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  1. Northern Fútbol Podcast: Episode 28 – How should Canada approach the October window?
  2. Northern Fútbol Podcast: Episode 25 – Which Canadians are destined for a "big" transfer?
  3. https://anchor.fm/northern-ftbol/episodes/Episode-21--Whats-Canadas-future-outlook-after-U-S--loss-e14ogmi That US Match was intense ^
  4. Horgan said he has had some “preliminary discussions” with FIFA representatives in Canada. While he said the original proposal would still be too expensive to commit to, he did say that his government is in a “different place” now. Vancouver back in the running as 2026 FIFA World Cup host city | Offside (dailyhive.com)
  5. gutierrez and singh should be called
  6. Mexico is calling an A Squad besides Ochoa and Guardado
  7. I think this Gold Cup could be huge for Eustaquio and Larin. Could help them move up Porto, Napoli and Premier League clubs we're interested in both of them
  8. With these games, Pantemis will overtake DSC as the no.3 GK for september
  9. Episode 19 – Previewing Canada's Gold Cup campaign
  10. The program has improved a lot over the years!
  11. After getting his first call-up to the Gold Cup now: Anyone else rate him higher than Baldisimo, Priso, Choiniere? Canadian MLS Filler players Paton is a SPFL Starter
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