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  1. Look how "random" will be the draw of the 2021 Gold Cup on September 28: Pot 1 is pre-seeded: Mexico in A, USA in B . Qatar is in Pot 4 in group D to avoid the Manitos and the yankees. If the USA and Mexico win all their matches, they will be seen in the final. https://www.goldcup.org/en/article/concacaf-announces-details-for-first-ever-gold-cup-draw
  2. Some news of the 2021 Gold Cup: there will be VAR and the matches of the last group phase will be played simultaneously: http://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sports/new-moves-aim-to-add-suspense-unpredictability-to-gold-cup-montagliani-guest-qatar-will-add-flavour-to-expanded-tournament-platform-adds-concacaf-boss_202614?profile=1511
  3. The matches between Guyana and Trinidad Tobago have always been closed, and even more with the Trinis in decline
  4. Right in the window of January 2022 that Canada could take advantage of the weather, it will be his turn to play 2 matches away.
  5. Next Wednesday's draw will not only be for round 1 and 2, but also the positions in which the 8 teams will play in the octagonal and therefore will determine the match schedule. Considering the match schedule positions 5 and 6 seem to be the best
  6. The draw has been rescheduled for August 19 http://www.rpctv.com/marearoja/FIFA-reprograma-Eliminatorias-Concacaf-agosto_0_1381661821.html
  7. Haiti, a possible rival of Canada in the second round of WCQ, is negotiating two friendly matches for the month of September
  8. By the way, that canceled goal of Atiba at min 83 was it offside or not?
  9. Sorry about the quality. It is a capture pic of the video of Mr Chip
  10. @Olympique_de_Marseille For being a pentagonal, 10 games will be played. 5 games between October 5-13 and 5 games between November 9-17. (In the capture of the Mr Chip graph it appears in the lower left)
  11. Ok here you answer: Octuber 5-13: Canada away vs 4 and at home vs 3. November 9-17: Canada away vs 5 and at home vs 2 Check min 3.35
  12. It remains to know the answer to certain questions: 1.When will the draw take place. 2. Against which teams the 2 home and 2 away games will be played . 3. For being a pentagonal, 5 FIFA dates must be played in October and November, not 4 dates as reported
  13. More news: Manuel Farias, President of fepafut reported that Panama's local games will be played behind closed doors in October and November. And they are looking for locations in the countryside such as Penonomé or David. Both are some of the hottest places here.
  14. For next Monday, July 27, we will have a new format according to local media. In fact, the fepafut (Panamanian Football federation) was waiting for the confirmation of the beginning of Concacaf qualifiers to choose its new coach: the Danish Thomas Christiansen. https://www.laestrella.com.pa/deportes/futbol/200722/200723-thomas-christiansen-nuevo-dt-seleccion-futbol-panama And according to the media today, the format will be a little different from what was public yesterday. First round: 6 groups of 5 countries. Each country will play 4 games: two at home and two on the road. Second round: The six group winners will meet in March in round-trip matches that will be previously drawn to define the 3 winners. Final Round: Octagonal with Mexico, Honduras, USA, Costa Rica and Jamaica and the 3 winners of previous rounds. (About first round it remains only to guess how they will define which teams will play the 2 games at home and the 2 on the road ... They may do something similar to the 2019–20 CONCACAF Nations League qualifying draw).... https://www.telemetro.com/futbol/2020/07/23/oficial-panama-jugara-octubre-noviembre/3068690.html?utm_content=buffere1c0f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=app+buffer+/ (this source indicates that only the winner of each group of the first round will advance) https://www.eluniversal.com.mx/universal-deportes/futbol/concacaf-nuevo-formato-para-las-eliminatorias-mundialistas (this Mexican source says that in the 6 groups of 5, the first two places will qualify and then play in round trip games. But in my opinion it is a mistake in writing, because it would involve more games)
  15. Now it only remains to speculate how they will play the first round in October if it has 3 teams x group ... The most feasible if this is true, is that it is played in a specific venue: 3 matches and the 9 winners go to the next round. Then in November the 9 winners join Canada, El Salvador and Curacao playing home-away matches to qualify 6 teams to the next round in March 22, and from there the 3 winners go to the octagonal.
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