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  1. Please tell me this isn't where they would play, or if they will, that seating of some sort will be added? The whole f#$@!&% point is to provide a pro (or at least semi-pro) league attractive to spectators and sponsors.
  2. Nope. Why would PFC spend extra money on running a team in this league when they can just do loans with the Highlanders? Why would the league want to cannibalize the already limited market by putting two teams in the CRD?
  3. What is frustrating as a PFC fan is the inconsistency. What I haven't looked at closely is the home record vs away. We played an entire month of away games and we dropped way too many points. It feels like we are simply not able to travel well.
  4. Sadly I think the prediction is right. As I write this comment Forge have THREE games in hand but are only FOUR points behind Calgary and TWO points behind my PFC. The only saving grace (ugh I hate to admit this because I hate them) for PFC may be the playoffs where an upset result is achievable.
  5. I didn't see it but several people said he had a very slight limp. Described as looking "tender" rather than "setback". I think it's likely he will play just enough for the rest of you league games to be ready to actually contribute in the VCup semi.
  6. Given how he limped off the field on Saturday I don't think Bustos is gonna be a big factor for the rest of the season.
  7. Because that is how you acclimatize young players and help them develop to their full potential. Duh.
  8. Of course it's never been the case before, that's the whole point. The hope is that the current talent and what they can accomplish will make it so that there is more general interest and thus more in depth media coverage to the point where someday scrutiny is routine and intense. When that happens it means we have reached a new level as a soccer nation. I think it's what all of us dream of and there is a chance it is coming.
  9. Based on that game I have no idea either. That was embarrassing. The possession stats flattered our boys who seemed to have trouble with first-touches. We (supporters) like to think we have an impact, but with our team doing so poorly on such a long road trip, I have to wonder if the earlier results really were from home-field advantage. I guess we will find out on Saturday.
  10. That's why I have been muted about us being "top of the table". With the games in hand and our inability to beat Forge it has been a polite fiction that we are leading the league. At this point we need Bustos back and Forge to stumble or we will have to go to Hamilton and take the Microwave Plate which seems like a huge ask.
  11. No, all teams in all the regional leagues should enter the VCup in the first round and bring in the CanPL and MLS teams into the draw in the second round.
  12. I don't think they did but I mostly stopped paying attention to PCSL after the PDL came along and they became pretty much irrelevant to player development.
  13. I was in BC Place for the last CAN - MEX game and yes, yes we do want to play them in Vancouver.
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