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  1. If he can win the title with Besiktas this year I'd hope he finishes next year by going all out for Canada. Why not at that point? You're a legend for Besiktas.. why not push all the way to finish your career at a World Cup and as your country's caps leader?
  2. That's putting it lightly. He has 6 minutes of first team action and that was in the Carabao Cup.
  3. Antonio is also worth around the same amount as the rumoured transfer fee and 5 years older... he has been hot for a year now though. Slightly off topic but that’s why I believe he’s using Jamaica to leverage England. He’s hot as ever and 30 so needs a call ASAP.
  4. I think it's too late in the game now for CONCACAF. These matches need to be played, period. If the matches go ahead without European based players it benefits us as at this stage. Suriname would be in trouble certainly and it would leave them in a tough spot having their top players come together for the first time in June.
  5. Toney is going to move to a big club before he ties himself to Jamaica, let's be realistic here. If he flops then maybe he will choose Jamaica. Kalvin Phillips was a shock call and it came after he had played ... maybe 5 PL matches? He then said he was considering Jamaica and voila he was called up prematurely. How can any of the others rule themselves out? This sort of thing happens every cycle.
  6. For context, Kalvin Phillips just used this exact strategy to leverage an England call up.
  7. His issue isn't with Ligue 1 defenders.
  8. Rumoured to be headed to Forge. Can’t blame him if he gets to play continental football and the voyageurs cup final. It’s a critical part of his career.
  9. Concerning that we don’t really have any “ideal” midfielders ready to go in March. With Hutchinson and Arfield out (supposedly) we are left with Eustaquio in form, who is a stud but has never started a match for Canada. Piette, Kaye, Osorio are all out of season. Trafford, Wotherspoon and Paton are all in season but would be risks as well. Wotherspoon seems to be having a decent season but was poor for us vs Cuba.
  10. Yeah this is a huge year for the CMNT. I don't think this year's winner will necessarily be the best club player, it's going to come down to performance with Canada.
  11. He just scored again! Edit: called back after VAR review for a handball apparently.
  12. Nice! Didn't even realize they were playing as it wasn't mentioned by any of the Canadian followers on twitter or here... rare.
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