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  1. I don’t believe so. It was UT who had posted a few racially charged things, IIRC on two occasions and that is why he would have been banned.
  2. @Ove sorry to burst your bubble but Long's 3rd goal came off a set piece... So, you're trying to say Herdman's tactical strategy in open play was the reason for us conceding on a set piece? Even if we parked the bus... you still concede corners and free kicks my friend.
  3. Especially with how many other Canadians have been “rated” but toiled in lower leagues: Trafford, Gasparotto, Aird, Zanatta.
  4. Yeah from everything we've heard from the players it seems that it's down to Liam or Phonzie for fastest Canadian. FWIW Millar also has the highest rated pace/acceleration I've ever seen for a Canadian on FM in the latest version.
  5. This would be like a Petrasso signing, rather than a "tailor-made" signing IMO. The player could clearly play at a higher level.. he's a 22 year old who has made 9 appearances (8 starts) this year for the biggest club in Chile. I think it could happen but only because his brother is already in CPL. Otherwise, I would say the chances were slim/none.
  6. Borges has to get a CanMNT call ASAP. It would be a bad look for future players if a 21 year old who just won every award can't get a call up still.
  7. It shouldn't be framed as an " open try out". But there should still be a way for the teams to scout these players at little cost - think of how many guys came out of trials and it was actually impressive. Some of these Asian players would never have been discovered and we still need to find a way to uncover hidden gems. How about a way for players to submit a resume and earn a spot at a sort of trial camp/combine? This way you don't get all these unrealistic people but you still get some guys who may have professional experience like Son. I'd expect that we could get even more of these players since the league showed well in year one.
  8. I haven't seen it mentioned so apologies if it has been, but I think one massive advantage of a Quebec CPL club will be the ability to field a roster with a high proportion of French-Canadians as opposed to the Impact. There really are a lot of French-Canadian players who are good players but not quite good enough to be every day players in MLS.
  9. It’s funny that the narrative is that Larin failed in Turkey and is excelling in Belgium, in reality Besiktas never gave him a shot. For Besiktas he scored 0.97 goals per 90 in the league.. that’s insane. He was given only 4 league starts. In Belgium he’s scoring 0.44 goals per 90, which is great but less than half what he produced goal wise in turkey. Obviously he’s getting involved a lot more with assists as well. Should Besiktas not be giving him another shot?
  10. That's actually hilarious - never seen anything like that at the pro level.
  11. Eustaquio looks to be our most technical player in midfield. My friend and I were both very impressed any time he was on the ball and that one little chipped pass he made to the side of their box late on was class. It's very encouraging to see a player playing his first truly competitive minutes in almost a year and coming out with that confidence. He wanted to make things happen (and I'm confident he will). I'd agree that he needs to start moving forward. As for the calls for him to go to MLS... no let's not do that. He's 22 and can continue to improve at a higher level.
  12. Imagine having 1 billion people and unlimited resources and then admitting "yea, we need to naturalize players". Maybe football just isn't the game for you.. move on.
  13. Gent is likely headed to the Europa knockout rounds so no sense in jumping the gun from a club perspective. Also, I'd be shocked (but happy) if Borges went for 1 million.
  14. What do we think the USA is going to do? It almost makes it tougher without Bradley and Pulisic since they would be so predictable with them. They've spent so many windows and results on this system they're trying to use .. hard to see them departing from that but they may want to make a few adjustments.
  15. I can't remember where I saw it but Canada has about 8x the interest in soccer/MLS per capita compared to the USA.
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