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  1. Certainly you have a higher chance of catching it but that is likely down to the openness, whereas we’ve had lockdowns. I just don’t agree with the original poster who said it’s a mess in the states. Vaccinations are readily available and the mortality rate is extremely low. In the context of safety I don’t think you’re any more at risk - hence my negligible point. The numbers, risk wise, don’t support the notion that the states are a “mess”.
  2. Yes, it was a basic error. I admit that. My basic point was that the difference between Canada or USA right now in terms or safety is negligible. I suppose being a math genius takes away from your ability to read, “moron”. I agree with @archer21 that is the point I’m making. Not that any place is safer than the other - I really don’t get how people can jump all over numbers and miss the basic crux of the argument.
  3. Literally never said any of those things and I said the numbers were negligible from the start. I guess anything can seem like a contradiction if you are making up quotes. Have a great weekend.
  4. My original post is unedited and I haven't contradicted myself - but nice try.
  5. Right, I was wrong about that but even then I said "Of course this is just one day" as the qualifier. I then went on to talk about the US death rate being higher on a 7 day average in that same original post. You're bizarrely cherry picking one paragraph to try to win some sort of argument. So we're agreed that the US death rate is higher regardless of the fact that I made a mistake on the latest statistic. What is your point here?
  6. Read again. My original post wasn't proving a point about numbers - the point was that they're negligible - as I stated and you can reread. I said that the numbers in the USA were higher but they were negligible. So I'm not sure what you're arguing.
  7. The numbers are negligible because they are so low. We're talking about ~300 deaths between two countries with a population of over 350 million. In terms of this forum and what we're talking about - a soccer game - it's negligible, yes.
  8. Upon further reflection, I stand corrected on both of the above. The general point stands - I don't think anyone in general is at more risk in the USA or Canada at this time. The numbers are negligible.
  9. Crazy that a country with 10x the population would have 10x the cases... That article has also been debunked if you look into Alabama statistics it's improbable.
  10. I can't tell if this is sarcasm. It's actually not though. A quick Google of COVID deaths shows our latest data point being July 17 wherein there were 3 deaths in Canada. On that same day there were 83 deaths in the US. Proportionate to population that would actually make them safer. Of course this is just one day. If you take the latest 7 day average we are at 9 deaths per day, while the USA is at 252 deaths per day. This would say that the USA is experiencing deaths at a higher rate, although the difference is negligible. Meanwhile 3,700 people die per day from car accidents in the USA. Obinna is correct in saying that the USA isn't any more unsafe than Canada at this time. That's just a statistical fact really. You can catch COVID anywhere and chances are you will be fine. What we really need to be worried about is the traffic wherever our team decides to play - this is the point that people seem to miss.
  11. It's not perplexing though for his age. At 18 League One is a really good level. Grealish and Kane played League One at 18 and 17.
  12. I originally had Kaye but then I figured we could probably use some more bite in midfield to allow Eustaquio to get forward a bit more.
  13. Let's see your starting XIs: ------------Cavallini----Hoilett-------------- -------------------Osorio-------------------- ------------Piette--------Eustaquio---------- Buchanan----------------------------Laryea ------------Miller--Vitoria--Henry---------- -----------------Crepeau-----------------
  14. To the greater football landscape Haiti is a minnow. That's why Costa Rica is an opportunity - even if they aren't as good as they were in years past they are a team that the world respects due to their past World Cups.
  15. This match against Costa Rica will be telling and will be a good measuring stick for Tajon.
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