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  1. Not the name some wanted to see but he's a great coach. I'm happy with this
  2. Yeah makes sense, kind of along the lines of what I've read in the past. Still though, you'd think if the league is developing players who are good enough consistently, the pressure from top clubs/leagues in Europe would lead to transfers
  3. I would be okay with Jesse Marsch if there are no other great options before the Copa, I think he's a good coach.
  4. I have seen tidbits of info online saying that it's notoriously hard to get transfers out of Liga MX, but at the same time, how can they really stop that if the interest is strong enough?
  5. Exactly I know those players, and Pineda. All of them seem to be slowing down outside maybe Alvarez, but even him like you said, he's not a world beater. The rest of the team? Liga Mx players who personally I've never really heard of. Looking at that team I'd honestly make the argument they're 3rd, maybe even 4th in Concacaf right now. They'll always be tough to beat in Mexico but outside of that, they're not exactly scary. It's mind-boggling how they can get to this point with their resources
  6. Apologies if there is already a thread on this. What is up here? How is this football-mad country not up there with all the other football powerhouses? It's always astonished me that with a big population, huge sports fandom, history, and a traditionally strong domestic league, they have nothing to show for it. It's only getting worse too. At least before they had some notable players and you can make arguments they underperformed. Last night's roster was a 1st choice team and outside of a few players, I didn't know any of them. Anybody here follow Mexican football and have insights on this?
  7. I agree, don't think Biello is the man for the job. If the team sets up and looks like it did yesterday at the Copa America, we're going to have a rough time. The question is though, even if we have the money to get a new coach, do we have the time to get one in before the Copa, or even the Netherlands friendly? This new regime would need at least a camp or two to implement a new style and ideas.
  8. He's very direct and always a threat with that shot of his. I honestly could see him doing well in England
  9. https://x.com/DZFOOTBALLDZ/status/1770076369608651113?s=20 Honestly insane to use every level of Canada's football pyramid to get to where you are, and then say your heart is elsewhere.
  10. Honestly, York's image since the rebrand is amazing. The logo is sharp and the jerseys are always top-notch. What's the stadium situation (forgive me I haven't been following as closely as I have in the past)? With the right stadium and atmosphere, I can see a lot of people supporting this team
  11. I actually like them, especially the away. They'll look better on the pitch too.
  12. We looked great for the first 15-20 minutes but despite the scoreline, the game felt slow and messy. Good teams grind out results and that's what tonight was. I don't think we'll fully see what Courtois has planned in terms of playstyle for a while (until we play at home at least), but the team is definitely bought into what he's preaching. Also, I think Edwards looks great every time he plays, and was a huge part of closing out the game tonight. He needs to start. Wanyama...oof. Hope I'm wrong but he really seems to be at the end
  13. He definitely did, I think a lot of the team looked slow and lethargic tbh. Not sure if it was a hot and humid Miami night but it looked it by the pace of the game after the first 20 minutes
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