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  1. In another topic we were discussing bad TV/camera work at a particular stadium. So I'm curious, what is the worst stadium you see on TV (including online platforms)? Please give reasons: whatever makes the viewing experience less than perfect, irritating or outright frustrating.
  2. I think you mean MediaPro, they run the cameras don't they? In either case, the problem is (I think) that they have low camera platforms that are a not going to change until the fourth side gets a stand. That could take years I'm afraid. Until then the angle of the shot and the sun makes for glare. Luckily I only have to watch replays after I get home.
  3. A slight upward tick. Guess the "military appreciation day" promotion was successful. Saw lots of uniforms in the stands.
  4. I think if the question was "who would you fire" he would get a lot of votes. In reality there are few alternatives and none of the coaches are totally screwing up.
  5. This is a worker safety issue. Other teams in North America face similar conditions and they continue to broadcast but that is up to teams and MediaPro to work together to ensure safe working conditions.
  6. Not sure how either of those factors into the decision. There is not a "Silberbauer Out" groundswell in the stands, let alone the general community. As for "starpower on the pitch", that is dues to injuries, not signings he hasn't made.
  7. Based on results alone, I can see that. But I think he will still be here next year. He was brought in with a specific mandate to build a team long-term. Our losing record is IMO down to the naivete of a young team and the lack of veteran leadership due to injuries.
  8. ^ We can wait for the naming contest and vote for "Binky's Field".
  9. ^ Sorry I used "sold" in the loosest sense possible and giving the league/team the benefit of the doubt when they said they wouldn't be giving away tons of tickets for free.
  10. Yeah, I counted the fans in that group at the banner at different times and there were never 15 unless you are gonna pretend that everyone sitting in that end stand are Gen IX.
  11. Again, for those who don't seem to get it, attendance figure are for tickets sold, NOT bums in seats. This has a marked effect on York, as fans with Season Tickets count as part of the attendance even of they went to the TFC game (or somewhere else).
  12. I didn't realize "Generation iX" was the number of supporters in the group. We had more people at the pub in Victoria.
  13. 30 seconds of brilliance from Gonzalez leads to a nice goal. Then back to our usual casual defensive play and a total lack of offensive movement. 🙄
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