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  1. Australia is available. Aussies play Jordan on 11.14 in Amman
  2. Doing a little research, I looked for the countries that are above Canada in the FIFA ranking and can also be a relatively less complicated to beat and and can give Canada good points. Those who have a free date next 11.19 are the following: 26 Venezuela / 37 Korea / 66 Ecuador / 68 Saudi Arabia/ 71 China PR / 73 Bolivia The Asian teams will play their WCQ in the Middle East next 14.11. Korea in Beirut, China PR in Dubai and Saudi Arabia in Uzbekistan. It means that in theory Canada could travel to Dubai or Manama and play against any of them. (Do not be surprised, the Dominican Republic played a few weeks ago vs UAE in Bahrain). Conmebol's rivals could travel to Florida and play vs Canada, especially if it is rumored that Canada will play USA in Orlando on 11.15. Most of the European nations that were named in the posts above are busy with the ECQ next November.
  3. Actually Guatemala looks stronger than El Salvador lately. Less points for El Salvador, better for Canada 😉
  4. See Concacaf updates seems to see a thriller: you never know how new it will come out. For now, for this first round of matches, Panama's victory against Bermuda in Hamilton is not guaranteed. A draw would help Canada. On the other hand, El Salvador plays at home against St Lucia: 3 easy points.
  5. The two possible defeats of Panama against Mexico may weigh more ... no matter how many friendlies the Canaleros play. All that remains is for Montserrat and the Dominican Republic to give El Salvador a little surprise. If Canada beat USA, those will be gold points.
  6. I wonder if Cavalry had played against Olimpia, the result would have been different ..Anyway, for next year the representative of the CPl will be the strongest. There will no longer be the absurd rule of choosing between the 3 founding members.
  7. Cavalry won the Spring Season and therefore are qualified for the CPL final. What is special about also winning the Fall season for them? Do you think this format is good? Would you modify something?
  8. Concacaf has not spoken. They should fine the Olympia, the stadium and play the match in a neutral place for safety reasons
  9. Panama determined to raise its FIFA ranking plans 7 friendly matches: two of them already confirmed vs Curacao and the UAE and other five to be confirmed to play here at Rommel Fernandez stadium vs Nicaragua, Suriname, Antigua-Barbuda, Dominican Rep. and St. Kitts and Nevis. The Canaleros have a new coach from Argentina Americo " El Tolo" Gallego. http://www.rpctv.com/marearoja/Curazao-Emiratos-Arabes-Panama-FIFA_0_1270673274.html
  10. I found this article on the net, it is in French, but basically it is about a team called Dymano Quebec that has an eye on participating in the CPL. Anyone know more about it? the name of the club is extremely attractive : It reminds me of the name of the Soviet clubs and of the former clubs of the Eastern Bloc countries : Le Dynamo de Québec https://www.lesoleil.com/sports/le-dynamo-de-quebec-a-un-il-sur-la-premiere-ligue-canadienne-video-c4267e61d1f6fb3e6a4aac9477713b12
  11. If at the end only one country plays for the play off, it doesn't matter when facing Haiti or Panama. . Sorry but this "apartheid" format takes away the enthusiasm. I wonder if spectators will go to the stadiums. I share what the President of the Haitian Football Federation thinks about this format : “Ce nouveau format des Ă©liminatoires de la CONCACAF est un acte terrible, un dĂ©ni de toute forme de transparence et de justice. La Coupe du Monde devrait ĂȘtre rĂ©servĂ©e Ă  tous les membres de la FIFA, avec Ă©gale chance de participation" "This new format of the CONCACAF qualifiers is a terrible act, a denial of any form of transparency and justice. The World Cup should be reserved for all FIFA members, with equal opportunity to participate. https://haititempo.com/qualif-qatar-2022-dadou-critique-le-nouveau-format-de-la-concacaf/
  12. Maybe you noticed a few weeks ago the men's ranking totally disappeared on the official website of Concacaf. Anyway all Confederations use Fifa ranking to seed their teams.
  13. The only " conspiracy" I see : The "Americanization" of Concacaf. The most of the tournaments are held in the US. Take a look to the last Men Pre-Olympic tournaments : always in the USA. The women and men U-17, U-20 Tournaments in Bradenton FL. Not counting the Gold Cups. Probably the Women Pre-Olympic Tournament will also be there. Undoubtedly is gives a great advantage to the US teams
  14. Here in Panama has caused much controversy this new format. Especially because the Spanish journalist Mister Chip said that the Panamanian federation knew in advance about how the qualifiers would be like. The president of Fepafut Manuel Arias informed that Panama will have a strategy to reach the hex, affirming that the " Canaleros" should win their matches in the CNL and already plan two friendly matches for October 10 and November 19. According to Fepafut El Salvador has the possibility to increase 17 pts and Panama 28 pts. https://www.tvmax-9.com/somoslasele/Manuel-Arias-conferencia-prensa_0_5348465130.html https://www.diez.hn/centroamerica/1300935-498/misterchip-y-su-critica-a-panama-vs-estados-unidos-nuevo-formarto-eliminatoria-concacaf https://impresa.prensa.com/deportes/Panama-mal-parado_0_5346965284.html
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