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  1. Update, set for a 6 month loan with Pacos Ferreira.
  2. The Impact are trying to get a transfer agreement done but if it doesn't happen soon both clubs will move on
  3. This account is saying there is an agreement between him and the Impact
  4. Do you guys think Waterman has the ability to be a strong player in MLS? (Montreal are interested apparently)
  5. It definitely seems like Olivier Renard rates the CPL, with rumors for both Borges and Waterman coming out. I would love if the Impact can become one of the pathways for the leagues promising players to move up. (If these rumors are true of course)
  6. I really hope MDS can get the best out of him
  7. What I don't understand is why they decided to keep Taider...the guy is nowhere near worth a DP spot based off last season.
  8. Yeah there was one a while ago saying they were interested but haven't seen anything since. Piette is in negotiations with the Impact right now, and has been for a while I believe.
  9. I agree, not a position of need but he would probably put them on the bench. If he's able to play to the level he was at before the injury that is
  10. He's back in Montreal training with Shome
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