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  1. MLS salary numbers are out and I find it interesting that our guys make significantly less than the other CONCACAF nations national team players. We have only two guys who make over $200k (Johnson and Osorio). Looking around the league Piette and Kaye should be settling for no less than $450k+ on their next deals.
  2. Yeah no joke, that’s one good thing about that call he’s out tallest by far. Now combine that with technical skill and you can see why he has massive potential. Edit: no pun intended. 😆
  3. Jaime Peters in his prime aka 19 years old. Imagine the guy turned out half of his potential, he would be on this gold cup team still.
  4. I like that it points out past results, no one should be complacent here. They actually have the edge as our win was a friendly.
  5. Of course you have to play all players, no one is disputing that. He’s going to play his entire squad. Majority doesn’t mean all minutes. “Every man selected has to be ready to play,” Herdman admitted, while also adding, “the stronger players are going to play the majority of the minutes in the tournament.” It will be interesting to see what we do rotation wise. I am pretty confident in any player we put out there and think we have a good shot at mexico. If we can get Haiti or Nicaragua in the quarter finals and Mexico and Costa Rica have to kill each other to make the semis that would be ideal obviously.
  6. Or Cuba - they need a rest for sure and it would make more sense for that to come before the knockouts imo. But Herdman has already said that the big players will play the majority of minutes at this tournament. I’d expect 2+ starts in the group stage for any guy who is considered to be a big player. I think every outfield player with the exception of maybe Miller and Okello will get a start in the group stage.
  7. https://twitter.com/coachpassy/status/1138842686129991680 St Kitts’ Mexican coach with high praise for Canada and Herdman. Says we’re a team to pay attention to. Also says that Herdman is meticulous and knows the squad like the back of his hand. Months back I also saw him talk about our squad on Twitter. Called the Canadian squad our best ever and once again said to watch out for us. Bottom line, Canada left a lasting impression on him from November and this is a coach who was nominated for concacaf coach of the year last year. Interesting that he seems to also imply to another user that we develop managers better in a way because we don’t worry about their origin I.e women’s football. It is true really.. we have a manager who has been trained in the international game for years at major tournaments without the big $.
  8. I agree with your post but what don’t you understand about me wanting Cavallini and Osorio starting vs Mexico? The two aren’t mutually exclusive. We need rotation and to use our depth, I would just like to see them in that game particularly.
  9. I want Osorio and Cavallini fresh and starting against Mexico. Best friends and both with chips on their shoulders who seem to relish playing high level Mexican competition. With that in mind I’d have Larin or Millar come in for Cavallini at some point since he’s a workhorse.
  10. It’s tough because David is a stud, of course, but you look at our last match against French Guiana and we’ve now added Arfield and Davies, arguably two of our top 3 players along with Hoilett imo. So who gets dropped? Obviously we’ve moved Hutch back to CB so that opens up a spot for Arfield. But then we have to drop someone for Davies - so it’s either Kaye at LB, Hoilett or David .. obviously we don’t want him at LB and he’s not taking Hoiletts spot. So that leaves David the odd man out - unless he can move into midfield, but why would we risk that when midfield is our strongest and deepest position?
  11. I think it would be wise to continue with the same lineup for the Martinique game. We got a solid result and no one was able to scout the match (hopefully). Focus on a 3 point start - it’s all that matters. If we go to face Mexico on 3 points all the pressure is on them. If we have anything less the pressure is on us already. The only change I’d maybe make is Osorio for David, but I have no idea the roles they were playing Monday. Obviously David looked like a stud on that second goal and throughout his Canada career so far.
  12. All of those factors combined would not account for a loss with 21k in the seats. Also keep in mind you don’t have professional salaries etc. Which makes many of those figures a wash. If what you are saying is true that would mean the CPL is doomed to failure. With 5k in seats, Canadian airfare, hotels, salaries, coaches etc. the business model is a lot weaker than an international friendly. Let’s say tickets are $25 a piece and for arguments sake, Canada doesn’t draw well as expected.. they get 16k instead of 21k. In both examples the attendees spend an average of $8 each at concessions. CMNT friendly @ 16k = $400,000 + 128,000 concessions = $528,000 CPL @ 5k = $125,000 + 40,000 concessions = $165,000 so that’s a revenue difference of $350k ~ again rounding down. In both cases the number is a little generous perhaps when you factor in freebies etc. But you get the point. Obviously with a bigger stadium overhead is more etc. Some of the factors you’ve listed are valid, but they fail to explain why we don’t have home matches. I’d agree with you that the 2017 friendlies were a wash after curaçao. You also need to remember that a lot of stuff is sponsored or comped. We likely don’t have to pay for a practice field and we’re obviously not paying full price (or at all) to rent BMO and train for matches in Toronto. The potential is there and hopefully after our home matches this fall the CSA realizes we’ve now turned a corner and it’s the way to go moving forward.
  13. So why don’t you enlighten me? The problem isn’t that it’s not possible, it’s that we have an FA that can’t even shell out for a french language speaker on their twitter account. With that level of laziness you can see exactly the type of organization you’re dealing with and it’s not a shock that they can’t manage to put this together.
  14. Nice obtuse take. If you didn’t cut out the rest of the post you would see the reasoning. If you don’t think this team is marketable that’s your opinion but try to be genuine in your arguments. 20k is going to be a game day profit guaranteed. Whether it covers the cost of the camp is another thing but if you’re making minimal losses (at worst) .. what’s the problem? It’s just ridiculous we don’t even try. The USMNT and Mexico make profit on home friendlies. I guess your assumption is that’s not possible for us? Well of course not if we never play at home it’s never going to happen.
  15. It really is shocking the treatment our men’s team gets. The women’s team seems to have a ton of high quality home friendlies every single year. We now have a team that can draw - we don’t need a huge name team just a respectable team I.e Slovakia, Hungary etc. But we can’t do that? Last men’s home friendly got 20k+ in Toronto. Does the CSA not like money? Maybe because then they don’t need to play more friendlies. “No, no we can’t have home friendlies because then we’ll make money and have to book more!”
  16. Or my thought was that they didn’t want to pay for FIFA officials and they used a local crew. Anything to cut corners! 😉
  17. Agreed. That breakaway was ugly and way too easy. How did they counter so easily? A couple poor giveaways that they countered on but you could tell by the flow that they never really possessed the ball.
  18. As it always is.. who cares? Like literally what difference does it make whether you play US and then Mexico or Mexico and then the US? Same difference.
  19. How bad was that breakaway?? That striker looked like he had two left feet.
  20. No. 7 was Teibert, Johnson was 5. Straith was wearing 15, hopefully just for this match while Henry recovers. I would keep him rested until we absolutely need him. Also, it’s Liam Millar and Kamal Miller. How about that run on the Cavallini chance by Davies? More of that with better finishing please.
  21. Wow - let’s hope they saved some of that for the tournament. Those are two of the nicest goals I’ve seen Canada score.
  22. Or we could get REAL crazy with it and play a match in Canada against a South/Central American team. Get expats AND Canadians out to see this guy called Alphonso Davies. Hey, wouldn't that be neat?!
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