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  1. Was Dunfield drunk tonight? He sounded buzzed and his reaction to the LBG goal was priceless. Happy for Valour to get that home win.. I’m a big fan of their attackers, they should be putting in offensive performances like that weekly.
  2. Totally agree on Oliver Platt. We get it - this isn’t your dream league but quite honestly you’re only on the panel for your accent. He literally always sounds/acts like it’s his first CPL game and he’s giving initial observations. Like he was brought over from Sky sports as a guest for one match.
  3. Maybe this is CPL getting ahead of the ball in case York 9 makes the final and it doesn’t sell out. You have to think that league HQ wants Cavalry v Forge. OR, KISS owns a team? They owned a football team before.. so not far fetched. They could see this as a way to refurbish their brand.
  4. Even without these guys we can call Arfield, Osorio, Kaye, Teibert, Johnson and Fraser/Shome as our central mids and I wouldn’t expect any surprises.
  5. Olympic qualifiers are no longer in October. They’ll be early 2020.
  6. I don’t think it’s an NCAA kid. 18 year old with 10 caps immediately makes me think an African domestic player. I can’t find such a player still.
  7. I’d agree except I thought Haworth looked solid. Just didn’t have the support to do anything, especially at right back.
  8. Ottawa, just like their ownership, has no ambition. They are hopeless to win from the start.. like watching Canada in Honduras anytime Ottawa faces TFC. Sad but true. Haworth is wasted on that team.
  9. Well I don’t know what else you could ask for. Fantastic effort - definitely not a huge gap. Cavalry had the set piece opportunities, just couldn't capitalize and that’s what they needed to win. Can’t be disappointed but can be extremely optimistic. I think this showing is going to drive a lot more players to the CPL.
  10. The numbers they’re getting for these friendlies are pretty impressive. They would be another Halifax.
  11. Because traditionalists represent a significant segment of the football supporter market in Canada. There are even American supporters turned on to our league for this reason. MLS comparatively to the whole football support in Canada attracts a very small segment. If you go after that same segment you’re going to lose.
  12. The CPL chiefs would be wise to recognize their competitive advantage to MLS. CPL has a chance to differentiate and to be organic. If we start using MLS rules people may as well support MLS.
  13. I believe the level in Norway is still ahead of MLS. I think the stars blind people to the football they’re seeing and it’s exactly why I’m against DPs in CPL. When you keep players around the same level it creates a more cohesive product and allows you to achieve tactical excellence. With star/DP players the rosters look nice but often the tactics are swayed toward getting those players on the ball.
  14. Why couldn’t both the tss rovers/highlanders and BC div 3 be in the draw? Or foothills and AMSL clubs? I think it would be silly to cut a few clubs.
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