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  1. After what we did to Costa Rica in July, if we can’t dominate them at home it’s going to be disappointing.
  2. Such a key player for Bayern. Smart from his manager.
  3. Unless it’s a chance for us then you have to be prepared to gamesmanship the hell out of it if something comes near you.
  4. Just look at the players who have emerged for us since last cycle in 2016. The next generation is even better. We are more than fine.
  5. Conflict of interest. Perez is trying to win the job when the season is lost. Management has to manage.
  6. Not sure who you’re referring to here. Both are wrong. But you can’t ignore the irony of the fact nothing dangerous has been punished in CONCACAF in years yet now they’re taking action. Also the fact the World Cup is literally in a homophobic country but come December 2022 that will be fine.
  7. Questions: Was the Panama match stopped at any point for homophobic chants? If not why is there an outright ban? If anything fans running on the pitch should be punished. Apparently homophobic chants by a select few is punishable with no fans. But a select few throwing projectiles at players just means no fans at either end. All this to say it’s clear CONCACAF prioritizes feelings over the physical safety of players. And all this to play in a World Cup in a country where being gay is illegal. You can’t make this stuff up.
  8. So Mexico definitely has to play their January home match behind closed doors. Or do they hope everyone forgets in a few months?
  9. Where is Gerry? I’m so sad he disappeared. I would have hoped he would be a celebrity fan ... showing up at games and going on podcasts/Twitter. Is he okay? Hard to believe he would be quiet now with the team so good.
  10. Cavallini and ZBG are other options. I don’t see Osorio headed to Europe he has it too good in Toronto.
  11. Watch Henry closely throughout. He is very careful to make sure Davies doesn't get in trouble - about the only thing exciting him there.
  12. They aren't bags of piss. It's not right either way but it's water.
  13. Crazy to think they had the hex for so many cycles. To have all but 6 teams in eliminated 1.5 years before the World Cup - so silly.
  14. Or better example, Davies getting injured after scoring his first bundesliga goal. Caused him to miss our match against French Guiana
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