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  1. You should tell them parrot! https://www.ohleuven.com/nieuws/1583680/
  2. He’s right though. Or does anyone think that Bradley and TFC worked out a longer offseason for him? It just doesn’t make sense that you say he’s a priority to re-sign and then you forgot to give him a medical? Lol.
  3. Do you mean xenophobic? Would not meet the definition of racist though, sorry chief.
  4. We will also be going to some exotic places and our young players will probably continue to get a ton of hype as they pad their stats at the international level. So it's a good thing I think and ultimately at the end, when we finish 1st, we're going to be playing a Hex team.
  5. I think Cavallini fits into the definition of Don Cherry's "you people" comment. Nothing racist about it, just simply ignorant people who benefit from the country and then turn around and say they're not Canadian. Oh, but I'm sure when a Drake song is playing somewhere foreign and he's rapping about Toronto, Cavallini is jumping up and down telling everyone he's from there... typical clown.
  6. How is this guy so dumb? It's one thing to say such comments in South America and think you can get away with them ... but now here? How are you 0% Canadian you clown? Do you really not understand what being Canadian is?
  7. The main takeaway is clearly the lack of dynamic attackers on the field. I have little doubt that Borges would have shown more and I'm really disappointed in his lack of chances. Why is Jayden Nelson getting a run out? Let's be honest, I know people want to praise him because he's young but he's clearly not at this level yet. He's barely even played in the US 3rd division. When Davies was playing at that age it was because he belonged. Adekugbe was really poor. It's now clear why we've avoided him like the plague for other options at LB. Didic I cannot understand the hype for the life of me. He wasn't even a top 5 Canadian CB in CPL last year and he's sloppy. Now suddenly at 25 we're all pretending like he's some young prospect that is going to break into MLS... it's not happening. Good news is that the guys who I would expect to actually feature looked pretty good (Osorio, Piette).
  8. I feel like signs point to Barcelona more than Madrid. The first rumour was Espanyol... they are in Barcelona. We were then told it is a much bigger club. So my gut is telling me that Espanyol originated because the club was rumoured to be from Barcelona.. would be too random of a team to select otherwise.
  9. "Much bigger" than Espanyol only leaves you with 2/3 options really... if done right it could be one of the best developmental clubs in North America.
  10. I don't think signing Haber was dumb at all. I'd guarantee that any of 7 inaugural teams would have signed him and he would have excelled on a team like Cavalry or Forge. A Canadian at a good age and with experience scoring goals at levels like USL, League One and SPL... it was just a shock that he didn't do better but I'm sure he would rebound elsewhere if given the chance.
  11. This account must be run by Rob Gale ... really cool and easy going until the slightest hint of adversity and then just spastic. Getting butt hurt about a broadcaster posting a video of a former player getting a red? Just laugh and be glad he's gone.
  12. Sorry! I see what you meant now. I do agree that Gent isn't far off pace, they would comfortably be mid table there IMO.
  13. The Belgian league is not better than the French league, come on man lol.
  14. Somewhat true in that they never had a true finisher up top but the team production was great. Forge was still able to look good even with Borges on the bench so it's not like he was Giovinco-like influence.
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