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  1. Not so sure I agree. I would imagine the majority of those who commented have told him their feelings directly as well. Harsh yes, but perhaps something public like this is the last step many believe needs to be taken. Fans and journalists alike are constantly asking for updates about him and now it's officially out there and known. It's up to him how he wants to take it and proceed.
  2. Wow. I've assumed a lot of what was said based on his reoccurring troubles through several coaching regimes, but to hear it straight like that...wow
  3. I want to come to this game so badly but I'll unfortunately be in Paris for work
  4. Yup, went the full 90. He got an assist and a lot of fans are liking what they see from him
  5. David made L'Equipes team of the week
  6. The form you like to see heading into this window 👊
  7. Stadium looks pretty empty for a big Saturday night game...
  8. Yeah Brym over Ennin is a very strange selection IMO. Hope he proves us wrong
  9. Yup agreed he should be on the 1st team at least before a call up. I'de imagine that has to happen soon though with how he's developing.
  10. Does anybody here have FuboTV? I saw if you subscribe to it you get OneSoccer as well. Is it the exact same service? Thinking of canceling Onesoccer and getting FutboTV (I saw it's been mentioned but nobody really said how the service was)
  11. Yeah that's not a great result, but good game by David
  12. USMNT fans in every debate about how our defense sucks and they have a "ChAmPiOnS lEaGuE CeNtEr BaCk"
  13. The team has closed section 132...aka banning the ultras.
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