaf informed that the CNL matches should be played at night, which puts the match at Pedro Marrero in Havana in checkmate. According to some reports, nothing has yet been done to put the lighting in that stadium, with two months to go before the game. It is even speculated that it is played in another country, Check this link: https://www.cibercuba.com/noticias/2019-06-21-u186452-e13-s27066-luces-donde-jugara-cuba-liga-naciones-futbol-2019-2020
  8. Yasmani Lopez defected from the Cuban team after the game against Mexico, in Los Angeles, California.https://www.espn.com.mx/futbol/copa-oro/nota/_/id/5745635/confirman-otra-baja-en-la-selección-de-cuba
  9. Put the best performance vs Mexico now ! upset the odds and set Mexico in second place of the group . Make them play vs Costa Rica ! Unbalance what was planned for the organizers of the Gold Cup! win the group ! play vs Haiti or Nicaragua. Arrive then at Semi Finals and shut up once and for all those who still do not believe in the potential of the CMNT. That everyone fears you in the next WCQ ! (But I have the feeling that Hermann will play conservatively, waiting for the the battle in QF against Costa Rica)
  10. Canada and The Netherlands play next week. What is best for Canada ? winning the group or being runner up ? As a winner Canada could face Japan/ England As a runner up : most likey Sweden
  11. You can watch all the matches on https://www.concacafgo.com/concacafgo for 1.99 excellent live stream
  12. And here another Cuban defeat vs the U23 of Dominican Rep played today in Santo Domingo. It seems that everything is lined up for a memorable Gold Cup for Canada.
  13. I really appreciate a live stream of the game 🙏. Here in Panama the match Canada vs Cameroon won't be broadcasted.
  14. Meanwhile in the Pan-American stadium of San Cristóbal Jun 7 2019 U23 Dominican Rep 1-0 Cuba and according to Dominican reports the Cubans played terrible and their level left a lot to be desired Cuba will play once again vs U23 Dominican Rep next 10 Jun before Gold Cup
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