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  1. How did he get screwed out of an assist Saturday? I disagree with the rule but understand why he didn't get one vs. Montreal but on Saturday he had a clear ball to Piatti who played it in to Akinola.
  2. That’s now 3 MoTM performances in 4 matches. Safe to say it’s his spot this season
  3. Best defender? He’s a quality player that happens to play LB for the worlds top club (arguably). He would be our most quality player on the backline without a doubt but I’m not sure about actually being the best defender by definition. You’ll recall he looked very average playing LB for Canada against the US. I’m still not convinced LB is his best position, it’s just the best position for him at Bayern currently.
  4. Lucky to have this guy committed to us early. Looks to have big time potential with his build and feet.
  5. You’re right. In that case the CSA should schedule the final and if TFC can’t make it MLS should accommodate them or simply not have a Canadian club with a shot at the CCL. There is one completely innocent party at this stage and it’s the CPL and their winner on Saturday.
  6. Absolutely! This is on the CSA 100%. Phone up MLS. Tell them the Voyageurs Cup final is in 2 weeks.. if TFC can't make it, they forfeit. Yes it sucks for TFC but at the end of the day they're the ones in an American league. Why should a domestic champion bow down to a team in a foreign league? MLS was well aware of the scenario at play and took advantage of it with their scheduling, plain and simple. Edit: though I also do agree the CSA should have set a date earlier for the final. Another scenario, if MLS wants to do it this way they should hand the USOC spot to TFC.
  7. Ahinga Selemani isn't dressed for Lincoln Red Imps FWIW.
  8. Absolutely - he slipped my mind but I was actually thinking about him just a few days ago and what a consistent time he has had in Europe. Of all our fullback options Adekugbe and Cordova are definitely the most consistent starters, though ZBG is now in that conversation as well. I must say however, Adekugbe has not impressed me with the MNT. But to be fair that was now some time ago so he deserves a chance to win the spot.
  9. If Gutierrez is in the conversation then we can't forget Juan Cordova as well. When the two played together on Huachipato, Cordova was arguably a more important player for them and he's only grown since.
  10. It’s for players born in 2000 or younger this year. So essentially what we know as u20.
  11. Yes, so too old. Thanks for coming out genius.
  12. You’re absolutely right and your post was not a “backhanded insult” at all. Ironically, anyone who says so is just exhibiting the exact behaviour you’re targeting. Parents/family are amazing resources for us here and absolutely appreciated as their reactions reflect. But it’s a fan forum after all and they know what they’re in for reading here. Caveat emptor.
  13. Josh Sargent is still just 20 and has 5 goals in 12 games for the USMNT already and is a Bundesliga regular. Hardly a guy not to be excited about for them. If he was Canadian he would be our 3rd best young player.
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