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  1. You would think but a St Louis reporter just said on Twitter he has returned to our camp. Very strange.
  2. That’s true. They are not only some of the biggest clubs in the world but some of the biggest clubs in England. 🙃
  3. We were away against the better side and kept a clean sheet. Both results are good but I’d say ours is clear.
  4. We should add a star to our kit like Uruguay. Oh but imagine the tears.
  5. There’s no way. This must be strictly US sales.
  6. Here’s what I’d do to make it 26: Out: Zator, Brym, Hiebert, Ugbo, Shaffelburg, LDF In: Kennedy, Adekugbe, JRR, Ahmed, Nelson If Sam isn’t fit then I’d add Waterman. Also I know 99% are absolutely opposed to adding a certain striker who is our 4th all time leading scorer and playing at a higher level than MLS but I can’t help but wonder what he might look like in this system - seems a good fit.
  7. It’s bizarre especially given that Argentina/Messi is all the rage in North America/Canada right now. Yet we hear non stop about how he didn’t play in some meaningless match in Vancouver…
  8. I don’t think Fraser will fit with this team at all and I can’t see them dropping Piette.
  9. Watford also tagged the official CanMNT in the post and the way Kone mentioned him it seemed cheeky. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more to it. Bunch of Watford fans commenting the same - so obviously an atypical post from their club.
  10. I agree with you regarding the non correlation but for us in particular it’s a good opportunity to get players involved in our pool and to also grab some headlines and grow the game here.
  11. I know that one of the changes will be Ahmed. Without even bringing him up the coach I spoke with said he was looking forward to getting a look at him.
  12. One of the things that is giving Liam the inside track is his upbringing at Liverpool. The coach in question played me a couple clips from the match and you could see the difference between how he pressed vs. Tajon who is learning the system still. The staff is very impressed with our squad and happy with the work they’re putting in. This time before Copa will be crucial to work out some of the kinks.
  13. Really nice landing spot there. Pretty surprised by it actually - I expected he could land at that level but for a team that finished 2nd is excellent. Kudos to his agent.
  14. Just a few of the local guys were presumably to go home for a bit. They’ll be back in camp in a few days save for maybe a few MLS guys (they were unsure of whether Herdman would release Laryea/Osorio early) Ugbo and LDF were headed back to the UK.
  15. Spoke with a member of Marsch’s staff at the airport. Had a pretty in depth conversation but I’ll just say he is expected to be a key player for us.
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