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  1. I tried to watch a couple of times and just couldn't get into them. The closest I came was when there was a chance we would have played the Whitecraps in the VCup and we were getting plans for a group to go over.
  2. LOL, "the general sporting public" doesn't give a toss about soccer and certainly will not be brought in to the love of the game by watching a playoff system that narrows down from seven teams to, what, four? I mean how do you even add playoffs to a league of seven ******* teams?!?! FFS seven teams is less than the number that enter the MLS Conference playoffs! That's why we have this stupid Spring & Fall season. (BTW if you want to make the league look ridiculous to, "the general sporting public" talk about a "Fall Season" that starts in July.) We have a "final" between the spring and fall "winners" that is pandering to this need for a "cup final" without a cup competition. I mean basically playoffs are simply a post-season cup competition where entrance and seedings are determined by league results.... Hmmmm... what if we had a regular season of home and home which then loads the post season "league cup" (aka playoffs) based on place in the the normal rankings? Round one (home and away, aggregate score): M1: First gets a bye M2: Second v Seventh M3: Third v Sixth M4: Fourth v Fifth Semifinals (home and away, aggregate score): M5: First v winner M2 M6: winner M3 v winner M4 Finals (home and away, aggregate score) At some point I would expect a second Champions League place to be added and that the League Champion and the League Cup winner would both get a spot with the second place league finisher given the spot if a team won "the double". Ugh, I feel dirty for endorsing any sort of playoff system but if we call it a League Cup competition I can't really complain. LOL
  3. Good questions. Yes, the beer garden is open to all and I have spoken to a few people who had tickets in the grandstand but I think most are from the GA sections at either end. The area is restricted to 19+ and has a security guard checking ID's at the only entrance. When they build that stand I don't know where they will go. Many are probably GA tickets in the Supporters end already and may simply migrate that way. No one gives us a hassle about standing on or around those aluminum bleachers in the supporters end. I guess if I was designing the stand I would leave a beer garden at field level in front of the stand in the corner that I would then raise up slightly. Of course if I was designing things I would have included rail seating in the new stand in the West end. Missed opportunity there.
  4. And indeed, the beer garden on that side was packed.
  5. Right?!?! I keep saying to anyone who will listen that taking out the stupid ground-=level bleachers at that end makes it much better. I want to see those railings covered in supporter banners with a pile of us behind them waving flags and making noise. Yeah, it sucked. Dragging people out midweek is arguably the stupidest scheduling decision this league has made. Yes and no. I agree Pacific et al can do a better job of marketing but they are most certainly doing a great job of engaging, "with their local football communities". However that means jack **** as young kids on teams are not the ones buying tickets and arranging transport to and from games after their frigging bedtimes on a school night! The final five home games for PFC (Sept-Oct) include 3 Wednesday nights and two Saturdays. Kids basically cannot attend the Wednesday games as they would get home between 9:30 - 10:00 pm. The Saturday games are being played during the day, when most of those kids are PLAYING SOCCER for those teams that the club is engaging with very well. Besides the schedule issue, what needs to happen is the LEAGUE needs to engage with media better. This league is about as well known to the average Canadian as... well, let's just say it barely registers. It doesn't show up on highlights shows or in national sports reporting. And here is one of the biggest reasons I keep harping on about only playing teams ONCE home and away in the season. What is there to get excited about in seeing a team come to town that you have already played once, sometimes even twice before? If they do show up in a cup competition there is least the added interest of knocking them out of the competition. But last night was like the fifth time we played York. How do you sell that when nothing is on the line?
  6. Victoria is confirmed for the Yates St Taphoue tomorrow (Tuesday): http://www.facebook.com/events/970315516649409/
  7. Relative to what? It is a 15-20 minute drive from downtown. I think that compares favourably with most cities in Canada. Which is where Victoria has a leg up. We already have a soccer/baseball stadium, owned by the city, downtown. Royal Athletic Park could easily be renovated/rebuilt into a state of the art small stadium. The problem was the political will to spend city money on the project. Langford was willing , City of Victoria (pop. 90,000 out of a regional population of 400,000 ) was not.
  8. I assume they are doing a lot of changes in Vancouver. It isn't hard, the distance is so short you spend more time on the tarmac than in the air.
  9. In my proposal they would be on weekends to start with as we would have the weekends available in a 7-9 team league.
  10. We can do all weekend games without needing to have this mythical "balance" of an even number of teams. For league competition a 7-team league that plays every weekend would see each team get a week off every 7th week. How is that any worse than the current schedule? We could run that cycle twice for an 14-week week schedule for the 7 teams where every team plays home and away twice. That schedule could be extended by international breaks and a cup competition. 8 or 9 teams and we move cup games to midweek. 10-12 teams and we reduce down to the PROPER way to run a soccer league: play every team ONE time at home and ONE time away during the season.
  11. ^ Interesting to see the reactions from TSS to that thread.
  12. By the time we have enough teams to split into regions we have enough teams to simply play each team once at home and once away so splitting is totally unnecessary.
  13. Never a penalty for Borges (right in front of us) and the ref was miles better. Not perfect, but barely worth complaining about.
  14. I think the "bring a friend" strategy is somewhat useful. A one-on-one "promotion" that turns a season ticket holder into an evangelist/promoter can work. Giving kids "free" or super-cheap tickets as a group is a reasonable investment in the future. Giving away blocks of tickets to random adults? That is a wasteful, shotgun-style approach that does more harm in the long-run IMO. Even numbers only matter in knock-out tournaments and a single round "bye" eliminates that problem. We can do all weekend games without needing to have this mythical "balance" of an even number of teams. For league competition a 7-team league that plays every weekend would see each team get a week off every 8th week. How is that any worse than the current schedule? We run the cycle twice for an eighteen week schedule where every team plays home and away twice. That schedule could be extended by international breaks and a cup competition. Yeah, it was pretty sparse, but the TV cameras don't pick up the people standing in the beer garden or the "margarita garden" directly below the camera platforms. Those areas were packed last night.
  15. ^ Dunno if anyone else is having trouble with the bitly link so here is the direct link: https://pacificfc.canpl.ca/article/pacific-fc-add-midfielder-david-norman-jr
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