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  1. I can see Piette going back to the role he had in 2015 vs. Honduras. At that time we had a midfield three of Hutchinson, JDG and Johnson so there wasn't room for him. Now, we have Eustaquio, Arfield, Kaye, Osorio and maybe Hutchinson. I'd still always want him off the bench even with those options - he's just such a spark.
  2. Nope - that's a blatant dive and yellow. He overcooked his touch and went down.
  3. Nice reel but makes me think that he may be on the move yet again. That, or like most of us he has a lot more free time during COVID.
  4. Canada will be his only option - if he's even good enough. I'd be happy for our program to make an example of him.
  5. Piette 100% - 32 more caps than Phonzie and tons of time. Phonzie will get there but the question is who will be first and it's obviously the bulldog.
  6. Kind of cool for CPL teams in that they get to treat their highest profile matches like the playoffs in that they will be the sole focus.
  7. Not following your logic here... If anything there probably isn't a better time to go. These events aren't galvanizing racists..
  8. With young Canadian center backs in short supply and 11 pro teams this might not be a bad thing... Given his age and time at the club/level it's probably time to move on anyway.
  9. This move is absolutely related to his status as a national team player for Taiwan. There is no other logical explanation for the fact that a player who only started 5 matches in CPL would go to ADO Den Haag while Borges went to Belgian D2. Estevez was not a player who stood out for doing the simple things ala Waterman either. In matches I watched he reminded me a lot of past Canadian players like Aleman or Boakai as guys who had a lot of flair but often played their way into trouble in doing so. Borges was this way too last I saw him in 2017 but he was a new player in 2019.
  10. Tosaint Ricketts was there last year as well so this is interesting for sure. I believe there is already a thread for this player but he moved on loan to get continental football so one to watch for sure.
  11. This is possibly the dumbest thread in the history of this site. I can tell you that the corporate legalese is all very standard and on the face of it isn’t at all suspicious. The cited by-law is just standard stuff that most corporations have. Also, just because there is talk of different class shares doesn’t mean that they’re being utilized. I’ll leave that to the Director(s) to clear up, if they even want to.
  12. That's just a minor point for sure... but the main point is that we already released a 50 man prelim squad and he wasn't on it. The only names left off were Davies and David and it even featured an unknown like Sturing. If Yankov was committed there's no doubt he would have been on the list at least. So as @El Hombre suggested this looks like some agent spinning. Why would he want to play for Bulgaria at this stage? He's the same age as Davies/David and will be 26 in 2026 - he would be a fool to stay with Bulgaria unless he doesn't like his chances with Canada.That's another question but this smells a lot like Fraser Aird/Kris Twardek. I do think he'll be back with Canada and maybe this is just a way to keep both federations alert.
  13. They do know the list was released right? He wasn't on it... We also weren't going to an olympic football tournament in Tokyo, so there's that as well.
  14. Noah Verhoeven - Pacific FC What ever happened to Adonijah Reid? He was easily one of our best 99s just 1.5 years ago.
  15. Bring him in for a look and some depth but I can't say his resume is great. Where would he be if he were in say Germany? 3/4 tier? He'll need to really impress and be a level ahead of our other LBs. Is he ahead of Cordova or Morgan even?
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