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  1. We have a gap in the home schedule coming up. Maybe then?
  2. I believe the "family" stand is supposed to get a roof when they actually build it in the second phase which would include moving the hydro pole and building stands on the north side. Right now the tow "end zones" are temporary bleachers, not a proper stand. As for the partial roof, my opinion (ie I have not talked to anyone about this) is that the design had to go through Mayor Stewie and his team, and they didn't want to pay for or juts didn't like, a full roof that would actually cover those seats. To be fair, the first 3-10 rows in ANY stadium are usually exposed to the rain at least part of the time.
  3. That's a joke, right?!?! A mid-week cup game, on a rainy night, in a competition almost no casuals know about? Our attendance was pretty good.
  4. We have had away supporter at both home games so far and yes, that is the designated away section. Close enough to be drowned out by our chants and share a beer at half-time.
  5. It will be odd to be "seated" in the away section at BC Place. 😂
  6. The dream for many out here is to see PFC and 'Caps go head to head in the third round. I don't know about nationally, but locally playing well in a Salish Sea Derby would be huge for the club here on the Island. But first we (who are on a low) have to find a way through Cavalry (who are on a high).
  7. I don't know but it is in all aspects of life. Whether at my work or not-for-profit organizations and clubs, the idea of actually starting on time seems alien to people. If I say a meeting starts @ 7:00 pm, I expect you to be seated, settled and ready to start @7:00 bloody pm. I've had to give up hope that that will ever be true.
  8. 19 is pretty thin. Transfer window opens up for Euro players on Friday (May 17) I think. Maybe we will get one or two more at least?
  9. "5 or 8 minutes" is not the kind so delays we are talking about. Watching the Edmonton game on TV on Sunday it looked like the stands were still only half-full 15 - 20 minutes or more into the match.
  10. Yeah, much as I applauded the red, the PFC supporters at Darcy's Pub generally agreed that we would have taken a Yellow. The worrying part was that with so much time with the man advantage and possession (crazy stats), we never looked like we had an extra man.
  11. It did fill in as the game went on. Anyone know if they had parking issues like Calgary a their first match?
  12. As I said earlier, I plan to watch games at the Club-sanctioned watch parties put on by one of their partner pubs. Watching games on OneSoccer was only ever gong to be a last-resort for me. I was hoping to get my value out of the other programming. And if I did not live in a city with a team I would totally be subscribing to watch games - although I would still prefer to go to a pub and be with other fans. Watching soccer is not meant to be a solitary activity. An ugly patriot is a person who declares that whatever they have decided is the best course of action is the ONLY patriotic action possible. Therefore if you fail to do what they suggest you are not a patriot and, by implication, a traitor. It is based on the "No true Scotsman" logical fallacy. It is the kind of thing Nazis and Republicans argue and has no place in a discussion of whether or not to subscribe to a video-streaming service which is why I react so angrily.
  13. And this is where I have to call ******** as too many people are starting to make this ugly "patriotism" argument. I have a season ticket to my local team. I am REQUIRED to do nothing more to prove my loyalty/patriotism/support for the league. Next you will be telling me I must now buy only Moosehead, drive a Volkswagon, or get donuts and coffee at Tim Hortons. If OneSoccer wants my business it is up to them to make it worth getting for me and anyone who says I HAVE TO support this business can **** RIGHT OFF.
  14. Explain to me how the highlights packages are available on YouTube for free but they are NOT available on OneSoccer.ca? Why is there not even a weekly league highlights and analysis show? They could cobble that together from post-game shows with a talking head or two to introduce it. Why couldn't I watch the Halifax game last weekend while the Valour game was on? I'm talking about basic service promised and not available. Not even communication from the channel to say when any of the promised programming and options will actually be available. I'm sure I'll give it another chance at some point.
  15. Yeah, not sure being part of that market helps us. It makes advertising more expensive and wasted on people who will never come to a game, and it means PFC competes for attention with all of the teams in the Lower Mainland for coverage.
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