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  1. All the supporters groups come together in protest of the identity change. Which is big because some of these supporter groups can never agree on anything
  2. Yeah I'de say Besiktas take 15m for Larin all day long
  3. I really wonder how much they can take before going back on the decision. How much backlash did it take for Leeds to do so? That rebrand wasn't even changing the name of the club either 🤦‍♂️
  4. 4100 signatures on a petition and the Ultras are saying there is actually a waiting list right now for season ticket cancelations.
  5. The stadium sign with the new logo was vandalized
  6. What does it take for a re-brand to be reversed, or at least edited? This has literally made the club a laughing stock, even amongst it's OWN fans.
  7. The one good piece of news is the club does in fact have plans for a Stade Saputo facelift, where winter games will be possible
  8. They say the reasoning behind the rebrand is appealing to the world of football, but then explain every little overthought detail about how the new identity is community based. What am I missing here?
  9. What am I watching man...how did a group of people come to these conclusions. "We are snowflakes, together we make a blizzard" what..
  10. Yeah I'm holding up hope this is all some good joke to distract us, and this whole re-design turns out be nice...but knowing this club...that's the logo.
  11. This was leaked by Filosa. How boring, is every European logo redesign, and every new MLS club just going to be default circle badges from now on?
  12. Yeah weird not to just put him out there and see what happens at this point...
  13. 18 and already two caps with Nigeria from what I can see. They apparently beat out several European teams to sign him, according to Renard
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