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  1. In competitive games he is but John Catliff also did it (3 against Mexico and 1 against the US). Cavallini is a huge part of our MNT simply because we don't have a presence that compares to him up top. He is without a doubt the best header of the ball we've ever had IMO and for a big man he can score in some pretty agile ways.
  2. The Suriname match against Bermuda only matters if they lose. If they draw they would still eliminate us by beating us, which they already have to do anyhow.
  3. Marshall-Rutty is a year younger than them - so not in the same age group.
  4. So you’re saying the Suriname match could end in a win, loss or draw? Get this man on the panel.
  5. One positive is the loan clause that guaranteed him playing time or a penalty to Charlton. That helped him a ton when he was slumping.
  6. Is this sarcasm? Of course they had access to weights.
  7. Peschisolido and Edgar both played for them.
  8. I posted that tweet in the Suriname thread last night.
  9. We don't have a set starting XI so there's no point in arguing about it - I'm assuming your XI includes Larin and Eustaquio who have both played professionally in Florida and Mexico. The point is that our players, on a whole, are much more acclimated to playing in Florida/heat than Suriname's. @Boominbooty's point about the travel makes sense. It's the only logical explanation.
  10. The heat reason does not outweigh the benefit of playing in the same state when we play two matches in 3 days. We also realize that we have Toronto and Montreal playing their season out of Florida right? Along with all the other players who regularly play in MLS... while Suriname will bring a squad that largely plays in Europe. We've taken away our travel advantage when they have an extra day of rest. This just makes no sense - playing in Chicago gives us no advantage and actually plays into their hands. The only thing I can think of is if the CSA has studied flight patterns and rea
  11. Paul Stalteri’s Werder Bremen would smash the current Werder Bremen. Come on now. A team that won the double vs a relegation candidate. You’re right about our current depth though, which is the important part. We’ve always had good dreamt up squads but when 3+ guys go down, as is inevitable, we would drop down two tiers. Top guys could also be complacent or skip calls altogether as they knew no one could touch them. Now? It’s tight for everyone, even guys like David. To the point of comparing generations the 2008 squad was easily better than the 2004 team on paper IMO.
  12. That didn't work out so well for them vs. Cayman Islands. Then they have to fly to Florida to face us... Oh well.
  13. Video of the assist. Is it just me or does he look a little out of shape? Some Charlton fans are saying the same thing on Twitter.
  14. Two 4 goal matches in a season is insane.
  15. I’m sure he will. Not exactly typical to be bringing on a CB consistently as a sub. Unless you’re Benito Floro.
  16. Yes, just as preseason goals don't count. That tournament was akin to a preseason tournament in my eyes with the scheduling and game times.
  17. I wasn't replying to you specifically, just when I think of Akinola I can't help but think of a "grass is greener on the other side" situation ala Akindele. I expect him to be more of a Akindele in our program than a Cavallini/Larin.
  18. Akinola is not in the same category as Larin. He's just not that impressive and doesn't have the size.. take away his goals in the MLS is back preseason tournament and you're left with very little. 6 goals in 32 appearances.
  19. I like this reporter but this is too funny. If he can mould himself into a regular Ligue 1 CB that "should" put him on CanMNT radar. LOL If he can mould himself into a Ligue 2 backup CB he'll be on the CanMNT radar.
  20. While he isn't currently on the roster, Manjrekar James has played for Midtjylland this year who are topping the table in Denmark. That would make him a champion as well.
  21. Like something out of Football Manager, a French youth player named Justin Smith with Canadian second nationality.
  22. That's what I was thinking except Ranieri was sacked the next season. Funny to see Drinkwater playing against Besiktas a few weeks back.
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