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  1. The finish and the swagger reminds me of Radzinski.
  2. Some good reports here including supportive words from the gaffer: https://www.sheffieldunited.news/news/hasselbaink-ready-to-give-daniel-jebbison-proper-burton-chance-this-week/
  3. Yup. Guys like us with long memories still worry that if a team is a cellar-dweller, or regularly uncompetitive or dull, even) for more than a season or two that it could have really dangerous consequences for the whole league. Your seven way tie for second wish has real merit. Edmonton scares me the most, for instance. PFC have been very fun to follow, even very casuallyfrom afar as I have.
  4. Forgot all about him, tbh. I wonder if Herdman did too.
  5. I've watched them train a lot at Empire. Very serious, very technical. They've even managed to earn a spot through BC Soccer in the traditional youth pyramids, unheard of before.
  6. My hunch would be a David beats Goliath country doing well in a regional tournament or WC like Iceland or Qatar or somewhere comparable in Africa. On the other hand, it could be country nearly 200th ranked that finally had had decent coach and a competitive team and did will in the ANC or something. Must be relatively to leapfrog a lot of minnows in one fell swoop.
  7. Rumours swirling all but corroborated by the responses by the likes of Twellman and Lando... https://mobile.twitter.com/brownamatthew/status/1435065556168843265?s=21
  8. The best quote is clearly... Earned 59 caps for his country and played the night of Super Caley Go Ballistic Celtic Are Atrocious
  9. Article from the Jamaican Observer: https://www.jamaicaobserver.com/sports/panama-humiliate-reggae-boyz-3-0-inside-the-office_230569?profile=1511 Only three of their starting eleven were born in Jamaica.
  10. https://ms4ms.org/my-ms-story-by-julian-uccello/
  11. I feel like I've seen this Edmonton heading into the abyss show before. And it's a pity.
  12. His brother was the next big thing for a while there, too.
  13. I have a good mate originally from Sheffield, a lifelong Owls man. Here's his personal report: "Theo made his debut off the bench last night and looked bright. He had a trick or two and was very direct. Often made the wrong decision but I like the look of him. Think he will start in the ‘Tinpot’ cup on Tuesday night so will update you. We hammered bloody Morecambe yesterday but wouldn’t have scored in a brothel!!! Unbelievable!"
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