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  1. Um, we have probably missed out on the easy qualification for the hex. There is still one last spot to play for if results go as expected.
  2. Yup, the idea that a Confederation would do this is appalling. What's the point of running your own competitions if they mean nothing in determining the best teams in the Confederation?
  3. We have played competitive matches away from home under Herdman. In particular, I am pretty sure that Charlotte, Denver and Pasadena are all located in the USA. No CMNT has beaten the yanks in the USA since 1957. (all results vs US) What happened in Orlando was disappointing but far from a disaster.
  4. It works perfectly for Clanachan: it never changes. Tomorrow never comes for these "announcements".
  5. As a keeper, Borjan should know the law at least as well, if not BETTER than Davies. He could easily have hoofed it out with his foot but chose to catch it.
  6. Meh, pretty marginal call. At the moment the kick is made he doesn't look offside to me.
  7. For the first time we had two separate well-attended watch parties in downtown Victoria!
  8. Well we are certainly getting a clearer picture of the people who "support" Cherry: http://www.narcity.com/news/ca/on/toronto/don-cherry-supporter-allegedly-vandalized-torontos-cenotaph-because-cherry-was-fired
  9. Sometimes? It has been the standard expectation for 30 years and yet Herdman's team did what no other team has done in that period: beat the US.
  10. ^ Sorry, couldn't help but laugh. At our BoD meeting last night we reviewed some communications with the league including an answer to a question about away travel and how they can support Supporter Groups. Our president basically said, release the damn schedule more than a week before the season so people can actually bloody plan for away games.
  11. Yup, it is a balance and the line has to be drawn somewhere. I simply had to make it clear that the statement totally dismissing tribalism is ignoring reality. In the specific case of Montreal, I don't see an "English" and a "French" team crossing that line but then I don't see those as ethnicities in this context. My perception of Montreal (limited I admit since I last visited as a teenager over 30 years ago) is that both language "tribes", like the city as a whole, are fairly cosmopolitan. Now, if the "English" team actually went all "England 4 Evah!", Union-Jack-waving, etc, that would be an issue I suppose but I think you can be the team of English-speakers without being that. Likewise the "French" team.
  12. You do understand that the foundation of football the world over, what makes it the most popular sport on the planet, is largely due to the tribalism built into the game? Without tribalism spectator sport would not exist. There has to be some form of "us versus them" to sustain interest.
  13. If the result last month, a historic win against a team we had beat in 30 years, was not enough then nothing ever will be for some people.
  14. I beg your pardon?!? This had nothing to do with him or else it would have happened sooner. The guy has been the top dude for a year but this only happens as he is out the door? It is far more likely that it has come because supporters groups like ours have been pushing watch parties at pubs since before the season started and the clubs finally woke up to the idea.
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