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  1. Haiti is just as happy to be facing us as we are to be facing them. We need to be prepared and ready to put them away clinically. This is even more of a trap than the Jamaica game in 2017. Houston heat and a physical team. They are an average level of a USL team so it could get scrappy. Im encouraged that we have had success against Caribbean sides exclusively in the past year. Nervous but confident that this group is different and can put this team to bed.
  2. Haiti v Costa Rica tonight. Duarte and Waston both on cards...
  3. Danilo Acosta refused to switch to Honduras. Not sure how/why they could have him in their squad if he didn't switch to begin with.
  4. Agreed. You know when you have an idea that someone else is better in that spot and you write off the guy? Well Godinho I definitely didn't have as starting RB and though he hasn't had a huge test he was very, very solid today. As good a performance as I've seen from a Canadian RB in the last decade (low bar).
  5. David already has over twice the competitive goals that Radz did for Canada. Crazy.
  6. Okay.. so why is Kevin Parsemain in Martinique? This guy would be a stud in CPL.
  7. Maybe in the postgame interview but that’s not what I’m talking about. After he was subbed he seemed to walk off and then after the match he was seen saying something to Herdman and he didn’t look happy... a little upset. Herdman seemed to encourage him and then he walked to the pitch and said something to the refs. So maybe completely unrelated but just seemed off.
  8. Between Cavs two PKs for Canada I think he’s lost the privilege. Give me Hutch or Arfield.. captains responsibility, no BS.
  9. Does anyone know why he took the PK from arfield? Did he think the first goal was an OG (which it was initially and it’s complete BS)? Or did he say to Arfield “look I’m on the verge of a big move, let me pad my stats here”. FWIW he looked upset leaving the pitch and at the end of the game he said something to Herdman. Almost looked like he had tears. Maybe (hopefully) he felt bad about taking a PK from his captain and missing.
  10. 9 goals in 7 caps. That is unbelievable, never mind the fact he’s 19.
  11. I like the combo of players but tactically it doesn’t make sense. Kaye isn’t a CB.. we need to keep a back 4 with the players we’ve called. Hilarious/surreal that there is talk of sitting Hoilett.. our EPL starting winger with 2 goals and 2 assists in 2 matches. Good things.
  12. What difference would it make? Seems like a problem for our opponents and not us. Our players are all familiar and whatever the XI is will have worked together in training (presumably).
  13. Nah, he has Hutchinson, ZBG and Kaye in his best XI IMO.
  14. I can appreciate those changes @Olympique_de_Marseille I also thought of starting Morgan but I figure a 18 year old Davies is ready to rock here and can dominate from LB. Millar and Hoilett swap wings so no big deal. Also, Arfield needs to start he is our captain and has only had two starts for Canada in the last year. I don’t think he needs rest at this point and we have a bit of a break after this match anyhow.
  15. This conversation died days ago and the user stirring up the race conversation was reported. It’s over. Also, IT’S MATCH DAY!!
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