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  1. Yeah that's not a great result, but good game by David
  2. USMNT fans in every debate about how our defense sucks and they have a "ChAmPiOnS lEaGuE CeNtEr BaCk"
  3. The team has closed section 132...aka banning the ultras.
  4. Has there been any insight on whether he still wants to play for us, and will actually be available for this qualifiers?
  5. He's not perfect but has been very solid when played, especially his last few starts. Only consistent brain farts out there are Camacho so not sure what games you're watching.
  6. Yup I believe they have the most points given up from winning positions in the league this year, 17 or so. A lot of young players, it'll come with experience..i hope
  7. I figured he must of done decently at least considering a 1-1 draw at Philly is a good result!
  8. Saw that Waterman started centrally in the back 3 yesterday. I missed the game, how did he do?
  9. Don't forget Choinière, starting to get some solid minutes and looking good as well.
  10. 7.1 on Fotmob for yesterdays game. He and Miller were solid besides Camacho being Camacho. He still has some growing to do but I think there is a really solid ball playing CB in him if he can keep getting minutes and gaining confidence.
  11. Where can I watch this game? Is it on DAZN?
  12. Yeah I think both Miller and Kennedy are locks to start, really don't get what his critics are saying. Miller has been solid on the ball and off it, and done it in our programs biggest games as of late. Miller-Kennedy-Johnston going forward 100%
  13. I don't mind him for Canada games or CPL games but I remember both him and Dunfield were extremely unprofessional in allowing their bias to show in the MTL vs TFC Canadian championship final. I'll never forget Dunfield at 3:30: SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT! I was literally laughing
  14. I really wouldn't mind him moving to Lens. They're quite a big club in France and have been rising lately, finishing pretty well last year at 7th. They also have a big derby with Lille which would be fun to watch vs David. As we all know now, lot's of eyes on Ligue 1 so talent gets snatched up quickly. Definitely would prefer a Porto or another one of the big clubs mentioned (if he actually is given a chance) but I wouldn't mind Lens at all.
  15. This MLS article slots Miller in at CB based on his stats this year https://www.mlssoccer.com/news/mls-2021-all-star-xi-according-to-the-stats
  16. Is it too late to call in Jebbison?
  17. Official Ayo is gonna miss the rest of the season. Terrible terrible news
  18. Watching Miller with Montreal and Canada now, I think the left-CB position has to be his. He's not a flashy player and sometimes it can be awkward but almost always makes the play he has to make.
  19. All the MLS guys thought it was a clear penalty too and yet, didn't even go to VAR 😂 Here I was thinking the ref being Mexican might help our cause
  20. Also would of liked to see how differently this game plays out if we don't concede early. We dominated possession but had a real tough time getting behind their D line, I wonder if them pushing higher up the field allows us to get one or two.
  21. I was really hoping we could win or draw and avoid Mexico, but it is what it is. We'll have to beat these teams if we want to qualify for the world cup. Man is Concacaf embarrassing though. How do they expect football in this region to grow when you have sketchy decisions like those. One was undoubtedly a penalty, the other could be debated, yet neither went to VAR. It just makes absolutely 0 sense. Almost like they don't want their two money makers to meet outside of the final...
  22. Apparently Campagna is training with the squad
  23. Olympiacos would be surprising, but consistent playing time at any of the bigger Greek teams would not be a bad move
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