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  1. Good riddance to this loser. I was all about him when he got canned but I’ll throw my hands up and say I was wrong. Very wrong.
  2. I thought the same after the Suriname game. But now I realize that feeling was just because we didn’t get a chance to see Buchanan or Hoilett. We have a “next man up” that only two other teams in CONCACAF can boast.
  3. At the end of the day you don’t disrupt anything to do with the “brotherhood” we have going. Arfield isn’t Iniesta and Hoilett, who has suddenly turned up a gear, seems to think there’s a problem with him. Give me Wotherspoon and Hutchinson. We have depth in spades.
  4. Agreed on the first part. But hard to verify the second part when Kennedy has yet to put a foot wrong for Canada.
  5. You can tell these guys love playing for Canada. There’s a reason a world best XI player wanted to be here. And like Hume said.. this is going to attract players. If you’re a Dias or Jebbison you better got onboard now.
  6. So proud of our boys. We played fantastic football while missing our world class players. Can someone explain how there was 7 minutes added though?? For what exactly?
  7. Eustaquio made a mistake there before Henry.. lost possession easily in midfield and left us exposed. I expect a better 2nd half from him, we need it. here we go!!
  8. Our away game vs. them is confirmed for Nashville. Or are you referring to our home leg?
  9. I guess that depends on Jebbison's commitment as well. Is Amanda an out and out striker though or more of a winger?
  10. I'd be more curious to see how Herdman would do in that era. We certainly could have used some more planning in Honduras...
  11. In terms of being a player's manager? Sure... but he had no tactical knowledge. He would basically just put out a best XI in a 4-2-3-1 and tell them to "express themselves"
  12. Suspensions as well with 14 matches we'll have plenty.
  13. https://www.tsn.ca/cf-montreal-kamal-miller-1.1667046#:~:text=CF Montreal has signed Canadian,option for the 2024 season.&text=CF Montreal has signed Canadian,the team announced on Monday. Just two weeks ago.
  14. I wonder what Miller's new salary is. Guessing it has to be at least ZBG level.
  15. It's just crazy to me how some of these "football nations" can be so ignorant about other national teams and players that play at top levels. Surely these Mexican journalists know about Timothy Weah and Eugene Pizzuto.. yet they don't know about one of the best players on the same club? The same guy who won the Golden Boot at the last Gold Cup?! Truthfully, I think we have the most knowledgeable football media in CONCACAF.
  16. He did well in OQC - we drew the 2nd best team in the tournament and gave Mexico a closer match, at home no less, than France did at the Olympics. We only conceded 3 goals in 4 matches .. and sure we relied on Buchanan a lot but as he's shown for the men's team he was head and shoulders above anyone else on that squad.
  17. Sturing vs Cayman Islands was off a corner but definitely fortuitous given the opponent. Larin scored off a Davies free kick vs Bermuda. Davies is not a good taker but he’s our only left footed option. Gutierrez would be a nice left footed option but it doesn’t seem likely that he’ll be a starter.
  18. Well you're specifically talking about a slash that injured a player and kept him out. If that happened, which would be a pretty hefty and likely obvious slash, there would certainly be a suspension. Regarding your cross check example I suppose you could probably get away with it.
  19. On paper it looks centrally focused, but I don't recall us being exposed on the wings vs. the USA at home and you'll recall their best player, Pulisic, was actually stifled out there.
  20. I agree. I think one of the strengths of our midfield is the youthfulness/energy. If we put in Arfield and Hutchinson we might miss out on that.
  21. Just thinking about how we could employ a 4-2-2-2 here and I like it. -----------Hoilett---Buchanan------------- ------------Kaye---Osorio---------------- ------------Piette--Eustaquio------------- Laryea-----Miller----Henry------Johnston ----------------Crepeau---------------
  22. I'm okay with violent acts that are worthy of suspension. But in footy yellows/reds often aren't violent - they could be tactical or you could push the envelope just a little too much.
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