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  1. Seems like his confidence isn't too high, not choosing to take people on one v one. He use to do it too much almost.
  2. All your curses have been cast...you will see the Vanney curse come into effect when Ballou torches TFC tomorrow 😉.
  3. He had a healthy Piatti last year and didn't make the playoffs.
  4. PFC's stadium is the direction I hope most new franchises go.
  5. My patience is thinning with Vanney. (I'll check back at the end of the day)
  6. I question the Cabrera hiring, but if he can let our creative players play through their mistakes by giving them true freedom, then that's an upgrade in my opinion. Also a high probability of him just being an interim coach which I am okay with. Help Bernier get his foot in the door and give him a promotion in the off season 😉.
  7. Yeah what a disappointment the Browne situation was. There's no doubt he was a little immature and raw tactically but he has so much talent. Under the right coach, I honestly think he could of become a star.
  8. Players don't look too sad about it as a few have them been posting stories like nothing just happened
  9. yeah what the... Really like this though. And did he really? Even if so, the players brought in were the ones he wanted, and they failed to have an impact.
  10. Lol just after what I was saying in the Ballou thread, not surprised.
  11. My patience is thinning with Garde. It doesn't seem like the players want to play for him, and he's completely alienated at least a few.
  12. Sorry yeah found it after I posted, but didn't really increase quality
  13. My internet speed is pretty good but the quality still isn't great. Where do you see these settings, I only see the color settings.
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