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  1. If he's not, it could be too late.
  2. I have no idea what the CanPL or the CSA want, but I want a 16 team first division.
  3. There were sequels?!? Netflix is telling me Ultras drops Friday and The English Game just glitches out before it can even load an info screen.
  4. Yup, that sounds about right. Abbotsford is a long way out. You have to add the 95 minutes ferry and at least another hour on public transit on this side to get to Westhills. We have not heard if free shuttles from downtown Victoria will be offered again this year. If you can get to YVR it is a short hop (5 minutes) on the Canada Line rain and then a 25 minutes express bus ride to the ferry. You might also try to see what it would cost to take Harbour Air if they fly from Abbotsford to Victoria Harbour. Makes the trip probably 30-40 minutes total.
  5. Sorry if I came across as harsh. You are just trying to help out your nephew and my annoyance is at people not paying attention to what I actually wrote, not you. And on another note, not a Boomer.
  6. Actually sometimes a leak is more credible than official statements which are "massaged" or "spun" until they bear little resemblance to the truth. The leak aligns with every other source and unless you are suggesting it was purposeful misdirection - which seems unlikely given the circumstances - it stands as the best information we have. Arguing about it at this point is just silly, and UT is right, it makes you sound racist because it's not in English.
  7. Because blowing smoke up someone's ass does not help them in any way. If the kid wants to come Canada on a work visa better that he have something realistic like coaching credentials, physiotherapy qualifications, whatever. And despite the OP's comment about not wanting to compare Cdn vs Arg soccer levels, he is basically saying "my nephew, who can't get a job playing pro at any of 300+ clubs in Argentina, is good enough to play for CanPL" which is pretty f#@%*&g insulting, but I was trying to be nice. And we won't even get into the stupidity of people who come on a fans message board to ask about opportunities with the clubs when it take less time to Google the league or teams websites and get contact info than it does to sign up for this forum and post such a ridiculous question. Pro's who want to transfer internationally have agents, not clueless uncles. This kid is clearly not serious about a pro career and thinks Canada sucks so hard he can become a pro here because our kids are **** compared to him. But sure, sunshine and lollipops should be showered on this guy because heaven forbid reality, hard work, talent, professionalism, and respect have anything to do with professional soccer.
  8. I have allowed for that possibility by specifying that my comments apply ONLY if he is NOT playing professionally. Assuming he is NOT PLAYING PROFESSIONALLY we have all the information we need. Argentina is not a place where you find undiscovered gems at 19 years of age. If the kid is not playing for a pro club it is because he is not good enough. If he is not good enough to play pro with one of the 300+ clubs in their system then WTF would a CanPL team want him?
  9. What is, "a good level"? That doesn't sound like he is playing for professional club. If he is in Argentina, 19 years old, and not playing professionally, it is too late to tryout for the CanPL. Tell him to get a coaching license or some other choice if he wants to stay involved in soccer and come work in Canada.
  10. Jacob is the man to ask on the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/lakesidebuoys/
  11. For these matches "The Lake Side" becomes the Voyageurs section and some tickets were still available last time I checked. We will have banners and capos and are working on a tifo and looks like we will be hosting a pre-game tailgate.
  12. When was the last time you bought a match-quality ball?!?
  13. It would be sensible you would think, but it would require a change in attitude from last year. In 2019 the Caps were pissed at Pacific for "poaching" so many players they felt "belonged" to them. This is actually a good effect of the league BTW. The MLS clubs had too much power over players and with the CanPL actually creating a bit of competition to sign players the MLS teams will have to sign for longer deals which IMO is good all around.
  14. Yeah, that's the way to build a relationship with the club, NOT.
  15. Fixed that for you. Cap or no cap, teams have a limit on what they are willing and/or able to pay in salaries.
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