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  1. I'm happy about it. Always good to have someone knowledgeable dedicated to finding the right players for the club. Only thing I would question is how much attention can he give to both clubs, one club seems like it can be hard enough,
  2. I dont think anybody is saying to write off Godinho, kid has talent no doubt about it. I just think ZBG has one of the highest ceilings on the roster and already plays a mature game, and for that, should be starting at the moment.
  3. Nike just released one of their famous world cup ad's. It's really cool but have to say im disapointed that Canada, sponsored by Nike and having a higher ranking than other teams featured, wasn't included.
  4. No idea but the tweet basically says that Garde sees a lot of potential in him.
  5. Impact signed Karifa Yao from their academy today. He's a 19 year old CB
  6. He might just start keeping Azira, a solid MLS CM for years, out of the lineup.
  7. Having a blast watching this team do well again, especially featuring so much Canadien talent.
  8. Shome went the full 90 against NYRB last night.
  9. TFC really are team America
  10. I thought it was supposed to be free the first year? Edit: I thought I saw that somewhere, guess I dreamt it.
  11. I would expect to start seeing Shome, ZBG, Choiniere and Bahiya making the 11 more, they looked great against DC and the Revs yesterday
  12. Honestly love what I've seen from Shome, ZBG, Bahiya and Choiniere. I would start Choiniere over Novillo any day and ZBG over Sagna right now as well.
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