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  1. You might even see TSN try to sneak in Akindele given the MLS angle. I think you see Crepeau, Kaye, Piette and Osorio all on the list.
  2. I don’t know where this fits but what an off-season. This league is so up in the air - it’s possible that a team picked 8th could take the whole thing. Will the new “name” signings be the next Curious who people think will be the best in 2020 for these categories: Newcomer: Joao Morelli Returning player: Michael Petrasso Under 21 (‘99 and younger): Noah Verhoeven Defender: D Abzi Keeper: Callum Irving
  3. As long as they haven’t slowed down this could be a blessing in disguise for Ottawa. It seems they already have most guys signed but this will certainly give them time and open a few more doors.
  4. Lighten up Francis. Other leagues hadn’t even cancelled their seasons but Atletico Ottawa was supposed to cancel their preseason? It’s just plain bad luck .. all these teams can do is the same as any of us.
  5. Unfortunate but at the very least this is quite the team building exercise. Sort of a new take on FC Edmonton’s survival training of last year.
  6. So has this whole mystery the past few years that's kept him out of games been that he had a kid? He comes off kind of douchey in that interview.
  7. I would say that there is a very good claim for a reworked process here. We would have to be the ones to bring the claim to the forum though because we were the ones with a reasonable chance and thus suffered the damage. Can anyone see that happening? We would need Vic to stand up I feel.
  8. Good call and Nef has also confirmed that the team won't be Ottawa. A lot of people were speculating Forge but Valour might make sense too but it would be a bit surprising because I don't believe Gale has a connection to him (not that it matters but he has generally had connections to past players).
  9. I would take anything out of China with a grain of salt but even that is giving them too much credit. Their lack of transparency is what got the world in this mess to begin with. Not to mention the numerous other atrocities occurring in their country on a daily basis that go unchecked.
  10. If this tournament gets delayed until June I wonder if we can submit a new list and get David and/or Davies in there.
  11. So with the CSA cancelling these friendlies it would be officially 2 years without a FIFA window friendly... nice.
  12. This defender had no chance of winning the ball. So in these instances should a coach instruct defenders to jump up with their elbows jutting out below shoulder height? The ball was going on goal.. his arm wasn't on his side and it blocked it. It's tough luck for the defender but even tougher luck for Montreal.
  13. I thought he was exciting on the ball.. frustrated me a few times with his off the ball movement as usual but he's certainly a technical level above 99% of players on this side of the pond.
  14. Another guy I don't see listed is Matthew Olosunde of Rotherham. They are crazy deep but at the end of the day it's 11 v 11.
  15. Playing with Cardiff in the EPL he had to do quite a bit of defending. I don't think he's the most ideal RWB ever but Laryea isn't the best defender either and has just one year experience in the position.
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