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  1. Sounds about right. There may be some new local additions after training camp.
  2. Not to butt in on this, but I had heard originally the coach salaries were not part of the player budgets. I can't remember the dollar figure, but it was a significant number that could be allocated to coaches. DeGuzman in Ottawa received in excess of this amount, which was one of the theories why he was against CPL from the on-set. Why am I posting this..........??
  3. Sorry if I posted this already. Mahith Gamage @mahithgamage · Feb 11 Valour FC fans will have another big signing to look forward to within the next week or so, in the shape of a u23 attacking midfielder who has over 10 senior international caps for his country, & has featured at 2 recent FIFA U20 World Cups!
  4. Nothing official, but I'm guessing Janssen and Paulucci are gone.
  5. Mahith Gamage @mahithgamage · Feb 10 Canadian centre-back Skylar Thomas is currently on trial with Pittsburgh Riverhounds in the @USLChampionship , all but confirming his departure from @ValourFootball , which I reported a couple weeks ago.
  6. The entire county has written off Valour this season. Hopefully RG can use this as motivation: Oliver Platt @plattoli · Feb 7 If I had to put money on one of Valour, Edmonton, or Ottawa to be in the Finals, it would be the new guys. Sorry.
  7. Our backline looks stronger and we should be stronger in goal once Pantemis is announced. Where are the goals coming from ? Hoping to see at least 1 quality import striker.
  8. I heard he's gone. It would be nice if Valour would update the departures like every other pro club in the world.
  9. His resume was not that strong.........was it a Norwegian third division side or second ?
  10. Canadian Premier League News UK @canplunited · 30m My Power Rankings based on what we currently know 1. Cavalry FC 2. York 9FC 3. Forge FC 4. Pacific FC 5. FC Edmonton 6. HFX Wanderers 7. Valour FC 8. Ottawa I suspect once Ottawa signs a few players, we will move to last place on the Power Rankings. Right now I would put HFX over Edmonton, with EFC and Valour battling for the wooden spoon. Ottawa excluded. Impossible to rank them yet.
  11. Oliver Platt @plattoli · 7h Gale’s taken a lot of heat this offseason, but he’s bringing players whose careers have stalled to Winnipeg and rejuvenating them. To me, their quick departures speak more to the problems caused by the lack of a GM figure. #CanPL Isn't Gale the GM ?
  12. Thomas Nef @ThomasNef2 · 2h Valour FC have signed 22 year old Panamanian Centre-Back Amir Soto. When contacting the club, I’ve yet to hear back. #CanPL
  13. "players leaving Valour to take their game to the next level"
  14. There's a massive Italian community, and an even bigger community that is not Italian. Believe it or not, many of those Canadians of Italian origin consider themselves Canadian, first and foremost. Why potentially alienate a majority of the population ? It would be very short sited for the CPL to take this route.
  15. People from SK have their own rich culture, history and identity. How about a name that people from Saskatoon or SK can actually identify with and call their own. Lyon in QC, I have no problem with. It fits for obvious reasons. Saskatoon Ipswich or Saskatoon Roma, etc.......forget it. You will alienate a huge portion of your fan base right off the hop. This is what the CPL was all about. Having clubs that represented their Canadian cities, history, geography, etc......? At least that's what they told us.
  16. WSA PDL worked very closely with Valour. I hope to see the same from FC Manitoba.
  17. I have no problem with Roma investing in CPL, but if it's going to be a club called Roma,....ie Saskatoon Roma or Fraser Valley Roma, etc,.......I think that's complete crap and will turn off many people. In fact, many of my die-hard Italian friends would probably not support the club because they are not Roma supporters.
  18. Kurt Larson @OneSoccerExpert · 1h The money was similar. The role was similar. Did #CanPL standout Bustos turn his back on @ValourFootball ? And how much should it bother Winnipeg fans? More this weekend on @onesoccer ...
  19. Is Ali Musse signing ? In training camp last year, he often looked like one of our best. Had a couple of injuries last season and just never got on track. He's another local talent and the kind of player I would expect us to have on our roster.
  20. He clearly lost the locker room last season. Hopefully RG has learned from his first year coaching. I must confess, I like all his signings this season. They should all produce, with the possible exception of the kid from Ghana, who I think may be a bit of a question mark. But he has lost a ton of quality Canadian and local talent and his imports last season were simply not good enough. We still have lots of roster to fill out. I haven't written the team off this season. With some good signings and hoping RG learned some hard lessons last season, we may even challenge for mid table.
  21. Sadly there is not a lot of Canadian talent that can fill Bustos role. We had one who may have, in Dylan Sacramento, but another local product that has left for greener pastures. Now we will also be competing with Ottawa for Canadian talent. Valour are going to need some quality imports to fill the holes. Can RG find them and can we afford them ?
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