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  1. Can we stop this partisan BS please? The players have never expressed any such preference publicly and my guess is they never will. I think they would be delighted to play in Vancouver where the LARGEST EVER crowd gathered for a game in Canada happened but I don't think any of them will wade into this minefield so let's just stop using that as some sort of justification for ANY particular city.
  2. LOL you are right. Beating Mexico is seared in my brain but the "final" against T&T has faded. Yeah, don't recall how it worked last time or what the rules are this time. I believe they can win the tournament but not the cup which marks the Confederation Champions but my old man brain clearly (from above) is showing gaps. LOL
  3. Thinking about the 2000 GC and watching Hastings score the winner reminded me that that semifinal against Mexico became the final because the guest team won the other semi. I know it's not likely, but this game could be the defacto final if Qatar manages to beat USA. Just interesting trivia rather than a prediction. LOL
  4. The Whitecaps performance in the previous competition also enters into it I would assume. They were knocked out by Calgary,
  5. I can install DAZN on my TV so it's kinda annoying starting the third year of the service and still no OneSoccer app. Of course I still have to switch to my PS4 to watch Disney+ so I guess it's not just them who are lazy.
  6. I'd say they could be in the mix down the road but the ones already listed are going to get clubs first IMO. Of course a rich wanker with a dream could put one there sooner but that is true of many places in Canada ie. Fredericton NB, Sudbury ON, St. John's NL.
  7. LOL, if you add Saskatoon to that list it is the exact same list we have talking about for the last three years. Where else would expansion be likely in the next few years?
  8. Apparently the forum has promoted me to, "Rookie". 🤣

  9. I don't understand how their "highlights" editors/compilers think. I still have not been able to find any video of the red card against the keeper in the Jamaica v Costa Rica game. LOL
  10. WTF are you talking about. I have been waiting since 2009 (Highlanders and then PFC) for a competitive match against the Whitecaps here in Victoria. This is epic. And BTW, what have PFC done that the Whitecraps have not? Beaten Calgary.
  11. Time to see if Kah can unlock Forge or if we are just in the fight for 2nd.
  12. It was a beautiful moment, made all the more surreal when they pulled back to a wide shot of the empty stadium and the groundskeeper collecting the corner flags in the background. LOL
  13. I didn't even think about it, I just subscribed for a year. NBD
  14. I have never understood this sort of hero-worship BS. Being the most talented player on a team is in NO WAY qualification to be a captain. At least not in the mind of anyone who actually believes the position means anything.
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