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  1. If we didn’t have the budget to play a friendly in November shouldn’t we be starting a go fund me about now to bankroll the 21 games to come? Also, crazy how many times Panama has been absolutely pumped in the past few years. Outside of our thrashing at the hands of Honduras 8 years ago our previous rough loss was 5-0 away to Argentina 10 years ago. Panama seems to be regularly beaten by 4+ goals. I think January will be a good test to see where we’re at in CONCACAF if we play Panama. We should be beating them if we’re serious.
  2. The negativity towards Crepeau is sort of perplexing and a “what have you done for me lately” attitude. He’s been injured all season and led the league in saves last season. He’s also less error prone than Borjan IMO. The only knock on Crepeau compared to the other two is his height really. I obviously get why people are more comfortable with two presences like Borjan and St Clair. I see it as those two and then Crepeau at 3 but I would be comfortable with any of them (and Leutwiler as well tbh).
  3. Maybe even Tyler Pasher or Marco Bustos for that LW spot. Would also like to see Farsi, Zator, M.Johnson and Perruzza considered for call ups. I’d drop Tabla, Chapman and Edwards from the above list.
  4. Not sure anything will ever compare to that but as a Forge STH this feels a lot like Haiti-Canada 2019 in so many ways.
  5. The ultimate jinx is to tell a new fan to watch any meaningful Canada soccer match. But seriously I told no one about the Canada - USA game in 2019 at BMO for this reason.. I knew it would be an attraction but the jinx wasn’t needed.
  6. Wow, just wow. The Haitian side created nothing all match long and were gifted a blunder from a keeper showboat. The back pass was unnecessary, but just like with Borjan he had all the time in the world to play it safe. A disaster. Forge could have, and should have, created more but they didn’t have to in this match. This Haitian team was easily the worst I’ve ever seen in CONCACAF... I honestly think that the US Virgin Islands would beat them.
  7. That's your opinion but we've never had a guy playing professionally in Canada who has defected. Hargreaves had the same story, except he never played in Canada. JDG2 and Begovic are definitely comparable but the fact he's played his entire career in Canada just reeks. It's crazy.
  8. I'm not speaking about him being the worst in terms of the level of player we're getting. I'm saying that this is the worst defection in terms of how egregious it is.
  9. Well, with all due respect, I'm not wrong at all - these are just facts. If this is okay then we may as well give up watching national team football and focus solely on clubs. Karma is a patient gangster though and I have little doubt it will rear it's head.
  10. Akinola playing for the USA just makes such a mockery of international football. It's hard to even take seriously. Literally raised in Canada, played soccer in Canada, went to school in Canada, his family had no issue taking handouts from the Canadian government, signed his first pro deal in Canada, continues to live in Canada... then it comes time to choose a national team and let's play for the USA. With character like that - good riddance. FWIW I would be eligible for the USA too. But never in a million years would a true Canadian do that. The happiest guy right now should be Tea
  11. All very good points. But I think Buchanan is different, sort of like Kaye or Laryea (two MLS guys who took well to the international game). He isn’t just an average footballer who is getting minutes based on adequacy, like Teibert. I think he has the talent and intelligence to contribute right away to the MNT. It’s funny though the times we are in as CMNT fans - Buchanan wasn’t even making u23 mock lists here just a month or two ago. Competition is fierce and very close .. it bodes well for us. So different from the talented squad of 2008 where the talent was incredibly strong but the dr
  12. I don’t think he re-signed with them. He surely signed for more than one year with the fee they paid. As for staying with his current club if they qualify for Europe I think he’s going to get a higher money offer to play elsewhere that I don’t think Pacos will be able to match.
  13. The issue is that he's also with Vanney, Altidore, Gonzalez and Bradley at TFC. The power influence there is easily more American than Canadian.. but that could easily change in the next month or so. The counterpoint is that Ayo can also look at teammates like Bono, Morrow and Delgado as examples of the revolving door at the USMNT.
  14. Not at all, that's why I've mentioned him as being in the mix for #2. An excellent half year + a mediocre (at best) half year = a good year. Larin, Hutchinson and Laryea have been good all year long - in spurts they have been at, or near, the top of their respective leagues. So for me, #2 over all of 2020 is a debate. Edit: Let me actually add in Eustaquio in place of Arfield as a shout for #2 all year. He has been one of the best midfielders in Portugal in 2020. Arfield has been one of the best in Scotland this season but last season wasn't playing at this level.
  15. Playing for the USA is a risky play for him tbh. He's in a mix with roughly 10 other strikers and it is conceivable that, like us, the USA will play with one striker given their breadth of attacking midfield options, notably with Pulisic and Reyna. Food for thought: Ayo was the same age this season as Larin was in his breakout 2015 campaign and has never been at the level Larin showed in MLS, where arguably he was a top 5 striker in the league and comparable to greats like Giovinco and Villa at that time. He will be hard-pressed to earn the #1 striker spot with Canada (vs. David) or
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