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  1. Pretty sure 2022 is the realistic launch. What would be the point of trying to do it this summer?
  2. The size of the field would be regulation and yes the outfield would overlap the pitch somewhat which cannot be avoided when groundsharing with baseball. At least the infield would be totally separate. I remember horror stories of pitchers mounds being smoothed out turfed over temporarily (and badly) for games in US stadia. The layout would allow for a decent number of seats along Cook St (but if I was designing it, the trees would come down and the top row of seats would hang over the sidewalk to maximize seating.) The North End (what is currently the North side) is far larger than it look
  3. Well, given that many of us were saying RAP was the better choice since before Wanderers even existed I'm not sure that phrasing is warranted. This reorientation of the pitch proposal is something I first heard from Mark de Frias of the Highlanders several years ago. It is the only way to ground share with the Harbourcats and would make a great venue IMO.
  4. And if soccer was a popular spectator sport built into the DNA of sporting culture in Canada as it is in England, we could have whatever names we wanted. For whatever historical reasons, selling professional soccer in Canada is an uphill battle and the branding and marketing of clubs needs to build support, not alienate potential ticket buyers.
  5. And here I am, twenty-plus years later, trying once again to help you to understand why that is wrong. <sigh> The example of the Tigers is great because it is exactly what I (and others) have been arguing should happen all along. Rather than restrict their "target audience" to a specific national group, they have decided to be inclusive of all and play under the name BC Tigers. This honours the club's origins without falling into the "Canadians don't like soccer" trope which is reinforced when using objectively national names. If you name your team after a foreign nation, you are sayi
  6. Nope, but the day WC2022 ends we should shut this thread down and open that one.
  7. I laugh not at getting some $$$ but at the idea that the stadium is getting it's third, or fourth "name" since it first opened. We may just start calling it "Stewie's Place" for the Mayor who built it and the Starfish we love.
  8. Yeah, I'm not sure calling your self "Football Bum" or "Football Ass" is a great marketing strategy. Sure "kids today" may not be familiar with the euphemism but when they get a hold of it, it will bite the academy in the fundament. 😄
  9. You are giving me waaaaaay to much credit. I am explaining why we are interested in all the business talk and blather on about it here. I never said any of it is actually helping in any way. LOL
  10. If only we could. Sadly the survival of the league depends on business decisions more than passion from the existing fans so whether we like it or not we end up having to pay attention. Of course it doesn't help that we have had very little CPL action to watch over the last year.
  11. To switch the cameras to the other side would allow for a slight rise in height (the stands are not much higher than the platforms) but come with some pretty bad consequences: showing the side without permanent stands on TV makes it look like very few people are at the game currently that is standing room only as stands cannot be placed there so any people who are there, look like they are watching amateur games taking space in the current stands to mount camera positions takes away ticket sales in an already small stadium I see no significant benefit.
  12. They did build platforms for the cameras. The problem was they could not encroach too closely to the wires so the height was limited. Hmmm, if they can't move the hydro pole could they make it taller? Nah, I'm sure someone already considered that.
  13. You are missing that Haiti is smaller than Vancouver Island. Travel between any two clubs is possible in a day by bus. You are missing that all club expenses are significantly cheaper in Haiti. We can barely sustain the CanPL as it is, the survival of the league is still a question mark. IMO the costs associated with adding a second division are not even worth detailed analysis until the CanPL has survived for at least five years from launch with at least stability, if not steady growth.
  14. Eventually BCL1 can be absorbed/recognized as a D2 if it works.
  15. There should be, and in the first year here in Victoria PFC did make an effort. They arranged special shuttle bus service from campus. Sadly they didn't support that with effective marketing so the bus was virtually empty and the entire first season of the service was... inconsistent would be the best way to put it. Overall I think though that the season does not mesh with University schedules. April is exam month, the summer months are a wasteland and by September, which would be a fantastic time to get students doing fun things, the marketing and ticket sales departments had given up and/
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