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  1. Saveable but the player on the end of the wall.. what are you doing? Turns and makes a low percentage attempt at blocking a dead ball. Not sure I’ve ever seen that.
  2. That’s probably his best goal yet. Great control and finish with his left.
  3. If that were the case they could use Starlight Stadium or even Swangard.
  4. I am with 3 others. Edit: sorry, no we’re on swoop out of Toronto around that same time.
  5. We’re getting cocky if we think we can just let this kid slide. We need to throw the kitchen sink to get him onboard. This could be a generational player and we need to keep the pipeline flowing after Davies etc.
  6. Luckily he's owned by a club that has two former CPL players contributing in Waterman and Pantemis. I think that bodes well for him.
  7. At 18 he was looking to make things happen. He had some games back then but then resigned himself to a central holding player. He’s had moments but mostly plays like a classic 00s Canadian player. Consistent but without influence. When he gets a ball in an attacking position you almost cringe at how obvious he is. Switch to the left and have a long telegraphed cross.
  8. I only watched bits and pieces but Godinho looked decent. He had one highlight nutmeg spoiled by a shanked cross.
  9. He's been extremely hard done by this season. The team in front of him sucked and he was dropped. Meanwhile Miller has had a few games where he's given up a bunch of goals but never gets dropped. You would think they would toss him a mid-week game or something at least.
  10. Funny you say that @RShe did remind me of DeRo with that hair bouncing.
  11. Such a quality player. I also think he could play in the EPL. He almost glides out there with his dribbling. He has excellent control and explodes so quickly. Expert at shielding the ball and shaping his body. Excellent off the ball too.
  12. JMR was good but I’d still like to see more. Is he not that fast? I only watched the second half but he didn’t seem eager to take on players. He made some good decisions out there but I’d like to see a little more confidence/aggressiveness.
  13. Agree completely. I thought JMR was good but Nelson was a bit more “electric” and in line with the players we’ve seen on the national team. He had jump out there and demanded the ball.
  14. I think Herdman just made a smart call for the El Salvador game. We didn’t need Davies and wanted to do what was best for him and us long term. That good faith made it possible for us to start him 3 games without question in October IMO. The next windows shouldn’t be issues either. 2 games next month and then January Germany is on break. The last window might be do or die so there can’t be any reasonable club demands of Davies.
  15. In his defence I'm on his ignore list. I can't be sure but I believe it was because I let him know that Alexander Isak was not eligible for the 2020 Golden Boy because he was a 99 birth year.
  16. Kaye, Eustaquio, Fraser, Osorio, Wotherspoon, Piette, Hutchinson, Arfield, Paton. He probably needs about 4-5 injuries/suspensions before being called. I'd say Priso is ahead of him as well if healthy.
  17. Saves are sexy but not the only part of goalkeeping. He can only save the shots he faces but that save late on vs. Panama was massive and he was dependable in dealing with crosses and his distribution was sound. A good window from him.
  18. He's likely there with the youth team as he's been featuring regularly in the UEFA youth league, which plays matches at the same time as the respective first teams.
  19. Ryan Reynolds first Canadian signing?
  20. After what we did to Costa Rica in July, if we can’t dominate them at home it’s going to be disappointing.
  21. Such a key player for Bayern. Smart from his manager.
  22. Unless it’s a chance for us then you have to be prepared to gamesmanship the hell out of it if something comes near you.
  23. Just look at the players who have emerged for us since last cycle in 2016. The next generation is even better. We are more than fine.
  24. Conflict of interest. Perez is trying to win the job when the season is lost. Management has to manage.
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