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  1. Yeah it was stupid and Friend was annoyed as heck about it last year. Glad to hear the league smartened up. I think the issue was skittish owners hedging their bets in case the league or their team didn't get off the ground and stick them with wage bills if things went south.
  2. Are they allowed to yet? Talk from Rob Friend last year was they wanted to but were prohibited from doing so by league rules for the first two years at least.
  3. Are they? I thought the rule was competitive matches for most, if not all, of the last 50 years?
  4. Right?!? Every time he was on the pitch I expected big things. He didn't really show the same spark this year but that seemed like an issue with his playing time (not enough) than his talent and effort.
  5. The "open" (for selected Collective members) training session tomorrow should be interesting to see who is there. Jason from LSBTV is going so hopefully we get some kind of report.
  6. Funny, I'm pretty sure there is no track at Westhills Stadium.
  7. Wait, what if they beat TFC and play in the Champions League? Do they play in both leagues?
  8. Yup, he literally said he would be fine if the same play drew the same call in other games. Kinda a cliche all right but we lost two different games this season (out of only 8 played total) due to bad calls so it's hard not to feel aggrieved. Is it time for the dreaded VAR conversation again? Oh, wait, no thanks.
  9. I think we are doing really well and Kah is definitely an upgrade. The core of the team is the same as last year but beating Calgary yesterday showed how a coach (working with good transfers) can make a big difference.
  10. Re: Forge punishment. Easy, at the conclusion of the first round, before places in the final four are awarded, deduct three points to any team that has not met the minutes requirement.Then calculate the final standings for round one. Easy, direct and finished quickly without affecting future budgets. Anything less IMO renders the rule a joke.
  11. Anyone have any idea why I can watch repeats on my laptop but when I tried to watch the live game yesterday it just gave me an error message? What would allow one to stream while the other could not? (Was able to get the game on my phone no problem.)
  12. What a fucking bullshit schedule. We play two Tuesdays before noon Pacific Time.
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