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  1. Possibly, but I don't think they should. The draw has been conducted and there has to be a cut-off. Why add extra work for all the teams that have already had to book their venues? Why add to the headaches for a club that will be going crazy just to start league play?
  2. They didn't. They built the team around Marcel de Jong being able to put balls into the box and feed Haber, Campbell, et al. Not much better, but not as dumb an idea.
  3. What kind of fantasy world are you living in?!?! What "warm weather nations" would even consider playing us at home in March?!?!
  4. Or the simple explanation: it is too late for 2020 and too early to have to talk about 2021.
  5. Yeah, I think it's been covered under the CMNT section and I laugh because I seriously doubt that there are a lot of "CanPL exclucive" fans out there, let alone on this board.
  6. The why bring up this ******** about everything you've "heard"?
  7. The plans that have been referenced before in this thread have not been cancelled AFAIK. We are still expecting the lines to be moved underground before next season.
  8. Did anyone really think 2020 was still a realistic possibility at this late date?!? LOL
  9. When has "salary cap" EVER, anywhere on the planet, in any sport, included coaching staff? I think you started this nonsensical line of thinking last year and am genuinely curious where such a bizarro concept comes from.
  10. I am surprised he was available to return. These kids are were all on my, "Likely to Move" list.
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