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  1. The Yanks are going to come at us like we did in this last game. This will be a huge test.
  2. When he came in me and the friends I came with were shocked/disappointed. How could an uncapped player come in for an MLS all star in the biggest Canada game we had attended? Well, he proved us wrong.. what a performance. This is a career turning moment and if TFC doesn’t see that then it’s time to move on.
  3. Yea how do you say that a North American championship was a B team? Hey, we should say our teams in the last 5 Gold Cups were B teams.
  4. Yea, except we haven’t beat a team better than French Guiana. I think Jamaica deserves some more respect I think they’re the 4th best team right now based off results and they have Leon Bailey on board.
  5. I think it’s because they are all part of the France FA. Their club teams even play in the French cup.
  6. But how are they ranked higher than Panama even? A team that made the WC. But especially us - we beat them at home and drew them away last WCQ. And they have been poor in Gold cups as well. Where are the points coming from? Central American championships? Their one win against Jamaica in CNL Qualifying? We lost to Haiti and Mexico in the last year - they lost to Bermuda and Dominican Republic!! We really shot ourselves in the foot not having friendlies.
  7. The Piette quote has been “trumped” as in taken way out of context. If you read/hear the actual quote it’s not nearly as bad.
  8. I'm thinking for the David/Davies chant (since I probably wasn't clear in my first post) that David is the "Kolo" down low since he's the more quiet/conservative one and then Phonzie is obviously the "Yaya".
  9. Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny Jonny - Jonny David Phonzie Phonzie Phonzie Phonzie Phonzie Phonzie - Phonzie Davies!!
  10. My hope is that we can control the game against these guys. Hopefully they’re over confident and worn out by the end of this. Also wouldn’t mind a few rough Cuban tackles. Edit: Arriola was just absolutely clattered.
  11. Canada Soccer truly is a cult - like the Gathering of the Juggalos. We need that exclusive content.
  12. It says a "guest", not a player. So I'm thinking it's De Rosario or Stalteri or another former NT player.
  13. Everyone has an idea but really we're interested to see what JH thinks since that's all that matters.
  14. Thought both CPL players looked decent for T&T - great for the league.
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