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  1. Well, it seems that Herdman will not play the derby that we all expect against the Yankees. He will be more focused on the quarterfinals. And I expected a beating to the neighbors to the south. I hope it doesn't happen the other way around.
  2. And even more furious because nobody in the stadium demanded the VAR . The people here are “cabreado” (pissed off). We already imagined the pact between Qatar and Honduras in the last game: it will be a draw. Panama is already out. We got CONCACAFED. The ocho is going to be complicated for all of the teams.
  3. I sent you a Private Message with a link for Panama vs Qatar game... (Sorry I don't use One soccer) @Shway
  4. The president of Fesfut indicated that El Salvador could play its home games in LA, Washington or Houston for the Concacaf qualifiers. Apparently they prefer to have the public in the stands, than to play in the empty Cuscatlán stadium, due to the restrictions of the covid-19 in El Salvador, since public entry will be prohibited for 90 days.
  5. A bit of optimism, if we count the 4 weeks from today, they would end on August 10. We love you Davies! get well soon.
  6. Hey dude, now what do we do without Montreal?
  7. The US will play vs. Canada in Nashville. This increases the possibility that Canada will stay in the east and play in Toronto vs Honduras and El Salvador.
  8. I'm almost sure it's in Toronto because of the grass in the stadium. But a determining factor will be where vs. USA will be played. If it is Orlando or Texas, Toronto will be the host vs Honduras and El Salvador. If it's California, Vancouver will probably have a better chance.
  9. It seems unbelievable but a home draw against Honduras or El Salvador may be enough to not qualify for the World Cup. Hermann must keep the group focused.
  10. Discovering the warm water. Navas is not very enthusiastic about going to the Gold Cup: He always gets injured, gets sick or whatever. https://us.marca.com/claro/futbol/copa-oro/2021/06/26/60d6ad7e22601d5c688b459a.html
  11. Jorge Ramos is a Uruguayan journalist based in the US. He is the type of person who is believed to have got hold of God by the beard. He is an arrogant man who thinks that because he comes from a country with a long football tradition, he always makes him right. About Canada, two journalists including the girl, said that Canada had good options for the quality of its players to reach third place in the octagonal. The argument that Jorge Ramos gave for not believing in the canucks, is that Canada has not yet faced a rival of sufficient caliber to show that it will reach third place.
  12. I hope the government of Canada will allow the home game against Honduras in September. This game is vital and the catrachos should not be given any advantage. Please keep updated on any news in this regard. By the way, congratulations! welcome to the ocho! well deserved Canada 💪
  13. Curacao has missed more shots than a fairground shotgun (for the luck of Panama !😃)
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