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  1. I have seen both games Suriname vs Aruba and vs Cayman Islands. However, it is difficult to gauge the quality of the team against such amateur rivals. Suriname had good passing, good ball control and dominance. But is Suriname really the big bad wolf to be feared?
  2. I prefer to secure a 5-0 with the previous line-up and then make whatever changes. Goal differential matters!
  3. Apparently it was a tactical change from coach Christiansen to improve the offense, Murillo got the bench, but still the lack of aim affected us. If I know of another reason, I will inform you.
  4. Here a link Suriname vs Cayman Island via FB https://www.facebook.com/TelesurSR/videos/169528458345680/
  5. Now more than ever Canada should score the most goals against a decimated Bermuda and have a better goal average. It will be very helpfuI in the event of a draw against Suriname in June . (Remember in the CNL the pyrrhic 1-0 victory against Cuba did not help much)
  6. Due to the violence in the Haiti league championship , CONCACAF decided to ban club competitions in Haiti for one year. Archaie will host Cruz Azul in the Dominican Republic. It has not yet been confirmed whether it will also be banned for WCQ matches.
  7. More updates regarding the Concacaf qualifiers. On this occasion, the group C matches will be played only in CuraƧao and Guatemala. San Vincent & the Grenadines and the British Virgin Islands decided to play their home games in Curacao. While Cuba will play its home games at the Doroteo Guamuch Flores stadium in Guatemala City. https://futbolcentroamerica.com/noticias/Eliminatorias-Concacaf--Guatemala-tendra-dos-partidos-de-visitantes-en-Curazao-20210212-0003.html
  8. The Suriname Football Federation(SVP) has just authorized 3 new players who will be able to play for Suriname.
  9. Details of some first round matches of the Concacaf qualifiers begin to clarify. According to the president of Fepafut, all the group "D" matches scheduled for March will be played in the Dominican Republic . Due to the Covid situation, Dominica, Barbados and Anguilla will not play at home. Panama is renovating the Estadio Nacional Rommel Fernandez.
  10. FT USA 7-0 Trinidad & Tobago. Salvadorans and Puerto Ricans gain more confidence.
  11. Although they are not direct rivals of Canada, it is always good to analyze and see how some countries in the area prepare for the qualifiers, here you can see the Dominican Republic vs Puerto Rico live. (While we wait for the CSA to show some of the scrimmage vs USA)
  12. I'm not very optimistic about seeing a Canada friendly match before their official game against Suriname on March 25th. As for Panama, according to unofficial information they are trying to play against Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Serbia and Puerto Rico. According to Dominican and Puerto Rican sources, Panama could play at the Felix Sanchez stadium in Santo Domingo vs Puerto Rico and Serbia. It is incredible that the Dominican Rep. baseball country par excellence is now the axis of so many friendlies
  13. Due to the lack of information from the CSA in relation to possible friendly matches, I continue to share these sources from the south , this time from the Dominican Republic where it is reported that several nations are planning friendly matches in Florida for the month of January, Canada included. This so far does not have a confirmation but at least it keeps our minds occupied.
  14. There is talk of having Martinique as a rival, two games away. The negotiation with Canada seems to be cooling off. In my personal opinion, if the game with Canada does not take place, I do not think it is due to a lack of interest from Fepafut, since the arrival of Danish coach Christiansen, a lot has been invested in friendly matches. And the local media leaked the news of the games with Canada. I believe more that the CSA has not confirmed and therefore has not reached a happy agreement. But these are just my speculations, let's see what will happen.
  15. Well, it seems that Qatar is taking seriously its preparation for the World Cup that it will organize in 2022. I wonder if Canada, USA and Mexico will follow its example when they are hosts in 2026 ..... https://www.theguardian.com/football/2020/dec/08/qatar-get-guest-spot-in-european-world-cup-qualifying-group-for-friendlies
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