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  1. Anybody else find it cringe, despite the loss, Americans still acting like they`re by far the superior team? They really like to act like they're a powerhouse.
  2. When he is asked to simply do what he`s great at, be a destroyer, he is incredible.
  3. Is the game being canceled good or bad for us?
  4. Looks like Wilmer Cabrera won't be back. I have to say, I've grown to like him quite a bit and seems the players and media have too. Hope he does well in his next job.
  5. Don't have the Athletic (😔) but apparently a lot of information about the club in this article.
  6. DAZN is gonna go hard for those rights I think.
  7. Godinho is not at the level for international play right now.
  8. It doesn't matter what it was or wasn't, it was started by us, and thankfully has become a legit tournament. It's history is it's history. Agree to disagree I guess... anyways this is news: He'll be sporting director but still under Sabatini who is the head for both Bologna and the Impact.
  9. It's the same. By that logic, let's not count TFC's 4 title's when they were the only "d1" team. 10 titles.
  10. Yes, it's the same tournament. The only reason the name was changed is to increase marketability. Do big European clubs not count their champions league titles before it was named the champions league? They do, and so does the media.
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